Nervosa Premiere “Guided By Evil” Video, Reveal Details For New Album “Perpetual Chaos”

Nervosa have premiered a new video for their new song “Guided By Evil.” This track is from their new album “Perpetual Chaos,” which will be released on January 22, 2021. Founding guitarist Prika Amaral recorded that effort with vocalist Diva Satanica, bassist Mia Wallace, and drummer Eleni Nota, who joined the band earlier this year.

“Perpetual Chaos” Track Listing:

01. “Venomous”
02. “Guided By Evil”
03. “People Of The Abyss”
04. “Perpetual Chaos”
05. “Until The Very End”
06. “Genocidal Command”
07. “Kings Of Domination”
08. “Time To Fight”
09. “Godless Prisoner”
10. “Blood Eagle”
11. “Rebel Soul”
12. “Pursued By Judgement
13. “Under Ruins”

Nervosa Announce New Lineup

Nervosa have officially announced their new lineup. In addition to founding guitarist Prika Amaral, the band now features: vocalist Diva Satanica (Bloodhunter), bassist Mia Wallace (ex-Abbath, etc.), and drummer Eleni Nota (Mask Of Prospero, Croque Madame).

The group issued the following statement:

“After intense days auditioning girls from all over the world, we arrived at the new official line up.

It was a bit of a challenge to audition at a distance but where there’s a will, there’s a way.

Prika Amaral said:

‘It was an incredible experience to meet so many talented women. It was not easy to choose just one and being forced to say “No” to several really good musicians. But the question is beyond musical competence. It involves availability, professional posture, good communication, etc … But I am very happy with the result and very confident. I already have a lot of new songs saved and we have already started writing (which was one of the tests applied during auditions). We will launch some new material online while the Covid-19 situation is sorted. I guarantee that Nervosa comes with full strength.’

To take care of the singing duties Diva Satanica was chosen, currently she is vocalist of the band Bloodhunter, where they have already made several important presentations including alongside Nervosa.

On the bass we have a big name, Mia W. Wallace, who has played with Abbath and (Hellhammer’s reincarnation) Triumph of Death, among others.

Last but not least, on the drums, The Revelation, Eleni Nota. Hard hitting drummer with a lot of energy, who currently plays in progressive metal bands Mask of Prospero and Croque Madame.

The choice to be a quartet was to give Nervosa a fresh approach and show something different. This is a new phase, a new Nervosa, but still with its thrash/death essence intact, with riffs with a lot of downpicking and strong grip, fast and technical drums, a renewed, heavier, bass sound and aggressive and super thrash metal vocals. A second guitarist is still an option, but not for the current moment where it involves a lot of adaptation and a huge challenge in logistics, but for the future it is very possible.

Thank you all for your support!”

This news comes after bassist/vocalist Fernanda Lira and drummer Luana Dametto exited the group last month.

Fernanda Lira And Luana Dametto Exit Nervosa

Bassist/vocalist Fernanda Lira and drummer Luana Dametto have both exited Nervosa. Guitarist Prika Amaral is planning to continue the band with new members.

Amaral issued the following statement:

“NERVOSA will never die!

Despite all the rumours NERVOSA will continue!

Fernanda and Luana are no longer part of Nervosa, they decided to leave the band.

There are many reasons and each one of us has their own but since 2 years Nervosa has not been the same and we were all trying to keep the band alive, each of us doing their best, without exceptions.

We want to give the best to our fans and that is simply not possible anymore!

NERVOSA would like to thank everybody that were a part of the band for the dedication and wishes the best of luck!

Please stay tuned, the new members and many other news will be announced soon!

Thanks for all the support!”

Lira and Dametto both commented as well. Here’s Lira’s statement:


Everything has a beginning and an end, life is made of beginnings and endings, it is the natural cycle of things. Some of these endings are very challenging and this is certainly the most difficult of my life – the most difficult decision of my life.

I thought I would be forever in this band that is my passion, but I decided that today my journey as a member of NERVOSA is over.

Everything is fine and I will always look at my tattoo eternalized on my fist (with our logo) and into the past with great pride in what I built and was part of, and above all, very happy to have touched each of your hearts with my art.

