Mr. Bungle Announce Buenos Aires, Argentina Show

Mr. Bungle will be performing at Teatro Flores in Buenos Aires, Argentina on December 15. The show will take place between the band’s two Knotfest appearances. Here’s their updated schedule:

12/11 Santiago, CHL – Estadio Monumental (Knotfest Chile)
12/15 Buenos Aires, ARG – Teatro Flores
12/18 Sao Paulo, BRA – Sambodromo Do Anhembi (Knotfest Brasil)

These concerts will mark Mike Patton’s return to the stage following a battle with agoraphobia.

Faith No More’s Mike Patton Opens Up About His Battle With Agoraphobia

During a recent interview with Rolling Stone, Mike Patton shared more information regarding the cancellation of Faith No More and Mr. Bungle’s live shows last year. As it turns out, the frontman has been suffering from agoraphobia.

Patton said the following about his condition:

“It’s still going on — but it’s better. [Pauses]. It’s easy to blame it on the pandemic. But I’ll be honest, man: At the beginning of the pandemic, I was like, ‘This is fucking great. I can stay home and record.’ I’ve got a home studio. So I was like, ‘Yeah, what’s the big deal?’ And then something clicked, and I became completely isolated and almost antisocial [and] afraid of people.

That sort of anxiety, or whatever you want to call it, led to other issues, which I choose not to discuss. But I got some professionals helping me, and now I’m feeling better and getting closer to diving back in. Towards the end of the year, I’ll be doing my first shows in, like, two years, which is the longest time since I started doing this, that I’ve been out of the game.”

He continued when asked if his other issues included substance abuse:

“It was a little bit of everything. But mostly, in my experience, it was mostly mental. I saw some therapists and all that stuff, which is the first time I ever had to do that in my life. And they basically diagnosed me as having agoraphobia; like, I was afraid of people. I got freaked out by being around people. And maybe that was because I spent two years basically indoors during Covid. I don’t know. Maybe it reinforced feelings that I already had. But just knowing about it, talking about it, really helped. And we’ll see how it goes in December.”

Patton went on to say he realized he had a problem when he was getting ready to return to the road:

“Right around the time that Faith No More was about to go back on the road. That’s when I kind of lost it, and it was ugly and not cool. A few days before we were supposed to go on the road. I told the guys, ‘Hey man, I don’t think I can do it.’ Somehow my confidence was broken down. I didn’t want to be in front of people, which is weird because I spent half of my life doing that.

It was very hard to explain. And there were some broken feelings on both sides about it, but it’s what I had to do. Because otherwise something really bad could have happened.”

He also added:

“…It was right before our first rehearsal, and I just freaked out. I just said, ‘I can’t do it.’ They had been rehearsing so [pauses] If I were them I’d be really pissed off at me. And they were. And they probably still are. But it’s just about being true to yourself and knowing what your limits are. And I knew that if I kept pushing, it could have been some sort of disastrous result. It was just like, ‘Goddamn it. Maybe I don’t need to do this. Even though I agreed to do it, and it’s gonna bum a lot of people out. I gotta take care of myself.’ So I’m getting better at that.”

On another note, Patton also shared an update on Faith No More:

“Radio silence. [Laughs]. I don’t know. We may reschedule stuff; we may not. I’ll just leave it at that. It’s a little confusing and complicated. So if we do, we do. If we don’t, that’s cool, too.”

For now, the singer will be focusing on therapy and making music:

“Trust me, it’s different. And it’s really cool and very exciting. But we made an agreement — at least for this first project — to not talk about it, so I can’t tell you what exactly what it is. But to me, it’s completely invigorating and came along right at the right time. This is what I needed.”

Faith No More & Mr. Bungle Cancel All Fall Dates

Faith No More and Mr. Bungle have cancelled all of their fall dates. The shows were scrapped due to frontman Mike Patton’s battle with mental health issues.

Patton commented:

“Sorry to report that due to mental health reasons, I cannot continue with the currently scheduled Faith No More and Mr. Bungle dates.

I have issues that were exacerbated by the pandemic that are challenging me right now. I don’t feel I can give what I should at this point and I am not going to give anything less than 100 percent. I am sorry to our fans and hope to make it up to you soon.

The bands’ support me in this decision and we look forward to working through this in a healthy way.”

– xMP”

Faith No More also issued a statement:

“To say that we feel shattered by these cancellations would be a complete understatement. It has been a real challenge to return to this music after a 5 year absence, but we have been working hard for a few months now, and these last few rehearsals left no doubt that we were back to top form, which makes this statement very difficult to write.

