Code Orange & JPEGMAFIA Guest On New Injury Reserve Track “HPNGC”

Code Orange and JPEGMAFIA have guested on a new Injury Reserve track titled “HPNGC.” You can check that out below:


Listen To Code Orange’s Theme Song For WWE Wrestler Bray Wyatt

As previously reported, Code Orange recorded a new entrance theme for WWE wrestler Bray Wyatt, who recently returned to the ring under a new persona called “The Fiend.” Now, the full track is available to stream below:

Code Orange Record Entrance Theme For WWE Wrestler Bray Wyatt

WWE wrestler Bray Wyatt returned to the ring during last night’s “SummerSlam” under a new persona called “The Fiend” and he had a new entrance theme courtesy of Code Orange. You can see footage of Wyatt’s entrance below:

Code Orange Cancel August European/UK Dates

Code Orange have cancelled their August European/UK dates. The band said the following about that:

we regret to announce that we have to cancel our short european festival run in august due to a scheduling conflict with completing our next project. we have been working non stop to avoid cancelling but it’s no longer possible. as always the art is priority number one. we will make it up. thanks for understanding.

Code Orange, Saves The Day, Gorilla Biscuits, Etc. Set For 2019 This Is Hardcore Fest

The lineup has been revealed for the 2019 This Is Hardcore Fest. The event will take place at the Franklin Music Hall in Philadelphia, PA on July 26 – 28 and it will feature the following: Code Orange, Saves The Day, Gorilla Biscuits, OFF!, Cro-Mags, 100 Demons (celebrating 20th anniversary of “In The Eyes Of The Lord” with Bruce Lepage), Agnostic Front (celebrating 25th anniversary of “Victim In Pain“), Breakdown, All Out War, Wisdom In Chains, Death Threat (celebrating 20th anniversary of “Last Dayz“) Harm’s Way, Ecostrike, Old Firm Casuals, Death Before Dishonor, Downpresser, Maximum Penalty, Inclination, Billy Club Sandwich, Regulate, Laid 2 Rest, Into Another, On Broken Wings, Bloodbather, Trail Of Lies, Eyes Of The Lord, Facewreck, Hoods, No Option, Eternal Sleep, Queensway, Spine, Hangman, Regional Justice Center, Kaonashi, Aggressive Dogs, One Step Closer, Gulch, Magnitude, Guillotine, Enemy Mind, Shackled, Section H8, Drain, Fixation, Vatican, Anxious, and Payback.

Code Orange Release “My World” Documentary

Code Orange have released a new 23-minute documentary titled “My World.” You can check that out below:

Vocalist/drummer Jami Morgan told Revolver the following:

“We just wanted to make something that kind of showed a little bit of a different side to us, but in our mind still rolled with the vision that we’re trying to create through our records. There’s a lot of loose band documentaries with a lot of footage that we all really liked watching, like Type O‘s After Dark or I have Nine Inch Nails‘ Closure, there’s a Pantera one, a great Manson one, a great KMFDM one … there’s just been a lot of cool ones over the years.

So we thought, actually about two years ago at this point, “Let’s just start shooting and see what we can do.” Shade is the one who kind of put the whole thing together and added all the visual elements to it, which I think make it really interesting.

So we just wanted to do something to shine light on a different side of what we do, because we haven’t really done anything that was, quote-unquote, “behind the scenes” with recording or us talking — we’re never done anything like that. It’s a little taste of what we thought would be cool for people who like us, or people who don’t!”

On another note, Morgan also confirmed that the band are pretty much done with the “Forever” touring cycle and that they are working on new music:

“We’re always working on stuff. I would say yes, we’re about done and we don’t necessarily like to look at it that way completely, but there are opportunities that have been coming up so we’ll see. I think we’re ready to move on, and we have a lot in store for next year.

We also don’t do records to have people pat us on the back and go, “They did a good job.” We don’t want a little expansion, we don’t want to grow five percent. We always try to grow 50 percent, but it’s always a dice roll and I think we’ll be very happy with it. We’ll see what people think.”