Mutoid Man Officially Welcome High On Fire’s Jeff Matz To The Band As Their New Bassist

Mutoid Man have officially welcomed High On Fire’s Jeff Matz to the band as their new bassist. He will be replacing Nick Cageao, who exited the group earlier this year.

Vocalist/guitarist Stephen Brodsky said the following:

“Countless times we’ve asked ourselves ‘What would High On Fire do?’ while writing music over the years — now we can go straight to the source! Getting to know Jeff has been a real treat, and his devotion to music is nothing short of astounding. We’re pumped for the next chapter of Mutoid Man now having Jeff on board with his unparalleled 4-stringed Thunderclapping fury!”

Drummer Ben Koller added:

“Jeff was at the top of our list for new bass mutants, and after playing with him the first day it became obvious that he was the only choice. He is so dedicated to his craft and we are thrilled to be creating new mutations with him.”

Matz also commented:

“I’m thrilled and honored that the Mutoid dudes have entrusted me to handle bass duties. From the first time we jammed together it felt great, and it just continues to get better. Steve and Ben are two of the most ripping and creative musicians I’ve had the pleasure of playing with, and all-around awesome human beings to boot. Major props are due to Nick as well, he set the bar high with his great musicianship and writing. I’m looking forward to hitting the stage with these fine mutants, and can’t wait to unleash the new music we’ve been working on.”

High On Fire’s Jeff Matz Rumored To Be Mutoid Man’s New Bassist

It looks like High On Fire bassist Jeff Matz might have joined Mutoid Man as a replacement for Nick Cageao, who recently exited the group. There has been no official announcement, but some photos on social media, including a picture that appears to show Matz in the studio with the band, seemingly broke the news:

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Testament’s Steve Di Giorgio Rumored To Be Megadeth’s New Bassist

There are some rumors circulating that seem to suggest that Testament’s Steve Di Giorgio may be Megadeth’s new bassist. The unconfirmed reports stem from Dave Mustaine’s recent Cameo video in which he teased the band’s newest member. As pointed out by a number of people, the bass in that clip was the same make and model of Ibanez as the one that Di Giorgio uses.

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Dave Mustaine Teased Megadeth’s New Bassist In A Recent Cameo Video

As previously reported, Megadeth recently brought on a mystery musician to re-track former bassist David Ellefson’s parts on their new album. Now, frontman Dave Mustaine has shared a sneak peek at the new bassist in a Cameo video that he sent to a fan. He said the following in the clip:

“I’m walking around the studio right now. That’s [producer] Chris Rakestraw sitting back there on the console. And you got our mystery bass player hiding behind the chair down there on the floor, so you can’t see him. We will be saying who that is soon, and you actually saw him before anybody else — even though you can’t actually see him.”

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Orange Goblin Part Ways With Founding Bassist Martyn Millard

Orange Goblin have parted ways with founding bassist Martyn Millard. Harry Armstrong (Blind River, ex-Decomposed, etc.) will be taking his place.

Orange Goblin commented:

“It is with very heavy hearts that the day has come and we finally say goodbye to our founding member, bass player, lifelong brother and best friend Martyn Millard. Martyn has made the very hard decision to step down from Orange Goblin and given us his blessing to continue with the band, something that we understand and accept.

Things will never be the same without the thunder that only Martyn can bring but this opens a new chapter in the Orange Goblin story. We all thank Martyn for his contribution and sacrifices to Orange Goblin over the course of the past 26 years and wish him well in whatever he chooses to do next. We know that none of the things this band has achieved since the start would have been possible without his commitment, passion and talent and we are eternally grateful for that.

When Martyn informed us of his decision to leave there was only one person that all of us instantly and fully agreed on to fill the huge shoes that Martyn leaves, and so we would like to give a massive welcome to our long time friend and conspirator Harry Armstrong, as he joins Orange Goblin as the new bass player.

Harry has been a part of the family since day one, his enthusiasm, talent and encyclopedic knowledge of heavy metal means that he is perfectly suited for the band and we look forward to what the future brings with this new line-up. We have all been fans of Harry and his musical output throughout his career (Decomposed, Hangnail, End of Level Boss, The Earls of Mars, Noisepicker, The Winchester Club, Blind River….the list goes on) and we have toured together, drunk together and laughed together enough to know that he is the perfect man for the job.

We are about to sign a new record deal and Harry will play a vital role in the writing of the next record. Please join us in wishing Martyn a fond farewell and at the same time welcoming Harry Armstrong as the new bass player in Orange Goblin.

– Ben, Joe and Chris – Orange Goblin, June 2021″

Millard added:

“After thinking over my decision for some time, I informed Ben, Chris and Joe, over Christmas 2019 that I would depart at the end of 2020. It’s the hardest decision I have ever had to make but ultimately the correct one for all concerned. I love this band, its music, its members, its fans and all it stands for. It’s been my life for 26 years. But I just knew that my time had come to step aside. I will always be part of this ongoing story and I will continue supporting my best friends from the side of the stage.

So, thoughts turned to a new bass player. It was never about ‘replacing’ me. It’s always been about someone fitting what the band needed and required for it to progress smoothly and about the new guy or girl feeling as comfortable as possible in the transition. COVID scuppered that slightly but in the main only 1 name fitted the role from the start. Harry Armstrong. He shares the bands goals, musical tastes, sense of humour and desire. He is an exceptional musician and singer who we know will more than fit right in perfectly.

