The Sword Stream B-Side Track “Daughter Of Dawn”

The Sword are streaming a b-side track titled “Daughter Of Dawn.” The song originally appeared on the Japanese edition of “Warp Riders“ and it will also be featured on the band’s new career-spanning compilations, “Conquest Of Kingdoms” and “Chronology 2006 – 2018,“ both of which are set to be released on June 5. J.D. Cronise told Revolver the following about the song:

“I’m very glad to have [“Daughter of Dawn”] included on Chronology and Conquest of Kingdoms because I felt that it never really got its due. Everyone’s playing is impeccable, and Matt Bayles really outdid himself on the production. It was a little outside of our comfort zone at the time, but I think it turned out great and was actually pretty prescient with regards to how our sound would evolve. Honestly, it’s one of my favorite things we’ve ever recorded.”

The Sword Postpone Tour With King Buffalo

The Sword have postponed their headlining dates with King Buffalo due to the coronavirus pandemic. This news comes after the band’s tour with Primus and Wolfmother was postponed earlier today. The Sword commented:

“The upcoming Spring/Summer tour is being rescheduled into 2021. New dates are being worked on at this time and information will become available the moment it’s able to be shared. Please hold onto your tickets as they will be valid for the new dates. We will offer refunds when the new dates are announced or after 60 days if it takes extra time to find new dates. Please reach out to your original point of purchase with questions regarding refund policies and any other ticket inquiries. Thank you for your understanding and support. – The Sword“


The Sword Stream Cover Of KISS’ “She”

The Sword are streaming their cover of KISS’ “She.” This track will be featured on the band’s new career-spanning compilations, “Conquest Of Kingdoms” and “Chronology 2006 – 2018,“ both of which will be released on June 5.

The Sword To Release Two Career-Spanning Compilations

The Sword will be releasing two career-spanning compilations on June 5. The first one, “Conquest Of Kingdoms,” is a vinyl set featuring 30 tracks including various covers, b-sides, live recordings, and more. The second one, “Chronology 2006-2018,” is a three-disc set featuring 52 tracks with a lot of the same rarities plus fan-favorites, and more.

Metallica’s Lars Ulrich, Lamb Of God’s Mark Morton, and Clutch’s Neil Fallon contributed some new liner notes to “Chronology” and some excerpts can be found below:

Lars Ulrich:

“The Sword blew my mind. The best music always sounds like it threads through, and is part of, some sort of lineage, some sort of continuity, some sort of history, but always with its own additional X factor… For me, they were one of the few with that aforementioned additional X factor, so we should absolutely celebrate their inspirational music.”

Mark Morton:

“The Sword was a band I had been waiting for… a band that I wished I was in… a heavy blues, acid rock, psychedelic, intergalactic riff paradise. In my estimation, The Sword was the perfect blend of Black Sabbath, Blue Cheer, Cream, Jimi Hendrix, Sleep and Clutch… somehow familiar yet incredibly fresh at the same time.”

Neil Fallon:

“The phrase ‘world building’ is usually reserved for science fiction and fantasy. But I think you could apply it to The Sword as well. The lyrics and music capture the spirit of what first attracted me to heavy metal, namely, the escapism. There’s only a handful of bands that do this convincingly, and The Sword is one of them.”

The Sword’s Bryan Richie also said the following about the new releases:

“We’ve got all these exclusive 7”s and a split record or two, that were pressed in 1,000 quantities — maybe people heard those tracks on a YouTube stream in not really the greatest quality.

As the band had gone on hiatus, we had this wealth of material to share including live sets — things that were sitting on my hard drive for years, things that were given to me at shows. It seemed like the right time.”

John D. Cronise added:

“The CD package will be more of a career retrospective with selections from each of our albums as well as the rarities and B-sides and things. Sort of a mini box set, you could say. The set will include a booklet with essays and photos, to make it special and extra.

Whereas the LP release [‘Conquest of Kingdoms‘] is more streamlined, with just the B-side and rarities material. Personally for me, that’s what’s exciting about the releases. A lot of that stuff I never thought would see the light of day but I always thought was really cool and was proud of.”

