System Of A Down’s Shavo Odadjian Working On “Really Heavy” Solo Project

During a recent interview with Music Connection, System Of A Down’s Shavo Odadjian offered an update on his current plans. The bassist said the following:

“SYSTEM’s taking a little break, until next year, so I’ve been working on the NORTH KINGSLEY record. It’s almost done. That’s my side project. We’ve got six songs done. You can check it out on Spotify. It’s a new project, so it’s continuously growing and evolving. And as I evolve, I drop what we just did and we move to the next style. It’s fun. It’s freedom of music. It’s really cool. And I also have some music I’m doing as a side project — just me alone solo. It’s called THE SHAVO PROJECT and it’s really heavy. That’s all I can say right now.”

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Umbilicus (Cannibal Corpse, Deicide, Etc.) Sign Digital Deal With Blood Blast Distribution

Umbilicus, the 60s/70s style rock band featuring Paul Mazurkiewicz (Cannibal Corpse), Taylor Nordberg (Deicide, Inhuman Condition), Vernon Blake (Anarchus, Napalm Death [live]), and Brian Stephenson (Fore, Old James), have signed a new digital deal with Blood Blast Distribution. Nordberg had the following to say about that:

“We are all so excited to finally start releasing some music from this band! I have worked with Blood Blast Distribution with several other bands, and they are absolutely killer to work with. Pro, great communication, and they care about the artists. Our first single should be out this month, so stay tuned!”

Sergio Vega Further Discusses His Departure From Deftones And His Upcoming Project

During a recent interview with “Talk Toomey,” Sergio Vega (Quicksand) further discussed his departure from Deftones. Notably, the bassist also discussed a new project he is currently working on.

Vega had the following to say about his time in Deftones [transcribed by The PRP]:

“I had come into the band during a very traumatic time. And we also have a history from ’95. To reiterate that, we became acquainted in ’95. I had filled-in for Chi [Cheng, late Deftones bassist/vocalist] in ’99. Chi and I had become friends… He was playing Fender basses because he saw me kicking one across the stage with Quicksand.

We both shared an energy and catharsis that we brought to shows… And that created a bond. And when I filled-in for him in ’99—he had hurt his toe—bringing that energy and that excitement, having his back, having his band’s back.

And then at one point Chino [Moreno, Deftones vocalist/guitarist] comes to me and was like ‘Hey, if we asked you to join the band, what would you say?’ [I responded] ‘I would tell you that Chi is your boy. This is fun and exciting, Chi is your boy, roll with Chi and that’s gonna be great.’

…And in 2009 when the tragedy happened, the fact that we had hit it off when I filled-in before kind of informed the fact that ‘Hey, lets call him. He’s our friend, he’s there and we’re in need.

So I came in during something very traumatic with Chi. I came into an album, ya know, “Eros“, which was kind of unfinished. My understanding was that the label [Maverick] wasn’t planning on releasing it. They weren’t excited about it. We were just gonna kind of part ways with the label.

But Nick [Raskulinecz, producer] came into the picture and somehow the severance money went on to fund ‘Diamond Eyes‘. And, so let’s give it another shot with another record. And all of that energy, and some altruality and trauma was all expressed in that creating what it was.

Now when I came into the band, I was open to whatever. My friends were in need. ‘What do you guys need? Do you want me to play bass? Do you want me to play banjo? Do you want me to do whatever… and they were like ‘Hey, what you brought in Quicksand, what you did, we’re not entirely sure, but we love Quicksand. Chi loved Quicksand. We want to bring you into the band over time. And this is how it worked with Frank [Delgado, programmer/turntablist] and this is how it’s gonna work with you.’

And so I brought my writing, my arranging and myself. And that was it. And so over the years, it started to become like ‘Hey I would really like to belong to this,’ and whenever it would come up, it was really more like they were good with the status quo.

It was not financial, because they were like, ‘Oh, here’s more money, here’s a raise.’ It was never about money, it was about a sense of belonging. So that was really it. And ultimately, in parting ways, it was not a function of me trying to renegotiate during the pandemic.

It was a function of the contract being cancelled. And me having a little conversation with Chino, and then another conversation with a couple of the guys saying ‘hey’ when they wanted to reinstate [the contract.]

I was like, I think the path forward is that we can all be in the same boat. Now would be the time to get off this type of structure. Because it’s not really working for anybody, especially now when we’re not touring, we’re not doing anything. And it doesn’t make sense to have this type of structure, it has been twelve years [since Vega joined the band] at this point and let’s make good on that.

…We don’t have to work it out now, I just can’t… I just can’t go onto the salary thing because it’s not working for us. And that was it. We really couldn’t come back on that.

In my last conversation it was clear that while that was the initial roadmap, this is what’s gonna happen. Which was the conditions that I was kind of trying to see through.

