Deftones Guitarist Stephen Carpenter Further Discusses His Flat Earth & Conspiracy Beliefs

Last November, Deftones’ Stephen Carpenter made headlines after admitting to being a flat earther and voicing a number of other insane conspiracy theory beliefs. Now, the guitarist has further discussed his beliefs during a recent appearance on Hatebreed frontman Jamey Jasta‘s “The Jasta Show.”

Carpenter said the following about being a flat earther [transcribed by The PRP]:

“We’re all blind believers in the fact that we live on a globe. But when you go to prove that you live on a globe, or even otherwise try to prove that the flat Earth conversation is not true, you end up going to the other side. Because there’s far more evidence when the conversation is about flat Earth than there is about the globe. You know, all of our knowledge in regards to the globe is based on our beliefs and our education.

But when you actually look… Your instincts and your feelings don’t ever tell you that you live on, on a spinning flying, spaceball. That’s not what you feel. You know, if you were walking on a treadmill right now at a half mile per hour, and I unplugged it, you would feel that. But somehow you can spin around at 1000 miles per hour… 600,000 miles per hour and more, and you can’t feel any of that? I mean, at some point… What I had discovered when I went through this whole trying to prove what was and what wasn’t; I’m only discovering information that I was unaware of before on that path.

And it, it just keeps being one more thing that makes sense after another. And I had realized and I’d always ask people, since you know I kind of opened up to it, and I was just like, ‘Well, what’s your threshold for BS?’ You know? ‘What’s your real threshold for bullshit?’ Now I want to say something. It’s a rhetorical question I know what your threshold for bullshit is, and all of you, I know what your threshold is. It’s generally pretty low.

You know if I’m telling you some straight up bullshit, and you know I’m telling you some bullshit, because you already know the truth. Your desire to hear me continue with the bullshit will only be based on our relationship.

If I mean anything to you, you’ll hear me out. Because maybe you just want to see how far will I take this damn story. But if I’m not important to you, you really don’t have any time or interest in hearing bullshit. You know I mean unless you’re really bored. But you know I mean generally, people don’t got time for it.

We got other pressing issues in our lives that we want to do and think about. And so, when you actually take the legitimate time to look into the subject, you know really discover the things that people are actually talking about you will change your perspective. All the people that are in flat Earth were all people who believe they lived on a globe, until they actually looked at it and they’re like ‘Oh damn. We’re not on a globe.’”

He continued when asked what evidence he would use to convince someone that Earth is flat:

“I can just tell you and everyone who is watching, you can go to a YouTube channel called Flat Earth Sun, Moon & Zodiac Clock App. There’s an actual app for it—that’s the name of the app. You can go on there and they have everything from short videos to long videos, and all this stuff. I mean literally all your questions are explained with multiple videos, reiterating the same point over and over.

There’s another channel I really love, it’s called Don’t Sphere The Truth. And I’ve watched every video on that. I’ve watched some that have been deleted already—-We’re in the age of don’t talk the truth, ’cause that’s crazy. We don’t want people to hear the truth. Stay asleep, don’t wake up. So if the mainstream narrative is the thing for you, then I say enjoy it. But just don’t be mad at other people when they’re trying to wake you up. Don’t be confused when people are trying to wake you up.”

He went on to discuss planetary shapes and said that “there is no such thing as space” and that “the only thing that has been launched into space, ever, is all of humanity’s imagination.” He also added the following when asked about the various photos and footage that has been captured from space:

“It’s all a great show. We’re being given a great show and that’s all I can say.”

Carpenter also seemingly claimed that the airline industry might be trying to hide the “reality” of Earth being flat, before Jasta chimed in saying he has seen a curved horizon while flying on planes. However, Carpenter went on to say that he has not seen anything like that. He later added:

“I have had my perspective and belief changed. And it’s been changed based on what I believe to be evidence and facts, that pointed out… Things that I can personally attest to myself. Like I said, I can go to the coast and I can visually let my eyes see that the horizon is perfectly flat. I know what this looks like when I’m flying in a plane.

I look out left and front side of the plane and can see forever in either direction. I would be able to do the same forwards and backwards if the plane had front windows you could look out, and rear windows you could look out—but they don’t provide you with that. You only get the perspective from left or right… If you look, you can see it. But I base my opinions on the things that I can personally attest to, and those are things that I can attest to.”

Jasta also asked Carpenter about aliens, saying that if his flat earther beliefs are true, it means extraterrestrial life does not exist. Carpenter said the following about that:

“That’s actually been a great comfort to me since I’ve had this awareness. I can not dismiss what we all define as an alien being. But what I can dismiss is that that alien being did not come from some far off galaxy or distant planet—that ain’t fucking happening.

There could very well be places in this realm that we all exist in, that we’re unaware of, because we already were told we all live on a spinning, flying spaceball. So that part’s not real. So how much land exists that you have no idea about? How many species exist are out there that you have no idea about?

Because you’re not piloting the plane, you’re not out exploring in your ships or any vessels of your own. Your reality is entirely based upon what information people have provided to you. I’m just recognizing that, I don’t know how many lies… again, what your threshold is before you cut it off.

But for me, you’ve already fooled me once, fooled me twice. I’ve been the fool so many fucking times that at 50-years-old I’m done being the fool. That doesn’t mean I know everything, it just means I’m done listening to the bullshit.”

Carpenter also casted doubt on the existence of UFOs:

“I pay no mind to any of this UFO footage. The end of the line for all of this reality is when we get that fake alien invasion. E.T. coming to get ya.”

Jasta then responded with footage of a “tic tac” shaped vessel coming out of the water, though Carpenter dismissed it saying: “There’s footage of a plane hitting the World Trade Center too.”

Aside from all that, Carpenter also said that he doesn’t even believe in the existence of nuclear weapons:

“What I think, my opinion about them that I don’t believe that they exist and that’s based on all the videos that I’ve seen in regards to that subject. And I want to first of all say thank you YouTube, you’re the one that’s given me all this great information.”

You can watch the full interview below:

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