Primal Fear Premiere “The Lost & The Forgotten” Video

Primal Fear have premiered a new video for their song “The Lost & The Forgotten.” This track is from the band’s latest album “Metal Commando.” Mat Sinner commented:

“‘The Lost & The Forgotten’ follows the Primal Fear tradition, for example, our songs ‘The End Is Near’ or ‘Hounds Of Justice’ of the last albums, and shows the more brutal, modern side of the band, which will be a very strong contender for the forthcoming live shows. Thanks to the team for their fantastic hard work to realize our vision of the song, especially Markus Staiger, Bodo Hayen and Ubikmedia!”

Primal Fear Premiere “Hear Me Calling” Video

Primal Fear have premiered a new video for their new song “Hear Me Calling.” This track is from the band’s new album “Metal Commando,” which was released today (July 24). Mat Sinner commented:

“The special thing about ‘Hear Me Calling’ is, that we are combining the vibes of the first PF albums with the new Primal Fear of 2020. It’s great, because Tom [Naumann] was a part of the songwriting and the basis of the song was made in my studio. Ralf [Scheepers] made the lyrics, perfectly interpreting all the emotions and with a really strong chorus. Far away from home, in a shady plane somewhere between Peru and Bolivia, thinking about home….. a strong combination of powerful guitar riffs, awesome melodies, groove and a great hook!”

Primal Fear Premiere “I Am Alive” Video

Primal Fear have premiered a new video for their new song “I Am Alive.” This track is from the band’s new album “Metal Commando,” which will be released on July 24. Bassist Mat Sinner commented:

“‘I Am Alive’ is the opening track of the new album and a statement in these rough times. Between the speed of the double-bass drumming plus grooves and fat guitar riffs is one of the best Primal Fear hooks ever. You can look forward to a real banger of a song that is representative of our new album — ‘Metal Commando’.”

Primal Fear Premiere New Song “Along Came The Devil”

Primal Fear have premiered a new song titled “Along Came The Devil.” This track is from the band’s new album “Metal Commando,” which will be released on July 24. Bassist and producer Mat Sinner commented:

“‘Along Came The Devil’ is an assurance for our fans all over the world, that there are no unnecessary experiments or negative surprises on the new PRIMAL FEAR album, ‘Metal Commando’, and that they’ll get exactly what they’ve been waiting for. Sharp PF riffs, strong vocals, groovy drums and a rich production. Due to the current circumstances, the band couldn’t come together to make a video, so instead we just made the best of the situation and put our energy into a really elaborate lyric video. We hope that you have fun with our new song and video. Crank it up!”

Primal Fear To Release New Album “Metal Commando” In July

Primal Fear will be releasing their new album “Metal Commando” on July 17. The first single, “Along Came The Devil,” and pre-orders will launch on May 15. Bassist Mat Sinner commented:

“I don’t want to throw around superlatives, but each of us went to their utmost limits and we are all very happy with the sound and song material. It’s pretty safe to say that this is a top album and maybe even our strongest record to date. It’s the perfect mix between our origins and our current style, a perfect balance and all band members did an awesome job playing and recording it. For me, ‘Metal Commando’ is the right album at the right time.”

Primal Fear Part Ways With Drummer Francesco Jovino

Primal Fear have parted ways with drummer Francesco Jovino. Michael Ehré (Gamma Ray) will be taking his place.

The band commented:

“Welcome, Michael, to the Metal Commando and we’re proud to have you! Thanks to Francesco Jovino for four years rocking hard with us and traveling the world. Cesco, we wish you and your family only the best and good luck for your next projects.”

Ehré added:

“I’m super happy to join Primal Fear! From the beginning, I followed their career, know the guys in the band for years and was always a big fan of their music! I’m really excited and can’t wait to hit the stage at the Rock Fest in Barcelona.”

Singer Ralf Scheepers continued:

“What a drummer! I know Michael since quite a while now and I have always followed his great work for the bands he was drumming. I’m more than excited to share the stages of the world with such a talent and the wonderful person that he is. It’s fantastic to have you on board, Michael!”

Primal Fear Premiere “Blood, Sweat & Fear” Video

Primal Fear have premiered a new video for “Blood, Sweat & Fear” off their latest album “Apocalypse.” You can check that out below. In other news, the group have also announced that their first three albums, “Primal Fear,” “Jaws Of Death,” and “Nuclear Fire,” will be released on marbled vinyl on June 14.

Primal Fear Premiere “Crucify Me” Lyric Video

Primal Fear have premiered a lyric video for their new song “Crucify Me.” The track is featured on the band’s new limited edition 7″, which they released to celebrate their return to Nuclear Blast Records. That effort also includes a live version of “Nuclear Fire.”

Primal Fear Return To Nuclear Blast

Primal Fear have announced their return to Nuclear Blast. With this news, the group have also announced that they will be releasing a new limited edition 7″, titled “Crucify Me,” on September 28. It will include the title track, along with a live version of “Nuclear Fire.”

Founding member of the band Mat Sinner said the following:

“We are coming home to the No. 1 metal label and we‘re really looking forward to working with Markus Staiger and his team. All the incredibly positive reactions to the most recent PRIMAL FEAR album ‘Apocalypse’ from fans and the press have been a great motivation for us to get started with songwriting for another amazing new album, in collaboration with Nuclear Blast.”

Markus Staiger, owner of Nuclear Blast, also commented:

“We had a perfect start back then; all the metal fans were hungry for some traditional heavy metal. Together we realised six excellent albums and had a really exciting time. Even during the time after ‘Seven Seals’, the contact and amity between us and the band never ended. In the end, it was the last few PRIMAL FEAR albums that really convinced me, so we started discussing a new contract and I‘m happy that we reached an agreement quite fast and without complications. I think that PRIMAL FEAR are one of the most powerful and innovative metal bands in Europe and I love their unique, massive and heavy sound. Also, it’s really impressive how PRIMAL FEAR have never lost any of their quality and have never stopped being an awesome live act over the last 20 years.”

Vocalist Ralf Scheepers added:

“It’s time to release the beast once more with the combined strength of a record company which is motivated to the max and us musicians of PRIMAL FEAR, who stand like a wall of unity and loyalty. Back to the roots with Nuclear Blast and a heavy tune — ‘Crucify Me’!”

Primal Fear Premiere “Ritual” Music Video

Primal Fear have premiered a new video for their new song “Ritual.” This track is from the band’s new album “Apocalypse,” which will be released on August 10. Bassist/co-founder Mat Sinner commented:

“We rely on The Ritual – on stage and on the production floor. The song combines the vibe of Primal Fear 2018 with our origins. Sharp-sharp guitars, fat groove and Ralf Scheepers at their best!”