Defiler Drummer Craig Ledbetter Passes Away, Frontman Jacob Shaw Battling Serious Health Issues

Defiler drummer Craig Ledbetter has passed away. The band recently confirmed the sad news, while also revealing that frontman Jacob Shaw is battling some serious health issues including a failing pancreas, which is believed to be from pancreatic necrosis.

Shaw said the following:

“Thank you all in advance for the donations, and the condolences for Craig. Both of these happening simultaneously, not long after losing my father, had been the hardest shit I’ve ever dealt with in my life. But I owe it to them to keep fighting.

I will do everything in my power to not succumb to this diagnosis, I don’t care if 1 in 5 die from it, I don’t give a fuck about any of that. I’m here to make music and I’m here for all of you, and we will come out of this on top.

For Craig, for my father, and all the others we’ve lost that want us to succeed. Thank you all again. Truly.”

You can help Shaw out by donating via the following options:

Email –
Venmo – @JakeDefiler
PayPal –

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DragonForce Drummer Gee Anzalone To Miss U.S. Tour Due To Health Issues

DragonForce drummer Gee Anzalone will be missing the band’s U.S. tour after being hospitalized for Myocarditis. Aquiles Priester (ex-Angra, etc.) will be filling in.

The band commented:

“Everyone please send Gee a get well message!

DragonForce are sad to announce that drummer Gee Anzalone will not be performing on the upcoming US tour. Gee has been hospitalised for Myocarditis, an inflammation of the heart muscle. Virtuoso drummer Aquiles Priester (Angra, Tony MacAlpine) will perform on the upcoming Dragonforce US Tour while Gee recovers.”

Guitarist Herman Li added:

“We will miss our brother Gee on the upcoming US tour, but health is most important. We wish Gee a speedy recovery and we know he will be back on tour with us soon. We want to thank our friend Aquiles for stepping up and helping us out on short notice.”

Benediction Cancel Latin American Tour Due To “Serious Health Problems”

Benediction have cancelled their Latin American tour. The band were forced to cancel the dates due to vocalist Dave Ingram suffering from “serious health problems.”

The group commented:

“Due to serious health problems suffered by vocalist Dave Ingram, the upcoming Benediction tour of Latin America has, unfortunately, had to be postponed.

Dave has had ongoing medical conditions including hip dysplasia and osteoporosis.

Over the Christmas period, his condition worsened and infection set into the bone. This requires treatment to reduce infection and immediate surgery. As such Dave was in no position to complete this tour. We did everything in our power to find a solution to get through this (even the possibility of a replacement vocalist) but to no avail.

I’m sure you appreciate that as friends we must put Dave’s health above all and as a band, we need to be there with you guys as Benediction, no replacements.

To this end, Dave will have the surgery and take a few months off to regain his strength, and we are at this moment rescheduling all of the shows.

We apologise to all involved in organising this and especially to our loyal fans, and we hope you understand.

Thank you for your support

Our new album release and summer shows will all go ahead as scheduled.

Keep watching for updates. We WILL be back.


Abbath Cancels Remaining South American Dates

Abbath has cancelled the remaining dates on his South American tour due to “health issues.” This news comes one day after his disastrous show in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

The following statement was issued:

“It is with heavy heart that we have to announce the cancellation of the remainder of the Abbath South American Outstrider tour. Due to health issues that need to be treated, we are unable to complete the last shows in Argentina and Brazil. We deeply apologize to all of our fans that wanted to come and see us, to the local promoters, and to Matrix Entertainment who has worked tirelessly in order to make this tour happen. We hope we can make it up to all you some day. We are very sorry.


Van Halen Rumored To Be On Hiatus Due To “Health Issues”

David Lee Roth recently said that he thinks “Van Halen’s finished” and now it appears that there may be more to the story. During a recent interview with Eddie Trunk, Toto’s Steve Lukather claimed that the band are on hiatus due to “health issues.” He said the following:

“[Eddie] and Alex are sitting there laying back and they’re waiting to see what happens next. I think they’re on a hiatus. There’s been some health issues that they’re dealing with and stuff like that. We’re older guys now, and to go on the road, and stuff like that, it requires a lot of extra effort in terms of as a human being…I’m not the guy to say anything. I love those brothers so much and we’ve always had a great relationship. I’m a big fan and also adore them as human beings.”

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Witchcraft Cancel U.S. Shows Due To “Serious Health Issues”

Witchcraft have been forced to cancel their November 19 show in New York and their and November 21 show in Boston due to “serious health issues.” The band said the following:

“US shows Cancelled. Dear friends. Due to serious health issues Witchcraft will not be able to perform the planned shows on NYC and Boston. We apologise deeply to our fans, the promoters and everyone involved. Ticket refund at place of purchase. Witchcraft.”