Coming on almost two years of pandemic and lack of work, it has been heartbreaking to give our crew the news. We consider our crew like family. And then, equally importantly, we are aware of what this means to our fans, who have been patiently supporting us– waiting, as we have, for a break in this frustrating situation. Many folks have taken isolation quite hard, and patiently waited as shows have been postponed time and time again. This will be tough for them.

And yet in spite of all this, we have a family member who needs help. We believe that forging ahead with these dates would have had a profoundly destructive effect on Mike, whose value to us as a brother means more to us than his job as singer. He can count on our 100% support to do what he needs to do to get things right. Just as we also ask for your support right now.

Thank you for continuing to believe in us.

–Bill, Jon, Mike B. & Roddy“

Here’s the cancelled dates:

Faith No More:

09/16 Maryland Heights, MO – Saint Louis Music Park
09/18 Chicago, IL – Riot Fest
09/21 Pittsburgh, PA – Stage AE
09/22 Newport, KY – Ovation Pavilion
09/24 Kansas City, MO – Grinders
09/25 Indianola, IA – Knotfest
10/10 Sacramento, CA – Aftershock Festival
10/15 Las Vegas, NV – T-Mobile Arena
10/16 Fresno, CA – Save Mart Center
10/18 Oakland, CA – Oakland Arena
10/22 Los Angeles, CA – Banc of California Stadium
10/23 Los Angeles, CA – Banc of California Stadium

Mr. Bungle:

09/17 Chicago, IL – Radius
09/19 Chicago, IL – Riot Fest

Mr. Bungle Announce “Disco Volante Era Improv At The Bomb Factory” NFT Collection

Mr. Bungle have announced a new NFT collection, which they are calling “Disco Volante Era Improv At The Bomb Factory.” The NFTs will feature previously unreleased music that was recorded during the sessions for the band’s 1995 album “Disco Volante.” Bidding will open on August 2 at 9:00am PDT / 12:00pm EDT via SuperRare.

The following will be included with the NFTs:

“Each NFT features 2 minutes and 30 seconds of previously unreleased music with animation created by Eric Livingston. The purchasers will also receive a hyper limited-edition (1 of 4) lathe cut vinyl featuring the full 10-minute song and high resolution animated mp4.”

Trevor Dunn commented:

“During the ‘Disco Volante‘ writing sessions in a place we called The Shotwell Bomb Factory, San Francisco, we were blessed with an isolated & independent place to record and rehearse. Endless days and nights were spent in there experimenting, improvising and piecing together what would be our ‘sophomore attempt’ among other gems. Often there was an ADAT machine ready to go for any spontaneous outbursts (think ‘Nothing’ from the end of ‘Disco Volante‘), but we tested out various setups at our disposal.”

“[Mike] Patton and [Danny] Heifetz were in the ‘sound room’ with a multitude of instruments within reach. Trey [Spruance] and I were in the ‘control room’ with keyboards and outboard gear, as well as total ‘knob control.’ What we offer here is one of several ‘movements’ from a spontaneous sound narrative that spans over an hour. Up until now, no one but the four of us have heard this recently unarchived weirdness.”

Trey Spruance added:

“I remember wanting to enhance audio separation and isolation to an extreme, using a kind of ‘musique concrète live mix’ approach, hoping that would capture the unruly individual spirits of our improvisation more faithfully. It totally did in this case; facilitated better communication than usual.”

Mr. Bungle Premiere “Eracist” Live Video

Mr. Bungle have premiered a new live video for their song “Eracist.” The footage is taken from the band’s new live album/film “The Night They Came Home,” which will be released on June 11. That effort will feature the band’s October 31, 2020 livestream show in Eureka, CA.

Trevor Dunn told Kerrang! the following:

“‘Eracist‘ is a unique song in the ‘Raging Wrath‘ book. There was no initial demo, only a ‘moshy’ riff that [Mike] Patton had come up with in the ’80s, that somehow Trey [Spruance] remembered. Once that was unearthed Patton completed the tune with a double-time bridge and some lyrics about erasure and denial.

It seems to me that it somehow feels contemporary while fitting in with our teenage songwriting style. I guess that’s because it was written over a span of 35 years! You may notice that it’s one of the only songs on the ‘demo’ that actually has a vocal melody. Back in the ’80s we were mostly thinking about drums and guitar, which of course, is really all that metal is about.”

Mr. Bungle Share Live Video For Their Cover Of Van Halen’s “Loss Of Control”

Mr. Bungle have shared a new live video for their cover of Van Halen’s “Loss Of Control.” The footage is taken from the band’s new live album/film “The Night They Came Home,” which will be released on June 11. That effort will feature the band’s October 31, 2020 livestream show in Eureka, CA.

