Johnny Rotten Blasts Sex Pistols Limited Series “Pistol”: “I Think That’s The Most Disrespectful Shit I’ve Ever Had To Endure”

As previously reported, FX are producing a new series, titled “Pistol,” based on Sex Pistols guitarist Steve Jones’ memoir “Lonely Boy: Tales From A Sex Pistol.” However, singer John Lydon, aka Johnny Rotten, has now blasted the show calling it “disrespectful.”

Lydon said the following during an interview with The Sunday Times [via NME]:

“I think that’s the most disrespectful shit I’ve ever had to endure. I mean, they went to the point to hire an actor to play me but what’s the actor working on? Certainly not my character. It can’t go anywhere else [but court].”

Lydon also claimed that director Danny Boyle never talked to him about “Pistol” even though the two previously met during preparations for the 2021 London Olympics opening ceremony. He also added:

“Sorry, you think you can do this, like walk all over me — it isn’t going to happen. Not without a huge, enormous fucking fight. I’m Johnny, you know, and when you interfere with my business, you’re going to get the bitter end of my business as a result. It’s a disgrace.”

It’s worth noting that a spokesperson for the “Pistol” production told The Sunday Times that Boyle did reach out to Lydon’s management company, but “ultimately direct contact was declined.”

As previously reported, the six-part series will feature: Toby Wallace as Jones, Anson Boon as Lydon, Louis Partridge as Sid Vicious, Jacob Slater as Paul Cook, Fabien Frankel as Glen Matlock, Sydney Chandler as Chrissie Hynde, Emma Appleton as Nancy Spungen, and Maisie Williams as Jordan. Some pictures from the series have already surfaced and can be seen below:

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Limited Series Based On Sex Pistols Guitarist Steve Jones’ Memoir Coming To FX

A new series focusing on the Sex Pistols has been ordered by FX. The show, which is titled “Pistol,” will be based on guitarist Steve Jones’ memoir “Lonely Boy: Tales From A Sex Pistol.”

According to Variety, the six-part series is being directed by Danny Boyle and it will feature Toby Wallace as Jones, Anson Boon as Johnny Rotten, Louis Partridge as Sid Vicious, Jacob Slater as Paul Cook, Fabien Frankel as Glen Matlock, Sydney Chandler as Chrissie Hynde, Emma Appleton as Nancy Spungen, and Maisie Williams as Jordan. Boyle commented:

“Imagine breaking into the world of The Crown and Downton Abbey with your mates and screaming your songs and your fury at all they represent. This is the moment that British society and culture changed forever. It is the detonation point for British street culture … where ordinary young people had the stage and vented their fury and their fashion … and everyone had to watch and listen … and everyone feared them or followed them. The Sex Pistols. At its center was a young charming illiterate kleptomaniac – a hero for the times – Steve Jones, who became in his own words, the 94th greatest guitarist of all time. This is how he got there.”

Production is expected to start in March.

Brokker Selling Metallica, Rage Against The Machine, Mötley Crüe, Etc. Block Figures

Japanese toy company Brokker is selling new block figures of Metallica, Rage Against The Machine, Mötley Crüe, Sex Pistols, Stray Cats, etc. Pre-orders for most of the toys can be found HERE.

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[brokker takes on the world! UK’s punk vanguard, Sex Pistols, will be released!] Sex Pistols, UK’s iconic punk pioneer which stole the scene in the late 1970s, will join brokker collection under the official license! Figures’ costumes are faithful reproductions of “GOD SAVE THE QUEEN” stage costumes. Sid Vicious’ chain necklace, known as "Sid Chain" among fans, is independently molded, and other details like band members’ instruments are meticulously perfected to the fans’ delight. ▶︎ Country of Sale: Japan, US, and UK ▶︎ Scheduled Release: January 31, 2019 (Thu) at 13:00 (Japan time). ▶︎ Suggested Price: JPY 9,800 / USS 106.40 / GBP 82.90 ●Member : Vo/John Lydon , Gt/Steve Jones , Ba/Sid Vicious , Dr/Paul Cook ●Option : Mic&Stand , Guitar , Bass , Drumsticks ●Size : About 85mm ●Package Size:W320mm×H180mm(Brister) About brokker… A block toy with a height at 85mm embodies the world of the artist it represents. brokker is a Japanese toy brand specialized in designing musician figures with the quality to satisfy fans with attention to details. Currently, the brand primarily selects top and existing artists in the domestic market and steadily expands original lineups through direct engagement of the model artists as supervisors and its strong booking ability. The brand’s adherence to these principles is winning the support of fans, as well as the artists themselves. In 2019, brokker will take to the global market with the release of Sex Pistols and expand the international lineup by modelling after artists from around the world. brokker ONLINE STORE> (Contact Mail : (C) 2018 Sex Pistols Residuals (C) 2018 brokker co.,ltd. All rights reserved. #brokker #sexpistols #johnlydon #stevejones #sidvicious #paulcook #figures #blocktoys #japan #punk #rock #godsavethequeen #uk #unitedkingdom

