Judas Priest Get Inducted Into “Hall Of Heavy Metal History” At Wacken Open Air

Judas Priest were inducted into the Hall Of Heavy Metal History on August 2 during the Wacken Open Air festival in Germany. The band were honored right before they played in front of more than 75,000 people. The group commented:

“Judas Priest are thrilled and honored to accept induction into the Hall Of Heavy Metal History and be amongst so many of our friends. This also sends a great message of inclusion for the metal community around the world, and keeps us defending the metal faith together.”

Pat Gesualdo, founder/CEO of the Hall Of Heavy Metal History, added:

“We have made sure that Judas Priest finally gets the induction and respect they truly deserve. We thank them for the decades of hard work and dedication to heavy metal, an art form they helped establish.”

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Judas Priest Premiere “No Surrender” Video

Judas Priest have premiered a new video for their song “No Surrender,” via Loudwire. This track appears on the band’s latest album “Firepower.” The group commented:

“‘No Surrender’ captures the true metal fighting spirit and metalheads around the world find a united voice within the message of this song. When you honestly believe in yourself and live your life the way you have the right to, with no surrender, then nothing will ever stop you from living your dream.”

Round Hill Reportedly Acquires K.K. Downing‘s Share Of Judas Priest Catalog

According to Billboard, Round Hill Music has acquired a big stake in Judas Priest’s catalog. This news comes after K.K. Downing‘s share of the royalty rights for 136 Judas Priest songs, including “Breaking The Law,” “Living After Midnight,” etc. went up for sale after Downing’s golf resort in Shropshire, England fell into administration (similar to Chapter 11 insolvency in the U.S.). The rights to these tracks reportedly generate about $340,000 to $400,000 a year. You can read more about all that over at Billboard.

Foo Fighters, Metallica, Iron Maiden, Avenged Sevenfold, Etc. Among Top 100 Grossing Tours Of 2018

Pollstar have shared a list of the top 100 worldwide grossing tours for the first half of 2018. You can see where rock and metal artists landed on the list below.

Artists like Ed Sheeran, Bruno Mars and The Rolling Stones took the top spots for worldwide tours, but here’s the rock and metal artists that made the list:

#9 Roger Waters (60.7 million gross)
#12 Foo Fighters (53.6 million gross)
#19 Metallica (40.6 million gross)
#21 Bon Jovi (38 million gross)
#35 Queen + Adam Lambert (23.9 million gross)
#43 Journey/Def Leppard (21.2 million gross)
#52 Iron Maiden (17.3 million gross)
#53 Kid Rock (17.1 million gross)
#81 Avenged Sevenfold (10.5 million gross)
#91 Scorpions (10.1 million gross)

They also did a list of the top 100 North American tours. Artists like P!nk, Eagles, and Justin Timberlake took the top spots, but here’s the rock and metal artists that made that list:

#10 Bon Jovi (38 million gross)
#19 Journey/Def Leppard (21.2 million gross)
#29 Kid Rock (17.1 million gross)
#49 Foo Fighters (10.3 million gross)
#55 Avenged Sevenfold (9.5 million gross)
#81 Foreigner (5.8 million)
#83 Queens Of The Stone Age (5.7 million gross)
#89 Judas Priest (5.0 million gross)

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Emperor’s Ihsahn On Possible Collaboration With Judas Priest’s Rob Halford & Behemoth’s Nergal: “I Think That Would Be Amazing”

Rob Halford (Judas Priest) previously said he wanted to work on a black metal project with Ihsahn (Emperor) and Nergal (Behemoth). Now, during an interview with Kaaos TV, Ihsahn discussed that further and said he thinks it “would be amazing.”

Ihsahn said the following:

“I actually talked with Rob about this project… He approached me… that’s quite a long time ago. I think I met him the first time in 2001 or something. But, of course, as he said in so many interviews as well, the situation with him being back in PRIEST since that time, and my schedule, doing both bands [EMPEROR and the solo project], it’s one of those things. But at some point, that would be great. When the god of metal calls, that’s not something you want to miss.”

He continued:

“Then [Rob] met Nergal from BEHEMOTH as well, and he [discussed a possible collaboration with him as well]… Because he’s a big fan of black metal — Rob — so at some point, he just wants to do something, as I said, tip his toe in the water with that kind of expression. So if time allows and fate will make it happen, and, for example, me, Nergal and Rob would come together — Nergal from BEHEMOTH is also someone that I have great respect for, a great artist — I think that would be amazing.”

He also added:

“It’s not something that you just would throw together, because I think those kinds of collaborations where it’s just putting names [on an album don’t work],” he explained. “You need to do it proper. And I think all of us, the way I know them, I think that’s their mindset [as well], where [we all think] it would have to be done properly. I think we would be very much on the same page on that.”

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Judas Priest Guitarist Launches The Glenn Tipton Parkinson’s Foundation

Judas Priest’s Glenn Tipton has launched the Glenn Tipton Parkinson’s Foundation in an effort to raise money for new technology that can help treat Parkinson’s disease. This news comes after Tipton was forced to step away from touring due to his struggles with the disease. The band have since moved on with producer Andy Sneap filling in, though Tipton still makes occasional appearances.

Tipton commented:

“As you probably know by now I’ve had to pull out of the current Priest tour due to ill health – I am still doing some shows and joining the guys on stage for some songs and will carry on for as long as I can without compromising the band . So far when I walk on stage the audience reaction has been amazing, heart warming and quite emotional…….

I knew that something was wrong as my co-ordination and speed were affected and have both been slowly getting worse over the last ten years. Accordingly when I was diagnosed it wasn’t really a shock. Rob, Richie, Ian and Scott are playing better than ever and Andy is doing a really great job – they have all given me so much support – It was the band that suggested we start a foundation which although in my name is really a Judas Priest foundation – we are selling t-shirts with the slogan ‘’NO SURRENDER ’ (a track off the latest album) which is very appropriate considering the determination you have to summon up to get on with life and beat this illness—it’s the sort of thing that always happens to ’someone else’

There are many Parkinson related charities were we could send the funds we raise to which deal with the many different aspects of this disease both physically and mentally – but what really excites me is a brand new pioneering treatment called: MR GUIDED FOCUSED ULTASOUND THALAMOTOMY which although in its early stages has already had great success with a Parkinson’s related condition called essential tremor – Dr Bain, my specialist who is one of the leading experts in this field and his colleagues are now turning their attention to treating Parkinson’s patients with this state of the art MR scanners and are very optimistic as to the positive results that are emerging

All proceeds we receive from you will go to this cause and I urge not just Judas Priest fans but everyone out there to help —If you can’t get to the shows you can also purchase t- shirts on line at:

We will keep you posted on what you have all raised through this tour so remember…Keep the Faith and………. NO SURRENDER !!!