Trey Spruance told Guitar World the following:

“Mr. Bungle tried to play this song in the ’90s and we scrapped it because we sucked at it. I think it worked this time for a lot of reasons. My own is that, thanks to the new Raging Wrath era, I’ve had to re-approach the guitar like I did when I was 13 and 14. It was all about Eddie Van Halen for me back then, so circling back at this moment felt really natural. Those riffs and lead parts at least are super-fun! I’m just glad Scott took the palm-mute breaks. Jesus!”

Scott Ian (also of Anthrax) added:

“I generally don’t get nervous about learning someone else’s riffs… When it’s an EVH riff it’s a whole different story. I was terrified! With ‘Loss Of Control‘ I did my best to just hold on and go for the ride. What a riff! As a fan, I’d have to say it’s a perfect song for Mr. Bungle to cover. I hope you enjoy listening as much as I did getting to play it.”

Mr. Bungle To Release “The Night They Came Home” In June

Mr. Bungle’s current lineup, Mike Patton, Trey Spruance, Trevor Dunn, Scott Ian (Anthrax), and Dave Lombardo (ex-Slayer, etc.), will be releasing a new live album/film titled “The Night They Came Home” on June 11. The effort will feature the band’s October 31, 2020 livestream show in Eureka, CA and it will be available on CD/Blu-ray, CD/DVD, VHS, and digitally.

“The Night They Came Home” Track Listing:

01. “Won’t You Be My Neighbor” (Fred Rogers cover)
02. “Anarchy Up Your Anus”
03. “Raping Your Mind”
04. “Bungle Grind”
05. “Methematics”
06. “Hell Awaits“/”Summer Breeze” (Slayer / Seals & Croft medley/cover)
07. “Eracist”
08. “World Up My Ass” (Circle Jerks cover)
09. “Glutton For Punishment”
10. “Hypocrites/Habla Español O Muere” (S.O.D. cover)
11. “Spreading The Thighs Of Death”
12. “Loss For Words”
13. “Sudden Death”
14. “Loss Of Control” (Van Halen cover)

The following was said about the physical copies:

“The CD portion features remastered audio, while the film features Bungle’s performance, Neil Hamburger’s opening set, three official music videos (‘Raping Your Mind,’ ‘Eracist,’ and ‘Sudden Death‘), as well as extended behind-the-scenes footage. The VHS release, limited to 1000 collectible copies, is an edited, performance-only portion of the film.”

Pre-orders can be found HERE and a live video for “Bungle Grind” can be found below:

Mr. Bungle Premiere “Sudden Death” Music Video

Mr. Bungle have shared a Derek Cianfrance directed video for “Sudden Death” off their new re-recorded version of “The Raging Wrath Of The Easter Bunny.” That effort was tracked with the band’s current lineup, which consists of Mike Patton, Trey Spruance, Trevor Dunn, Scott Ian (Anthrax) and Dave Lombardo (ex-Slayer, etc.). Patton said the following about working with Cianfrance:

“When we first worked together, he told me he was a fan, and I didn’t believe him. Years later, he told me he gravitated to the most difficult tunes on Bungle records (‘Dead Goon,’ ‘Merry Go Bye Bye,’ ‘Goodbye Sober Day‘) so him choosing ‘Sudden Death‘ for this iteration of Bungle actually made perfect sense. The least commercial and longest song? That’s where his ears and eyes go.”

[via MovieWeb]

Watch Mr. Bungle Pay Tribute To Eddie Van Halen With Live Cover Of Van Halen’s “Loss Of Control”

During Mr. Bungle’s recent livestream concert at the Eureka Main Library in Eureka, California, the band paid tribute to Eddie Van Halen with some covers of Van Halen‘s “Tora! Tora!” and “Loss Of Control.“ You can find a clip of “Loss Of Control” below:

Mike Patton On The Possibility Of Mr. Bungle Recording New Material: “I Would Never Say No, But I Kinda Doubt It”

During a recent interview with Consequence Of Sound, Mike Patton was asked about the possibility of Mr. Bungle recording new material with their current lineup. The frontman responded by saying he wouldn’t rule out the idea, but he doubts it will happen.

Patton said the following:

“You’re getting ahead of the skis there! I don’t know. Look, it could be fun. So I would never say no, but I kinda doubt it. It’s just really like a moment in time and we’re documenting a sound that we had that really most people don’t understand. It illustrates basically where we came from, and I don’t know if we could do that twice.”

Despite this, the band will still be releasing a re-recorded version of “The Raging Wrath Of The Easter Bunny” on October 30. On another note, Patton also offered an update on the new Dead Cross and Tomahawk albums:

“Tomahawk is done, and Dead Cross is in process.”

You can read more from Patton at Consequence Of Sound.