Twisted Sister’s Dee Snider & Hatebreed’s Jamey Jasta Working On New Project

It looks like Hatebreed’s Jamey Jasta and Twisted Sister’s Dee Snider are working a new project together. Jasta previously mentioned the collaboration on “The Jasta Show,” and now the two have both tweeted about it. If that’s not interesting enough, it is also worth noting that Howard Jones (Light The Torch, ex-Killswitch Engage) seems to be involved as well.


Spiritbox (iwrestledabearonce) Premiere New Song “The Beauty Of Suffering”

Courtney LaPlante and her husband Mike Stringer, who both performed in iwrestledabearonce, have started a new project called Spiritbox. The band will release a new EP on October 27, and the first single “The Beauty Of Suffering” can be heard below:

LaPlante said the following about the EP:

“Personally this record is really important for me because I finally was able to sing a lot. For Michael and me, it is our first collaborative effort since getting married and we wanted every song to reflect our commitment to structure and lyrical emotion, yet still maintain a distinct vibrancy and sound. The first four songs are one long piece meant to be listened to together. They are called ‘The Mara Effect.’”

Stringer added:

“We just wanted to focus on the material, and show our talents as seasoned professionals, but at the same time reflect what lies ahead, within a young and fresh vibe, not something from grizzly old jaded musicians.”

[via The PRP]

Phil Anselmo To Release New Album From The Cure, Sisters Of Mercy, Etc. Influenced Project En Minor

Phil Anselmo (Pantera, Down, etc.) was recently interviewed by Jimmy Cabbs, and revealed that he will be releasing a new album with a new group called En Minor. That project is heavily influenced by The Cure, Sisters Of Mercy, and more.

Anselmo said the following:

“I have a record coming out that’s been finished for two years almost now, of course—just like every other fucking record. It’s with a band called En Minor. And I guess it would be my, ‘Hello, great dark eighties of Sisters Of Mercy, of The Cure ‘Seventeen Seconds‘ record and ‘Faith‘ album.’ Early The Cure. Early U2. Nick Cave and the fucking Bad Seeds or The Birthday Party. David Bowie… I take all these influences and then somehow we came out with results.

“It is what it is. I’ll let the people decide at the end of the day. And we’ll see. But, once again, I’m not shootin’ for radio time here; I’m just trying to broaden my horizons, write some harkening songs. But I think they have their own life, honestly. It’s retro only to a certain degree, I think, within me, because I know where it’s coming from. But I guess when a listener hears it these days, most people react… I hear the word ‘cinematic’ a lot, and I hear, ‘This is the best record you’ve done in thirty years,’ or some shit like that, something like that.”

[via Blabbermouth]

Pig Destroyer, Cattle Decapitation, & Spirit In The Room Members Join Forces In China Girl

John Jarvis (Pig Destroyer), Derek Engemann (Cattle Decapitation), and Dennis R. Sanders (Spirit In The Room) have joined forces in a new band called China Girl. The group are currently mixing/mastering their debut album.

[via The PRP]

Ex-Guns N’ Roses, Ex-Dream Theater, Etc. Members Join Forces In Sons Of Apollo

Vocalist Jeff Scott Soto (ex-Journey, etc.), guitarist Ron “Bumblefoot” Thal (Art Of Anarchy, ex-Guns N’ Roses), bassist Billy Sheehan (Mr. Big, The Winery Dogs), keyboardist Derek Sherinian (ex-Dream Theater, etc.), and drummer Mike Portnoy (ex-Dream Theater, The Winery Dogs) have joined forces in a new band called Sons Of Apollo. The band’s debut album “Psychotic Symphony” will be released on October 20, and a teaser can be found below:

Portnoy commented:

“This is a real band. This is going to pick up for me and Billy where The Winery Dogs left off, in terms of this being the next logical full-time thing for us. I’m not saying The Winery Dogs have broken up, because we haven’t, we’re just on a break.

Sons Of Apollo is absolutely going to be a full-time band and we plan on touring all over the world all throughout 2018 and, honestly, it is the priority for all five of us.”

Former Type O Negative, Agnostic Front, Etc. Members Join Forces In Silvertomb

Kenny Hickey (Type O Negative, Seventh Void), Johnny Kelly (Type O Negative, Danzig, Seventh Void), Joseph James (ex-Agnostic Front), Hank Hell (Seventh Void), and Aaron Joos (Empyreon) have joined forces in a new band called Silvertomb. You can find a teaser of their music below, and catch them live on August 26 at Ride For Dime at Starland Ballroom in Sayreville, New Jersey.

In Motive (Born Of Osiris, Etc.) Premiere Two New Songs “Revival” & “The Disconnect”

Awhile back, Sumerian Records put out a call to find a singer for a new project, and now that group has officially been revealed. They are called In Motive, and they feature guitarist Lee McKinney (Born Of Osiris), guitarist Nick Rossi (ex-City In The Sea), drummer Conor White, and vocalist Devin Barrus. You can watch a new video for their track “Revival” and find a stream of “The Disconnect” below. Nick Sampson produced the instrumentals and played bass on the band’s debut album, while Korn’s Jonathan Davis produced the vocals. Rossi said the following about that:

“We’re super comfortable with Nick Sampson. He’s really tight with us and even played bass on the record. We’re all Korn fans, and working with Jonathan was just incredible. To be able to hang with him and get insights into what he’s seen throughout his years in the industry and hear his opinion on our songs was unbelievable. He took our vision and helped us get to where we need to be.”