I will always carry with me that wonderful initial exciting vibe in the band, the desire to take over the world, the feeling of writing the first lyrics, of launching the band’s first clip and recordings, of doing our first shows, of the happiness of going up on the stage for the first time outside the country, outside our continent, to get to know each of the almost 60 countries that I had the privilege of visiting over that period. Even from the hard times we went through and overcame, I will always remember and cherish each one, as they made us grow and learn so much. Anyway, I couldn’t feel more fulfilled for being in the front line and contributing for almost a decade to make an embryo become one of the most solid and well-known bands from Brazil, it was such a hard and intense work, but it was worth every minute.

So, thank you Nervosa and thanks TO EACH ONE OF YOU for the support during all this time, without you, none of this would have been possible. Thank you for helping to make each of the biggest dreams of the 14 year old metalhead fefemetal that always dreamed of having a metal band come true.

Anyway, I end this cycle aware that I did the best I could do, with a lot of passion, dedication and honesty.

Making it very clear that the decision is personal and has nothing to do with being tired of touring, record label, or whatever! My passion for the fans, for the music and for the road still lives intact within me and I will continue in metal with my new project (which also has nothing to do with this decision).

As this choice of mine hurts and it will still hurt a lot for a while, I’m going to step aside from the internet and retreat for a few days. In the meantime, I just ask you to be kind in this very sensitive moment for me. Much love to you all and again, THANK YOU 💗🙏💗”

Here’s Dametto’s statement:

“So, I’m no longer a part of Nervosa. First of all, I would like to say that I’m extremely glad for everything I got to experience with this band, for the amazing places I’ve seen on tours, for everything I learned in the past years, for the opportunities that it gave me, but mainly, I’m extremely thankful for all YOUR support since I joined this band. I got to know many of you in person around the world, and there is nothing more precious to me than your support, I can’t put into words how glad I am.

Overall, it’s time for me to move on. I believe that for everything we (people) work with, we need to put our hearts into it and do our best, and when the excitement is not the same anymore, for whatever reason it may be, I don’t think it would be honest to keep doing it anymore, it wouldn’t be honest with me, and neither with you, that has been following my trajectory. It’s not like I just decided that I wouldn’t like to be part of it anymore, of course I have personal reasons and this is a tough decision, but these reasons will remain personal.

I know many many of you are gonna be sad, but overall and with time, I hope you understand it. I wanna make clear that I will absolutely not quit playing or anything like that, I’ve been playing for over 10 years now and it’s not in my life plans to stop, but I will move on, start a new project where I can put my heart, soul and ideals into it. I also wanna make clear that my new projects (the ones I started and the ones I will start) didn’t affect in this decision or in the way I have been feeling about it. Everything is gonna be fine, every one of us will follow a different path that can make us happier. I wish the best luck for Nervosa, and I will always be glad for the good moments we had, all I’ve learned and how much it was part of my history.

That’s all for now. ❤”

Nervosa Announce Summer European/UK Tour

Nervosa have announced a summer European/UK tour. Domination Inc. will join the band on most dates.

Tour Dates:

07/09 Novi Sad, Serbia – Exit Festival
07/10 Kosice, Slovakia – Collosseum (with Domination Inc.)
07/11 Vizovice, Czech Republic – Masters Of Rock
07/13 Munich, Germany – Backstage Club (with Domination Inc.)
07/14 Vienna, Austria – Viper Room (with Domination Inc.)
07/17 Mannheim, Germany – 7er (with Domination Inc.)
07/18 Pagney-Derrière-Barine, France – Che Paulette (with Domination Inc.)
07/21 London, UK – The Underworld (with Domination Inc.)
07/22 Bilston, UK – The Robin 2 (with Domination Inc.)
07/24 Manchester, UK – The Star & Garter (with Domination Inc.)
07/26 Plovdiv, Bulgaria – Hills Of Rock
07/28 Deinze, Belgium – Elpee (with Domination Inc.)
07/29 Tilburg, Netherlands – Little Devil (with Domination Inc.)
07/30 Osnabrück, Germany – Bastard Club (with Domination Inc.)
07/31 Wacken, Germany – Wacken Open Air
08/01 St Maurice de Gourdans, France – Sylak Open Air
08/02 Le Puisor, Italy – Padova Metal Fest

Nervosa Premiere “Raise Your Fist” Video

Nervosa have premiered a new video for their song “Raise Your Fist.” This track is from the band’s latest album “Downfall Of Mankind.”

