Danzig To Release New Album In May, Announces 2017 “Blackest Of The Black” Festival

Danzig has revealed that his new album will be released in mid-May. With this news, he also announced that the 2017 Blackest Of The Black festival will be held at Oak Canyon Park in Silverado, CA on May 26-27. That event will feature over 20 bands including Ministry. Furthermore, Danzig is also planning some “How The Gods Kill” 25th anniversary shows.

The following statement was issued:

“DANZIG will release his new album in mid-May. This is the 1st DANZIG album of all new material in 7 years, since 2010’s critically acclaimed ‘Deth Red Sabaoth‘.Title will be announced shortly.

This June also marks the 25th Anniversary of DANZIG III HOW THE GODS KILL. HOW THE GODS KILL was the 1st DANZIG album to crack Billboards Top 30 & the 1st DANZIG album produced by Mr. DANZIG himself.

In Honor of this momentous occasion, DANZIG will be doing a select handful of shows this summer & will perform many songs from HOW THE GODS KILL.

You shouldn’t miss it !!!”

Danzig Releases Limited Edition “Skeletons” Picture Disc

Danzig’s covers album, “Skeletons,” is now available on limited edition picture disc via NuclearBlast.com. The release, which is limited to 1030 copies, will also be available in stores on August 26.


Skeletons Track Listing:

01. “Devil’s Angels” (Davie Allan and the Arrows cover)
02. “Satan” (from ‘Satan’s Sadists‘)
03. “Let Yourself Go” (Elvis Presley cover)
04. “N.I.B.” (Black Sabbath cover)
05. “Lord Of The Thighs” (Aerosmith cover)
06. “Action Woman” (The Litter cover)
07. “Rough Boy” (ZZ Top cover)
08. “With A Girl Like You” (The Troggs cover)
09. “Find Somebody” (The Rascals cover)
10. “Crying In The Rain” (The Everly Brothers cover)

Danzig Is “About Three-Quarters Done” With New Album

In a new interview with Noisey, Danzig discussed his progress on a new album. During the chat, he said the effort is “about three-quarters done.”


Here’s what he had to say:

“There’s always stuff to write about, but I think that the whole punk thing helped a lot. If it gets boring, change it, fix it, make it exciting, make it relevant again, and that’s what I did without sacrificing the music. That’s what I try to do. I try to do stuff where first thing is I’m excited about the record, and then I hope that the people who listen to my music are gonna dig it too.

That’s pretty much how I go into doing a record, and I don’t do a new record until I have stuff to write about it. I don’t force myself to do a record. Someone doesn’t come to me and say, “Hey, it’s been a year or two since your last record. You’ve gotta write a record and put one out in a couple of months.” No one comes to me and says that to me. The covers record I’ve been working on for a while, but the last new Danzig material came out in 2010.

The new record is about three-quarters done, and by the time that comes out it’ll have been probably about six years since the last time you heard any new original Danzig material. Not a covers record or not this Danzig Sings Elvis record, so it’ll be six years.”

On another note, Danzig’s covers album, Skeletons, will be released on November 27.

Danzig On His Future: “I Don’t Think I’m Going To Tour Anymore”

Danzig has been on tour with Superjoint Ritual, Veil Of Maya, etc. on The Blackest Of The Black Tour, but this may be his final full length trek. In a new interview with Loudwire, which you can see below, he said that he doesn’t think he’ll tour anymore. Despite this, he will probably still do one-offs, and festival dates here and there.