Chimaira’s “Pass Out Of Existence” Set To Be Released On Vinyl For The First Time

Chimaira have announced that their 2001 album “Pass Out Of Existence” will be released on vinyl for the first time later this year. Pre-orders are available HERE until September 16.

The following details were shared for the release:

  • First worldwide release on vinyl!
  • Features a previously unreleased live show from 2002
  • Includes bonus demos debuting on vinyl and 3 new 2021 previously unreleased mixes.
  • Pressed on multi-colored vinyl and comes in deluxe packaging
  • Limited and individually foil-stamp numbered

Frontman Mark Hunter commented:

“Twenty years ago, we set out to make an album that would make us ‘huge,’ and we’d become one of the ‘biggest metal bands in the world.’ I don’t think our story is rare, and like most with delusions of grandeur, we failed. We all had high expectations when Pass Out dropped. The label, managers, and of course, the 6 of us.

The album debuted, and we got slaughtered on message boards. It seemed like our hardcore fans hated it. The album also stuttered out of the gate. Our peers had sold a lot more albums first week, and this gave everyone pause. There were great tours. Slayer, Machine Head, Fear Factory… but after our abysmal first week sales, the support dried up. We went out and toured on our own to anyone that would show up.

I remember we had a sick show in Duluth, playing to about 9 people. To make a long story short, we felt like Rocky at the end of part 1 when we finished this album cycle. *Spoiler alert – We went the distance, got our asses kicked, and lost. But just like Rocky, it wasn’t all bad, and we spawned a bunch of fantastic sequels. More importantly, we found out years later how much this album influenced some of the top deathcore bands out there.

I remember being on tour once and hearing Zach from Whitechapel play the riff from ‘Taste My…‘ I was dumbfounded. Y’all like THAT album???? At the time it still wasn’t enough to wash the stink of losing away. This album felt like an old high school yearbook photo when your mom made you wear that awful sweater from Sears, and your hair looks like something straight from

My advice to young and upcoming musicians would be to have zero expectations. Then you won’t feel like you got punched in the genitals repeatedly. Here we are about to celebrate 20 years. My attitude has come full circle. I am super proud of this album. But it’s the fans that helped me realize its significance.

I’ve been streaming for the past year on Twitch and having the opportunity to interact with fans and hear how much this record means to them made me realize we did, in fact, win. We had a rare opportunity to remix some of the fan favorites from the album. We hadn’t quite developed our sound yet but now we can put that familiar ‘Chimaira‘ spin on them. Hope you dig ‘em!

Also, we included the demo for ‘Taste My…‘ I don’t think anyone has heard this. To top it off there is a live show from Orlando that is straight from the soundboard. It is pretty sweet to hear how aggressive we were. We’re too old for that shit now. Thank you all that voted for this release and made it happen. Enjoy!”

Chimaira’s “Crown Of Phantoms” Receives New Limited Edition Glow-In-The-Dark Vinyl Pressing

A new “glow-in-the-dark ghostly” vinyl pressing of Chimaira‘s “Crown Of Phantoms” is now available via The record is limited to only 500 copies.

New Limited Edition Vinyl Pressing Of Chimaira’s “The Age Of Hell” Released

A new vinyl pressing of Chimaira‘s “The Age Of Hell” has been released via eOne Music. The effort is limited to 500 copies and it can be purchased HERE.

Rob Arnold Says Chimaira Were Planning To Play Live This Year And That They Had Discussed New Music

During a recent interview with Pierre Gutiérrez, Chimaira’s Rob Arnold revealed that the band were planning to play another “Chimaira Christmas” concert this year. The guitarist went on to say that they were also discussing the possibility of new music as well.

Arnold said of the following:

“We had the next ‘Chimaira Christmas‘ show, which was gonna be Christmas of 2020… [It[ had been booked, but it hadn’t been announced yet. We weren’t gonna announce it until probably mid-summer… We had already even started talking about setlists and stuff like that. And then along with that came the talks of ‘hey, why don’t we start writing some music and just start putting some riffs together and sending them back and forth?’ and that didn’t really get out of any infancy stage. There aren’t any songs or anything yet that are in the archives or anything like that. That never really lifted off. Because right at that same moment is when COVID hit. And obviously everybody had to make huge adjustments right then. And just everything was put on hold. A few weeks later the show was cancelled…”

He also added:

“All I can say is maybe we’ll try for next year. Hopefully this time next year, everything that should have been happening right now will be happening, but I can’t say—no one can say.”

[via The PRP]

Mark Hunter (Chimaira) Covers “Anvil Of Crom” From “Conan The Barbarian”

Mark Hunter (Chimaira) has released a cover of Basil Poledouris‘ “Anvil Of Crom” from the 1982 film “Conan The Barbarian.” The frontman commented:

“Like so many of you, I’ve been couped up in the house for months. To keep my sanity in check, I decided to try and tackle one of my favorite songs – ‘Anvil of Crom‘, which is the theme from 1982’s ‘Conan the Barbarian‘. Initially composed by Basil Poledouris and performed by a 94 piece orchestra – I had no idea what I was getting into or how overwhelming of a project it would be. But alas, Crom granted me revenge, and I was able to pull it together. Please enjoy my rendition. *Best experienced wearing a loincloth.”

Mark Hunter Believes Chimaira Were The First Band To Use The “New Wave Of American Heavy Metal” Moniker

Chimaira are considered to be members of the “New Wave Of American Heavy Metal” scene alongside Lamb Of God, Killswitch Engage, Shadows Fall, etc. Considering this, Chimaira frontman Mark Hunter recently discussed the moniker on the “Talk Toomey Podcast” and said that he believes it may have originated from his band.

Hunter said the following:

“It’s one of those things, we did it during the ‘Pass Out‘ era—we had a t-shirt. Our sound guy at the time, Wedge, was a big Iron Maiden fan. And before we would play every night, we would be playing Iron Maiden over the loud speakers. So we just started making t-shirt ideas, like ‘oh, lets use the Iron Maiden font, what does our name look like there? And then lets just change it to ‘New Wave Of American Heavy Metal’ instead of ‘New Wave Of British Heavy Metal’, and just kinda having fun and that caught on.

I remember getting ‘New Wave Of British Heavy Metal’ albums when I was younger and it actually said it on some of those albums. They were letting you know it was like a brand almost. So when we released the CD single to the press and radio stations—and this was just kind of like the first few songs they could play before the album was released—it was called the ‘New Wave Of American Heavy Metal’ sampler. And to my knowledge, I mean unless someone can prove us wrong, I don’t believe that phrase exists before that t-shirt in 2001-2002.”

[via The PRP]

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Chimaira’s Rob Arnold Shares Live Audio From 2002 Orlando Show

Rob Arnold is celebrating the 18th anniversary of Chimaira‘s “Pass Out Of Existence” by sharing audio from the band’s January 19, 2002 show at the House Of Blues in Orlando, FL. You can check that out below. Notably, the concert also featured Ill Niño, No One, and Kittie.

In other news, Arnold has also released the second episode of his “Everything You Love” web series:

[via The PRP]

Chimaira’s Mark Hunter Undergoes Successful Surgery Following Cancer Diagnosis

Chimaira’s Mark Hunter recently revealed that he has been diagnosed with thyroid cancer and he has since undergone surgery to remove the rest of his thyroid. He is now expected to undergo radioactive iodine treatment. Fortunately, the cancer Hunter has, Papillary thyroid cancer, has a high cure rate.