TesseracT To Release “Altered State” 4LP+2CD Box Set

TesseracT will be releasing a 4LP+2CD box set edition of their 2013 album “Altered State” on November 6. Pre-orders are available HERE. The band commented:

“For the band, we always felt like we hit a perfect balance with the presentation on ‘Altered State‘. And that the concept was made even more striking in a gatefold vinyl package. There’s just something very tactile and real about that iteration. We’re all really looking forward to it being available in that format again.”

Behemoth To Reissue “And The Forests Dream Eternally” On CD And Vinyl

Behemoth will be reissuing their 1995 debut EP “And The Forests Dream Eternally” on vinyl and CD on September 18. The effort will feature various bonus tracks and it can be pre-ordered HERE.

The following details were provided for both formats:

Gatefold 2LP:

– Disc 1: “And The Forests Dream Eternally“
– Disc 2: bonus vintage material
– 24-page booklet includes: lyrics, old photos, old flyers, old interviews from magazines, liner notes from bands around the world, interviews with two Behemoth founding members (Nergal and Baal), interview with owner of Entropy Records (original label in 1995), J-cards of rare rehearsal from 1993 (given only to close friends at the time – features some songs from And the Forests Dream Eternally), scans of old signatures and descriptions from old photos

2-CD Mediabook:

– Disc 1: “And The Forests Dream Eternally“
– Disc 2: bonus vintage material
– 40-page booklet includes: lyrics, old photos, old flyers, old interviews from magazines, liner notes from bands around the world, interviews with two Behemoth founding members (Nergal and Baal), interview with owner of Entropy Records (original label in 1995), J-cards of rare rehearsal from 1993 (given only to close friends at the time – features some songs from And the Forests Dream Eternally), scans of old signatures and descriptions from old photos

Track Listing:

Disc 1 (“And the Forests Dream Eternally”):

01. “Transylvanian Forest”
02. “Moonspell Rites”
03. “Sventevith (Storming Near the Baltic)”
04. “Pure Evil And Hate”
05. “Forgotten Empire of Dark Witchcraft”

Disc 2 (“Artefacts)”:

01. “Transylvanian Forest” (Merry Christless Festival 2017, Poland)
02. “Moonspell Rites” (Loud Park Festival 2013, Japan)
03. “Pure Evil And Hate” (Brutal Assault Festival 2000, Czech Republic)
04. “Transylvanian Forest” (Pagan Triumph Tour 1996, Netherlands)
05. “Transylvanian Forest” (Riviera Remont Club 1996, Poland)
06. “Sventevith (Storming Near the Baltic)” (Rehearsal 1994)
07. “Moonspell Rites” (1993 Preproduction)
08. “Pure Evil And Hate” (1993 Rehearsal)
09. “Moonspell Rites” (1993 Rehearsal)

Igorrr’s “Nostril” & “Hallelujah” To Be Reissued On CD And Vinyl

Igorrr will be reissuing “Nostril” and “Hallelujah” on CD and vinyl on September 25. Digipaks and various colored vinyl pressings can be pre-ordered HERE.

Septicflesh To Release “Infernus Sinfonica MMXIX” In July

Septicflesh‘s new live release, “Infernus Sinfonica MMXIX,“ is set to be released on July 31. The effort was filmed during the band’s February 2, 2019 show at the Metropolitan Theater in Mexico City, Mexico in which they performed with the Symphonic Experience Orchestra, the Enharmonía Vocalis Choir, and the National University of Mexico Children’s and Youth Choir.

“Infernus Sinfonica MMXIX” Track Listing:

01. “Intro”
02. “Portrait Of A Headless Man”
03. “Martyr”
04. “Prototype”
05. “The Pyramid God”
06. “The Enemy Of Truth”
07. “Communion”
08. “The Vampire From Nazareth”
09. “Dogma Of Prometheus”
10. “Lovecraft’s Death”
11. “Dante’s Inferno”
12. “Persepolis”
13. “A Great Mass Of Death”
14. “Anubis”
15. “Dark Art”

The band had the following to say about the release, which will be available on Blu-ray, DVD, CD, vinyl and digitally:

“On the 2nd of February 2019, a historic for SEPTICFLESH show took place in Mexico City at a fully packed Metropolitan Theater. For the first time and with the help of over 100 musicians, our songs were performed live in their full symphonic glory. The whole show was recorded and now it is time to present it to all our fans in a DVD/Blu Ray 5.1 entitled ‘Infernus Sinfonica MMXIX‘ that will be released from Season of Mist. We are grateful to all people that made this experience possible and success!”

Enslaved To Reissue “Vertebrae” & “Axioma Ethica Odini” In November

Enslaved will be reissuing “Vertebrae” and “Axioma Ethica Odini” on November 8. The albums have been remastered and they will be available on CD digipak and limited edition vinyl. Furthermore, “Vertebrae” will feature live covers of King Crimson‘s “Red” and Rush‘s “Earthshine” as bonus tracks, while “Axioma Ethica Odini” will feature “Jotunblod (Doom)” and “Migration” as bonus tracks. North American pre-orders can be found HERE and European pre-orders can be found HERE.

