Concert Review: Avenged Sevenfold, A Day To Remember, & HO99O9 In Mountain View, CA

On July 28, I attended the Avenged Sevenfold, A Day To Remember, & HO99O9 concert at Shoreline Amphitheatre in Mountain View, CA, and it was a great show.

HO99O9 opened up the night with an insane performance. The group’s recorded music is considered hip-hop, but in a live setting they sound straight up punk. theOGM and Eaddy’s vocals mixed with Brandon Pertzborn’s (Black Flag, Doyle) insane drumming made for a cool set, which was worth getting there early for.

After HO99O9, A Day To Remember came out for a fun set. The group’s performance began with the stage “talking” to the crowd to introduce the band. Then they came out and blasted right into “All I Want.” The band’s high energy set was made only better by their crowd participation efforts, ranging from having people throw toilet paper, bounce beach balls, and catch shirts from a t-shirt cannon. Frontman Jeremy McKinnon was a little disappointed that people couldn’t mosh or crowd surf up front, due to a lack of a pit area, but that didn’t stop the band from keeping the crowd engaged. Highlights from their set include the previously mentioned opener “All I Want,” “Naivety,” and “If It Means A Lot To You.”

Then it was time for the headliners of the night, Avenged Sevenfold! The band’s show started with outer space-like imagery recreating the cover art of the band’s latest album “The Stage” across several screens, along with flashing lightning. Synyster Gates, Zacky Vengeance, Johnny Christ and Brooks Wackerman (ex-Bad Religion) then entered the arena to launch into the aforementioned album’s title track, before M. Shadows ran out just in time for the vocals to kick in. Their musicianship was impeccable, between Gates and Vengeance’s amazing guitar harmonies, to Wackerman’s thunderous drumming. This combined with the various onscreen imagery to accompany each track, and fire blasts, made for one grand spectacle. The images were especially powerful, due to the way they helped the songs come to life in a story-like manner, as Shadows’ powerful voice narrated. It didn’t stop there either. Shadows even made sure the audience was a part of everything by having them do things like throwing their fists to the sky, yelling “hail” during “Hail To The King,” putting lighters/cell phones up for “So Far Away,” etc. The concert was really phenomenal on all levels. Highlights of the night included “Nightmare,” “Almost Easy,” “God Damn,” “Sunny Disposition,” “A Little Piece Of Heaven,” and their finale “Unholy Confessions.”

A Day To Remember Announce 2017 North American Tour With Moose Blood & Wage War

A Day To Remember have announced a North American tour with Moose Blood and Wage War. Check out the dates below.

Tour Dates:

07/29 — Fresno, Calif. @ Woodward Park Ampitheater (no Moose Blood)
08/02 — Las Vegas, Nev. @ Brooklyn Bowl (no Moose Blood)
08/06 — Papillion, Neb. @ Sumtur Ampitheater (no Moose Blood)
08/08 — St. Louis, Mo. @ The Pageant (no Moose Blood)
08/09 — Oklahoma City, Okla. @ Bricktown Events Center (no Moose Blood)
09/10 — Philadelphia, Pa. @ Self Help Festival
09/12 — Pittsburgh, Pa. @ Stage AE
09/13 — Indianapolis, Ind. @ Old National Center
09/30 — Orlando, Fla. @ Self Help Festival
10/03 — Houston, Texas @ Revention Music Center
10/04 — Dallas, Texas @ Gas Monkey Live!
10/06 — Clive, Iowa @ 7 Flags Event Center
10/07 — Detroit, Mich. @ Self Help Festival
10/08 — Buffalo, N.Y. @ Riverworks
10/10 — Montreal, Quebec @ Metropolis
10/11 — Toronto, Ontario @ Rebel
10/13 — Columbus, Ohio @ Express Live!
10/15 — Nashville, Tenn. @ Marathon Music Works
10/16 — Tulsa, Okla. @ Brady Theater
10/17 — Wichita, Kansas @ The Cotillion
10/19 — Phoenix, Ariz. @ Marquee Theatre

A Day To Remember To Receive The Keys To Their Hometown Ocala, FL

It looks like A Day To Remember will be given the keys to Ocala, FL. The honor will be bestowed upon them during a hometown show at Tuscawilla Park on March 18.

Of Mice & Men Drop Off A Day To Remember’s Australian Tour, Issues Added

Of Mice & Men have dropped of A Day To Remember’s Australian tour, due to Austin Carlile needing more recovery time from his recent surgeries. Issues will now be taking their place.

12/10 Perth, AUS – Red Hill Auditorium
12/13 Adelaide, AUS – AEC Theatre
12/14 Melbourne, AUS – Festival Hall
12/16 Sydney, AUS – Hordern Pavilion
12/18 Brisbane, AUS – Riverstage

A Day To Remember Win Court Case Against Victory Records

A Day To Remember officially won their court case against Victory Records yesterday (November 22). The band originally sued the label in 2011 for breach of contract, disputed ownership of copyrighted works, etc. The Illinois jury sided with the band, over the label, who claimed the band never fulfilled their five album contract, because they didn’t think things like re-releases, live recordings, etc. actually counted. According to, the jury said these releases did count, so Victory Records will now have to pay the band $4 million dollars to cover unpaid royalties and withheld proceeds from things like digital downloads and merchandise. The band also gets to keep the composition rights to their music, but Victory Records gets to keep the sound recording copyrights.


The label said the following before the trial:

“The core issue in the lawsuit is how many “Albums” A Day To Remember delivered under its agreement with Victory Records. Not once before filing the lawsuit did ADTR claim to Victory or to the public that they had satisfied their 5-Album recording commitment. They never asserted that Victory’s efforts concerning the marketing, promotion and distribution of the albums was anything less than stellar. During the years ADTR considered itself a Victory artist, they never complained about royalties.

Including the recent article in Kerrang!, virtually every press outlet that has covered ADTR’s album releases since 2006 have reported the number of full length studio albums ADTR released in total – this includes the three albums released by Victory (2007’s For Those Who Have Heart, 2009’s Homesick, 2010’s What Separates Me From You), Old Record (a 2008 re-release of a previous ADTR album on Indianola Records as part of a separate agreement), 2013’s Common Courtesy (the “Fifth” album), and now Bad Vibrations (the “Sixth” Album). ADTR’s inherently absurd claim that they delivered 13 “Albums” in the first two years of their agreement with Victory defies common sense, logic and reality.”

The band also commented after the trial:

“As many of you know, more than 5 years ago we filed a lawsuit against Victory Records seeking freedom and resolution on several issues we had with them. For the past 2 weeks we have been in court arguing our case. Yesterday, the jury came back with a unanimous verdict in the trial granting us that freedom and resolution.

Thank you to the fan base for supporting us through this difficult time, we couldn’t have done this without you. This isn’t just a victory for us but also a victory for every band wronged over the years. Right doesn’t always win, but yesterday it did.”

More details on the case are available at