Here’s the track listings:

“Conquest Of Kingdoms” (digital):

01. “The Horned Goddess” (live) (previously unreleased)
02. “Barael’s Blade” (live) (previously unreleased)
03. “Lament For The Aurochs” (live) (previously unreleased)
04. “Iron Swan” (live) (previously unreleased)
05. “The Sundering” (live) (previously unreleased)
06. “Fire Lances Of The Ancient Hyperzephyrians” (live) (previously unreleased)
07. “The Black River” (live) (previously unreleased)
08. “The White Sea” (live) (previously unreleased)
09. “Sea Of Spears” (live) (previously unreleased)
10. “Freya” (live) (previously unreleased)
11. “Night City” (live) (previously unreleased)
12. “The Chronomancer II: Nemesis” (live)
13. “He’s Waiting” (C Average Version)
14. “Nasty Dogs And Funky Kings”
15. “Freya ‘08” (previously unreleased)
16. “Forever My Queen” Pentagram cover) (previously unreleased)
17. “She” (Kiss cover) (previously unreleased)
18. “Daughter Of Dawn”
19. “Farstar”
20. “Cheap Sunglasses” (ZZ Top cover)
21. “Hammer Of Heaven”
22. “Hexenringe”
23. “Seriously Mysterious (Level One Remix)” (previously unreleased)
24. “John The Revelator” (Blind Willie Johnson cover)
25. “Turnt To Dust”
26. “Serpent Weather ”

“Conquest Of Kingdoms” (vinyl):

Side A:

01. “The Horned Goddess” (live) (previously unreleased)
02. “Barael’s Blade” (live) (previously unreleased)
03. “Lament For The Aurochs” (live) (previously unreleased)
04. “Iron Swan” (live) (previously unreleased)

Side B:

01. “The Sundering” (live) (previously unreleased)
02. “Fire Lances Of The Ancient Hyperzephyrians” (live) (previously unreleased)
03. “The Black River” (live) (previously unreleased)
04. “The White Sea” (live) (previously unreleased)

Side C:

01. “Sea Of Spears” (live) (previously unreleased)
02. “Freya” (live) (previously unreleased)
03. “Night City” (live) (previously unreleased)
04. “The Chronomancer II: Nemesis” (live)

Side D:

01. “He’s Waiting” (C Average Version)
02. “Sea Of Spears”
03. “Immigrant Song” (Led Zeppelin cover)
04. “Nasty Dogs And Funky Kings” (ZZ Top cover)
05. “Codex Corvidae”
06. “Freya ‘08“*

Side E:

01. “Forever My Queen” (Pentagram cover) (previously unreleased)
02. “She” (Kiss cover) (previously unreleased)
03. “Daughter Of Dawn”
04. “Farstar”
05. “Cold Sweat” (Thin Lizzy cover)
06. “Cheap Sunglasses” (ZZ Top cover)

Side F:

01. “Hammer Of Heaven”
02. “Hexenringe”
03. “Seriously Mysterious” (Level One Remix) (previously unreleased)
04. “John The Revelator” (Blind Willie Johnson cover)
05. “Turnt To Dust“
06. “Serpent Weather”

“Chronology 2006 – 2018“:

Disc 1:

01. “Freya”
02. “Winter’s Wolves”
03. “The Horned Goddess”
04. “Iron Swan”
05. “How Heavy This Axe”
06. “Fire Lances of the Ancient Hyperzephyrians”
07. “Maiden, Mother & Crone”
08. “The Black River”
09. “Acheron/Unearthing The Orb”
10. “Lawless Lands”
11. “The Warp Riders”
12. “(The Night the Sky Cried) Tears Of Fire”
13. “The Horned Goddess” (live) (previously unreleased)
14. “Barael’s Blade” (live) (previously unreleased)
15. “Lament for the Aurochs” (live) (previously unreleased)
16. “Iron Swan” (live) (previously unreleased)

Disc 2:

01. “Cloak Of Feathers”
02. “Dying Earth”
03. “Seven Sisters”
04. “Apocryphon”
05. “Empty Temples”
06. “Mist & Shadow”
07. “Early Snow”
08. “The Dreamthieves”
09. “Seriously Mysterious” (acoustic)
10. “Buzzards” (acoustic)
11. “Deadly Nightshade”
12. “Sea Of Green”
13. “Used Future”
14. “Come And Gone”
15. “Sea Of Spears” (live) (previously unreleased)
16. “Freya” (live) (previously unreleased)
17. “Night City” (live) (previously unreleased)
18. “The Chronomancer II: Nemesis” (live)

Disc 3:

01. “He’s Waiting” (C Average Version)
02. “Sea Of Spears”
03. “Immigrant Song” (Led Zeppelin cover)
04. “Nasty Dogs and Funky Kings” (ZZ Top cover)
05. “Codex Corvidae”
06. “Freya ’08” (previously unreleased)
07. “Forever My Queen” (Pentagram cover) (previously unreleased)
08. “She” (Kiss cover) (previously unreleased)
09. “Daughter Of Dawn”
10. “Farstar”
11. “Cold Sweat” (Thin Lizzy cover)
12. “Cheap Sunglasses” (ZZ Top cover)
13. “Hammer Of Heaven”
14. “Hexenringe”
15. “Seriously Mysterious” (Level One Remix) (previously unreleased)
16. “John The Revelator” (Blind Willie Johnson cover)
17. “Turnt To Dust” (previously unreleased)
18. “Serpent Weather”

