New Documentary On The Prodigy Is In The Works

According to The Hollywood Reporter, a new documentary focusing on The Prodigy is currently in the works. The film is being produced by Pulse Films in collaboration with the band’s own Liam Howlett and Maxim. The documentary will be dedicated to the late Keith Flint.

Here’s a description of the film:

“Directed by multi-Grammy nominated Paul Dugdale and written alongside Sam Bridger, the feature — provisionally entitled ‘The Prodigy’ and being produced by founding members Liam Howlett and Maxim — will tell what the filmmakers are describing as ‘the raw, uncompromising and emotional story of a gang of young outlaws from Essex who came together in the vortex of the late 80s U.K. rave scene.'”

The band said the following:

“After the devastating passing of our brother Keef in 2019, the time feels right for us to tell the story of our band, all of it, the whole nine.

It’s a story of the chaotic and troubled journey of our gang, our band, the people’s band, The Prodigy. Or simply, a story of brothers on a mission to make noise, to ignite the people’s soul and blow-up sound systems worldwide, that’s fucking what. This film will be made with the same integrity that our music: uncompromising, raw and honest. This one’s for Keef!”

Dugdale also commented:

“The film will be as wild as the band. Dark at times, strong changes of pace, it will be a visual assault too, stylistically striking, contemporary and challenging. We want the viewers to leave the cinema like they’ve just stepped off a roller-coaster.”

Bridger added:

“The Prodigy are the most iconic British electronic band of their generation, a group who single-handedly altered the course of popular music. Our ethos at Pulse Films in the music documentary space has always been to tell unique stories about iconic artists in new and disruptive ways. Partnering with The Prodigy and their long-time directing collaborator Paul Dugdale enables us to continue that tradition and create a film that reflects the heart, sheer imagination and danger of The Prodigy.”

Mike Shinoda Teams Up With blackbear And theultravisitor For New Song “I’m Still Fucking Here”

Mike Shinoda (Linkin Park) has joined forces with blackbear and theultravisitor for a new song titled “I’m Still Fucking Here.” You can stream that below:

Bring Me The Horizon, Architects, Anaal Nathrakh, Etc. Songs Featured On Soundtrack For “Watch Dogs: Legion”

The latest installment in the “Watch Dogs” video game series, “Watch Dogs: Legion,” was officially released yesterday (October 29) and it features a number of metal artists on the soundtrack. Among the bands included are Bring Me The Horizon, Architects, Anaal Nathrakh, Bolt Thrower, Angel Witch, and more.

Here’s the full track listing:

