Watch Avenged Sevenfold Perform Acoustic Version Of “Exist” At Grammy Museum

Avenged Sevenfold have shared a video of themselves performing a live acoustic version of “Exist.” The footage was captured during the band’s October 19, 2017 set at the Clive Davis Theater at the Grammy Museum in Los Angeles, CA.


Avenged Sevenfold Partner With SCUF Gaming For “SCUF Vantage Avenged” Controller

SCUF Gaming are continuing their partnership with Avenged Sevenfold through the release of a new “SCUF Vantage Avenged” PS4 controller. The controller features the band’s logo and it can be pre-ordered HERE.

Here’s a description of the controller:

“The completely re-engineered shape and ergonomics of the SCUF Vantage are molded to fit your hands perfectly for paddle play. Prepare for more flexing and less reaching with four paddles, removable faceplate, interchangeable thumbsticks, adjustable triggers and much more!”

Avenged Sevenfold frontman M. Shadows commented:

“We are super excited to share a new Avenged design for SCUF controllers and continue our partnership with SCUF. With our new song ‘Mad Hatter’ featured in this year’s ‘Call of Duty: Black Ops 4’, we are thrilled to now give our fans the edge in-game with the great features of the SCUF Vantage Avenged for PS4.”

Duncan Ironmonger, CEO and co-founder of SCUF Gaming, added:

“This new controller embodies the increasing interplay between the gaming and entertainment worlds in an authentic way. We’re delighted to extend our close partnership with M. Shadows and Avenged Sevenfold. The response from their community through the years has been amazing and we are excited to offer their fans a new design that represents the brand so well.”

Avenged Sevenfold Discuss “The Stage” In First Episode Of Their “Breakdown” Video Series

Avenged Sevenfold have launched a new “Breakdown” video series in which they discuss the writing and recording process for various songs. The first episode focuses on the title track to their latest album “The Stage.”

Synyster Gates On New Avenged Sevenfold Music: “It’s Still Early On, But We’re Working On A Bunch Of Stuff”

Avenged Sevenfold have been working on new material for their next album and Synyster Gates talked a bit about where the band is at with it during a chat with Loudwire. According to him, “it’s still early on, but [they are] working on a bunch of stuff.”


Synyster Gates said the following:

“We’re definitely working on stuff and I’m really excited about the stuff that we’re working on. We’re not full, in the throes, shoulder to shoulder writing music yet but we’re exchanging ideas and hanging and we’re very much interested … in the brainstorming aspect, the meeting of the minds kind of thing that we do before we write a record.”

“We all come together and philosophize and pontificate to each other and just kind of say, ‘Hey, I want it to sound like this. What do you want it to sound like?’ The coolest thing is, we are such on the same page like never before. Our best records and my favorites and certainly the most successful have been where we’re all on the same page. So I’m excited about it. We don’t have much to show for it yet. It’s still early on, but we’re working on a bunch of stuff.”

Avenged Sevenfold Re-Release “Mad Hatter” With New Mix

Avenged Sevenfold have released a new version of their latest single “Mad Hatter” with a better mix. The move was made after the band found themselves in agreement with fans that were complaining about the original mix. You can get the new version HERE. It is also expected to hit streaming services and radio tomorrow (September 24).


M Shadows commented via Reddit:

“Hey Guys and Gals – I hope you are all doing well. I just wanted to update you on a situation with “Mad Hatter.” We saw some complaints about the mix and we totally agree with you! We were pushing the limits in a lot of different ways and once the compression of streaming services and radio got a hold of it the clarity become muddied. I heard it on the radio and was like “Oh Shit!” The good news is we live in a world were you can quickly fix your mistakes and we have done just that. On Monday all streaming services and radio will switch to this new version with more clarity but we wanted you to get it here first. Check out this link. We hope you enjoy and have a great weekend. – M”

“Mad Hatter” was recorded for the zombies mode on “Call Of Duty: Black Ops 4” (out October 12). The track also appears on the band’s new EP “Black Reign,” which features all four of the band’s “Call Of Duty: Black Ops” tracks.

Avenged Sevenfold’s M. Shadows Says He’s “Been Cleared To Start Humming And Doing Light Warm-Ups” Following Vocal Issues

Avenged Sevenfold previously cancelled their summer tour with Prophets Of Rage, etc. due to M. Shadows suffering from vocal issues. Now, during a recent interview with Revolver, he revealed that he has now “been cleared to start humming and doing light warm-ups.” He said the following about his condition:

“It’s been fine … just a lot of rest. Luckily, I didn’t have surgery. I was just put on a long vocal rest until the swelling went down. A lot of singers get this at some point, so it’s nothing to worry about. I’ve already been cleared to start humming and doing light warm-ups.”

He also added that the hardest part was “not speaking when you are out in public is tough. People don’t understand and think you’re full of shit.”


Watch New Video For Avenged Sevenfold’s “Mad Hatter”

A new video has been shared for Avenged Sevenfold’s latest single “Mad Hatter,” which they recorded for the zombies mode on “Call Of Duty: Black Ops 4” (out October 12). The clip, which features footage from the game, can be seen below. The song will also appear on the band’s new EP “Black Reign,” which will be released on September 21. That effort will feature all four of the band’s “Call Of Duty: Black Ops” tracks.