Code Orange To Launch Livestream Series Today

Code Orange have announced that they will be launching a new series called “You And You Alone: A Livestream Series“ on Twitch. The first installment will start tonight (March 30) at 5pm PDT/8pm EDT and it will find Eric “Shade” Balderose taking part in a performance/visual experience.

Watch Code Orange’s Livestreamed “Underneath” Release Show

After Code Orange’s March 14 “Underneath” album release show at the Roxian Theatre in McKees Rocks, PA got postponed due to the coronavirus pandemic, the band decided to team up with to livestream a performance from an empty venue. That full set is now available to view below. You can also purchase a limited edition DVD HERE.

Code Orange’s Mystery Drummer Appears To Have Been Identified

With Code Orange’s Jami Morgan having stepped away from the drums to focus on vocals, the band have recruited a fill-in drummer to perform with them. The group were planning to keep his identity a secret, but he has since been identified as Ethan Young (Thirty Nights Of Violence). His identity was exposed by his arm tattoos.

[via The PRP]

Code Orange Postpone Spring Tour

Code Orange have postponed their spring tour with Show Me The Body, Jesus Piece, Year Of The Knife, and Machine Girl due to the coronavirus pandemic. The band tweeted the following:

Code Orange On The Identity Of Their Current Drummer: “For Now He’s An Empty Vessel”

With Code Orange’s Jami Morgan having stepped away from the drums to focus on vocals, the band have recruited another drummer to perform with them. However, the group have continued to keep his identity a secret.

Morgan told the Post Gazette the following about moving up to the front of the stage:

“When we started writing the songs, we kind of discussed it and Shade kept encouraging it, because the songs were complicated in a way, and we were saying this is going to limit what we can do on stage. It was a mixture of that and, at the time, we were playing support shows with bigger bands and learning the difficulties in connecting in the way we’re set up.

It seemed like things were coming together in this perfect storm. That, and I thought of how we would introduce it in the videos and how we could add another layer to the album with it. We try to make the whole thing an event as much as possible.”

He also added the following about looking for someone else to play drums:

“Um, it was bizarre for sure, and there were times when we were like, ‘We’re not going to be able to find anybody.’ This shit is tremendously hard to play on drums. We learned that the hard way by trying out a lot of people, honestly. We ended up finding somebody that we thought just fit, in all ways.

Overall, it ended up being a fit just in vibe and personality and hunger. But the way we’re approaching it is, the band has always been us, just the five of us, and you don’t want to just get married to somebody, immediately, so we’ll see how it shakes out.”

He continued when asked about the drummer’s identity:

“Uh, we’re not gonna say. It’s not even about who it is. The mask and the concept fits with the character in the record and with the cover art, and I like that. On top of that, we’ll see. He’s a great guy and I think he’ll continue to earn his spot, but for now he’s an empty vessel. He’s our drumming muse for now. We don’t want to be married to anyone yet. You don’t know how people are going to be ’til they are.”

[via The PRP]

Code Orange To Livestream Show From Empty Venue Due To Their Album Release Show Being Postponed

Code Orange’s “Underneath” album release show with Every Time I Die, Zao, Jesus Piece, etc. at The Roxian in Pittsburgh, PA has been postponed due to the coronavirus pandemic. Despite this, the band are still planning to perform in an empty venue tomorrow night (March 14). The set will be livestreamed on Twitch.

Code Orange issued the following statement:


THE BAD: in the wake of the chaos that is consuming our world… it brings us no joy to announce that on a day we’ve been working towards for the the past two plus years – the release of an album we are incredibly proud of – we have to relay some bad news. Pittsburgh’s The Roxian has decided to reschedule all shows, including ours, due to the coronavirus pandemic. This show was going to be a cathartic release of all the hard work that has been put in over our bands long career – with a new level of production and intensity that we were extremely proud of. A new era of Code Orange beginning in our hometown with a lineup for the ages was something that had been pushing us through every single tough day. now that’s gone and we are stuck footing the bill for quite a bit, which I’m sure a lot of you can relate to. so it is what it is. we have been racking our brains on how to present our art live in this extremely uncertain time – one that truly reflects everything we are trying to work through on UNDERNEATH. Things feel cold, ruthless, noisey, confusing and disconnected. But we all must refuse to tap out. and that brings us too…

THE GOOD: this Saturday night 3/14 we present to you LAST ONES LEFT: In Fear of The End. a live stream. We are going to perform – in an empty venue – the show we have been planning on presenting to you all for months on end. You can stream the show on TWITCH and you will be able to contribute if you feel like it/are able. You will also be able to purchase the exclusive merch and record release records that we were sitting on for the show. A lot of really cool stuff that we designed ourselves. If you choose to do so – it will be very appreciated – and will help keep our heads above water.
If you have tickets to the Pittsburgh show you can get a refund at point of purchase. That show WILL be rescheduled. If you hang onto your ticket it will be good for whenever this thing lets up and we are able.

Let this be known: we love and respect you all and we hope you can enjoy this record.
It feels eerily timely…

“They pricked me but I didn’t bleed. They singed me just to test the smell. They cut me but I didn’t feel. I was just too deep in to fail.”

See you all tomorrow
The Thinners of The Herd”

Code Orange Premiere Animated Video For New Song “Sulfur Surrounding”

Code Orange have premiered an animated video for their new song “Sulfur Surrounding.” This track is from the band’s new album “Underneath,” which will be released on March 13. Jami Morgan commented:

“‘Sulfur Surrounding‘ is about your deepest relationships becoming manipulative, corrosive and eventually hopeless. Haunted by chemical compulsion. Fading into the depressive cycle. Another step on our journey under. The song showcases another stylistic dip on the rollercoaster that is Underneath. Soon all will become clear.”