It became clear that… ‘Hey, splitting it four ways, how that impacted my life…’ Ya know Chino has a lot of… You have people that you’re supporting and those things impact their life.

So, it’s like that can make people shift off a position or off of a thing. So it was clear that I was doing everything on my end to get that. But I was like, at the end of the day, for me it’s not about money.

And the way I think that it may not be clear to some people is that, being brought into something as a member vs. [being] a hired gun doesn’t necessarily mean I’m all of a sudden seeing money from ‘White Pony‘.

It’s really like you said earlier. It’s the security and stability of feeling like you’re a part of something that you’re investing in, and belonging. To me the keyword is this feeling that you belong. Something that you’re pouring yourself into.

Now, had it been from the get go—’this is the vibe, this it the help that we need’—then that’s cool… So for me it was bit of hearing things like ‘Sergio is out of pocket’ [a comment reportedly made online by Chino Moreno regarding Sergio‘s exit] you know, ‘we fired him, it’s about money.’ It was never about money for me.

But at the end of the day, I guess the perception of it encroaching on anyone’s income could have been the thing that allowed it to not come together.”

He continued when asked if his contract allowed him to earn revenue from writing, recording, etc.:

“It’s more like the thing that I think was important to focus on, without getting too into the weeds, that it’s more the difference between everyone kind of being in the same boat so there’s no conflict of interest.

So when you belong to something, however that works, whatever the parameters are decided—because it’s open-ended. But that thing is if there’s thing’s happening, and we’re functioning, and there’s things coming in, then we can draw our living from that. If there’s not, you should make sure that you saved your money and been fine because that’s where you’re going to be drawing from.

And just getting this salary, is different. It creates a different dynamic. My thing was like, this doesn’t have to be… This weirdness during times when if we’re not functioning, it doesn’t speak to who we are and what we are.

And it’s just so much easier just to be whatever that is. Because having you all aligned takes things out of the equation and you just function and you go about your business. And you go about your friendship and creative aspects.

And ultimately it was me coming in, ‘Hey I want to help, how I help?’ [and them saying] here’s how it’s gonna be. And after a certain point I’m like ‘Hey, let’s make it how it’s supposed to be.’”

In other news, Vega also offered an update on his new project:

“…So basically in short, it’s a writing project with a friend of mine named Chris Enriquez, he plays drums in the band Spotlights. And what we’re doing is a single based project. You get with a singer, you talk a little bit about a vibe and we write a song together. And that’s it.

We write and record the song, we give it a little digital component—it was kind of inspired by an Argentine hip-hop producer, who has this series of songs that he does with a lot of artists. [It’s] mostly rappers and some singers, [he[ does a song, records it, that’s it. It’s a series. And the idea of building that as a modality in this kind of music was really, really exciting.

You don’t have the thing of trying to build the band. You don’t have to deal with the time conflicts with the people you may want to work with, it opens up a lot. So currently we have a song done. We have [another] one almost done. And then last week we started working on a track with Keith Buckley [ex-Every Time I Die singer].

…It’s super exciting because we got on the phone and we just talked about life. He, Chris and I had a quick FaceTime. We hadn’t met each other, obviously [we’re] well aware of each other. And we really, really hit it off. So it’s a rare time that I feel compelled to mention the person because of the situation.

Just the spark that came off of that. They did with the other projects as well. But it was just a thing of like ‘Oh my god.’ We talked, we hit it off, I picked up my guitar immediately and started tracking an idea based off our conversation.”

3rd Secret (Soundgarden, Nirvana, Etc.) Surprise Release Self-Titled Debut Album

3rd Secret, the new project featuring Kim Thayil (Soundgarden), Matt Camreon (Soundgarden, Pearl Jam), Krist Novoselic (Nirvana), Jon “Bubba” Dupree (Void), Jillian Raye (Giants In The Trees), and Jennifer Johnson, have surprise released their debut album. The self-titled effort can be streamed below:

Korn’s James “Munky” Shaffer Planning To Work On New Music With Lavascar’s Michèle Lamy

James “Munky” Shaffer (Korn) and designer/musician Michèle Lamy (Lavascar) are planning to work on new music together. The duo recently discussed the impending project during an interview with Dazed. If you’re interested, you can find that chat HERE.

Phil Anselmo Mulling The Possibility Of Doing An “Old-School” Metal Project: “I’ve Been Kind Of Feeling More Halford Lately”

During a recent appearance on “The New York Hardcore Chronicles Live!” series, Phil Anselmo (Pantera, Down, etc.) offered an update on his latest musical projects. Interestingly, the frontman revealed that he is considering the possibility of doing an “old-school” metal project.

Anselmo said the following:

“I just pretty much had a new studio installed next door [to my house], and we’re working all kind of bugs out and whatnot. So I tell my guy, my engineer, I tell him, I said, ‘Just program some drums, man. Give me some drums. Give me a different drum beat every day — up beat, down beat, whatever. Give me something.’ So I’ll walk in, there’s a drumbeat, and I’ll just pick up any instrument and just go right off the cuff. And it is some of the worst music you can imagine.

