Five Finger Death Punch Joined Onstage By A “Heavy Metal Grandma”

Last night (November 18), Five Finger Death Punch were joined onstage by a 70 year old woman at their show in Oslo, Norway during “Jekyll and Hyde.” Check out footage of that below:


Five Finger Death Punch Apparently Quoted By An Advisor To Vladimir Putin In An Op-Ed Condemning Western Hypocrisy

Here’s a weird story for you. Five Finger Death Punch were apparently quoted by former Deputy Prime Minister Of Russia Vyacheslav Surkov, who Bloomberg says now serves as Russian president Vladmir Putins “point man on the east Ukraine conflict.” Surkov mentioned the band and quoted lyrics from Wash It All Away while condemning Western hypocrisy in an op-ed.


Zoltan Bathory commented:

Ha Another one in Bloomberg. The title reads: How U.S.-Russia Diplomacy Went Heavy Metal In the new Cold War, pragmatic dialogue is out. Quoting Five Finger Death Punch is in

Well. let me just say. Its especially interesting that we just happened to be in Russia at the moment. We had a fantastic show at the Stadium in Moscow yesterday The energy of the crowd was incredible. We love our Russian fans just as much as they love us They are at the airport when we arrive, follow us all over Europe, all the way to America, even to South America We see their faces and we see their sawn together Half-Russian-Half-American flags everywhere We are family Music Unites.

I can tell you. between the people there is NO hate there is NO cold war here so lets NOT make one. I grew up on this side of the iron curtain in communism so I have ACTUAL memories of the cold war. Even back then though we were told by the communist media that America was the Enemy Nobody and I mean nobody sane actually believed that We loved American Music, American culture and the American people We understood the difference between propaganda and reality

Just as I ran into some Iranian kids in the elevator as they were taking photos they actually said please dont believe the media they are lying to you! We dont hate America and they tried to explain that regular (especially younger) people dont feel that way whatsoever
The media needs to be responsible with their words choosing ratings over peace is irresponsible

So lets tone down the hysteria and try harder with that dialogue色

[via The PRP]

Five Finger Death Punch Premiere New Song “Trouble”

Five Finger Death Punch have premiered a new song titled “Trouble.” The track is one of two new songs on the band’s new greatest hits album “A Decade of Destruction,” which will be released on December 1. A new album will be released next year.

Track Listing:

01. Trouble (previously unreleased)
02. Gone Away (previously unreleased)
03. Lift Me Up (Feat. Rob Halford)
04. Wash It All Away
05. Bad Company
06. Under and Over It
07. Wrong Side of Heaven
08. House Of The Rising Sun
09. I Apologize
10. The Bleeding
11. Jekyll and Hyde
12. Remember Everything
13. Coming Down
14. My Nemesis
15. Battle Born
16. Far From Home

Five Finger Death Punch Settle Legal Dispute With Prospect Park, Greatest Hits Set & New Album Coming Soon

It looks like Five Finger Death Punch and Prospect Park have officially settled their legal dispute. The band was originallysued by the label due to claims that they were shamelessly attempting to cash in before the anticipated downfall of their addicted bandmate [Ivan Moody]” and trying to push out low quality music. The band then fired back by hitting the label with a$1 million lawsuit of their own claiming the label was essentially trying use them because they are in debt and know that Five Finger Death Punch are profitable. All of this has apparently been settled, making it so a new greatest hits collection, which features two new songs, and the band’s long awaited new album will finally see the light of day. Once those efforts are released, Prospect Park will be out of the picture allowing Five Finger Death Punch to move on to their new label Rise Records. Five Finger Death Punch told Variety the following:

The band Five Finger Death Punch and its label, Prospect Park, have resolved their dispute and differences. The band and the label are excited to announce the release of a greatest hits album with two new songs in December 2017 and the release of a new record next year. The band is very proud of the new record and looks forward to releasing it and playing for its fans.


Maria Brink (In This Moment) Joins Five Finger Death Punch Onstage At Rock Allegiance

During their set at the Rock Allegiance festival at the BB&T Pavilion in Camden, New Jersey last night (October 7), Five Finger Death Punch were joined onstage by In This Moment’s Maria Brink. Check out footage of them performing “The Bleeding” below:

Five Finger Death Punchs Zoltan Bathory On Ivan Moody: “The Last Three Shows Were the Best Shows Ive Seen Him Do for Years”

Five Finger Death Punch guitarist Zoltan Bathory was recently interviewed by Loudwire, and discussed Ivan Moody’s issues with alcohol abuse, which have led to meltdowns in the past. According to Bathory, Moody has been doing better as of late, and his “last three shows were the best shows [he’s] seen him do for years.”


Bathory on Moody’s drinking:

Hes been battling his demons for a long, long time, actually since Ive known him. Hes always had an issue and sometimes hes great, sometimes hes not. Its a battle. He doesnt havent a substance issue, hes always had a drinking issue. I started to realize that it was a real misalignment, its a real illness. It cant simply be discarded like, Why cant you get yourself straight? Its not that simple. So hes battling this and hes trying. Hes been in rehab a few times, hes been in for a longer period of time now.

Bathory on Moody’s current state:

The last three shows were the best shows Ive seen him do for years. He looked happy and he looked healthier. Obviously, the whole band is around him and everybodys supporting him and trying to be brothers and understanding and trying to keep him straight. So cross your fingers, I think this is the time when he can do it.

In other news, Bathory also mentioned that the band are hoping their new album will finally see the light of day eraly next year.

Five Finger Death Punch Premiere “Aint My Last Dance” Music Video

Five Finger Death Punch have premiered a new video for their song “Aint My Last Dance.” This song is from their latest album, “Got Your Six.”

Zoltan Bathory said the following:

We thought this was the perfect song to address the various rumors circulating out there. Ivan is doing great and the band is firing on all cylinders. Not just isnt this our last dance but as we are gearing up for the European tour, we are kicking it up a notch and building our biggest stage show to date.