Listen To More Bonus Tracks From Upcoming Dio Deluxe Reissues

As previously reported, new deluxe editions of Dio‘s “Angry Machines,“ “Magica,“ “Killing The Dragon,“ and “Master Of The Moon“ will be released in the near future. The records, which will now be available on March 20, have been remastered and will come with various bonus tracks. Among the extras are “Rainbow In The Dark” (live on the ‘Master Of The Moon‘ tour), “Stand Up And Shout” (live on the ‘Killing The Dragon‘ tour), “Hunter Of The Heart” (live on the ‘Angry Machines‘ tour), and “Fever Dreams” (live on the ‘Magica‘ tour), which can all be streamed below:

Behemoth Planning To Reissue Their Back Catalog

According to Behemoth frontman Adam “Nergal” Darski, the band are planning to reissue their “back catalogue with massive bonus content, both audio and aesthetics.” The first release in the series is a reissue of the group’s debut EP, “And The Forests Dream Eternally,” which is expected to be released in May.

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When I thought that all of those tapes were long gone buried by time and dust I came across this hidden treasure…! One of my garage band’s names was Centaur and we played… Black Death metal! It must have been ‘88 or ‘89 I believe. All I remember from those “session” is that there was a song called “Necromancer”. Now I’m waiting for a friend of mine to bring the cassette player so I can check if the tape is legit. It should be! I don’t think it’s ever worth publishing but for my personal archives and the whole career profile it is pretty crucial. For all the @behemothofficial fans out there, along with this tape I found several Behemoth demo masters, rehearsal cassettes and live recordings from late ‘90! What I am working on now is reissue of the back catalogue with massive bonus content, both audio and aesthetics! Stay tuned! “…And the forests dream eternally” comes out first in May 2020!

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Remastered Deluxe Editions Of Dio’s 1996-2004 Albums To Be Released In February

New deluxe editions of Dio‘s studio albums from 1996-2004 are set to be released on February 21. Those records include: “Angry Machines,“ “Magica,“ “Killing The Dragon,“ and “Master Of The Moon.“

All four albums have been remastered by Wyn Davis and they come with updated artwork by Marc Sasso, as well as various bonus tracks. The reissues will be available in the following formats: vinyl, 2-CD set, and digital. It’s worth noting that the first vinyl pressings will include a lenticular album art print. On top of that, the “Magica” LP will also come with a bonus 7″ featuring “Electra,“ a track that was originally supposed to appear on Dio’s unfinished album “Magica 2.” Here’s the track listings:

“Angry Machines“:

Disc 1:

01. “Institutional Man”
02. “Don’t Tell The Kids”
03. “Black”
04. “Hunter Of The Heart”
05. “Stay Out Of My Mind”
06. “Big Sister”
07. “Double Monday”
08. “Golden Rules”
09. “Dying In America”
10. “This Is Your Life”

Disc 2 – Live on “Angry Machines” Tour 1997:

01. “Jesus Mary and The Holy Ghost – Straight Through The Heart”
02. “Don’t Talk To Strangers”
03. “Double Monday”
04. “Hunter Of The Heart”
05. “Holy Diver”
06. “Heaven and Hell”
07. “Long Live Rock and Roll”
08. “Man On The Silver Mountain”
09. “Rainbow In The Dark”
10. “The Last In Line”
11. “The Mob Rules”
12. “We Rock”


Disc 1:

01. “Discovery”
02. “Magica Theme”
03. “Lord Of The Last Day”
04. “Fever Dreams”
05. “Turn To Stone”
06. “Feed My Head”
07. “Eriel”
08. “Chalis”
09. “As Long As It’s Not About Love”
10. “Losing My Insanity”
11. “Otherworld”
12. “Magica” (Reprise)
13. “Lord Of the Last Day” (Reprise)

Disc 2 – Live on “Magica” Tour 2001:

