Chimaira Auctioning Off .03¢ Royalty Check

Chimaira are auctioning off a .03 cent royalty check via eBay. You can bid on that HERE. The winner will receive the check and a signed copy of “Resurrection.” 10% of the proceeds will go towards Crohn’s & Colitis Foundation, Inc.


Watch New Clip From Upcoming Short Film On Chimaira’s Mark Hunter & Mental Illness

Chimaira’s Mark Hunter is the subject of a new short film created by director Nick Cavalier. The documentary, which is named after the band’s track “Down Again,” focuses on the connections between creativity and mental illness. It will be released on October 10 and a new clip from it can be seen below:

Hunter said the following about the film:

“I have dealt with depression and bipolar for a good part of my life. It’s probably safe to say that most Chimaira fans understand that the band’s music, lyrics, and live performances were my cathartic outlet.”

“I was a bit apprehensive [to do this documentary] at first. Not because I am unwilling to share my story, but more so because there are thousands of people infinitely more interesting than me. And worse off than me. But in the end, I am thankful to have been a part of this short documentary. It captured an extremely critical moment in time. The rekindling of friendships with my former bandmates was one of the most significant healing moments of my entire life.”

“It’s unfortunate to note the past couple of years have been tough on the music community. We lost a lot of talented people to their struggles with depression. I hope the viewers of our film will take away a story of healing and feel the impact of dealing with mental health issues head-on.”

“This is not a story about Chimaira, although fans of the band will be excited to see familiar faces and hear some of their favorite songs. The audience will get a glimpse into my personality and how I use art to better deal with the harder moments of life.”

Hunter and Cavalier discussed the film further during a recent interview with Loudwire.

Chimaira’s Mark Hunter To Be Featured In New Short Film About The Connections Between Creativity & Mental Illness

Chimaira’s Mark Hunter is the subject of a new short film created by director Nick Cavalier. The documentary, which is named after the band’s track “Down Again,” focuses on the connections between creativity and mental illness. Cavalier was inspired to make the film after he met Hunter and the Medical Director at Centers For Family And Children, Dr. Patrick Runnels, who were running a panel with a similar theme at Acting Out!. You can see some pictures from the movie at and read a statement from the director below.

Cavalier said the following:

“In September Marty Geramita, manager of Derek Hess and my good friend asked me to participate on a panel for Acting Out! to discuss mental health and creativity. I was honored to do it and the panel was a great success.

One of the coolest things about this panel was I got to meet two exceptional people, Dr. Patrick Runnels (Medical Director at Centers for Family and Children), and Mark Hunter (Chimaira vocalist and photographer) This panel sparked an idea for me, a deep exploration of the subject matter discussed, inspired a short film on the connection between creativity and mental illness. It’s something I’m passionate about and I am personally affected by.

I believe bipolar, depression or other mental afflictions have inspired some of the greatest art ever created. I know in my case, bipolar is not only a burden, a callus monster you have to harness, but a source of great power. It’s a disease that forces you to look inward, sometimes in painful ways, but ultimately providing a deeper connection to the human condition. If you can harness that and translate it into any medium, then we are talking about a giant creative advantage.

After hearing Mark’s story at the panel, I approached him to create a documentary portrait about his issues and his art. He was kind enough to let me explore this topic through his art and his experiences. I am calling the piece Down Again, after Chimaira’s hit song. The title and song have a much deeper meaning which will be explored in the doc piece. On a personal note, Chimaira’s music was something that helped me through dark times when I was an angsty teenager, So I played this one pretty close to the chest.

We wrapped the first leg of our principle photography around Chimaira’s 7 year reunion show on December 30th at the legendary Agora. I wanted to interview Mark leading up to the show as it was bound to stir up some feelings, as well as using that time as an opporitunity to gather interesting B Roll around the band practicing and re-uniting for the big show.

Metal music by its nature is intense, and this piece is shaping up to be a window into that world I feel no one has opened before. Metal musicians and metal fans are often misunderstood and I hope to change that. As a fan of metal myself, and a fan of music and how it affects people, I really want to pour myself into this one. It’s deep, it’s moody and it will hopefully be profound.

It was awesome to see how the band approaches music in such a professional way. The setlists were rehearsed religiously, the songs were played to a click track live, and every detail from lighting to sound was meticulously managed and thought through in advance.

I am also putting together a short film around Chimaira’s return to commemorate an awesome evening I will never forget. The crew was on point and the band absolutely crushed. It was a barn burner of a show.

Huge thanks to Mark and all the fellas in the band for letting me into their world. It was an honor to be a part of the Chimaira family and share such an amazing night with such awesome people. You guys are the best dudes, and should be very proud of what you built with the band and the music and how it’s touched fans around the world.

Big thanks to the crew, Tyler Clark for his vision and eye for making the piece moody and atmospheric. Luke DeJeu for running audio and assisting with camera needs. Mikey Tell for wearing all the hats and helping with whatever we needed. Nolan for his assistance on camera and helping with gear on the shoot. Magan for her looks, charm and the Miller High Life. And lastly James Waters for putting this together last minute in a classic hail mary fashion as only he can do.

I am really proud of what we have so far, and am excited to start putting something together. We will be shooting the remaining content in March and the piece will be edited sometime in April. Stay tuned!”