Chelsea Grin Vocalist Alex Koehler Offers An Update On His Health

Chelsea Grin previously dropped off their tour with Motionless In White, etc. due Alex Koehler‘s “declining health.” Now, the singer has offered an update on his health via Instagram:

Vocalist Tim Goergen To Exit Within The Ruins

Within The Ruins have announced that they will be parting ways with vocalist Tim Goergen due to “recent and ongoing health issues.” Steve Tinnon has been recruited to take his place.

Guitarist Joe Cocchi said the following:

“Hey everyone, Joe here with some news for you all. Within the Ruins and Tim have decided to part ways due to some recent and ongoing health issues. This is a tough one for all of us, and as saddened as we are to no longer have Tim with us, a new chapter begins. Tim will be passing the torch to our good friend Steve Tinnon and we are extremely excited for the future of this band. We’d like to invite you all to Tim‘s final two shows with us.

April 19th – Brooklyn, NY at Kingsland
April 21st- Worcester, MA at New England Metal and Hardcore Fest”

Goergen also commented:

“Hello my friends, it is with an extremely heavy heart that I announce my departure from Within The Ruins. I want to be very clear that this split is mutual and I have nothing but love for my brothers and vise versa. I am at a point in my life that won’t allow me to tour anymore, and touring is a huge part of this band. It breaks my heart, but it is what it is. Over the last ten years I have had the absolute privilege/pleasure to tour the world and record 5 amazing releases with the most driven and talented musicians on the fucking planet.

These guys are more than just friends and bandmates, they are my brothers. Through ups and downs, lineup changes, a van flip that nearly killed us, and countless beers/good times we are bonded forever. These experiences, memories, and friends I’ve made along the way are things that I will carry with me for the rest of my life. I ask that you all continue to support my guys just as you always have while I was in the band.

Thank you to our manager Scott Lee and Entertainment One / Goodfight for always having our backs and keeping our best interest in mind. Thank you to my friends, family, and my woman for supporting me while I lived out my dream. And of course I would like to thank our fans for their undying support and love. You guys kept me pushing forward the whole time.

I want to be clear that I am not done making music, so keep an eye out for projects from me in the future. I am excited for what lies ahead and am ready for this new chapter in my life.

Let’s get fucking crazy one more time!”

Tinnon added:

“I am very excited to announce that I am now singing for Within The Ruins! These guys have been great friends to me and my previous band for nearly a decade, and after two years of no longer touring or being in a band I’ve been given a second chance to do what I love again. I want to thank Tim for giving me his blessing on this moving forward. I’ve got big shoes to fill and I won’t let you down! I’m extremely honored to be part of a group of such talented musicians, and I can’t wait to start this next chapter of the band’s career. See you all soon!”

Chelsea Grin Exit Motionless In White, Etc. Tour Due To Alex Koehler’s “Declining Health”

Chelsea Grin have dropped off their upcoming tour with Motionless In White, Every Time I Die and Ice Nine Kills due to Alex Koehler’s “declining health.” With them gone, Like Moths To Flames have been added to the trek.

Chelsea Grin commented:

“To our fans,

We are entirely gutted to so suddenly inform you that we will need to drop off of the Motionless in White Graveyard Shift North American tour. In this situation, we feel the need to be entirely honest. It may or may not have been apparent, but for a while now Alex Koehler has been in declining health, and has been unable to surmount the rigors of being on the road.

He is currently under medical care, making good progress, and improving daily. Initially, the rest of us were determined to make this tour happen and deliver to you the best Chelsea Grin experience we could, even without Alex. We arrived home from tracking our upcoming record with only two full days to work, and as soon as we shifted our focus from the record and geared up for the run, we knew we were unprepared.

Beyond just a rushed rehearsal schedule, we’ve found ourselves very concerned with taking the stage in our current state. The duress of this album process and being so sick/conflicted for our brother has driven us each to a compromised and unsustainable mental and emotional position. When we consider the longevity of our band, this is the only choice.

We’ve waited so long to play for North America again, but cannot in good conscience return to deliver a performance that is not representative of the band at our best. Again, we are so deeply apologetic that we will not be able to accompany our brothers in Motionless in White, Every Time I Die and Ice Nine Kills, and even moreso that we will not be performing for or engaging with our fans. We are so grateful to our crew for their unending support and understanding, and to Davier Perez for working so hard stepping in for Pablo while he would have filled in for Alex.

It is very important for you to know that we are taking our situation head-on. We have a record that we are supremely confident and excited in (with the expert assistance of Drew Fulk and Joshua Travis), and are as committed as ever to furthering our music and the relationship we have with our supporters. Thank you all for your understanding, and we will be seeing you soon.”

