Chino Moreno On New Deftones Material: “We’re Definitely Getting Into Experimental Sort Of Modes”

Chino Moreno recently talked a bit about Deftones’ new material as part of an interview in the latest issue of Kerrang!. According to him, the band are currently “getting into experimental sort of modes.”

Moreno said the following when asked which song or mood from the band’s past best represents the new music they are working on:

“That’s a good question, I don’t know, and it’s hard to say. Where we are with our writing process right now, it’s really difficult for me to put a single look on what we’re doing. It’s morphing every day that we get together and write.

We’re definitely getting into experimental sort of modes, which is the funnest phase that we get into. One of the biggest records in our career is obviously ‘White Pony‘, and it’s our most commercially successful record as well, but that was also one of our most experimental records, especially for the time when it came out. That record, making it was… what’s a good word to describe it? We felt really free.

We basically made whatever we liked, whatever was happening at that moment. It didn’t really go along with what was going on around us, as far as our contemporaries and where other music was.”

He then added the following when asked if that was a reaction against nü-metal:

“Well, at the time, honestly, with bands like Limp Bizkit and Papa Roach and what was to be coined nü-metal or whatever, that was at its height. And we probably made our most un-nü-metal record. I don’t know why we did it. Like I said, we were into experimenting more than we were trying to do something that we felt we already did.

That’s why it’s hard to answer the question about the future and what comes next. But if anything I would say that [I’m reminded of] ‘White Pony‘, that record in general, because it was probably us at our most experimental.”

He also said the following when asked if the current sessions are similar to that time period:

“We’re a little bit in that mode where we’re just trying completely different ways of doing things. And that’s what keeps it fun for us for the most; not really knowing what’s going to became of this, or what type of record we’re making—just letting it kind of happen. It’s been good on that level. That’s the best way I can describe where we’re at, and where we’re going.”

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Deftones To Release New Music In 2019

Deftones have been working on new music recently and it appears fans will get to hear it next year. The band shared the below Instagram post with the following hashtags: #2019, #newmusic, #deftones and #sacramento.

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#2019 #newmusic #deftones #sacramento

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Deftones Planning To Bring Their “Dia de los Deftones” Festival Back In 2019

Deftones’ first-ever “Dia de los Deftones” festival was held at Petco Park in San Diego, CA on November 3 and it looks like the band are planning to bring it back next year. The group revealed the news while sharing the below recap video. This year’s event featured Deftones along with Future, Mike Shinoda, Rocket From The Crypt, Ho99o9, Doja Cat, Vein, and Vowws.

Deftones Announce Limited Edition Mexican Lager “Dia de los Deftones”

Deftones have teamed up with Belching Beaver Brewery once again to create a new limited edition Mexican lager called “Dia de los Deftones.” The beverage will only be available at the band’s festival of the same name. That event will take place at Petco Park in San Diego, CA on Saturday (November 3) and it will feature Deftones along with Future, Mike Shinoda, Rocket From The, Crypt, Ho99o9, Doja Cat, Vein, and Vowws.

Here’s Some More Pictures From Deftones’ Recent Writing Sessions

Deftones have been working on new material in Sacramento, CA and the band’s programmer Frank Delgado has shared some more photos from their recent writing sessions. You can check those out below:

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Deftones Appear To Be Back In The Studio Working On New Material

It looks like Deftones have been back in the studio working on new material. The band shared the following photos from recent sessions in Sacramento, CA.

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Deftones Announce Inaugural “Dia De Los Deftones” Festival

Deftones will be launching their own festival called “Dia De Los Deftones” on November 3 in San Diego, CA. The event will take place at Petco Park at the Park, and in addition to Deftones it will include: Future, Mike Shinoda (Linkin Park), Rocket From The Crypt, Ho99o9, Doja Cat, Vein, and Vowws. Deftones commented:

“We are so excited, and proud to announce the first annual Dia de los Deftones. For years, we’ve played on festivals with such amazing and diverse line-ups, and that was the goal when we put together our line-up. We want this event to be a celebration; with the incredible artists we’ve assembled, and the experiences we’re curating for the site, it’s going to be a wonderful day and night for all who join us in San Diego.”