Pre-orders can be found HERE and a live version of “Freya“ from a 2011 show in Austin, TX can be streamed below:

The Sword Announce New Dates With King Buffalo

The Sword have announced some headlining shows with King Buffalo. These concerts will take place around their tour with Primus and Wolfmother. Here’s the dates:

06/02 Birmingham, AL – Zydeco (no King Buffalo)
06/04 Tampa, FL – Orpheum (no King Buffalo)
06/11 Grand Rapids, MI – Elevation
06/12 Madison, WI – Majestic Theatre
06/13 Indianapolis, IN – Vogue
06/25 Buffalo, NY – Mohawk Place
07/01 Chicago, IL – Empty Bottle
07/02 St. Louis, MO – Ready Room (no King Buffalo)
07/03 Oklahoma City, OK – 89th Street (no King Buffalo)


Kyle Shutt Discusses The Sword’s Hiatus

Kyle Shutt recently spoke with The Austin Chronicle and discussed The Sword’s decision to go on hiatus. According to him, it was partially motivated by a decrease in crowd sizes and fans complaining about a lack of older material in their sets.


Shutt said the following:

“Personally, I’m really bummed about it. I’ve been in the band since I was 20 and I’m 35 now. It’s not the end… I don’t think. I hate to get into it, because it wasn’t 100 percent my choice, but it did seem like the best option if we were able to continue at some point in the future.

It’s no secret that the vocal minority on Facebook says, “I just want the first three albums!” For us, it’s just like, “Yall, if you expect the same thing over and over again, we are not your band! I don’t know if you’ve been listening the last 15 fuckin’ years!”

We started The Sword because there was no band like that. Then all these Johnny-come-lately motherfuckers started doing half-assed versions of what we were doing 12 years ago and it became so watered down that we wanted to grow out of that and push the genre into different directions. Especially with High Country, I wanted to do a dance pop song and I wanted to do some really mellow shit.

On that last tour, we were better than we’d ever been, but there were half as many people at the clubs. Most bands would kill to play to 200 people, but when you used to play to 500, it creates a weird energy.

With that and the music industry being even further down shit creek than when we started, it was the perfect storm for us to be like, “Fuck this shit, let’s just put it away for a while and come back to it when people wake the fuck up.”

As previously reported, Shutt is currently working on a solo album.

The Sword To Go On Hiatus

The Sword have announced that they will be going on hiatus following their fall U.S. dates. With this news, the band have also cancelled their Australian tour. The group said the following:

“After 15 years of nonstop recording and touring, The Sword will take a hiatus following their U.S shows at the beginning of October. The Australian tour scheduled for the end of October has been cancelled. The band apologizes to their Australian fans, but feel it is time for a breather.”


The Sword Announce Fall U.S. Dates

The Sword have announced some fall U.S. shows. Here’s the dates:

09/28 Little Rock, AR – Revolution Music Room
09/29 St. Louis, MO – The Ready Room
09/30 Louisville, KY – Champions Park (‘Louder Than Life‘)
10/01 Columbia, MO – Rose Music Hall
10/02 Fayetteville, AR – George’s Majestic Lounge


The Sword Premiere “Don’t Get Too Comfortable” Lyric Video, Announce U.S. Dates

The Sword have premiered a lyric video for their song “Don’t Get Too Comfortable.” This track is from the band’s latest album “Used Future.“

In other news, the band have also announced a U.S. tour:

07/26 Oklahoma City, OK – 89th Street
07/27 Lawrence, KS – Granada
07/28 Iowa City, IA – Blue Moose
07/29 Madison, WI – Majestic Theatre
07/30 Des Moines, IA – Wooly’s
07/31 Grand Rapids, MI – Elevation
08/01 Indianapolis, IN – Deluxe
08/03 Albany, NY – Jupiter Hall
08/04 Portland, ME – Aura
08/06 Buffalo, NY – Town Ballroom
08/07 Providence, RI – The Met
08/09 Carrboro, NC – Cat’s Cradle
08/10 Columbia, SC – The Senate (Music Farm)
08/11 Lynchburg, VA – Phase 2
08/12 Charlotte, NC – Neighborhood Theatre
08/13 Athens, GA – Georgia Theatre
08/14 Tampa, FL – Orpheum
08/15 Orlando, FL – The Social

The Sword Reschedule Australian Tour

The Sword’s planned September Australian tour has now been postponed until to October. Here’s the new dates:

10/24 Brisbane, AUS – The Zoo
10/25 Melbourne, AUS – Max Watts
10/26 Sydney, AUS – Factory Theatre
10/27 Adelaide, AUS – Fowlers Live
10/28 Perth, AUS – The Rosemount