So, join me in welcoming Harry into the family. He’ll crush it, I know he will, and finally Ben has someone who can actually sing the bloody backing vocals in key!!! Thank you again for all the messages and well wishes.

It means more than you could imagine.

Martyn Millard, June 2021″

Nightwish Recruit Bassist Jukka Koskinen (Wintersun) For “Human. :II: Nature.” World Tour

Nightwish have officially recruited bassist Jukka Koskinen (Wintersun) for their “Human. :II: Nature.” world tour. He will be filling the void left by Marko Hietala, who exited the band earlier this year. Nightwish commented:

“Finally we can share the awaited news with you all! Let’s welcome Jukka Koskinen on board!”

Jukka added:

“I couldn’t be more honored to be part of the vehicle of spirit of Nightwish on its onward journey sharing special live moments to come on the ‘Human. :II: Nature.’ tour with all of you out there!”

Chevelle Reveal New Touring Bassist

Chevelle have officially recruited Kemble Walters (ÆGES) as their new touring bassist. Drummer Sam Loeffler told FM99 WNOR the following about that:

“His name is Kemble Walters, and he plays in a band called ÆGES and he’s actually the guitarist-singer in that band, but he plays bass in another band as well. And we just asked him. He’s a friend of ours; we’ve known him for many years and did lots of shows together. And we were, like, ‘Hey, man, we love you. We love your hair. Do you wanna come and play some shows?’ And he said ‘yes.’ So we’re gonna do that. And we’ll see how it goes. He’s a rad dude, so I’m sure it’ll be great — until he has to go and do his other projects again, or whatever he does. But it’s cool. It’s casual. And he’s great. He’s a great musician, and he’s a great bass player, and he’s a great guitarist. And he can sing. And he’s got really tight pants. So, we really like him.”

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Flotsam And Jetsam Announce New Bassist

Flotsam And Jetsam have officially welcomed Bill Bodily (Contrarian, etc.) to the band as their new bassist. This news comes after Bodily previously filled in for former bassist Michael Spencer in 2019.

Bodily commented:

“Joining Flotsam And Jetsam is an honor as well as a huge step up in my musical journey. I’ve been friends with the guys for many years, and I’m a lifelong Flotsam fan. I look forward to the many adventures ahead and getting more acquainted with the legendary Flotzilla fans!”

The band added:

“First and foremost, we would like to thank Michael Spencer for his time in Flotsam And Jetsam. He joined us back in 2014, and we have accomplished so much together. We sincerely wish him the best in his future endeavors!

A new chapter for Flotsam And Jetsam beckons; Bill Bodily embodies a new focus and hunger within Flotsam And Jetsam and we’re extremely excited to have him as part of the Flotzilla family. He’s not only a brilliant musician who has established himself in the thrash and death metal scene, but also a great human being, which made the decision to have him join the band a very natural one. Bill brings an amazing work ethic and a fervent desire to continue to learn, grow and develop his musical voice. He knows music talent alone isn’t enough, and that hard work, perseverance and a sense of humor goes a long way to sustaining a successful musical career. We welcome him with open arms!

We’ve been working very hard on the follow‐up for ‘The End Of Chaos’, and we are happy to report that the final mixes are almost completed. The new material is very heavy, and we’ve taken the sound and approach that we’ve had for the last two studio albums and amped up the aggressiveness without toning down any other elements. Everyone has done a superb job in the studio — even more so considering the unprecedented circumstances we are living in at this time. We are very excited about the music, and we hope and believe the new album will live up to everyone’s expectations.”

Alien Weaponry Announce New Bassist

Alien Weaponry have officially welcomed Turanga Porowini Morgan-Edmonds to the band as their new bassist. He will be replacing Ethan Trembath in the group.

Trembath said the following:

“This is a decision that I’ve been considering for quite a long time. I have really struggled with touring and being away from home so much, and I know that it’s only going to get more intense as the band grows, so I’ve decided to focus my energies on getting work in a recording studio or the production side of things, as that’s what I’ve enjoyed most during my time with Alien Weaponry.

It’s been an awesome experience, and I know we’ll always remain good friends. And I really want to thank our fans all over the world for their amazing support, which has been truly humbling.”

Each member of the group also commented:

Lewis de Jong:

“Ethan is one of the OG crew and we are really going to miss his massive presence. But we get it, we have to respect his wish to spend more time with family and have a home life. The thing is, he lives just up the road so it’s not really goodbye. We fully expect to see a lot of Ethan on our visits back home to Waipu, New Zealand.”

Henry de Jong:

“Turanga was in my class in school and we had some mean times together playing music. We ran auditions with 10 different bass players and in the end it came back to our home boy from Bream Bay College, We are stoked to have him with us as we gear up for the next phase in our journey. Ethan has been a beast helping with the audition process and fully getting into choosing his replacement. We love him like a brother and he will always be part of the AW family.”

Turanga Porowini Morgan-Edmonds:

“I know Henry and Lewis from high school and Ethan is a good mate too. He has been so engaged and supportive during the handover and I feel privileged to be picking things up where he left off. Ethan is one of metal’s most energetic and charismatic bass players and I know he will be a hard act to follow.”

In other news, Alien Weaponry’s new album will soon be entering the mixing/mastering phase.

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