Kreator Begin Recording New Album

Kreator have officially started the recording process for their new album. The band are working on the effort at Hansa Tonstudio in Berlin, Germany with producer Arthur Rizk.

Watch Kreator Perform “Betrayer” With Cradle Of Filth’s Dani Filth At Bloodstock Open Air

During their August 14 set at the Bloodstock Open Air festival, Kreator were joined onstage by Cradle Of Filth’s Dani Filth for a performance of “Betrayer.” You can see fan-filmed footage of that below:

Kreator’s “Endorama” To Be Reissued In December

Kreator’s “Endorama” is set to be reissued on December 17 via AFM Records. You can find a lyric video for a remastered version of “Golden Age” from the effort below:

“Endorama – Ultimate Edition” Track Listing:


01. “Golden Age” (Remastered)
02. “Endorama” (Remastered)
03. “Shadowland” (Remastered)
04. “Chosen Few” (Remastered)
05. “Everlasting Flame” (Remastered)
06. “Passage To Babylon” (Remastered)
07. “Future King” (Remastered)
08. “Entry” (Instrumental) (Remastered)
09. “Soul Eraser” (Remastered
10. “Willing Spirit” (Remastered)
11. “Pandemonium” (Remastered)
12. “Tyranny” (Remastered)
13. “Children Of A Lesser God” (Remastered)


01. “Golden Age”
02. “Endorama”
03. “Shadowland”
04. “Chosen Few”
05. “Everlasting Flame”
06. “Passage To Babylon”
07. “Future King”
08. “Entry” (Instrumental)
09. “Soul Eraser”
10. “Willing Spirit”
11. “Pandemonium”
12. “Tyranny”

CD3 (Bonus CD):

01. “Golden Age” (Demo Version)
02. “Shadowland” (Demo Version)
03. “Only A Sleeper Considers Life Real” (Previously Unreleased Demo)
04. “Children Of A Lesser God” (Demo Version)
05. “Everlasting Flame” (Demo Version)
06. “Soul Eraser” (Demo Version)
07. “From A Thousand Thrones” (Previously Unreleased Demo)


Side A:

01. “Golden Age” (Remastered)
02. “Endorama” (Remastered)
03. “Shadowland” (Remastered)

Side B:

04. “Chosen Few” (Remastered)
05. “Everlasting Flame” (Remastered)
06. “Passage To Babylon” (Remastered)

Side C:

07. “Future King” (Remastered)
08. “Entry” (Instrumental) (Remastered)
09. “Soul Eraser” (Remastered)
10. “Willing Spirit” (Remastered)

Side D:

11. “Pandemonium” (Remastered)
12. “Tyranny” (Remastered)
13. “Children Of A Lesser God” (Remastered)

Kreator Reveal Producer For New Album

During a recent appearance on the Metalitalia Podcast, Kreator vocalist/guitarist Mille Petrozza talked a bit about the band’s upcoming album. Notably, he also revealed that Arthur Rizk will produce the effort.

Petrozza said the following about release plans:

“Last summer, in August, we felt that we were done [writing], and we were very enthusiastic about, like, ‘Okay, this is almost an album. We have 12 songs. And we take the 10 best, or whatever we come up with.’ And we already planned on going into the studio in February. Now it’s February, and the world is still kind of fucked with the COVID. So we have to wait and be patient.

I want the album to come out and go on a world tour right afterwards. I don’t see us putting out a COVID album, or something, and just have it [disappear]. And people go, like, ‘Okay, there was an album. Okay, they have a new album or not? Am I going to this tour or not?’

I know that the world is changing — albums don’t have the importance that they might have had 10 years ago anymore — but I refuse to believe that. Especially in metal, there’s still a lot of people that celebrate an album from the beginning to the end. And I think the last genre of music where this is gonna die will be metal, because people really love albums.

I think going on a tour, the artwork, everything has to connect. So we’ll wait until that’s possible again, and then we’ll put out the album.”

He also added the following about the direction of the new music and the band’s plans to work with Rizk:

“It’s definitely different. It’s hard for me to describe, but I think it’s definitely more thrash again. It has a lot of melody, and it has a lot of traditional parts, and it has a lot of ingredients of the last four or five albums. But it also has some very old-school moments. I think it’s definitely the next step.”