Volbeat To Release “Let’s Boogie! Live From Telia Parken” In December

Volbeat’s new live release “Let’s Boogie! Live From Telia Parken” is set to be released on December 14 via Vertigo. The effort, which features the band’s August 26, 2017 show at the Telia Parken in their hometown of Copenhagen, Denmark, will be available as a Blu-ray/2-CD set, a DVD/2-CD set, a 2-CD set, a 3-LP set, and digitally. Pre-orders can be found HERE. Michael Poulsen commented:

“Headlining Telia Parken was a dream come true, and we’re humbled and honored that so many members of the Volbeat family came from far and wide to celebrate with us. We’re thrilled to be able to share what was a milestone night for us with everyone.”

Track Listing:

01. “The Devil’s Bleeding Crown”
02. “Heaven Nor Hell”
03. “Radio Girl”
04. “Lola Montez”
05. “Let It Burn” [feat. Mia Maja]
06. “Doc Holiday”
07. “Sad Man’s Tongue”
08. “16 Dollars”
09. “7 Shots” [feat. Mille Petrozza (Kreator) and Rod Sinclair]
10. “Fallen”
11. “Slaytan”
12. “Dead But Rising”
13. “Goodbye Forever”
14. “Maybellene I Hofteholder”
15. “The Everlasting”
16. “For Evigt” [feat. Johan Olsen, Mia Maja and Rod Sinclair]
17. “Evelyn” [feat. Mark “Barney” Greenway (Napalm Death)]
18. “Lonesome Rider”
19. “Seal The Deal”
20. “The Garden’s Tale” [feat. Johan Olsen]
21. “Guitar Gangsters And Cadillac Blood” [feat. Lars Ulrich (Metallica)]
22. “Enter Sandman” [Metallica cover] [feat. Lars Ulrich (Metallica)]
23. “A Warrior’s Call” [feat. Mikkel Kessler]
24. “Black Rose” [feat. Danko Jones]
25. “Pool Of Booze, Booze, Booza”
26. “Still Counting”

Helloween Planning New Live Release For 2019, New Album To Follow In 2020

Helloween have announced that they will be releasing a new live CD/DVD/Blu-ray in early 2019. The effort will feature “the very best moments” from the band’s “Pumpkins United” tour, which sees former members Michael Kiskse and Kai Hansen performing alongside the band’s current lineup, Michael Weikath, Markus Grosskopf, Andi Deris, Sascha Gerstner, and Dani Löble. Furthermore, the group are also planning to release a new album with Kiske and Hansen in 2020.

The band posted the following:


Among the massive PUMPKINS UNITED WORLD TOUR’s absolute open air highlights were, of course, the headliner slots at Wacken, Barcelona’s Rock Fest and Masters of Rock – but also the mega gigs with Iron Maiden at Sweden Rock Festival and Florence’s Firenze Rocks in June definitely were shows for all eternity.

For those, who mysteriously missed the tour, goosebumps footage of the PUMPKINS UNITED WORLD TOUR, will be released as a live CD as well as on DVD and Blu-ray beginning of 2019!!! As of now, the wait until the release can be shortened with a stream of the full Wacken show at Magenta Music 360 right here:



As we are still indulging in the Wacken encore or preparing for the show in Las Vegas/ USA, those maniacs are already launching the next sensation: For starters, Nuclear Blast has insisted to keep the band on their roster for a few more years, and – double bass drum roll – there’ll actually be a brand-new STUDIO ALBUM with KISKE AND HANSEN. When the band around songwriting trio Weikath, Hansen and Deris will be retreating to the studio together with these two exceptional singers in 2019, it’s clear that the album scheduled for 2020 will be no less than EPIC. If this news doesn’t make you go all dewy, your proper rock baptism might not have happened yet – the rest of us are way over the moon as of now, because:


Thanks to everyone who has been with us until now!

Photo: Patricia Patah


07. Sep USA / Las Vegas, NV House Of Blues
08. Sep USA / Los Angeles, CA The Palladium
10. Sep USA / Chicago, IL Concord Music Hall
12. Sep CAN / Montreal, QUE Metropolis
14. Sep USA / Worcester, MA Palladium
15. Sep USA / New York City Irving Plaza
16. Sep USA / New York City Irving Plaza

26. Okt COL/ Bogota Knot Fest
28. Okt SVL/ San Salvador CIFCO
31. Okt CHI / Santiago Movistar Arena **
02. Nov MEX / Mexico City Arena CDMX **
04. Nov MEX / Guadalajara Foro Alterno
08. Nov ARG / Buenos Aires Luna Park **

