Sol Invicto’s Richie Londres Comments On The Backlash Stephen Carpenter Received For His Conspiracy Theory Beliefs

As previously reported, Deftones’ Stephen Carpenter recently received backlash after admitting to being a flat earther and an anti-vaxxer, while also making false claims about COVID-19. The guitarist later addressed his comments, saying that he “never had the intent to upset anybody.” Now, Carpenter’s Sol Invicto bandmate Richie Londres has issued a new statement to defend him:

“Just wanted to say, on a flat plain or a globe or a donut, I stand with my brother @stefdodoubleg 🤟 all day long. Any “fans” or “news” sites getting their biscuits soggy over a random bit of chat on a podcast are having a laugh. I’ve watched Stephen be a gent to every single person he’s met and written some hall of fame level riffs in his time, even if you do think he is a mad-lad, so what? He’s not working for the WHO he’s a musician and frankly Stephen is one of the tiny minority of famous musicians who isn’t a total wanker, he’s a genuine dude and anyone who’s met him will confirm, he’s only annoyed me once, when he left the studio early to go to a birthday party, but I’ve since forgiven him so that’s fine now. All the best, Richie #istandwithsteph #golfearth”

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Deftones’ Stephen Carpenter On The Backlash From His Conspiracy Theory Beliefs: “I Never Had The Intent To Upset Anybody In Any Way With My Opinions”

Deftones’ Stephen Carpenter recently made headlines after admitting to being a flat earther and an anti-vaxxer, while also making false claims about COVID-19. Now, the guitarist has addressed the backlash he received, saying that he “never had the intent to upset anybody.”

Carpenter said the following during an appearance on the “The Dr. Greenthumb Podcast”:

“…In regards to this story, you know, I want to say this, I made some people… you know, people got a little aggravated [and] feel like I was insensitive.

I want to say, hey you know, I never had the intent to upset anybody in any way with my opinions. But I was just giving my opinions. And for all those who’ve who’ve experienced it in any way, it’s not to upset or offend you in any way with my opinion. But I did you know, and some were… they were ruffled.”

“So I say to all you who were ruffled about in any way, you know, it’s only love you know, it’s always about love. I would never want to see anybody… In fact, that’s the reason why I give my opinion. Hopefully it can inspire you into something else, you know, at least for alternative perspective. But not to offend you know, all my love, sorry. Apologies.”

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Deftones Guitarist Stephen Carpenter Is Apparently A Flat-Earther And An Anti-Vaxxer

If you thought 2020 couldn’t get weirder, think again. During a recent appearance on the “Tin Foil Hat With Sam Tripoli” podcast, Deftones guitarist Stephen Carpenter actually admitted to being a flat-earther and an anti-vaxxer, while also making false claims about COVID-19.

Carpenter said the following when asked if he’s a flat-earther [transcribed by The PRP]: “Absolutely… If you think you live on a spinning, flying space ball, you’re in a cult.” He also tried to cast doubt on the concept of space and space travel saying that “the only thing that was ever launched into space was humanity’s imagination.” He continued:

“The simplest terms for my perspective with flat Earth is simply, I know we’re not on a spinning, flying space ball. Now, what it actually is and all that and, and, and to what depths it goes to, that’s all still to be discovered and people are are working on those things.”

He also discussed a conspiracy theory that suggests that we are all in a simulation:

“If you want to call it simulation. That’s fine, it’s simulation is still implying that you’re not on the flying, spinning space ball, this is some other shit right? And I’m just saying. I’m just saying that you know here in The Matrix where we are, there’s a reality and there is The Matrix right?

Flat Earth is outside of The Matrix, when you’re in The Matrix, you have all kinds of versions of what you think it is, but it’s not. It’s a flat motionless plane of existence. And I don’t know, you can debate it forever, but it will never change the fact that that’s what it is. You know what I mean? And that’s why I was saying…

Initially I said, you know, it’s really hard, um, after you know that, because you are outside of The Matrix. In The Matrix you know, the majority is in The Matrix still, so it’s hard to actually talk to people who want to have serious conversations about subjects that they think they know about but they don’t, because they’re not in actual reality.”

He later commented on vaccines:

“[There’s] never been one single vaccine that’s ever worked ever. All poisons, you can never get it out of your body, [your] body has no means to expel it, it’s stuck in you forever and you just suffer with whatever it becomes.”

