Destruction Premiere “Inspired By Death” Visualizer Video

Destruction have premiered a visualizer video for their song “Inspired By Death.” This track is from their new album “Born To Perish,” which was released today (August 9).


Destruction Premiere “Betrayal” Music Video

Destruction have premiered a new video for their new song “Betrayal.” This track is from the band’s new album “Born To Perish,” which will be released on August 9.

Frontman Schmier commented:

“This is maybe my fave song from the new album ’cause of its classic thrash feel and the very catchy chorus. Randy is all guns blazing here and Mike and Damir have an awesome solo battle! We all have our experience with ‘Betrayal’ and wanted an emotional, atmospheric and different video!”

Director Achilleas Gatsopoulos also commented:

“It was my honor to be entrusted by such a historic band to create a fresh visual aesthetic for their new album.

It was important for me to strip things down and start with the basic raw and powerful visual elements that derive from their trademark logo: sharp angular shapes, high contrast and a monochromatic color palette of red, black and white.

Inspired by Dario Argento’s horror masterpiece ‘Suspiria’ as well as by the existential portraits of Francis Bacon and mythology, we create a dark tableaus of archetypal forms of betrayal: two-faced/deceit, back-stabbing, infidelity, garden of eden, wartime snitch and we close with none other than the iconic kiss of Judas.

It was an immense pleasure to work with the guys and I am really looking forward to next time. ‘Til then, enjoy the audiovisual onslaught that is ‘Betrayal’.”

Destruction Premiere New Song “Born To Perish”

Destruction have premiered a new song titled “Born To Perish.” This is the title track of the band’s new album, which will be released on August 9.

Frontman Schmier commented:

“The title track was the first song we wrote for the new record and it definitely shows the strength that Destruction has in 2019. It immediately set the bar high for the rest of the album. It features everything that we stand for: speed, picking, variety and punch. Randy came up with some very cool drum patterns and Damir offered up a really crunchy solo part, so both new members are heavily involved here!”

Guitarist Mike Sifringer added:

“We started the song with some drum patterns that Randy gave us and adjusted some riff ideas we had. It was a nice challenge to write some tight right hand picking for a 212 beats per minute song. As a guitar player this is close to my speed limit, especially on the triplets — great fun to play though!”

Destruction Reveal Cover Art For New Album “Born To Perish”

Destruction have revealed the cover art for their new album “Born To Perish” That effort will be released on August 9.

The artwork was created by Gyula, who had the following to say about it:

“Schmier wanted to get a simple and different image than my previous Destruction covers. When we discussed the new concept, I was happy with this approach because I had the chance to use a different tool, no painting but ink-drawing style. When the band mentioned the album title, I got the idea of a crest composition without the typical brave lion or eagle but vultures with two heads and we filled the image with several symbols. I love this Destruction cover — maybe my fave I did for them so far!”

Schmier added:

“We wanted something basic this time. I had something like an emblem in mind, a stamp, a Destruction coat of arms. We had so many great colorful graphical covers in the past; this dark album title needed something different. This record marks the debut of the four-piece Destruction again. I am very happy with the result and that the great Gyula understood right away what direction we wanna go — the album is vicious, dark and hard-hitting. The cover art is the perfect prelude for that.”

Destruction To Release New Album “Born To Perish” in August

Destruction have announced that they will be releasing their new album “Born To Perish” on August 9. You can find a trailer for the effort below:

Drummer Randy Black commented:

“I’ve recorded quite a few thrash records over the years but never have I laid down drum tracks this intense, brutal and dynamic. It will be a nice challenge indeed to play those new songs live! I am very happy I could also contribute to the songwriting of the record, as Mike and Schmier were really open for ideas!

This album is packed with amazing songs, rippin’ riffs, blistering vocals and great lead solos shared by Mike and Damir.

To be honest, at first I was not thrilled about adding another guitar player ’cause I loved the trio, but Damir has been such a great addition, both as a player and as a person — he really is a perfect fit for DESTRUCTION!”

Frontman Schmier added:

“This is indeed a very important album for us. There is a certain positive strength in the new lineup and it feels really great. Whoever has seen us live lately maybe will understand what I mean and for sure that has an important influence on this record.

‘Born To Perish’ is more in your face; it is fast and furious, has more crazy guitars and a has a very groovy and punchy backbone with Mr. Randy Black! But for sure it features some of the best raging DESTRUCTION songs we’ve written in quite a while. I gotta quote what some die-hard fans lately printed on a shirt: ‘DESTRUCTION 2019 — stronger than ever!’ Nothing to add — fuck yeah!”

Destruction Re-Sign With Nuclear Blast

Destruction have announced that they have re-signed with Nuclear Blast Records. The band are planning to release their new album through the label later this year.

Schmier commented:

“Somehow this came by surprise and I know that sounds weird but we were so focused and excited about finishing the new album, that the paperwork did not really matter to us at that time! When we did realize that our contract with the label is due, it took us only some minutes to negotiate a new deal!

We are a part of the NUCLEAR BLAST family now since more than 15 years, we feel at home here, we trust each other in this monkey business and also many people that work for the label we call our friends.

So this re-signing is something that came very easy and natural. Working with the best label in METAL is still an honor cause they supported us thru the good and the bad times!
DESTRUCTION 2019 are stronger than ever, the new line up is killing & we will have more news about the upcoming record very soon – please stay tuned dear metalheads!”

Nuclear Blast Head-Of-A&R Andy Siry added:

“We are really happy and proud, that the almighty Destruction re-sign with Nuclear Blast. It is a honour for us to work with these guys. The whole band became very good friends over the years. So we are looking forward to release the upcoming new thrash metal classic – stay tuned!”

Destruction Recruit Second Guitarist Damir Eskic

Destruction have welcomed Damir Eskic (Gomorra) to the band as their second guitarist. Eskic previously contributed three solos to the group’s 2016 album “Under Attack.”

Frontman Schmier commented:

“Yes — we finally did it again!

For many years we’ve been talking about this, but we needed the right guy! Damir Eskic is now that dude! He is a super-skilled player and also a good friend of the band. He will surely make some jaws drop and pay tribute to the history of Destruction, as he is also a fan of our music!

To be a trio was a special thing for us that we did with pride for many years but also Destruction had a period where we were a four-piece with a second guitar. Now it was the right time to get that option back!

We know there are many fans out there that have been waiting a long time for this.

We have composed and recorded the whole new album with two guitars and, of course, this will make us an even more intense live act and give us the chance to play songs again that we’ve not been able to play for many years… Exciting times ahead!

Let’s call this a reinvention!

With Randy Black on the drums and Damir Eskic on the lead guitar, we have the fresh blood in the band that is sometimes needed to reach new goals, it will keep the thrash machine strong and ready for new adventures!

See you all on the road soon. The new record is coming on August 8th via Nuclear Blast!”

Eskic added:

“I am, of course, very happy to be a part of this thrash metal family and to join one of the best bands of the genre.

To record three guest solos on the ‘Under Attack’ album was already a big deal for me, now some years later, we’ve become close friends and I am really excited to be a part of this!

I am looking forward to meeting the fans all over the globe and to thrash the stage with the boys!”