Brandon Boyd (Incubus) Digitally Releases “Stem To The Rose” From His Sons Of The Sea Project

Brandon Boyd (Incubus) has officially released “Stem To The Rose” from his Sons Of The Sea project in digital outlets. He said the following about that:

“It took me a few years but my Sons of the Sea track ‘Stem to the Rose’ is finally up on all streaming platforms. My heart and imagination will likely be forever captivated by @incubusofficial but in our occasional interims I wander off into solo territory and put out records. Sons of the Sea is my side hustle with longtime collaborator Brendan O’Brien; he and I wrote this song together a few years back for a documentary entitled ‘Becoming Bulletproof’. It’s a beautiful film you can stream tonight if you’d like to. I hope you enjoy this song and hopefully it’ll make you smile amongst these collective growing pains we all seem to be experiencing. #wherewouldibewithoutyou”

The Word Alive Release Cover Of Incubus’ “Pardon Me”

The Word Alive have released a cover of Incubus‘ “Pardon Me.” The band commented:

“Thank you Incubus for being one of the reasons we all wanted to start a band all those years ago, we hope this does you justice.”

Brandon Boyd (Incubus) To Release 10th Anniversary Vinyl Pressing Of “The Wild Trapeze”

Brandon Boyd (Incubus) will be celebrating the 10th anniversary of “The Wild Trapeze“ with a new vinyl pressing. The effort is expected to be released on December 1 and it will be limited to 500 copies. Pre-orders can be found HERE.

Brandon Boyd (Incubus) Working On Covers For New Solo Release

During a recent interview with NME, Incubus frontman Brandon Boyd revealed that he is working on a new solo release. The effort will mostly feature cover songs.

Boyd said the following when asked about a new solo album:

“That’s probably gonna happen sooner rather than later because I’ve spent the whole of lockdown mostly recording cover songs, which is something I’ve never really done before.”

He also added:

“The covers – and this was unintentional – are almost all written by women. I think maybe it’s a voice thing. I think my voice is more in that range than it is when trying to emulate most male singers. There are so many songs that I would love to cover but they are so complete on their own.

Like there’s certain Leonard Cohen songs that I’ve always wanted to cover, there’s certain Jeff Buckley songs I’ve always wanted to cover, but those songs do not need reinterpretation. If someone does it’s usually kind of insulting. You’re like, ‘Why did you do this?’

I’ve been looking for songs to reinterpret that almost feel unrealised. They’re beautiful but there’s something about them that the artist themselves weren’t fully aware of so I’m trying to see it through a different pair of eyes.”

He continued:

“It’ll be mostly covers. I’ve been writing music for 30 years and I’ve never put out an album or EP that was just interpreting other people’s songs. It’s been all original work.”

“It’s almost done. It’s not going to be as involved as an Incubus record obviously because it’s me, by myself, mostly just playing an acoustic guitar with some accompanying keys and my voice.”

On another note, Boyd also had the following to say when asked if fans can expect Incubus to make a new album in the near future:

“Oh yeah, we’re definitely gonna make more records. It’s just the coronavirus situation has kept us from being in a room together. Our band room is sitting there disinfected and just pregnant with potential, but we haven’t been able to get in there yet. So as soon as we can get in there, we are going to be very excitedly writing because there’s a whole universe of things to write about.”

Incubus Cancel U.S. And European/UK Dates

Incubus have cancelled their May/June dates in the U.S., UK, and Europe due to the coronavirus pandemic. The band were hoping to reschedule, but they were unable to do so.

Incubus commented:

“To our friends in the US, UK and Europe, we regret to announce that our May and June dates are officially being cancelled. As much as we were holding out hope that we could get these dates rescheduled and see you guys in the near future, this is unfortunately the best course of action at this time.

Refunds will be available at the point of purchase from your authorized retailer and we apologize for any disappointment this brings. We look forward to bringing our show to you as soon as it’s safe to do so and in the meantime, make sure to take care of yourself and others. Much love ❤️ INCUBUS“

This news comes after the band’s summer tour with 311 and Badflower was recently cancelled.

Incubus’ Brandon Boyd Covers “Goodbye Moonmen” From “Rick And Morty” & Beach House‘s “Myth“

Incubus’ Brandon Boyd has shared a couple of new covers including his takes on Jemaine Clement‘s “Goodbye Moonmen” from “Rick And Morty” and Beach House‘s “Myth.“ You can check those out below:

[via The PRP]

Incubus Cancel North American Tour With 311 & Badflower

Incubus have cancelled their North American tour with 311 and Badflower due to the coronavirus pandemic. The band issued the following statement:

“We regret to announce that our 2020 US Summer Tour w/ 311 and Badflower is officially being cancelled. As much as we want to see everyone this Summer, we need to put the safety of our fans, crew and venue staff, first. Ticket holders will be emailed directly with their refund options and if you’d like more info, make sure to visit or contact your original point of purchase. We love you all, stay safe out there and we’ll see you as soon as we can get back on the road! ❤️”

Incubus’ Brandon Boyd On Possible “Morning View” 20th Anniversary Tour: “That Would Be So Much Fun To Do”

During a recent interview with Spin, Incubus were asked if they have any plans to celebrate the 20th anniversary of “Morning View” in 2021. Brandon Boyd responded by saying it “would be so much fun” to commemorate the milestone with an anniversary tour.

Boyd said the following:

“That would be so much fun to do a ‘Morning View‘ reunion tour. I think we did it once, didn’t we? At that La Brea arts space? Didn’t we do ‘Morning View‘ all the way through that one time? [The group murmurs “yes.”]

What was awesome for me about ‘Make Yourself‘ and playing it through 40-something times … There were so many things that were cool about it, but not the least of which is that it was fun every single night to play that album from front to back. And we have other albums we’ve written that aren’t as much fun to play from front to back.

There are certain songs, like, “Ugh, God, here we go with this one.” It’s pretty great that we made something 20-plus years ago that’s still enjoyable to perform. And then obviously I think it goes without saying that it’s pretty amazing to take that experience to so many different places and have the audience be just as happy about hearing a record that’s 20-plus years old and being really stoked to have that experience with us. It can’t be overstated enough. It was a really, really special thing…”

On another note, Mike Einziger also commented on the uncertainty of the band’s summer tour with 311 and Badflower:

“We haven’t announced anything or formally changed anything yet at this point. Because there are many factors and just elements to the situation that are very far beyond our control.

Our most important North Star is really safety, so if there’s any issue of safety — which there seems to be — that that’s going to take priority for us. But yeah, there are many moving parts. We’re kind of in a holding pattern to see what’s gonna happen, but we’ll make the decision that best suits us and our fans and the world. We definitely don’t want to pose any type of danger to people.”

Incubus Postpone European/UK Tour

Incubus have postponed their European/UK tour due to the coronavirus pandemic The band are hoping to reschedule next year.

Incubus commented:

“Prioritizing everyone’s health & safety and following government advice with the ongoing situation regarding Covid-19, our European tour is officially postponed. We are working on new dates for 2021 and as soon as we have more info we’ll let you know.

Please hold onto your tickets as they will remain valid for the rescheduled dates and we look forward to bringing our show to you next year. Stay safe and healthy, everyone.

Much love ❤️