Bruce Dickinson Says Iron Maiden Plan To Perform “Senjutsu” In Full On A Future Tour

During an appearance on the “Talk Is Jericho” podcast, Iron Maiden frontman Bruce Dickinson revealed that the band are planning a tour in which they will perform their latest album, “Senjutsu,” in full. However, it is unclear when the trek will take place since the group are still focusing on their “Legacy Of The Beast” tour.

Dickinson said the following:

“The plan we’ve got — it’s not really a secret; I think everybody else has chatted about it — we will, I hope, we’ve talked about doing the entire [‘Senjutsu’] album start to finish, but not this time around. And we all appreciate that that is something that really diehard fans will probably love and other people will go, ‘Hmmm, I’m not gonna go see that.’ So the answer is you play smaller venues so that they sell out with just your diehard fans. ‘Cause it’s a musical thing to do — it’s a musical thing.”

“The ‘Legacy Of The Beast’ tour, people have all paid their money to see the ‘Legacy Of The Beast’ show, with Spitfires and flamethrowers and Icarus and everything that goes with. So they’re gonna get all that. But the first three tracks are probably gonna be the first three tracks on the [‘Senjutsu’] album. ‘The Writing On The Wall’ they already know, so everybody should know the first three tracks. And I just think [the] ‘Senjutsu’ [title track] is just such a great opening song — so dramatic. And then once you’ve done that — and we’ll have a stage set to go with it — once you’ve done that, you’re back to the kind of ‘Legacy’ world at that point. But I think ‘The Writing On The Wall’ is gonna be a great song — I mean, a crowd singalong song. You can imagine that. It’ll be fantastic.”

He continued when it was mentioned that the band angered some fans by performing “A Matter Of Life And Death” in full during a 2006 tour:

“Nobody has to buy a ticket. If you don’t wanna go [see us play an entire new album live], you don’t buy a ticket. It’s gonna be plain as the nose on your face. This is gonna be what they’re gonna do. So given that, don’t complain that they did what they said they were gonna do.”

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Funko To Release More Iron Maiden Pop! Rocks Vinyl Figures

Funko will be releasing some new Pop! Rocks vinyl figures based on Iron Maiden’s iconic mascot Eddie in February. Among them are collectibles based on “Live After Death,“ “Somewhere In Time,” “Seventh Son Of A Seventh Son,” and “Nights Of The Dead, Legacy Of The Beast: Live In Mexico City.“ Pre-orders can be found HERE.

KnuckleBonz To Release New Iron Maiden “The Number Of The Beast” 3D Vinyl Statue

KnuckleBonz will be releasing a new 3D vinyl statue based on the cover art for Iron Maiden’s “The Number Of The Beast” in spring 2022. The hand-cast, painted and numbered figures are limited to 1982 pieces and they can be pre-ordered HERE. Tony Simerman, CEO/creative director of KnuckleBonz, Inc., commented:

“Music superfans have been asking us for Iron Maiden since our founding in 2003. We have an extensive plan to create all the designs Iron Maiden fans want to see for our 3D vinyl limited-edition statue series.”

Iron Maiden Announce North American Tour With Trivium & Within Temptation

Iron Maiden have announced a 2022 North American tour. Trivium and Within Temptation will open on select dates.

Tour Dates:

09/07 Mexico City, MEX – Foro Sol

With Trivium:

09/11 El Paso, TX – Don Haskins Center
09/13 Austin, TX – Moody Center
09/15 Tulsa, OK – Bok Center
09/17 Denver, CO – Ball Arena
09/19 Salt Lake City, UT – USANA Amphitheatre
09/21 Anaheim, CA – Honda Center
09/25 Chula Vista, CA – North Island Credit Union Amphitheatre
09/27 Concord, CA – Concord Pavilion
09/29 Seattle, WA – Climate Pledge Arena
09/30 Spokane, WA – Spokane Arena

With Within Temptation:

10/03 Sioux Falls, SD – Denny Sanford Premier Center
10/05 Chicago, IL – United Center
10/07 Columbus, OH – Nationwide Arena
10/09 Detroit, MI – Little Caesars Arena
10/11 Toronto, ON – Scotiabank Centre
10/12 Hamilton, ON – FirstOntario Centre
10/15 Ottawa, ON – Canadian Tire Centre
10/17 Worcester, MA – DCU Center
10/19 Elmont Park, NY – UBS Arena
10/21 Newark, NJ – Prudential Center
10/23 Washington, DC – Capital One Arena
10/25 Greensboro, NC – Greensboro Coliseum
10/27 Tampa, FL – Amalie Arena

Iron Maiden‘s manager Rod Smallwood commented:

“Next summer we will finally get to play the huge European stadium tour for The Legacy Of The Beast, and the new show will be even more spectacular so after our visit to Rock in Rio early September 2022 we decided to take it back to our fans in North America too, but in cities or venues we didn’t play in 2019, including some we haven’t visited in many years like El Paso, Spokane, Sioux Falls, Columbus, Hamilton, Ottawa and Greensboro.

