Voivod Premiere “Quest For Nothing” Music Video

Voivod have premiered a new video for their song “Quest For Nothing.” The clip was created with AI technology and it can be seen below. The track is from the band’s latest album “Synchro Anarchy.” Michel “Away” Langevin commented:

“When AI art started appearing online a few months ago, my jaw dropped to the floor. When Luc Leclerc, webmaster for Voivod, showed me what he could do with AI animation, my jaw dropped to the basement! His video perfectly captures the dystopian side of the music and lyrics for ‘Quest For Nothing’. Hold on tight to your seat and enjoy!”

Voivod To Release “Ultraman” EP In November

Voivod will be paying tribute to the “Ultraman” series with a new EP. The effort will be released on 12″ vinyl and digitally on November 4.

“Ultraman” Track Listing (12″):

Side A (08:45):

01. “Ultraman – Opening Theme (Japanese & French [URUTORAMANNO UTA])”
02. “Ultraman – Victory Theme (URUTORAMAN BGM)”
03. “Ultraman – Closing Theme (English [URUTORAMANNO UTA])”
04. “Ultraman – Opening Theme (Japanese [URUTORAMANNO UTA])”
05. “Ultraman – Victory Theme (URUTORAMAN BGM)”
06. “Ultraman – Closing Theme (Japanese [URUTORAMANNO UTA])”
07. “Ultraman – Opening Theme (Instrumental [URUTORAMANNO UTA])”
08. “Ultraman – Victory Theme (URUTORAMAN BGM)”
09. “Ultraman – Closing Theme (Instrumental [URUTORAMANNO UTA])”

Side B (11:36):

01. “Overreaction” (Return To Morgöth – Live 2018)
02. “Voïvod” (Return To Morgöth – Live 2018)

“Ultraman” Track Listing (digital):

01. “Ultraman – Opening Theme (Japanese & French [URUTORAMANNO UTA])”
02. “Ultraman – Victory Theme (URUTORAMAN BGM)”
03. “Ultraman – Closing Theme (English [URUTORAMANNO UTA])”
04. “Overreaction (Return To Morgöth – Live 2018)”
05. “Voïvod (Return To Morgöth – Live 2018)”

Drummer Michel “Away” Langevin commented:

“As a kid I often dreamed of finding a Beta Capsule, so I could transform into Ultraman, keep the city from being destroyed by a giant fire spitting monster, and hopefully save Akiko Fuji in the process. I’m pretty sure many people had the same dream…we sure did in Voïvod, and that’s why we decided to cover the main and battle TV themes for this EP. The recordings were done during the ‘Synchro Anarchy’ sessions and Chewy sings the Japanese parts! For the B side, we tracked down the lost encore from the 35th anniversary show, Return To Morgöth – Live 2018. Enjoy!”

Voivod Added To Opeth’s November European/UK Tour

Voivod have been added to Opeth’s upcoming European/UK tour. Here’s the dates for that run:

11/10 Copenhagen, DEN – Grey Hall
11/12 Wiesbaden, GER – Schlachthof
11/14 Berlin, GER – Admiralspalast
11/15 Wuppertal, GER – Historische Stadthalle
11/16 Paris, FRA – Salle Pleyel
11/17 London, UK – Eventim Apollo
11/19 Utrecht, NET – TivoliVredenburg
11/20 Utrecht, NET – TivoliVredenburg
11/21 Zurich, SWI – Komplex
11/23 Barcelona, SPA – Razzmatazz
11/24 Bilbao, SPA – Santana 27
11/25 Madrid, SPA – La Riviera
11/26 Lisbon, POR – Sla Tejo

Voivod To Release “Forgotten In Space: The Noise Records Years” Box Set In July

Voivod will be releasing a new deluxe box set, titled “Forgotten In Space: The Noise Records Years,” on July 29. The set will include three albums, “Rrröööaarrr,“ “Killing Technology,” and “Dimension Hatröss,” as well as rare and previously unreleased content.

More information was shared on the set:

Remastered on red & black splatter vinyl

Remastered on green & purple swirl vinyl

Remastered on grey & red swirl vinyl

First time on vinyl. Green & black splatter vinyl

First time on vinyl. Blue & white splatter vinyl

40 page book containing new sleeve note interviews with Michel ‘Away’ Langevin telling the story of the early years of Voivod. Contains rare and previously unseen photos.

Mini documentary of interviews, live performances, behind the scenes & promotional videos from 1985 to 1989. Also includes previously unreleased video concert, live in Chicago ’88 and audio concert from World War III festival 1985.