[via The PRP]

Watch Footage From Chimaira’s Reunion Show

Chimaira, feturing Mark Hunter, Rob Arnold, Matt DeVries, Jim LaMarca, and Chris Spicuzza, reunited for a special show at the Agora Theatre in Cleveland, OH last night (December 30), and now some footage from the performance can be seen below. Andols Herrick was supposed to take part in the event as well, but due to his “debilitating digestive issues,” Austin D’Amond (DevilDriver, ex-Chimaira), filled in.


“Pictures In The Gold Room”
“Power Trip”
“Nothing Remains”
“Save Ourselves”
“Down Again”
“The Flame”
“Army Of Me”
“Eyes Of A Criminal”
“The Venom Inside”
“Implements Of Destruction”
“The Dehumanizing Process”
“Pure Hatred”

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Andols Herrick Opens Up About “Debilitating Digestive Issues” & Missing Chimaira’s Upcoming Reunion Show

As previously announced Andols Herrick will miss Chimaira’s upcoming reunion show at the Agora Theatre in Cleveland, OH on December 30, due to health reasons. Now, the drummer has opened up about his “debilitating digestive issues” and his disappointment about not being able to play the concert.

Herrick said the following:

“I’ve been meaning to follow up on Chimaira Christmas and the world of yours truly. This is going to be lengthy, so here’s a tl:dr – debilitating digestive issues since July 2016 → MDs are blockheads → downstream issues pile up → catatonic depression → reunion show is confirmed and I find hope → physical decline continues with even more unusual and embarrassing symptoms → drive to CLE with incredible enthusiasm, but off of 2 all-nighters and in terrible shape on every level, play poorly, my Chimaira brothers showed incredible concern and love, and quickly determine I am a huge liability (100% correct) → continue physical degradation, bedridden almost all day → crying and typing out this post.

Last November when I was in free fall and just lost my job, my family had me come to stay with them in North Carolina from Las Vegas. They are my guardian angels and have been unwavering in their support. Somehow in the midst of this, I met a girl from 1000 miles away who is gorgeous, caring, patient, and warm. MegAnne saved my life, and I know we will spending ours together.

The more love and support they show me, the more I agonize over regressing further and further away from normal, the more I frantically research and try to make headway….because I don’t just want it for myself, I want them to see their son/brother/soulmate climb back from the basement of hell to a better version of myself. They’ve laid the foundation, they’ve helped me many times over, and every day I feel so ashamed of what I’ve become. Make no mistake, if not for the love and support from them, and the kind words and generous donations my Facebook family has given me I’d be dead in the backseat of a car in the middle of nowhere, first the vehicle and then myself out of gas.

When the talks of a Chimaira reunion became real, I was so incredibly excited. I’ve really missed performing, and its been a gap in my heart I tried to ignore. So my dream was becoming reality, and I would not have believed I’d be in the physical and emotional state I am now. I fully support Austin taking the reigns….that dude is re-fucking-diculous….and find solace in knowing the most special Chimaira show ever is guaranteed to be the best performance of its career. But fucking hell do I wish I was there rehearsing, instead of loathing what I will feel when my feet touch the ground and my 8-hour preparation to run a quick errand.

More and more I feel like this relentless discomfort, nausea, physical deterioration is my reality, and that I have to learn how to block the noise out of my mind, one that is like a bullhorn blaring in my face every waking second. I hope I’m wrong. I know there are things yet to be investigated. I’m taking as much of the healing process into my own hands, because MDs simply want to wash their own of me. I want to get behind a kit once more, honor the support of my family by regaining my autonomy, and be the best version of me for the girl who amazes me more daily.

Many of you contributed to the GoFundMe campaign my family set up in April. I’m going to share that link right here:

Share it if you feel so inclined, and I would be grateful. I have a lot of testing and treatments to do and I am limited in what I’m capable to explore. That’s the extent my pride will allow me to say. Just know that you guys have already lifted me up in a way that overwhelms me.

I’m trying to find light in the pitch black darkness, waiting for “rock bottom” to happen. I’m terrified, embarrassed, and my mind all to often falls into a dark place. But I’m also grateful, blessed, loved, and constantly marvel about the amount of support I’ve been given.

From the bottom of my heart: I’m sorry I let the fans and my Chimaira brethren down. As Rocky Balboa said: “It ain’t how hard you can hit, its how you can get hit and keep moving forward!” I love you all, and look forward to redeeming myself in every aspect.

With respect and humility,

Drummer Andols Herrick To Miss Chimaira’s Upcoming Reunion Show

Chimaira’s original lineup, including Mark Hunter, Rob Arnold, Matt DeVries, Jim LaMarca, Andols Herrick, and Chris Spicuzza, were supposed to reunite for a show at the Agora Theatre in Cleveland, OH on December 30, but now it appears Herrick will be missing the performance due to his “debilitating health.” Austin D’Amond (DevilDriver), who has served as the band’s drummer before, will be filling in. Chimaira commented:

“We are extremely disappointed to report that as a result of debilitating health, Andols Herrick is unable to perform at this year’s Christmas show. We are fortunate and grateful, however, that Chimaira veteran Austin D’Amond will step up to command the absent throne. Our sincerest apologies are in order for the disruption, but we are confident the night will absolutely crush.”

Chimaira’s Original Lineup To Reunite For December Cleveland, OH Show

According to The PRP, Chimaira’s original lineup, including Mark Hunter, Rob Arnold, Matt DeVries, Jim LaMarca, Andols Herrick, and Chris Spicuzza, will reunite for a show at the Agora Theatre in Cleveland, OH on December 30, 2017. Stay tuned for more info.