We’ll be making a couple of additions and changes to the production and setlist to include some songs from our new album Senjutsu and are making the 2022 version of Legacy Of The Beast even more spectacular than the acclaimed original show. You can be sure that we will still be featuring all the ‘hits’ and the key elements of the original tour like the Spitfire, Icarus, Hell, flamethrowers and pyro and the rest – but we will shake it up a bit and Trooper Eddie will have serious competition in the new Senjutsu ‘world’ we are adding.”

Frontman Bruce Dickinson added:

“We’re really looking forward to our return to North America so we can bring The Legacy Of The Beast show to places we didn’t get to in 2019 and to other cities we’ve not played for many years. I’m really excited about the new additions and changes to the stage production and we can’t wait for everyone to see what we’ve got planned. The whole band has really enjoyed the Legacy Tour and now we just can’t wait get back out on the road to play live, have fun and see everyone again!”

Iron Maiden Team Up With Marvel For New Merch Line

Iron Maiden have teamed up with Marvel for a new merch line. The new pieces of apparel, which can be found HERE, feature a number of comic book characters including Wolverine, Venom, and Deadpool. Iron Maiden‘s manager Rod Smallwood commented:

“Eddie has long stood shoulder to shoulder with the greatest super-heroes and we’re also pretty proud of the Worlds we created for his many incarnations – from battlefields to Egyptian tombs to frozen icescapes or futuristic cities. Juxtaposing some of the most recognizable characters in pop art & comic book culture into planet Maiden has been an ambition of ours for years and working with Marvel and their unparalleled character-based IP is the perfect fit in this day & age. To see such iconic characters alongside Eddie is something our fans have discussed for years and we think that the twist of placing Venom, Thanos, Thor or Deadpool in our Maiden worlds will excite fans of both cultures.”

Iron Maiden Coloring Book To Be Released In December

Rock N’ Roll Colouring will be releasing a new Iron Maiden coloring book on December 6. Pre-orders are available HERE.

The following was said about the book:

“If you ever doodled the logo of your favourite band on the back of your exercise book at school, or you spent hours on end staring at every detail of your favourite vinyl album cover….then this is for you. Rock N’ Roll Colouring is proud to present for the first time an officially endorsed colouring book for one of Heavy Metal’s greatest bands – Iron Maiden!

Featuring iconic artwork from classic albums and other instantly recognizable images, all printed on high quality paper, in a square format, fully endorsed and officially licenced, these killer designs have the potential for hours of satisfying colouring in. Each book allow you to raise the horns in celebration of one of Heavy Metal’s most legendary and important bands, letting your imagination run riot as you create your own personalised versions of your favourite designs.

Each book contains painstakingly created renderings of each image, with beautifully detailed outlines ready for you to unleash your artistic skills using pens, pencils or paint. Let your imagination run wild and add your own interpretation of these classic images, or simply recreate them as closely as you can to the originals. Whatever you decide, the satisfaction of adding your personal touch to these classic designs is extremely rewarding.

Devised and created by two life long rock and heavy metal devotees and colouring book fans, Rock N’ Roll Colouring was formed by fans, for fans. Every effort has gone into making sure these books do justice to the legacy of Iron Maiden, and give fans another reason to enjoy some of the most beautiful and creative artwork from this band. And not only that Colouring has proven significant mental health benefits including mindfulness, relaxation and increased focus, and can be enjoyed by any age group. These books provide hours of creative and restful activity that combines a love of the music with a love of the art.”

Dream Theater’s James LaBrie Says He Once Turned Down The Chance To Audition For Iron Maiden

During a recent interview with The Metal Voice, Dream Theater singer James LaBrie revealed that he almost got to audition for Iron Maiden after Bruce Dickinson left the band in 1993. However, he ultimately declined the offer.

LaBrie said the following when asked if there was a discussion about him trying out for Iron Maiden:

“Yeah, sure. Absolutely there was. Because at the time, we were being looked at to be managed by IRON MAIDEN’s management. And so, [MAIDEN’s manager] Rod Smallwood, at the time, we were playing darts, and he took me aside and he said, ‘What do you think about…?’

