Scott Stapp (Creed) Premieres “Name” Lyric Video

Scott Stapp (Creed) has premiered a lyric video for his song “Name.” This track is from his new solo album “The Space Between The Shadows,” which will be released on July 19.


Volbeat Premiere Lyric Video For New 39-Second Song “Parasite”

Volbeat have premiered lyric video for their new song “Parasite.” The track, which is only 39 seconds long, is the first single from the band’s upcoming album.

The Absence Premiere New Song “Walking Shadows”

The Absence have premiered a new song titled “Walking Shadows.” This track features Aghora guitarist Santiago Dobles and it will be available on a limited edition cassette at the band’s upcoming shows. That release also features a cover of Bad Religion‘s “Do What You Want” and a live version of “Septic Testament.”

Jamie Stewart told Metal Injection the following:

“We are ridiculously excited to finally share our new single and music video for ‘Walking Shadows‘ with the world! This was definitely a standout track from the ‘A Gift For The Obsessed‘ sessions, and we knew that we should wait until the absolute perfect moment to release this beast of a song since we recorded an abundance of songs and then some.

So, what better time to drop ‘Walking Shadows‘ than on the eve of our megaton tour with the mighty Deicide, Origin, and Jungle Rot? This track is utterly devastating, and it will most certainly be a smash given the complete heaviness of this package.

We wanted to shoot a full-fledged music video, but due to time constraints and tour obligations with other projects, all band members were not available. So, instead of axing the idea completely, we decided to film a live-action lyric video solely featuring myself.

Our drummer and all-around renaissance man, Jeramie Kling, shot all of the live footage for the video, and Adam Hutton of BurdenInSilence Designs did all of the editing and effects. Both did such a fantastic job, we were all completely stunned with the outcome!

We will see all of you maniacs out on the road in May and June. Bring an extra face – you’ll definitely need it once we’re done playing!”

Skillet Premiere “Legendary” Lyric Video

Skillet have premiered a lyric video for their new song “Legendary.” This track is from the band’s new album “Victorious,” which will be released on August 2.

John Cooper told Billboard the following about the song:

“‘Legendary’ is kind of fun because it sounds like Skillet, but it’s actually a little different for Skillet as well. That opening guitar riff isn’t like anything we’ve ever done on guitar. It’s a little bit bluesy, a little bit rock. I thought it was cool.

The general message of ‘Legendary’ is to make your life count. You’re going to have a lot of hard things in your life. Sometimes it will get you down, but you need to make your life count. You are only here for so long on earth, so every day fight to be legendary.”

He also commented on the album:

“It’s the first time that me and Korey produced most of the record ourselves. When I was looking at what we did well on ‘Unleashed’, I thought it was a real energizing and fun record to listen to. That’s what a great Skillet record is — songs that make people want to put their fists up in the air at a concert or get them through a run or drive or whatever they are doing. So we set out to make a record that had a lot of emotion to it.

We got to really dig in and try anything we wanted to try, and that comes through in some of the intricacies of the production. It’s quite a musical record. I think it’s a little bit more musical than we’ve done in a long time.”

Lamb Of God Premiere New Lyric Video For “Ashes Of The Wake” B-Side “Another Nail For Your Coffin”

Lamb Of God have premiered a new lyric video for their “Ashes Of The Wake” b-side “Another Nail For Your Coffin.” This song and several previously unreleased demos are available as part of the 15th anniversary edition of “Ashes Of The Wake,” which was released today (May 3). The clip originally debuted on Loudwire, who are also running an interview with guitarist Mark Morton, who took some time to reflect on the record. He said the following about “Another Nail For Your Coffin” in particular:

“Sometimes the reason songs get left off really just comes down to a vote. As I recall, there was some apprehension after I introduced that song, musically. The outro is this really soaring, kind of melodic, almost major-key piece. At the time, I think that some of the band members were a little apprehensive about stepping out of our lane to that degree.”