“At this point, it looks like we’re working with Arthur Rizk. That’s what we have planned at this point. And I’m kind of exchanging demo tapes and discussing recording techniques [with him]. So, yeah, it looks like we’re working with Arthur.”

[via Blabbermouth]

Mille Petrozza Says Kreator Have “15 Songs And Counting” For Their New Album

Kreator’s Mille Petrozza has taken to social media to reflect on 2020. Notably, he also mentioned that the band currently have “15 songs and counting” for their next album.

Petrozza said the following:

“Ok, let’s wrap up 2020.

Maybe one of the most productive years for me. I have 15 songs and counting for the next @kreatorofficial! We released our live album “ London Apocalypticon”, plus the new single” 666- World Divided” earlier this year. Apart from this, my personal highlight was connecting with old and new friends on a deeper level. Something touring doesn’t allow me to do sometimes, since I am always somewhere.

I got to read tons of cool books, discovered amazing new music and watched some great movies. Most importantly, I stayed healthy, and I hope you did too!

Ok, sometimes I was bored, so see my top 10 playlist in the comment section. What’s yours?

What were your highlights and lowlights in 2020?

See you in 21! The new year will be spectacular! I can feel it.”

Kreator To Release “Under The Guillotine: The Noise Records Anthology” In February

Kreator will be releasing their “Under The Guillotine: The Noise Records Anthology” set on February 26, 2021. The effort will focus on the six albums that the band released through Noise Records and it will be available as a deluxe box set, as a 2CD set, and as a 2LP set.

Here’s what the deluxe box set will include:

* “Endless Pain” (Swirl vinyl with original artwork & inner sleeve)
* “Pleasure To Kill” (Splatter vinyl with original artwork & inner sleeve)
* “Terrible Certainty” (Splatter vinyl with original artwork & inner lyric sleeve)
* “Extreme Aggression” (Half/half vinyl with original artwork & inner lyric sleeve)
* “Coma Of Souls” (Splatter vinyl with original artwork & inner lyric sleeve)
* “Renewal” (Swirl vinyl with original artwork & inner lyric sleeve)
* “Some Pain Will Last” DVD containing “From The Vault” mini documentary, plus two previously unreleased audio live concerts and an Andy Sneap remix of “Live In East Berlin 1990″
* 12″ x 12” 40-page hardback book of photography, quotes and lyrics from the first decade of the band’s existence. Contains rare and previously unseen photos from the era.
* Reproduction “End Of The World” demo cassette
* “Demon” figurine USB drive containing MP3 audio of all the expanded editions of all the albums.
* All encased in an executioners, guillotine box.
* The first 250 orders from the Noise Records store will also receive a signed art card by Mille Petrozza.

Pre-orders can be found HERE.

Kreator Announce New Coffee Blend “Black Sunrise”

Kreator have joined forces with The Barn to create their own coffee blend called “Black Sunrise.” The beverage, which can be purchased HERE, sources beans from Brazil and it features a “smooth and chocolatey” taste. The band said the following:

“We’re excited to announce our collaboration with the finest coffee roasters in Germany, The Barn. If you’ve visited one of their spots in Berlin, you will understand why we chose them to represent Kreator — high quality and big flavors. Brazil is one of our favorite places in the world and we wanted to pay tribute to that with this deliciously smooth and chocolatey offering. Awaken to ‘Black Sunrise’!”

Kreator To Release “Terror Prevails – Live at Rock Hard Festival 2010” On Cassette For First Time

Kreator will be reissuing their live album “Terror Prevails – Live at Rock Hard Festival 2010” on limited edition cassette. The effort will be available as a 2xMC tape box on December 20 and it can be pre-ordered HERE.

Kreator Working On New Album

Mille Petrozza has confirmed that Kreator have been working on new material for their next album. He said the following:

“In case you have wondered what @kreatorofficial was up to in the last couple of months. Songwriting for a new album. Vocal recordings today! METAL! #kreator #thrash #zfe #altenessen #metal #vocals #vegan #satan #thiswillkillcovid19”