** special guests: KREATOR & ARCH ENEMY

06. Dez POR / Lissabon Sala TEJO
08. Dez ESP / Sant. de Compostela Fontes do Sar B.E.C
14. Dez GER / Ravensburg Oberschwabenhalle
15. Dez GER / Karlsruhe Knockout Festival
18. Dez SWE / Stockholm Arenan
21. Dez GER / Bamberg Brose Arena
22. Dez GER / Hamburg Sporthalle”

Lynyrd Skynyrd To Release “Live In Atlantic City” In September

Lynyrd Skynyrd’s new live release “Live in Atlantic City” is set to be released on September 21. The effort will feature a show the band played at the Decades Rock Arena with special guests 3 Doors Down, Hank Williams Jr., and Bo Bice. It will be available as a CD/Blu-ray Digipak, two-LP vinyl set, DVD, Blu-ray, and digital download. The DVD and Blu-ray will also come with “Lynyrd Skynyrd Confidential” as an added bonus.

“Live in Atlantic City” Track Listing:

01. “Workin’ For MCA”
02. “Red White and Blue (Love It Or Leave)”
03. “Gimme Three Steps”
04. “The Real Thing” (feat. Bo Bice)
05. “Gimme Back My Bullets” (feat. Bo Bice)
06. “Down South Jukin’” (feat. Hank Williams Jr.)
07. “Born to Boogie” (feat. Hank Williams Jr.)
08. “That Smell” (feat. 3 Doors Down)
09. “Kryptonite” (feat. 3 Doors Down)
10. “Saturday Night Special” (feat. 3 Doors Down)
11. “Call Me the Breeze”
12. “Sweet Home Alabama” (feat. 3 Doors Down, Hank Williams Jr., & Bo Bice)
13. “Free Bird”

Tarja Turunen (Ex-Nightwish) To Release “Act II” In July

Tarja Turunen (ex-Nightwish) has announced that her new live release “Act II” will be available on July 27. The effort will include two parts. The first part will feature a show she did at London’s Metropolis Studios, two months before the release of “The Shadow Self.” The second part was recorded on November 29, 2016, at Milan’s Teatro della Luna Allago, and it features tracks from all four of Tarja’s solo albums, as well as a cover of Muse’s “Supremacy.” Here’s the formats: 2CD digipak, 3LP, DVD, Blu-ray, limited edition mediabook 2CD/2Blu-ray, and digital. The Blu-ray package will also come with two full live shows filmed at Hellfest in France and the Woodstock Festival in Poland.

Devin Townsend To Release “Ocean Machine – Live At The Ancient Roman Theatre Plovdiv” In July

Devin Townsend‘s new live set “Ocean Machine – Live At The Ancient Roman Theatre Plovdiv” is set to be released on July 6. The effort will include his September 22, 2017 “Ocean Machine: Biomech” 20th anniversary show, which was held at the Ancient Roman Theatre in Plovdiv, Bulgaria. That concert saw him performing the album in full with the Orchestra of Plovdiv State Opera. Multiple fan-requested tracks were also performed. Here’s the available options: limited deluxe 3CD/2DVD/Blu-Ray artbook with liner notes from Townsend and a special “Reflecting The Chaos” documentary, special edition 3CD/DVD digipak, standalone Blu-ray, and digital audio download. You can pre-order the release HERE.

Track Listing:

By Request:

01. “Truth”
02. “Stormbending”
03. “Om”
04. “Failure”
05. “By Your Command”
06. “Gaia”
07. “Deadhead”
08. “Canada”
09. “Bad Devil”
10. “Higher”
11. “A Simple Lullaby”
12. “Deep Peace”

“Ocean Machine”:

01. “Seventh Wave”
02. “Life”
03. “Night”
04. “Hide Nowhere”
05. “Sister”
06. “3 A.M.”
07. “Voices In The Fan”
08. “Greetings”
09. “Regulator”
10. “Funeral”
11. “Bastard”
12. “The Death Of Music”
13. “Things Beyond Things”

Townsend commented:

“Plovdiv and this live package represents a lot to me, it signifies the end of one era, and the celebration of another. Amidst a gruelling touring year, this show came together with much blood, sweat, and tears, and the result is the culmination of many aspects of my work on one stage. ‘Ocean Machine‘ was released 20 years ago, and though Marty (drums) is no longer with us, I was able to finally perform the album in its entirety with the original bassist John ‘Squid’ Harder on this night. On a cold evening in an old city in the ancient theatre, many lifelong milestones came to a conclusion on this night and I’m exceptionally proud of it.

I am currently writing, writing, and writing some more for the next stage of my life and work, and the team of individuals who contributed to this project, from the musicians in the band and orchestra, to the crews locally and with this, management, artists, filmographers and most importantly, the audience… made this night a powerful and strangely bittersweet moment I am proud to have documented with this work.

This is a very special live recording of a very special night, and I hope you enjoy it as a monument to the things that inspired it all in the first place.

Love and light,

Devin Townsend“