Watch “Harmonic Tremors” Mini-Documentary On The Caleb Scofield (Cave In, Etc.) Tribute Shows

A new mini-documentary focusing on the tribute shows for the late Caleb Scofield (Cave In, Old Man Gloom, etc.) has been shared. The film is called “Harmonic Tremors” and it was shot around the June 13 show in Boston, MA. It was then aired for Scofield’s family during the October 13 show in Los Angeles.

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Megadeth & Between The Buried And Me Members Talk About The Link Between Metal & Video Games In New Mini-Documentary

IGN have shared a new mini-documentary on the link between metal and video games. You can check that out below. Megadeth‘s Dave Mustaine and Dirk Verbeuren and Between The Buried And Me‘s Blake Richardson are among those featured in the clip.

Slash Featured In Ernie Ball’s “Unspoken Expression” Mini-Documentary

Ernie Ball have shared a new mini-documentary on Slash (Guns N’ Roses) called “Unspoken Expression.” The clip was filmed inside the guitarist’s private studio and it features him discussing “the moments that shaped him from his dad’s love of British rock ’n roll to his passion for horror films and his first blues lick.” Slash commented:

“The guitar is basically a vehicle to be able to express feelings of anxiety, feelings of anger, feelings of passion, feelings of love, feelings of excitement, feelings of violence, feelings of sex…all of these kinds of emotions are, for me, very well expressed through the guitar”.

Watch New Clip From Upcoming Short Film On Chimaira’s Mark Hunter & Mental Illness

Chimaira’s Mark Hunter is the subject of a new short film created by director Nick Cavalier. The documentary, which is named after the band’s track “Down Again,” focuses on the connections between creativity and mental illness. It will be released on October 10 and a new clip from it can be seen below:

Hunter said the following about the film:

“I have dealt with depression and bipolar for a good part of my life. It’s probably safe to say that most Chimaira fans understand that the band’s music, lyrics, and live performances were my cathartic outlet.”

“I was a bit apprehensive [to do this documentary] at first. Not because I am unwilling to share my story, but more so because there are thousands of people infinitely more interesting than me. And worse off than me. But in the end, I am thankful to have been a part of this short documentary. It captured an extremely critical moment in time. The rekindling of friendships with my former bandmates was one of the most significant healing moments of my entire life.”

“It’s unfortunate to note the past couple of years have been tough on the music community. We lost a lot of talented people to their struggles with depression. I hope the viewers of our film will take away a story of healing and feel the impact of dealing with mental health issues head-on.”

“This is not a story about Chimaira, although fans of the band will be excited to see familiar faces and hear some of their favorite songs. The audience will get a glimpse into my personality and how I use art to better deal with the harder moments of life.”

Hunter and Cavalier discussed the film further during a recent interview with Loudwire.

Bad Wolves Launch Crowdfunding Campaign For New Film

Bad Wolves have launched an Indiegogo campaign in an effort to raise $65,000 to create a new film called “Breaking The Band.” The movie will focus on the group’s “meteoric rise from unknown band to multi platinum status within 6 months.”

Bad Wolves commented:

“Hey guys,

It’s Tommy, John, Doc, Chris, and Kyle from Bad Wolves and we are stoked to share our latest project with you.

We want YOU to be a part of our new movie “Breaking The Band” that we’re going to start shooting very soon!

Historically, many of the world’s most influential bands never got the opportunity to capture their early years in the trenches. Learning the business side of things, dealing with bus breakdowns, production issues, and scheduling demands. Simply because they couldn’t afford to hire a camera crew. So we are turning it over to you, The Wolfpack!

Over the past year, we have experienced a rollercoaster of tragedy and triumph. From the tragic, untimely loss of Dolores O’ Riordan to the triumphant success of our campaign to raising over a quarter million dollars for her children through our rendition of The Cranberries’ classic, intergenerational hit “Zombie”.

Following the single’s global multi-platinum success with our debut album DISOBEY opened doors for us to perform on some of the world’s biggest festivals and play to fans near and far on arena tours with our label mates Five Finger Death Punch and Nothing More, as well as Breaking Benjamin, Shinedown, and Three Days Grace.

But what does it really take to break a band? How did we get started and what is day-to-day life in a rising band really like?

Our film will be an uncensored peek into the meteoric rise from unknown band to multi platinum status within 6 months, a fascinating glimpse into the music industry exposing all the sides some will never really admit or want to show, and following us around the world to Europe, the US, and Canada this year.

To show our appreciation for your support, we’ve put together some once-in-a lifetime experiences, exclusive specialty items, and content for our die hard fans who want to be a part of or own a piece of Bad Wolves history!”

Watch New Clip From Steve Austin’s (Today Is The Day) “The Man Who Loves To Hurt Himself” Documentary

A new clip from Steve Austin’s (Today Is The Day) “The Man Who Loves To Hurt Himself” documentary has been shared and can be seen below. That film is set to be released on August 28.

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Steve Austin (Today Is The Day) Documentary “The Man Who Loves To Hurt Himself” To Be Released In August

A new Steve Austin (Today Is The Day) documentary called “The Man Who Loves To Hurt Himself” is set to be released on August 28. You can pre-order the effort on Blu-ray and DVD via Amazon and digitally via iTunes.

The following description was offered in a press release:

“Steve Austin, whose noise-laden, experimental and fiercely aggressive musical output over two decades has served as testimony, touched hearts and myriad troubled lives. Not many people can say they have so fully dedicated themselves to what they love and believe as Steve Austin has. To many, he defines the word “legend.”

The loose but subdued methodical subtlety of the movie stands in sharp contrast to an artist known in the worldwide underground of extreme music for abrasive, loud, chaotic spectacle and neo-violent imagery through a slow, brooding and emotional ninety-three minutes that covers a year of conversations and ride-a-longs with the casual aesthetic of natural conversation supported by raw grainy fan shot footage, old pictures, personal home videos, career spanning amulets, in a self-examination of the psyche of a modern-day “madman” and “master.”

Ride along as Austin‘s first-person account brings balance to these opposing forces, reckoning and stretching himself from the drive to create his musical vision, engaging and performing intense shows around the world, to being home with his wife and children. How one near-death experience led him to connect with the love of his life and begin the transition, fulfilling his destiny as a loving family man while completing his mission to bring relief his followers, and overcome being the man who loves to hurt himself.

The Man Who Loves To Hurt Himself is not your typical music documentary, but rather a film that focuses on the story of the artist himself, and what it means to express yourself on an existential level no matter what the cost.”

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