You’ve gotta remember — I was in a very bizarre situation. DREAM THEATER, we had already recorded [1992’s] ‘Images And Words’, we were looking for management, we were getting ready to try and set up a tour and get out there. And I remember him saying to me — he takes me aside, and the rest of the guys in DREAM THEATER were there too, playing darts, because we were looking at him for management. And he says, ‘I just wanna throw something at you.’ And he had his assistant with him too — Merck — at the time. And they were both standing there. They were going, ‘What do you think about being the singer with IRON MAIDEN?’ And I said, ‘What? What are we talking about here? I’m confused. Are you not here for the reason that you might start managing DREAM THEATER? Or are you here to get me to become…?’ And I had already recorded the [DREAM THEATER] album. Can you imagine how bizarre that was?’

Anyways, so I just said, ‘No. No way. You know what? I’m gonna tell you the reasons why I’m not going to do this.’ And they said, ‘What’s that?’ And I said, ‘One: DREAM THEATER. That’s it. Period.’ And I said, ‘But if I need to go any further with this, way back when I was 22 years old, I sang for a band called CONEY HATCH for a year. And I walked [in as the replacement for] another singer [named] Carl Dixon,’ and I said, ‘and basically what I felt like was a glorified jukebox.’ And I said, ‘Because I came into the band, I was able to sing all that stuff no problem — no problem — but there was never that ‘This is me. And this is what I created.’ It was about, ‘Are you looking at me for who and what I am?’ I don’t think so. And I don’t think you ever will.

Bruce and I have mutual respect for one another. We’ve met several times. We’ve done several shows. I remember doing the BBC show with him. And there was that mutual respect between the two of us. And I remember just thinking, ‘I’m not gonna get out there and be singing MAIDEN every night — even though I think they’re a great band, and Bruce is a great singer. No, thank you.’ I need to create something that I can say, ‘No, this is what I created from the beginning.’ And we all know, okay, I wasn’t on the first [DREAM THEATER] album, ‘When Dream And Day Unite’.

And [the offer to audition for MAIDEN] came and went. As fast as it was asked, it was dismissed. And they went, ‘All respect. Totally get it. No problem.’ Boom. And we moved on.”

[via Blabbermouth]

Iron Maiden Announce “Legacy Of The Beast” In-Game Collaboration With Ghost

Iron Maiden have teamed up with Ghost for a new collaboration inside their “Legacy Of The Beast” mobile game. Papa Emeritus IV will appear in the game as part of a special “Mascarade Diabolique” event, which will run from October 13 to November 12.

A press release offered more details:

“The game’s Mascarade Diabolique event is an ode to both bands’ lore taking its broad themes from the cover of Iron Maiden’s 2003 album “Dance of Death” and the video for Ghost’s 2018 song, ‘Dance Macabre,’. In this new storyline, Eddie and Papa Emeritus IV are both invited to a mysterious party in Transylvania (taken from the intro to A Dance Macabre & also surely a nod to the first Maiden instrumental track of the same name on their debut album!)

They soon discover that things are getting out of hand, even faster than usual, as a sinister force has mastered the power to mimic the un-bindable will of the sentient powers of free will and individuality, in an effort to bind them to its control. Together they must fight through the hordes of mind-controlled revelers to confront the corrupted mimic, Cardinal Immortus, an evil clone of Papa Emeritus.”

Ghost’s Tobias Forge added:

“I’m happy to see that my creature is being led into [Maiden’s] world. That is a cool thing, both very humbling and flattering.”

Funko To Release New Pop! NFTs Featuring Iron Maiden’s Eddie Mascot

According to Billboard, Funko have teamed up with the Worldwide Asset eXchange (WAX) to create new Pop! NFTs based on Iron Maiden’s iconic mascot Eddie. 44 different digital pieces will be released on September 30 and they will be available as five packs and 15 packs. Pricing will start at $9.99 and 24,000 packs will be sold. Notably, there is a $30 limit per transaction and a WAX wallet will be required to purchase them. Funko CEO Brian Mariotti commented:

“We are huge Iron Maiden fans here at Funko and couldn’t be more excited to have our inaugural music Digital Pop! NFT be music icon Eddie. Iron Maiden and Funko fans alike appreciate creative genius in music and pop culture. Now, they can celebrate both in digital form.”

Iron Maiden’s “Senjutsu” Debuts At No. 3 On The Billboard 200

Iron Maiden’s “Senjutsu” has officially debuted at No. 3 on the Billboard 200. As a result, the record is now the band’s highest charting album in the U.S. According to Billboard, the effort moved 64,000 equivalent album units. This includes 61,000 from pure album sales.