Matt Snell (Ex-Five Finger Death Punch) Launches New Project Unveil The Strength

Matt Snell (ex-Five Finger Death Punch) has teamed up with Mark Wölfe, Andy James, Matt Guillory, and Tim Hassemer in a new band called Unveil The Strength. The group have shared the below introductory video, which features their upcoming track “War Inside Us All”:

Snell commented:

“We want to put the grown man back in metal — that spirit is being lost in the shuffle. We’re going back to the roots, to real fucking metal.”

He also added the following about their album release plans:

“The landscape has changed so much regarding how to successfully get music to the public, so we’re going a different route. Right now, we’re halfway through the album and we have video concepts for every song. Instead of releasing all 10 songs at once that will just be put up on the Internet to be stolen, our idea is to constantly release new songs all the time. We want to unveil this record to the public, with a video to go along with each song.”

The band have been working on the album with Rob Kukla and Henrik Udd. Snell added the following about the production team:

“The production is amazing on the new album. It accentuates that we’re an active rock band — but we’re a little bit heavier, a little bit edgier. It illustrates that we can write, and that we have an ear for metal.”

He also talked a bit about Wölfe’s “real” lyrics:

“Mark has had an amazing life. He is a Marine; a veteran. He’s lived on the streets, ya know? He’s seen and done a lot. He writes from his core being and writes real songs that relate to the band’s message.”

Unveil The Strength’s first single “Foundations” is expected to be released soon.


Mike Orlando (Adrenaline Mob) On His New Project With Corey Glover (Living Colour): “It’s Just A Conglomeration Of Styles All Melded Into One”

During a recent interview on the Talking Metal podcast, Mike Orlando (Adrenaline Mob) talked a bit about his new project with Corey Glover (Living Colour). According to him, the music will be “a conglomeration of styles all melded into one.”

Orlando said the following:

“[The music is] just straight-up rock. It’s heavy rock. Of course, it’s just one hundred percent chock-full of Corey Glover and my guitar styles. [It’s] bluesy [and] funky. There’s a little RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE in there. There’s a little bit of soul in there. All the stuff that I love kind of just melded into one melting pot. It’s just a conglomeration of styles all melded into one. There’s no one particular thing that it screams. It’s just heavy, hard rock kick in you know what. [Laughs]”

He went on to say the album is “one of the best things [he’s] have ever done” and that Glover “is not only the coolest cat going, but he is one of the greatest singers on this earth.” He continued: “It’s such an amazing experience to play with Corey and to be doing an album with him.”

Orlando also added:

“It’s everything you would imagine from Corey, and I add my element to it, which is different than I’ve ever done. It’s not ADRENALINE MOB, it’s not SONIC STOMP — this is something really cool and different for me, so it’s even that much more special for me.”

The duo have already recorded nine songs and may do a few more. The effort is expected to be completed by the end of 2019, despite their busy schedules:

“[Corey] has a big schedule, and I’ve been doing a lot of stuff and working behind the scenes, redoing my entire recording studio and just getting really back into this now. So, yeah, it’s just basically [a matter of] scheduling.”

Orlando and Glover will perform at the Iridium in New York City on September 9.

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Former Hammerfall & Firewind Members Join Forces In The Sign

Bassist Magnus Rosén (ex-Hammerfall, etc.) and vocalist Chitral “Chity” Somapala (ex-Firewind, etc.) have launched a new ’70s classic rock/’80s hard rock inspired project called The Sign. The group, whose lineup is rounded out by session guitarist Jörgen Alnevall, are planning to release a new song titled “The Land Gone Dark” in the near future. The track will appear on their upcoming debut album.

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Pig Destroyer, Darkest Hour, Etc. Members Join Forces In Zealot R.I.P.

Blake Harrison (Pig Destroyer), Mike Schleibaum (Darkest Hour), Jason Hamacher (Frodus, Decahedron), and Peter Tsouras (Olympia, Fairweather) have joined forces in a new band called Zealot R.I.P. The group are currently planning something for May 20 and are also scheduled to open for Pig Destroyer and more at the Metro Gallery in Baltimore, MD on September 14.

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Ex-Sodom, Assassin, Etc. Members Join Forces In New Band Bonded

Bernd “Bernemann” Kost (ex-Sodom), Markus “Makka” Freiwald (ex-Sodom), Ingo Bajonczak (Assassin), Chris Tsitsis (ex-Suicidal Angels), and Marc Hauschild have joined forces a new band called Bonded. You can find a video for the demo version of the group’s new song “God Given” below:

Job For A Cowboy & The Black Dahlia Murder Members Join Forces In Serpent Of Gnosis

Job For A Cowboy‘s Jonny Davy, Al Glassman, and Tony Sannicandro have joined forces with The Black Dahlia Murder’s Max Lavelle and Darren Cesca in a new project called Serpent Of Gnosis. The band will release their debut album “As I Drink From The Infinite Well Of Inebriation“ on June 14 and the effort’s first single “The Colorless Capsules” can be streamed below. Davy said the following about the track:

“We are a collection of small cavemen who enjoy fast and heavy things. This song describes instances of addiction and the dependencies that align with it, particularly in the pharmaceutical form.”

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Geoff Tate (Ex-Queensrÿche) Teams Up With Simone Mularoni (DGM) In Sweet Oblivion

Geoff Tate (ex-Queensrÿche) has joined forces with Simone Mularoni (DGM) for a new project called Sweet Oblivion. The group’s self-titled album will be released on June 14 and a video for the first single “True Colors” can be found below:

Track Listing:

01. “True Colors”
02. “Sweet Oblivion”
03. “Behind Your Eyes”
04. “Hide Away”
05. “My Last Story”
06. “A Recess From My Fate”
07. “Transition”
08. “Disconnect”
09. “The Deceiver”
10. “Seek The Light”

Tate commented:

“I was approached by Frontiers to do this record and am pleased I took this chance. It’s an album filled with fun and I believe a lot of the fans who dig the old Queensrÿche sound will enjoy this one.”

Mularoni added:

“I grew up listening to the ’70s and ’80s rock and metal bands and, of course, Queensrÿche’s classic albums are among my favorites ever. Having the opportunity and luck of working together with a musical giant like Geoff Tate has been a real blessing on both the human and the artistic side. I asked a few amazing musicians and friends to help me out and together we delivered a bunch of classic heavy rock songs in which I tried to fuse a more contemporary approach with a classic Queensrÿche vibe… The performances are amazing!”