01. “Discovery”
02. “Magica”
03. “Lord Of The Last Day”
04. “Fever Dreams”
05. “Eriel”
06. “Chalis”
07. “Losing My Insanity”
08. “Otherworld”
09. “Electra” – Studio Track
10. “Magica Story” – Studio/Spoken Word

“Killing The Dragon“:

Disc 1:

01. “Killing The Dragon”
02. “Along Comes A Spider”
03. “Scream”
04. “Better In The Dark”
05. “Rock and Roll”
06. “Push”
07. “Guilty”
08. “Throw Away Children”
09. “Before The Fall”
10. “Cold Feet”

Disc 2 – Live on “Killing The Dragon” Tour 2002/2003:

01. “Holy Diver”
02. “Heaven and Hell”
03. “Rock and Roll”
04. “I Speed At Night”
05. “Killing The Dragon”
06. “Stand Up And Shout”

“Master Of The Moon“:

Disc 1:

01. “One More For The Road”
02. “Master Of The Moon”
03. “The End Of The World”
04. “Shivers”
05. “The Man Who Would Be King”
06. “The Eyes”
07. “Living The Lie”
08. “I Am”
09. “Death By Love”
10. “In Dreams”

Disc 2 – Bonus / Live on “Master Of The Moon” Tour 2004/2005:

01. “Heaven and Hell”
02. “Rainbow In The Dark”
03. “Rock and Roll Children”
04. “The Eyes”
05. “Prisoner Of Paradise” – Studio Track

Ronnie James Dio’s widow Wendy Dio commented:

“I am very excited to be working with BMG, a label that still has a passion for rock music. They will be making the complete Dio catalogue available again with some interesting surprises.”

You can find some of the bonus tracks from the re-releases below:

Iron Maiden Announce Final Wave Of CD Reissues

Iron Maiden will be releasing their final batch of CD digipak reissues on November 22. This time “Dance Of Death,” “A Matter Of Life And Death“ (option of standard or collectors boxset edition including Eddie figurine and patch), and “The Final Frontier“ will be getting re-released with audio from the band’s 2015 digital remasters. “The Book Of Souls“ will also receive a digipak release, but it has not been remastered. Pre-orders can be found HERE.

Queens Of The Stone Age’s “Rated R,” “Songs For The Deaf,” “Lullabies To Paralyze,” & “Era Vulgaris” To Receive New Vinyl Pressings

Queens Of The Stone Age have announced that they will be reissuing “Rated R,” “Songs For The Deaf,” “Lullabies To Paralyze,” and “Era Vulgaris” on vinyl. “Rated R” and “Songs For The Deaf” will be released on November 22, while “Lullabies To Paralyze” and “Era Vulgaris” will be released on December 20.

Enslaved To Reissue “Vertebrae” & “Axioma Ethica Odini” In November

Enslaved will be reissuing “Vertebrae” and “Axioma Ethica Odini” on November 8. The albums have been remastered and they will be available on CD digipak and limited edition vinyl. Furthermore, “Vertebrae” will feature live covers of King Crimson‘s “Red” and Rush‘s “Earthshine” as bonus tracks, while “Axioma Ethica Odini” will feature “Jotunblod (Doom)” and “Migration” as bonus tracks. North American pre-orders can be found HERE and European pre-orders can be found HERE.

Origin To Reissue First Four Albums On Vinyl

Origin have announced that their first four albums, “Origin,“ “Informis Infinitas Inhumanitas,“ “Echoes Of Decimation,” and “Antithesis,“ will be reissued on vinyl on October 25. Guitarist/vocalist Paul Ryan commented:

“Excited to present and complete the ‘Origins of Origin’ series with our first four albums on vinyl with Agonia Records! This is the first time the ‘Origin‘ and ‘Informis Infinitas Inhumanitas‘ albums have ever been pressed on vinyl. ‘Echoes of Decimation‘ and ‘Antithesis‘ are also being pressed for those who missed out on the fun the first time through! Thanks to all the friends/fans of Origin for the support all these years!”