Carpenter also discussed the COVID-19 pandemic:

“I’m grateful for COVID, for teaching me the actual germ theory, and that is the virus is something the body creates. You are not not capable of catching a virus from somebody. You develop viruses because you have some type of poison or toxin within you. And that’s your poisoned and toxined cells secreting the virus to clean them from the body.”

He added:

“Wouldn’t the homeless population be all you need to know about the virus? I mean, if there was this incredibly deadly, deadly virus going around for this whole entire year, We would have lost everybody on the street by now. I’m sure of it. But in fact we didn’t lose them, their numbers got stronger.”

He also said that he doesn’t mind being around sick people:

“I have hung out with friends who have had colds throughout my life with confidence knowing I never would ever get sick. Because I’ve always believed in the mind over matter you know, ‘I’m not getting sick’ so I never I’ve never felt that, you know. Hell I’ve shared joints with people when we were all sick. Some people even while they had a fucking cold sore, yeah I never got a cold sore after we did that. But everyone’s done it… These are all, you know, we’ll call them virus for the sake of, you know, just the sake of the argument, right? But these are all toxic cells that are released from within you.

Wherever the toxins build up, that’s where it’s gonna have to release, you know? Whatever elements it takes for you to release the cold sore element, that’s what happened. Because I’ve had cold sores throughout my life. And they’ve always come when I’m the most stressed, especially about having a cold sore, so like if you think about the cold sore, oh shit it’s coming.”

You can read more about Carpenter’s insane theories over at The PRP.

Members Of Korn, Godsmack, Deftones, Etc. Pay Tribute To Vinnie Paul During Special Set At Aftershock Festival

A number of musicians took part in a special tribute for the late Vinnie Paul Abbott (Pantera, HELLYEAH) during the Aftershock Festival in Sacramento, CA yesterday (October 13). You can see some fan-filmed footage from the set below. Among those who perfomed were Korn’s Jonathan Davis, Godsmack‘s Sully Erna and Tony Rombola, HELLYEAH‘s Kyle Sanders, Deftones‘ Stephen Carpenter, Act Of Defiance‘s Chris Broderick (ex-Megadeth), Sevendust‘s Clint Lowery and John Connolly, Shinedown‘s Zach Myers, GWAR‘s Blothar and Pustulus Maximus, Kyng‘s Pepe Clarke and Eddie Veliz, Emmure’s Frankie Palmeri, Hyro The Hero and more. It’s also worth noting that Abbott’s drum set was used for the set.

Will Haven Premiere New Song “El Sol” Feat. Deftones’ Stephen Carpenter

Will Haven have premiered a new song titled “El Sol,“ via Revolver. This track features Deftones guitarist Stephen Carpenter, and it will appear on the band’s new album “Muerte,“ which will be released on March 23. Guitarist Jeff Irwin said the following:

“If Will Haven and Deftones had a kid, that’s what it would sound like. I was in my first band with Stephen. This was really a family thing. While we were in the studio, he sent us an email with an eight-minute song of all riffs. I added the spacey elements. Our vocalist, Grady, is reciting this famous poem about being kind to your fellow man and taking care of each other. Lyrically, it fits the times.”

“Muerte” Track Listing:

01. “Hewed With The Brand”
02. “Winds Of Change”
03. “Kinney”
04. “The Son”
05. “43”
06. “No Escape” (feat. YOB’s Mike Scheidt)
07. “Unit K”
08. “Ladwig No. 949”
09. “Bootstraps”
10. “Now In The Ashes”
11. “El Sol” (feat. Deftones’ Stephen Carpenter)

Tour Dates:

03/23 Sacramento, CA – Holy Diver (album release show)
05/04 Fullerton, CA – Programme Skate & Sound (feat. Fake Figures)
05/05 San Diego, CA – Brick by Brick (feat. Fake Figures)
05/06 Hollywood, CA – The Viper Room (feat. Fake Figures)
06/23 Portland OR – Star Theater (feat. Witch Mountain)

Stephen Carpenter Reveals Release Date For New Deftones Album

Deftones’ Stephen Carpenter was recently interviewed at NAMM, and revealed that the band’s new album will be released on April 8. He also said that the band will play some Texas shows in March, before hitting the European festival circuit in May, and June.