  • Alt-J – “Breezeblocks”
  • Anaal Nathrakh – “Hold Your Children Close And Pray For Oblivion”
  • Angel Witch – “Death From
  • Andromeda”
  • Apollo Junction – “Begin”
  • Architects – “Hereafter”
  • Bad Sounds – “Milk It”
  • Baddiel, Skinner, & The Lightning Seeds – “Three Lions”
  • Beethoven – “Symphony No. 9”
  • Big Shaq – “Man Don’t Dance”
  • Biomechanical – “The Empires Of The Worlds”
  • Black Honey – “Hello Today”
  • Bloc Party – “Banquet”
  • Blur – “Song 2”
  • Bolt Thrower – “Inside The Wire”
  • BONES UK – “Creature”
  • Boston Manor – “Hate You”
  • Breton – “Titan”
  • Bring Me The Horizon – “Mantra”
  • Busted – “Reunion”
  • Coax – “Over It”
  • Continents – “Life Of Misery”
  • Curbi – “Polar”
  • Daniel Blume – “Tonight”
  • Demons Of Ruby Mae – “Synesthesia”
  • Diamond Eyes – “Run Away”
  • Everyone You Know – “Sinners”
  • Fatboy Slim – “The Rockafeller Skank”
  • Foals – “Exits”
  • Foals – “In Degrees”
  • Frank Turner – “Recovery”
  • Gorillaz – “Feel Good Inc.”
  • Haggard Cat – “Grave Digger”
  • HitRecord – “I Am Your Virus”
  • HitRecord – “Riot”
  • HitRecord – “Rise For War”
  • Inja vs. Whiney – “Crooked Flex”
  • Isaiah Dreads – “Chill”
  • Janus Stark – “Enemy Lines”
  • KSI & Randolph – “Red Alert”
  • Lady Leshurr – “Queen’s Speech, Ep. 4”
  • Lily Allen – “Fuck You”
  • Metrik – “Cadence” (Metrik Goes Halftime remix)
  • Monico Blonde – “Breathe”
  • Mozart – “Requiem”
  • Mozart – “Symphony No. 40”
  • Muse – “Bliss”
  • Mussorgsky – “Night On Bald Mountain”
  • Muzzy – “In The Night” (feat. Sullivan King)
  • New Gen – “Man Of The Hour” (feat. Jevon)
  • Richard Wagner – “Ride Of The Valkyries”
  • Sam Fender – “Spice”
  • Savage Messiah – “Hellblazer”
  • Shiners – “Pressure”
  • Slumberjack & Machine Age – “Daggers”
  • Stiff Little Fingers – “Alternative Ulster”
  • Stormzy – “Rainfall” (feat. Tina Major9)
  • Stormzy – “Big for Your Boots”
  • The Libertines – “Up the Bracket”
  • The Prodigy – “Light Up the Sky”
  • Tokyo Taboo – “Make It Out Alive”
  • YONAKA – “Fired Up”

Chino Moreno (Deftones) Revisiting Unfinished Crosses Material: “I’m Gonna Try To Get Some Of That Stuff Finalized”

During a recent interview with Bloody Disgusting‘s “The Boo Crew,” Chino Moreno (Deftones) revealed that he is revisiting unfinished material from his Crosses (†††) project with Shaun Lopez (ex-Far) and Chuck Doom. According to the frontman, he is “gonna try to get some of that stuff finalized.”

Moreno said the following about Crosses:

“A few days ago, I just moved into a new place a little over a month ago, so I’ve been setting up my studio room in here and I broke out some of that [unreleased] stuff from then, and I started working on it! Now that the Deftones record is done and there’s no touring really in the near future, I kinda have time to work on stuff so I’m definitely going to dig in and see where I can go with that.

I really really like that project. The best part about it for me was no one knew we were making that record even. We put it out as EP’s first and we just kinda dropped out of nowhere. Making music without any expectations was super freeing and fun. I really love doing it. I like the guys that I work with in that so I’m gonna try to get some of that stuff finalized… finished up.”

[via The PRP]

Trent Reznor (Nine Inch Nails) Guests On Tobacco’s New Song “Babysitter”

Tobacco has premiered a new song titled “Babysitter.” This track features Nine Inch Nails frontman Trent Reznor and it will appear on Tobacco’s new album, “Hot Wet & Sassy,“ which is set to be released on October 30. Tobacco told Rolling Stone the following:

“I’ve always been an album guy and my albums are my zone, so Trent being on this one is one of the more meaningful things to me. Now he’s melted into it. ‘Babysitter’ is like one of those experiments I need to do every once in a while, to see how far I can push it within the constructs of writing a song, without just making noise. [It’s] edging. Probably not that different from how Taylor Swift does it.”

Killswitch Engage’s Jesse Leach Reveals Name For New Project With His Girlfriend

Killswitch Engage’s Jesse Leach and his girlfriend Porphyra Philia have officially set Dead Trees as the name of their new project. The duo previously released one song titled “Luminescent Dreams” and another track titled “Mind Virus” is “coming soon.”

[via The PRP]

Killswitch Engage’s Jesse Leach Shares Demo Of New Electronic Track That He Worked On With His Girlfriend

Killswitch Engage’s Jesse Leach has shared a demo of a new electronic track titled “Luminescent Dreams.” The song is collaboration between the singer and his girlfriend.