The group said the following about the clip:

“We have just released our newest music video, this time for the song ‘Raise Your Fist’ from our latest album ‘Downfall of Mankind’. In addition to live scenes, the video features images of our fans and musicians from other bands (such as Sepultura, Destruction, Flotsam & Jetsam, Ratos de Porão, etc) raising their fists.”

Fernanda Lira also added:

“This is a protest song that talks about resistance and fighting, so we thought it would be interesting to give our fans from around the world the opportunity to express themselves through our video, raising their fists to support a cause, showing unity and solidarity!”

Nervosa Announce European Tour

Nervosa have announced a European tour. The band will be out in support of their recently released album “Downfall Of Mankind.”

Tour Dates:

07/14 – Torgau, Germany – In Flammen
07/15 – Vizovice, Czech Republic – Masters Of Rock
07/18 – Berlin, Germany – Cassiopeia
07/21 – Hamburg, Germany – Logo
07/22 – Osnabrück, Germany – Bastard Club
07/26 – Bochum, Germany – Rockpalast
07/27 – Köln, Germany – MTC
07/28 – Eindhoven, Netherlands – The Jack
07/29 – Paris, France – Le Klub
07/31 – Bordeaux, France – Salem Le Hallain
08/01 – Vitoria, Spain – Urban Rock Concept
08/02 – Oviedo, Spain – ir Laurens
08/03 – Madrid, Spain – Copernico Cavern
08/04 – Barcelona, Spain – Sala Monasterio
08/05 – Toulouse, France – L’Usine A Musique
08/07 – Lyon, France – Rock ‘N’ Eat
08/08 – Montpellier, France – Secret Place
08/10 – Milan, Italy – Circolo Svolta
08/11 – Cervia, Italy – Rock Planet
08/14 – Mannheim, Germany – 7er
08/16 – Dinkelsbühl, Germany – Summer Breeze Open Air
08/17 – Litomerice, Czech Republic – Death Coffee Party
08/18 – Erfurt, Germany – From Hell
08/27 – München, Germany – Backstage Club
08/25 – Spital am Semmering, Austria – Kaltenbach Open Air
08/30 – Luzern, Switzerland – Schüür
08/31 – Hauteville, Switzerland – Abyss Festival
09/1 – Chapelle-Lez Herlaimont, Belgium – Metal Festival
09/02 – Edinburgh, Scotland – Heavy Scotland

Nervosa Premiere “Kill The Silence” Music Video

Nervosa have premiered a new video for their new song “Kill The Silence.” This track is from the band’s new album “Downfall Of Mankind,” which will be released on June 1.

Guitarist Prika Amaral commented:

“A perfect scenery to compose lyrics that encourage overcoming. It talks about things that hurt you and that you’re not alone. This new video symbolizes a new phase in the band with which I identify myself 100%!”

Bassist/vocalist Fernanda Lira added:

“I like the idea of using fire in the video, because i think the symbology has everything to do with the message in the song. Fire represents renewal and mainly purification, and using it in the video really gives me the idea of triumph, overcoming and moving on!”

Nervosa Premiere New Song “Never Forget, Never Repeat”

Nervosa have premiered a new song titled “Never Forget, Never Repeat,” via Loudwire. This track is from the band’s new album “Downfall Of Mankind,” which will be released on June 1. The group commented:

“This song has a little bit of all the elements in the album so it represents it well. Also, the lyrics are about something worth debating and thinking about so we think it’s a good first single to show fans!”

Nervosa To Release New Album “Downfall Of Mankind” In June

Nervosa have announced that their new album “Downfall Of Mankind” will be released on June 1. The effort was produced by Martin Furia, and it will feature guest contributions from João Gordo (Ratos de Porão), Rodrigo Oliveira (Korzus), and Michael Gilbert (Flotsam And Jetsam).

“Downfall Of Mankind” Track Listing:

01. “Intro”
02. “Horrordome”
03. “Never Forget, Never Repeat”
04. “Enslave”
05. “Bleeding”
06. “…And Justice For Whom?”
07. “Vultures”
08. “Kill The Silence”
09. “No Mercy”
10. “Raise Your Fist!”
11. “Fear, Violence And Massacre”
12. “Conflict”
13. “Cultura do Estupro”
14. “Selfish Battle” (Bonus Track)