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40th Anniversary Deluxe Edition Of Sex Pistols’ “Never Mind The Bollocks, Here’s The Sex Pistols” To Be Released In October

USM/UMC will be releasing a 40th anniversary deluxe edition of the Sex Pistols’ “Never Mind The Bollocks, Here’s The Sex Pistols” on October 27. It will come with 3 CDs containing the original album, b-sides, outtakes, and live material. There will also be a DVD with 1977 footage of the band playing live from the infamous boat party held on the River Thames, London, the Winter Gardens, Penzance in Cornwall and the Happy House, Stockholm, Sweden, as well as a 48-page book with narrative from music journalist Pat Gilbert, and rare photos from Bob Gruen, Barry Plummer, John Tiberi and Dave Wainwright.

Track Listing:

Disc 1 – Never Mind The Bollocks

01. Holidays In The Sun
02. Bodies
03. No Feelings
04. Liar
05. God Save The Queen
06. Problems
07. Seventeen
08. Anarchy In The UK
09. Submission
10. Pretty Vacant
11. New York
12. EMI

Disc 2 – Studio Rarities / Dave Goodman Demos / Chris Thomas Demos & Outtakes

Studio Rarities & B Sides:

01. No Feeling (B side of withdrawn God Save The Queen On A&M Records)
02. Did You No Wrong (B side of God Save The Queen)
03. No Fun (B side of Pretty Vacant)
04. Satellite (B side of Holidays In The Sun)

Dave Goodman Demos:

05. New York (Demo Version)
06. Unlimited Edition (Demo Version of “EMI”)
07. Liar (Demo Version)
08. Pretty Vacant (Demo Version)
09. Problems (Demo Version)
10. No Future (Demo Version of “God Save The Queen”)

Chris Thomas Demos & Outtakes:

11. Did You No Wrong (Alternative Vocal)
12. Seventeen (Alternative Vocal)
13. Satellite (Rough Mix)
14. Submission (Rough Mix)
15. Holidays In The Sun (Rough Mix)
16. EMI (Rough Mix)
17. Seventeen (Rough Mix)
18. Holidays In The Sun (Alternative Mix)
19. Body (Demo Version Of “Bodies”)
20. Submission (Alternative Mix)
21. Belsen Was A Gas (Demo Version)

Disc 3 – 1977 Live

Trondheim – StudentersamfuNdet – Norway:

01. Anarchy In The UK
02. I Wanna Be Me
03. Seventeen
04. New York
05. EMI
06. No Fun
07. No Feelings
08. Problems
09. God Save The Queen

Happy House – Stockholm – Sweden:

10. Anarchy In The UK
11. I Wanna Be Me
12. Seventeen
13. New York
14. EMI
15. Submission
16. No Feelings
17. Problems
18. God Save The Queen
19. Pretty Vacant
20. No Fun

Disc 4 – DVD 1977 footage

Riverboat Party – River Thames London 1977:

01. Pretty Vacant
02. Anarchy In The UK
03. Problems

Happy House Stockholm – Sweden 1977:

04. Anarchy In The UK
05. I Wanna Be Me
06. Seventeen
07. New York
08. Problems
09. No Fun

Winter Gardens – Penzance – Cornwall – 1977:

10. Problems
11. No Fun
12. Anarchy In The UK

Promo Videos:

13. Good Save The Queen
14. Pretty Vacant
15. Holidays In The Sun

Radio 1 Rock On Interview:

16. John And Sid Interview

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