He also added:

I don’t know, man. I’m this close, man [holds two fingers close together] — I’m this close. I’m feeling something. We’ll see what it is. I’ve got a couple of options. I just don’t know, man. If it’s gonna be metal, I wanna do it old school, man. I’ve been kind of feeling more [Rob] Halford lately, man, vocal-wise, just singing, using my range again. So, we’ll see. It’s gotta be right.”

[via Blabbermouth]

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Night Ranger, Mr. Big, Etc. Members Launch New Project Skills

Brad Gillis (Night Ranger), Billy Sheehan (Mr. Big), David Huff (Giant), and Renan Zonta (Electric Mob) have launched a new project called Skills. The band’s debut album, “Different Worlds,” will be released on May 13. A video for the effort’s first single, “Stop The World,” can be found below:

“Different Worlds” Track Listing:

01. “Escape Machine”
02. “Blame It On The Night”
03. “Different Worlds”
04. “Losing The Track”
05. “Writings On The Wall”
06. “Show Me The Way”
07. “Just When I Needed You”
08. “Need To Fall”
09. “Stop The World”
10. “Hearts Of Stone”
11. “Don’t Break My Heart”

Former Exodus And Type O Negative Members Announce New Project DIEHUMANE

Rick Hunolt (ex-Exodus), Sal Abruscato (A Pale Horse Named Death, ex-Type O Negative), Garret West, Joshua Vargas, and Greg Hilligiest Jr. have joined forces for a new project called DIEHUMANE. Hunolt commented:

“Ok so it’s time to announce my new band DIEHUMANE. Been in the studio finishing up vocals and odds and ends with the one and only producer Ulrich Wild. Not sure what genre it falls under so I’m not going to put a label on it as of yet, I will let you guys do that when the time comes haha. I will say that the music is absolutely epic, I absolutely love everything about it and am confident you guys will to. So the members are as follows. We have on vocals Garret West, on bass Josh Vargas, on drums the doom lord Sal Abruscato from Type O Negative and Life Of Agony and Greg Hilligiest Jr. on keyboards. I just want to say that without you guys there is no anything so thanks a bunch for following. Our Facebook just went live today so hit us up at our Facebook and Instagram. You guys are going to love this I know it”.

Goldilush (Ex-Darkest Hour, Etc.) To Release Debut Album “Fragile Zombies” In April

Michael “Lonestar” Carrigan (ex-Darkest Hour) has launched a new project called Goldilush. The band’s debut album, “Fragile Zombies”, will be released on April 30. Carrigan worked on that effort with Chris Goodwin (ex-The Jonbenét), Phil Dubois (ex-Revocation), Timothy Java (ex-Dead To Fall), Paul Seymore, and Kenny Gardner.

“Fragile Zombies” Track Listing:

01. “Rattle”
02. “Imposter”
03. “Acid Rainbow”
04. “Overdrive (Go For A Ride)”
05. “Pink Mercedes”
06. “Party Every Night”
07. “A Little Sympathy”
08. “Love Vulture”
09. “Shiver”
10. “Better Than You”
11. “Honey Ear”
12. “Rain On My Parade”
13. “Feel Like Nothing”
14. “Draino”

Carrigan commented:

“For the past few years, I’ve been slowly and diligently working with a few friends on some new music. We bonded over our love of tunes with loud hooks, heavy distortion, & bad attitudes.

While the outside world plunged further into chaos and uncertainty, we honed & harnessed that negative energy and transformed it into 14 crushingly catchy jammers. Every week we will be releasing a new song until our album-Fragile Zombies-is released on April 30.

I wanna thank Kenny Gardner for all his hard work, dedication, and good vibes. You are one hell of a producer and an all around awesome dude!! You made this the most fun recording experience I’ve ever had, and IMO this is the best sounding album I’ve ever been a part of.

Thank you to Timothy Java, Phil Dubois, and Doug Adams for lending their incredible drumming skills and breathing life into these songs!

Chris Goodwin – Thank you for sharing the mic with me. We’ve been buds for almost 20 years, and we’re finally putting out some music together! Your knack for notes is truly a gift to the world!

This first song is called ‘Rattle’. It’s about an old friend of mine. Turn it up!”

Three tracks from the record, “Rattle,” “A Little Sympathy,” and “Imposter,” can be found below:

King Dunn (Melvins, Mr. Bungle) Stream New Song “Invention Of Hysteria”

King Dunn, the new project featuring Buzz Osborne (Melvins, etc.) and Trevor Dunn (Mr. Bungle, etc.), are streaming the title track of their new EP “Invention Of Hysteria.” That effort will receive a CD release tomorrow (February 20) and a 10 inch vinyl release at a later date.