Testament Hoping To Release New Album In July

During a recent interview with The Metal Voice, Chuck Billy offered an update on the new Testament album. He said the group are currently writing and that they are hoping to hit the studio in April and release the effort in July.

Billy said the following:

“The touring [for ‘Brotherhood’] is done,” he said (see video below). “We finished that tour with SLAYER in September, and right from there, we started writing a record right away. The holidays threw a wrench in it, but now, we really started, after the New Year, working hard. We should have it out hopefully by July. Hopefully we’ll get into the studio by April. That’s the goal.”

He also added the following when asked about the musical direction:

“It’s hard to say, because we don’t know until the final thing. And the songs are always so different. Nothing just resembles the last song we wrote. So I have about eight songs that are totally different. So it’s a challenge for me, because I’ve really gotta think about how to approach the songs when they are so different. Which I did. Because at the point, once you start writing over a hundred songs, you’ve gotta start thinking, ‘How do I get more creative and do something different?’ So it’s always a challenge.”

He also talked about possible lyrical themes as well:

“I’m still hooked on aliens. ‘Brotherhood Of The Snake’ was all about aliens and creating mankind and finding the earth, and I’m still fascinated about that, and even beyond that… There’s just a lot going on out there beyond this planet, which fascinates me. And there’s always a story or always something I can make up.”

Billy also added the following when asked if the group would ever do a full concept album:

“Maybe, but we just really haven’t sat down and thought if that’s what we’re gonna do. I’m sure if we came up with a good concept and a title and said, ‘Okay, here’s something we’re gonna work on,’ I’m sure we can build something like that, if we really tried to. But at this point, we just are trying to come up with riffs and songs, and that’s it.”

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Testament’s “Low” To Receive New Limited Edition Vinyl Pressing

Testament‘s “Low” will be receiving a new limited edition vinyl pressing on November 9 via Music On Vinyl. It will be available on solid orange & yellow mixed vinyl and it will be limited to 1500 copies.

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Testament To Perform “The New Order” & “The Gathering” In Full At Special Sacramento, CA Show

Testament have announced that they will be performing “The New Order” and “The Gathering” during a special show in Sacramento, CA. The concert will take place at the Ace Of Spades on November 30.

Concert Review: Slayer, Lamb Of God, Anthrax, Testament, & Napalm Death In San Jose, CA

On August 26, I attended the final date of the second leg of Slayer’s farewell tour at the SAP Center in San Jose, CA and it was an insane show.

Grindcore legends Napalm Death kicked off the night with a sick set. The group played about 12 tracks, a third of which were off their album “Scum,” including their one second hit “You Suffer.” The highlight of the group’s set was their cover of Dead Kennedys’ “Nazi Punks Fuck Off,” which was preceded by a cool speech from frontman Barney Greenway who called for “equality for all human beings without exception.”

After Napalm Death, it was time for the Bay Area’s own Testament. The band burst onto the stage with the title track to their latest album “Brotherhood Of The Snake” before transitioning into “Rise Up” off “Dark Roots Of Earth.” After that, they pretty much stuck to the classics, much to the crowd’s approval. Alex Skolnick and Eric Peterson’s guitar work was amazing as always and Chuck Billy’s voice sounded more powerful than ever. The highlights from their set included: “”Into The Pit,” “Over The Wall,” and “Practice What You Preach.”

After a short intermission, Iron Maiden’s “The Number Of The Beast” could be heard blasting throughout the arena and as soon as the music faded, Anthrax took the stage and started rocking the intro to Pantera’s “Cowboys From Hell,” before launching into “Caught In A Mosh.” The band were one of the most energetic acts of the night and they had the crowd going crazy. Joey Belladonna’s vocals were on point the whole set and the musicianship between Scott Ian, Charlie Benante, Frank Bello, and Jonathan Donais was impeccable. Their performance mainly consisted of their hits with “Evil Twin” off their latest album “For All Kings” mixed in. Highlights from their set included: “Madhouse,” their hit cover of “Antisocial,” and their closer “Indians,” which was completed by the “Cowboys From Hell” outro.

