HELLYEAH To Debut New Song On SiriusXM Octane & SiriusXM Liquid Metal Tomorrow

HELLYEAH will be debuting their new song “333” on SiriusXM Octane and SiriusXM Liquid Metal tomorrow (March 14). That track is the first single from band’s new album, which is tentatively set to be released on June 28. The effort will be the band’s last to feature the late Vinnie Paul (Pantera, etc.) and it can be pre-ordered HERE.


Bury Your Dead Tease New Song “Collateral”

Bury Your Dead have posted a teaser for their new song “Collateral.” The full track is expected to debut on March 22

Dub Trio Post Preview For New Album “The Shape Of Dub To Come”

Dub Trio have posted a preview for their new album “The Shape Of Dub To Come.” That effort will be released on April 26 and it will feature a few guests including Melvins’ Buzz Osborne, who guested on the recently released song “World Of Inconvenience,” Mastodon’s Troy Sanders, who guested on “Fought The Line,” and Meshell Ndegeocello, who guested on “Forget My Name.“

High On Fire Post Teaser For “Bat Salad” Record Store Day Release

High On Fire have posted a teaser for their new “Bat Salad“ 7 inch, which is set to be released on April 13 as part of Record Store Day. The effort will come with three songs, including the new title track and covers of Celtic Frost‘s “Into The Crypts Of Rays” and Bad Brains‘ “Don’t Bother Me.“

Kittie Preview “Charlotte” Performance From “Live At The London Music Hall” Release

Kittie have shared a preview of “Charlotte” from their new live film “Kittie: Live At The London Music Hall“. That effort will be released on March 26 and it will feature the band’s October 27, 2017 20th anniversary show at the London Music Hall in London, ON. A number of former members joined the group onstage that night including: Ivy Vujic, Jennifer Arroyo, Jeff Phillips, Fallon Bowman, and Tanya Candler.

Watch New Trailer For Alice In Chains’ “Black Antenna” Film

Alice In Chains have shared a new trailer for their 90-minute sci-fi film “Black Antenna.” That movie, which was produced and directed by Adam Mason, is inspired by the band’s latest album “Rainier Fog.” The first two parts will premiere on March 7. Drummer Sean Kinney previously said the following about the project:

“We’ve always toyed with the idea of creating videos for every song on one of our albums. Not only did we do that for ‘Rainier Fog‘, it got totally out of hand and we made a whole goddamn movie. Everything that will be seen in the videos will be footage from ‘Black Antenna‘ to preface the complete film’s release.”