Tour Dates:

02/20 Sacramento, CA – Ace of Spades (no Like Moths To Flames)
02/21 San Diego, CA – House of Blues (no Like Moths To Flames)
02/22 Anaheim, CA – House of Blues (no Like Moths To Flames)
02/23 Tucson, AZ – Rialto Theater (no Like Moths To Flames)
02/24 Albuquerque, NM – Sunshine Theater (no Like Moths To Flames)
02/25 Ft. Collins, CO – Aggie Theater (no Like Moths To Flames)
02/27 Clive, IA – 7 Flags Event Center
02/28 Milwaukee, WI – The Rave
03/02 Huntington, NY – The Paramount
03/03 Sayreville, NJ – Starland Ballroom
03/04 Providence, RI – The Strand
03/06 Portland, ME – State Theater
03/07 Clifton Park, NY – Upstate Concert Hall
03/08 London, ON – London Music Hall
03/09 Grand Rapids, MI – 20 Monroe Live
03/10 Columbus, OH – Express LIVE
03/11 Lexington, KY – Manchester Music Hall
03/13 Columbia, MO – Blue Note
03/14 Oklahoma City, OK – Diamond Ballroom
03/15 Lincoln, NE – Bourbon
03/17 Winnipeg, MB – The Garrick Centre
03/19 Edmonton, AB – Union Hall
03/20 Calgary, AB – Palace Theatre
03/22 Vancouver, BC – Rickshaw Theatre
03/23 Spokane, WA – Knitting Factory
03/24 Boise, ID – Revolution
03/25 Reno, NV – Cargo

Andols Herrick Opens Up About “Debilitating Digestive Issues” & Missing Chimaira’s Upcoming Reunion Show

As previously announced Andols Herrick will miss Chimaira’s upcoming reunion show at the Agora Theatre in Cleveland, OH on December 30, due to health reasons. Now, the drummer has opened up about his “debilitating digestive issues” and his disappointment about not being able to play the concert.

Herrick said the following:

“I’ve been meaning to follow up on Chimaira Christmas and the world of yours truly. This is going to be lengthy, so here’s a tl:dr – debilitating digestive issues since July 2016 → MDs are blockheads → downstream issues pile up → catatonic depression → reunion show is confirmed and I find hope → physical decline continues with even more unusual and embarrassing symptoms → drive to CLE with incredible enthusiasm, but off of 2 all-nighters and in terrible shape on every level, play poorly, my Chimaira brothers showed incredible concern and love, and quickly determine I am a huge liability (100% correct) → continue physical degradation, bedridden almost all day → crying and typing out this post.

Last November when I was in free fall and just lost my job, my family had me come to stay with them in North Carolina from Las Vegas. They are my guardian angels and have been unwavering in their support. Somehow in the midst of this, I met a girl from 1000 miles away who is gorgeous, caring, patient, and warm. MegAnne saved my life, and I know we will spending ours together.

The more love and support they show me, the more I agonize over regressing further and further away from normal, the more I frantically research and try to make headway….because I don’t just want it for myself, I want them to see their son/brother/soulmate climb back from the basement of hell to a better version of myself. They’ve laid the foundation, they’ve helped me many times over, and every day I feel so ashamed of what I’ve become. Make no mistake, if not for the love and support from them, and the kind words and generous donations my Facebook family has given me I’d be dead in the backseat of a car in the middle of nowhere, first the vehicle and then myself out of gas.

When the talks of a Chimaira reunion became real, I was so incredibly excited. I’ve really missed performing, and its been a gap in my heart I tried to ignore. So my dream was becoming reality, and I would not have believed I’d be in the physical and emotional state I am now. I fully support Austin taking the reigns….that dude is re-fucking-diculous….and find solace in knowing the most special Chimaira show ever is guaranteed to be the best performance of its career. But fucking hell do I wish I was there rehearsing, instead of loathing what I will feel when my feet touch the ground and my 8-hour preparation to run a quick errand.

More and more I feel like this relentless discomfort, nausea, physical deterioration is my reality, and that I have to learn how to block the noise out of my mind, one that is like a bullhorn blaring in my face every waking second. I hope I’m wrong. I know there are things yet to be investigated. I’m taking as much of the healing process into my own hands, because MDs simply want to wash their own of me. I want to get behind a kit once more, honor the support of my family by regaining my autonomy, and be the best version of me for the girl who amazes me more daily.

Many of you contributed to the GoFundMe campaign my family set up in April. I’m going to share that link right here:

Share it if you feel so inclined, and I would be grateful. I have a lot of testing and treatments to do and I am limited in what I’m capable to explore. That’s the extent my pride will allow me to say. Just know that you guys have already lifted me up in a way that overwhelms me.

I’m trying to find light in the pitch black darkness, waiting for “rock bottom” to happen. I’m terrified, embarrassed, and my mind all to often falls into a dark place. But I’m also grateful, blessed, loved, and constantly marvel about the amount of support I’ve been given.

From the bottom of my heart: I’m sorry I let the fans and my Chimaira brethren down. As Rocky Balboa said: “It ain’t how hard you can hit, its how you can get hit and keep moving forward!” I love you all, and look forward to redeeming myself in every aspect.

With respect and humility,