After Anthrax, it was time for Lamb Of God to tear things up. The group’s set began with “Omerta” before they broke into “Ruin.” Frontman Randy Blythe put on a great performance with high jumps and harsh vocals. It’s also worth noting that guest drummer Art Cruz (Winds Of Plague, Prong) did a tremendous job filling in for Chris Adler, who was unable to make the tour. As usual, John Campbell, Willie Adler, and Mark Morton, were on top of their game as well. Highlights from the band’s set included: “512,” “Now You’ve Got Something To Die For,” “Laid To Rest” and the closing track “Redneck.”

After Lamb Of God, it was time for the headliners of the evening, the almighty Slayer. The band’s set began with crosses projected on the curtain, and they soon turned upside down before turning to pentagrams and eventually to Slayer’s logo. Then the band just exploded onto the stage with a shredding performance of the title track to their latest album “Repentless.” It was a bittersweet moment, because as awesome as it was, everyone knew this may be the last time they will get to see the group, since they are out on their final world tour. However, the good thing was the fact that things were just beginning at that moment. After the band finished the track, they started ripping their way through classics such as “Blood Red,” “Disciple,” and “Mandatory Suicide.” Kerry King cranked out riffs like a machine, as Gary Holt (Exodus) complemented him with intense solos. That guitar work combined with Tom Araya’s banshee like screams and Paul Bostaph’s thunderous drum work created a solid unit that would be hard to outmatch. The stage production was incredible as well, especially all the fire. The band really wanted to put on a show and they definitely succeeded. It’s hard to choose a highlight, but watching them play the last three songs,”Raining Blood,” “Chemical Warfare,” and “Angel Of Death,” was so epic it’s hard to put into words. When all was said and done, Araya returned to the stage to thank everyone for the years of support, and with that it was time to say goodbye to the legendary band. Their final tour will extend throughout 2019, so if you have a chance to catch them, it will be worth your while.

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Chuck Billy Says Testament Hope To Release Their New Album By Summer 2019

During an interview with Metal Heads Forever Magazine, Chuck Billy revealed that Testament are hoping to have their new album out by summer 2019. He said the following:

“Eric’s [Peterson, guitar] working on riffs now and the plan is after the Slayer tour ends at the end of August, we won’t be doing any more touring; we’ll go heavy into writing mode. Me and Eric, we’ll start really just creating and working, trying to get the next record out as soon as possible, because we have plans and hopes of setting a deadline on ourselves to have it out by summer 2019. We’ve got a lot of work ahead of us.”

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Chuck Billy Says Testament Hope To Begin Recording New Album In January

During an interview with Full Metal Jackie, Chuck Billy said Testament are hoping to hit the studio in January to record their new album for a possible April release. He said the following:

“The plan is to get a lot of riffs and stuff going out here on [the second leg of TESTAMENT’s] tour [with SLAYER], ’cause we do have a lot of time on our hands, so by the time we finish this, we’ll go home and me and Eric [Peterson, guitar] will really get together and really try to chop out a bunch of music, ’cause the goal is to get in the studio hopefully by January and have a record out hopefully by April. That’s the goal.”

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Chuck Billy Says Testament “Want To Release A New Album In 2019”

During an interview with Kimberly Bulletin, Chuck Billy revealed that Testament’s upcoming touring will serve as the end of the “Brotherhood of the Snake” cycle, and that the band are hoping to release a new album next year. He said the following:

“This will be the final lap for us touring in support of our latest album, ‘Brotherhood of the Snake’. We want our focus, during this and after this, to dive back into the songwriting process. We want to release a new album in 2019, so we need to get started soon.”

Testament will serve as one of the supporting acts on Slayer’s North American farewell tour, and they also have some off-dates booked with Anthrax.