Hatriot Premiere “Ethereal Nightmare” Lyric Video

Hatriot have premiered a lyric video for their new song “Ethereal Nightmare.” This track is from the group’s new album “From Days Unto Darkness,” which will be released on July 26. That effort will be the band’s first to feature vocalist Cody Souza, who took over for his father Steve “Zetro” Souza (Exodus).


Killswitch Engage Premiere New Song “I Am Broken Too”

Killswitch Engage have premiered a new song titled “I Am Broken Too.” This track will appear on the band’s new album “Atonement” (out August 16) and a portion of the proceeds from it will go towards Hope For The Day.

Jesse Leach commented:

“This song is very near and dear to my heart. I wanted the listener to feel the urgency, the heaviness of the topic as well as a possible connection. Many people suffer from mental illness in one form or another. I want nothing more than for people to feel like they are not alone in this struggle. There is always someone there to help, to listen, and to be there for you. Don’t lose hope and don’t let your brokenness consume you. Broken can be fixed, or at the very least, maintained. No one is alone in this fight.”

He also added:

“I personally chose Hope for the Day to be the organization we partner with for this song. I admire their tireless efforts to spread mental awareness and suicide prevention. The phrase and the hashtag #ItsOkNotToBeOk is a simple yet powerful statement. I think it coincides with #IamBrokenToo perfectly! Johnny Boucher and his organization are out spreading the powerful message of connectivity and solidarity in this fight for understanding mental health issues. I’m honored to have them on our team for this song and this movement to continue to raise awareness and keep the conversation going for mental health issues.”

Aftermath Premiere “Gaslight” Lyric Video

Aftermath have premiered a lyric video for their song “Gaslight.” This track is from their latest album “There is Something Wrong.” Kyriakos “Charlie” Tsiolis commented:

“The song is about waking up and having an open-mind in order to avoid the elite’s attempt to Gaslight you. It tells the real rulers of the world we are on to their ways and we will destroy them and their symbols.”

[via Decibel]

Megadeth’s David Ellefson Premieres New Song “Hammer Comes Down” Feat. Alter Bridge, Sacred Reich, Ex-Megadeth, Etc. Members

Megadeth’s David Ellefson has premiered a lyric video for his new song “Hammer Comes Down.“ The track features a number of guests including: Ellefson’s business partner Thom Hazaert, Eric “A.K.” Knutson (Flotsam And Jetsam), Mark Tremonti (Alter Bridge, etc.), Chris Poland (ex-Megadeth), Joey Radziwill (Sacred Reich), and Dave McClain (Sacred Reich, ex-Machine Head). The song will appear on Ellefson’s “More Life With Deth” companion album “Sleeping Giants“ (out July 16).

Cold Premiere New Song “Shine”, Reveal Details For New Album “The Things We Can’t Stop”

Cold have premiered a lyric video for their new song “Shine.” This track is from the band’s new album “The Things We Can’t Stop,” which will be released on September 13.

Scooter Ward said the following about the song:

“It’s about dealing with physical abuse at home and becoming triumphant over bullying. I faced bullying throughout my early formative years. I’m hoping it helps someone feel not so alone if they’re going through it right now.”

He also discussed it further with Billboard:

“Nobody wants to have their kids come home bawling and having a hard time. Just to know it still existed was heartbreaking. So, of course, I got online and started looking up things, and that just inspired me. And like with most Cold songs, I wanted to give people an outlet, make them feel like there’s a way out, that this isn’t going to last forever and it might — that’s a ‘might’ — get better. That’s why the chorus is so uplifting. I’m trying to say that you feel alone when it’s happening, but nothing lasts forever.”

He also added the following about the record, which he describes as “very moody” and “melancholy”:

“It’s a different kind of heavy. The heavy things to me in life have always been the weight of the songs — not the actual rhythms or the loudness of the guitar.”

“I wanted to bring in some elements from older Cold records. I think it’s important to go back and have that for fans, too, even if most of the album is different.”

He also talked about the eight year gap between albums:

“I needed life to happen to be able to create. There were probably around 15 years where all I did was live and breathe the band. I needed to separate from that to remember what it was like to not have it anymore. It was extremely important for me to spend time with my family. I did experience writer’s block for the first time in my life during the process though.

It was brutal, because the one thing I’ve always had—left me. It seemed the series of events in my life had taken away my soul. It turned around. I’ve remained adamant about evolving a bit with each record. Approaching every chapter as a new beginning is paramount and necessary for it to be a true Cold album.”

“The Things We Can’t Stop” Track Listing:

01. “Intro”
02. “Shine”
03. “Snowblind”
04. “The Devil We Know”
05. “Run” (Snow Patrol cover)
06. “Better Human”
07. “Without You”
08. “Quiet Now”
09. “The One That Got Away”
10. “Systems Fail”
11. “Beautiful Life”
12. “We All Love”

Oh, Sleeper Premiere New Song “The Island”

Oh, Sleeper have premiered a new song titled “The Island” via Alternative Press. This track is from the band’s new album “Bloodied / Unbowed,“ which will be released on July 12.

Micah Kinard said the following about the song, which illustrates the band’s hiatus and eventual reunion through the metaphor of a sailor starting a mutiny:

“Telling everyone to forget the call that brought them there and to just ‘make it work,’ to become their own masters and carve out new lives. He builds his own kingdom, but every time he finally builds his throne, the island erupts, destroying it all. Every time he wakes up defeated, he just starts building again, determined to make it work, ignoring that this volcanic island he’s chosen to make his home will never sustain him. It simply was never meant to.”

“I actually feel like ‘The Island’ is the perfect blend of the old When I Am God Oh, Sleeper and our new matured sound. We’ve spent so long working on this album, writing, scrapping, rewriting, reworking every second of it, putting more thought and work into Bloodied/Unbowed than any album before it.”