Metal Anarchy’s New Music Showcase: Exclusive Q&A With Attrition

Time for the next edition of Metal Anarchy’s “new music showcase,” the feature where I introduce you to bands that readers of this site may find interesting. This time I have an exclusive Q&A with Attrition.

METAL ANARCHY: Tell me a little about your band:

ATTRITION: ATTRITION started back in December 1980… so this year we will be enjoying our 40th anniversary… We’ve been through various lineup changes but always centered on founder Martin Bowes… these days often with guest musicians. We have released many albums over the years and have toured all over the world. The sound is often electronic and can be Industrial, gothic, and dark ambient (we’ve composed some horror film scores, which we occasionally play live… the best being in Transylvania a year or so ago, an amazing experience..)

METAL ANARCHY: Who are your main influences?

ATTRITION: I started music after experiencing punk in the late 70’s… although the post punk sound of PIL/Magazine/Joy Division/Cabaret Voltaire was much more of an influence musically… and over the years taken on dark ambient soundtracks and neo classical influences.

METAL ANARCHY: What is your latest release and why should readers of this site check it out?

ATTRITION: We are releasing the new single this week… The Great Derailer ….fittingly on Brexit day! There will be a video to accompany it and a full length album coming a little later this year…. Do listen to it on our official bandcamp site if you want something different.

METAL ANARCHY: What can people expect when they go to your live shows?

ATTRITION: Always an experience in sound and visuals… from the core ATTRITION lineup of electronics and sequences with male and female vocals… often adding guest musicians in violin or guitar…. You get a better idea from a recent show we recorded in New Zealand … a free download on bandcamp

METAL ANARCHY: Where do you see your band heading in 5 years?

ATTRITION: We have released a couple dozen albums to date and toured over most of the world… I’ve worked on other people’s albums here in my studio, The Cage, and put out some side projects as well over the years…. But in a lot of ways it often feels like I am just beginning…. And that’s a great feeling… We will be taking on new challenges in 5 years…. And for the foreseeable future…

Thank you for the interview…!

Blink-182 Join The Chainsmokers Onstage To Perform Unreleased Collaborative Track “P.S. I Hope You’re Happy”

Blink-182 joined The Chainsmokers onstage during their November 26 show at The Forum In Inglewood, CA to perform their unreleased collaborative track “P.S. I Hope You’re Happy.” You can see footage of that below:

[via Alternative Press]

Petbrick (Ex-Sepultura, Etc.) Premiere “Coming” Music Video

Petbrick, the project featuring Igor Cavalera (Cavalera Conspiracy, ex-Sepultura, etc.) and Wayne Adams (Big Lad, Death Pedals, etc.), have premiered a new video for their new song “Coming.” This track features Cavalera‘s wife and Mixhell bandmate Laima Leyton and it will appear on the duo’s debut album “I” (out October 25).

Cavalera commented:

“I’ve always had a fascination with art being made at places out of the European/USA market. From bands to one of my favorite movie directors Jose Mojica Marins aka Coffin Joe. When I was contacted by Dante Vescio, that was one of the first things that came to my mind. I love the idea of a video that can be as strong as the music, especially coming from a country like Brazil, which is going through so much turmoil. The photography beautifully contrasts with the disturbing backgrounds.”

Vescio added:

“When I heard ‘Coming,’ my first reaction was to try and come up with a simple narrative that reinforced the song’s powerful and moody feminine presence. The image of a witch subduing a grotesque male character (The Pig) and finishing him off came to mind. I thought it was a good opportunity to give a character with ‘Naz’’ vibes a taste of his own medicine.

The fact that Petbrick‘s logo reads ‘Noise Against Nazi Scum’ was also pretty encouraging. I decided to shoot the whole thing in slow-motion because I thought it would enhance the song’s brutal elegance. I think there’s enough music videos with breakneck speed and editing to go around. It felt right to go the other way and shoot something that you can actually look at for a while, creating the sensory experience with the images, not just the speed of the cuts.”

[via Metal Injection]