Deftones’ Chino Moreno On “White Pony” Remix Album “Black Stallion”: “It’s Basically The Record, But It’s Just Completely Been Taken Apart And Put Back Together”

During an interview with Mary Anne Hobbs for BBC Radio 6, Deftones frontman Chino Moreno discussed the upcoming “White Pony” remix album “Black Stallion.” According to him, the effort is “basically the record, but it’s just completely been taken apart and put back together.”

Moreno said the following [transcribed by The PRP]:

“It’s just been mastered, so it’s pretty much finished. Super, super proud of it. It could have very easily been this self-indulgent kind of thing, considering we picked a lot of artists to work on it that’s it not like your typical remix record.

It’s actually sequenced exactly like the ‘White Pony‘ record. So it’s basically the record, but it’s just completely been taken apart and put back together. It’s just a whole different animal, but the same record. So I’m pretty proud of it and I’m excited for people to hear it.”

He also added:

“It’s definitely electronic-based. When we were making the ‘White Pony‘ record at that time we were really influenced by a lot of… I think even listening to that record now, it’s very [much] a drum-forward album and I think it’s because we were sort of influenced by a lot of breakbeat kind of DJ style sort of music in general. Obviously DJ Shadow, he’s a part of it, and he was a big influence on that record.

Although obviously it’s a rock record, I think those undertones are in there. So it’s a lot of that, a lot of… I wish I could tell you some of the people involved in it. It’s an awesome list of people. I think we’re gonna have some sort of formal kind of release about who is involved in it soon here, hopefully.

But it’s actually [a] really eclectic sort of mix of people and like I said, some of the artists that we chose are artists that actually influenced us back then in making that record [‘White Pony‘]. So it’s come kind of full circle.”

“I will say that it’s not a contemporary electronic record. It draws from those early 2000s sort of influences as far as the beats and electronics. It really feels cohesive and that what’s kind of cool because it’s eleven different people, but yet it sounds like a cohesive piece of work so I’m really, really excited.”

Gojira, Mastodon, Baroness, Etc. Added To 2021 Rock am Ring & Rock im Park Festivals

More bands have been added to next year’s Rock am Ring and Rock im Park festivals in Germany. Those events will be held on June 11-13 with Rock am Ring set to take place in Nurburgring and Rock im Park set to take place in Nurnberg. Here’s the updated lineup (in alphabetical order): A Day To Remember, Airbourne, Alan Walker, Baroness, Bilderbuch, Billy Talent, Black Veil Brides, Boston Manor, Boys Noize, Broilers, Bush, Code Orange, Creeper, Daughtry, Deftones, Devin Townsend, Digitalism, Donna Missal, Fall Out Boy, Fire From The Gods, Green Day, Gojira, Jan Delay & Disko No.1, Kafvka, KC Rebell & Summer Cem, Kodaline, Korn, Mastodon, NF, Of Mice & Men, Poppy, Powerwolf, Rea Garvey, Rin, Royal Republic, Schmutzki, Seastick Steve, Spiritbox, Ssio, System Of A Down, Tempt, The Distillers, The Offspring, The Pretty Reckless, Trettmann, Volbeat, Wage War, Weezer, You Me At Six, Yungblud, Zugezogen Maskulin, and U.V.A.

Deftones Stream New Album “Ohms” With A “Visual Tracklist”

Deftones have officially released their new album “Ohms.” Fans can now stream the record in full through a “visual tracklist” on

Deftones’ Chino Moreno Says The “White Pony” Remix Album “Black Stallion” Has Already Been Mastered

Deftones previously revealed that they were working on a “White Pony” remix album titled “Black Stallion” and now it looks like that effort has already been mastered. Chino Moreno told Spin the following about that:

“The record’s just been mastered, and it’s fucking brilliant. It could have been a little self-indulgent — it’s a record based off another record that’s people already like, so it would easy to fuck up. Our initial idea was to have DJ Shadow remix the whole record. He said he would love to do a song, so he did a remix of ‘Digital Bath.’ The majority of the people we reached out to came back with excitement: ‘Oh, I love this song. Can I do this song?’ The record is sequenced exactly like ‘White Pony‘, so it kind of takes you on a journey in the same way but completely flipped upside-down.”

Deftones Invite Fans To “Adopt A Dot” From Their “Ohms” Cover Art For Charity

Deftones are inviting fans to “adopt” one of the various dots that make up the cover art for their new album “Ohms” (out September 25). You can get a dot of your own by donating HERE. Proceeds will go towards the UC Davis Children’s Hospital and Live Nation’s Crew Nation.

The band commented:

“12,995 dots comprise the #Ohms album cover, and we’re inviting you to become a part of it. By adopting a dot on the cover, you’ll be contributing to the UC Davis Children’s Hospital and to #CrewNation to fund lifesaving research and pediatric services, as well as support the music industry’s vital crew members, whose livelihood have been impacted by COVID-19. Please join us in supporting these two great organizations and adopt a dot (or many) on our album cover at”

Creative Director Frank Maddocks added:

“Ohms album art is an iconic rendering of a suspended, chance moment in time. Over 10,000 individual circles become unified to create the distinct visual. As with Deftones music and lyrics, the definitive meaning of the imagery invites and relies on interpretation from the viewer. From a dreamy gaze above, to sadness, hope, despair, optimism and a longing for connection, the emotions conveyed are endless and infinitely evolving.”

Deftones To Release Limited Edition “White Pony” Beer

Deftones and Belching Beaver will be celebrating the 20th anniversary of “White Pony“ by releasing a new limited edition beer. The 7% ABV beverage will be available in select states on August 28 and it will have “an upfront flavor of pineapple but finishes with a soft grapefruit note with a mild bitterness and medium mouthfeel.”

Deftones’ Chino Moreno On New Single “Ohms”: It’s “A Good Scope Of Where This Record’s At”

Last night (August 20), Deftones released the title track of their new album “Ohms” (out September 25). Now, during a new interview with NME, frontman Chino Moreno discussed the song and said that it is “a good scope of where this record’s at.”

Moreno said the following about the single:

“As the last song on the record, it’s kind of sung in retrospect – it’s looking back not just at the batch of songs that come before it, but our lives and our surroundings. The verses are reflecting, but the chorus kind of says, ‘Yes this, but this‘ – it’s saying that time will change with the decisions we make. It’s a question and an answer.

The very first line of the song is ‘We’re surrounded by debris of the past’. That’s not directly about one thing. It could be about an experience or a relationship, but honestly in my mind I was thinking about the environment, the world and the Earth. The chorus is saying that we’re going to remain here together and nothing’s going to change that.

It’s a dichotomy of reflecting on negative things, but coming out of it optimistic.”

He also added the following when asked if the song is representative of the whole album:

“It sounds like we’re in peril when the song starts with a riff that’s all angular and dirty, then all of a sudden it lifts up with the chorus. That’s a good scope of where this record’s at, and as a Deftones’ song in general. That yin and ying of what we’ve always done of making very brutal music while having these lush overtones and undertones within it is what makes us who we are.

We’ve never just been a metal band, we’ve never just been an alternative band, we’ve always just been us. We feel comfortable in never having to choose and let the songs unfold in an organic way.”

In a separate interview with Kerrang!, Moreno also discussed the “Ohms” title:

“It’s that balance and polarity of things. I’ve always described our band as having that yin and yang. As people, the music we make, and the lyrics that I write, there’s always this juxtaposition and that’s the beauty of what we’ve created.”

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