Contains all the tracks from the expanded studio albums plus the live & demo albums.

‘Forgotten In Space’ will also be available as a 5 x CDs and DVD clamshell box set containing all the studio albums, bonus rare demo and live albums, the DVD containing the mini documentary and previously unreleased live concerts and a 20 page booklet.”

You can find a video for a previously unreleased 1987 demo of “Psychic Vacuum“ below:

Kickstarter Campaign Launched To Erect Statue Of Voivod’s Denis “Piggy” D’Amour In The Band’s Hometown

A new Kickstarter campaign has been launched in an effort to raise money to erect a statue of late Voivod guitarist Denis “Piggy” D’Amour in the band’s hometown. The group said the following about that:

“A New Kickstarter Campaign Has Been Launched To Erect A Statue Of Piggy In Jonquière. This 8 foots (2,5 meters) tall aluminum sculpture is created by artist Fred Laforge and will be installed in Saguenay birthplace of Denis Piggy D’amour and the band Voïvod.”

Voivod Announce June North American Tour

Voivod have announced a June North American tour. The band will be touring in support of their latest album “Synchro Anarchy.”

Tour Dates:

06/01 Trois Rivieres, QC – L’Entité
06/02 Ottawa, ON – Bronson Centre Music Theatre
06/03 Toronto, ON – Phoenix Concert Theatre
06/04 London, ON – The Music Hall
06/05 Detroit, MI – Small’s
06/06 Chicago, IL – Reggie’s
06/08 Huntington, WV – The Loud
06/09 Columbus, OH – Ace of Cups
06/10 Philadelphia, PA – The Fillmore (Decibel Magazine Metal and Beer Festival)
06/11 Baltimore, MD – Ottobar
06/13 Pittsburgh, PA – Crafthouse
06/14 Buffalo, NY – Rec Room
06/15 Cleveland, OH – Grog Shop
06/17 Brooklyn, NY – Market Hotel
06/18 Liverpool, NY – Sharkey’s
06/19 Boston, MA – Brighton Music Hall

Voivod Premiere “Sleeves Off” Video

Voivod have premiered a new video for their new song “Sleeves Off.” This track is from the band’s new album “Synchro Anarchy,” which was released today (February 11.)

Denis “Snake” Bélanger said the following about the video:

“Here’s a cool clip from our friend Felipe Belalcazar. It’s a mixture of animation and live footage. The animation in the clip goes backwards, maybe in reference about the past when I had to make big decisions, as a teenager. Some were good, some were bad, but one thing for sure, I didn’t want to be cast in a mold to fit perfectly in the conformity of the world. I wanted to be me, show everyone who I was, do things on my own, and be creative. And when I met the boys, I found the place where I wanted to be. The live footage shows that I was right, as we are still going after so long. Enjoy!”

He also added the following about the album:

“Here it is folks. So proud to present this album to you. It is one of a kind, a very unique and distinctive album. It was made with all the passion we have for music under particular conditions. Driven by a nuclear brainstorm between the 4 of us in a state of emergency. Written, recorded, and delivered, and not necessarily in that order, we managed to do it all in a few months. We hope you will enjoy the album. We can’t wait to see you all of you, our fans out there on our upcoming tours. We’ve been missing you!”

Voivod Premiere “Synchro Anarchy” Music Video

Voivod have premiered a new video for the title track of their new album “Synchro Anarchy.” That effort will be released on February 11.

Drummer Michel “Away” Langevin commented:

“After coming back from the European tour with GWAR at the end of 2019, we took a break and got back together in early 2020 to record some new ideas and improvisations. After finishing one of these sessions, while untying my running shoes, I had a flash of a rhythm where I would skip one beat every bar. I told the band I had an idea and walked towards the drums but I stepped on one of my shoelaces, missed a step and almost fell on the drum kit.

Everybody laughed, then I played the beat, which Chewy [guitarist Daniel Mongrain] recorded and named ‘Away’s Shoelace Incident’. This gave Snake [singer Denis Bélanger] the idea to write about these strange timings where somebody would stop to tie up his shoe only to be closely missed by a flying wheel of a car. At one point Snake had shorten the title to ‘Shoelace’ but I noticed in his lyrics the words ‘Synchro Anarchy’ and told him it would be a great name for the song.

When we were done recording the songs, we all thought it would also be a good title for the album. It is really representative of the planet we live on and the way we had to build the LP out of snippets of ideas like a huge puzzle.

For this single, we asked our good friend Syl Disjonk, who did the videos for ‘The End Of Dormancy’ and ‘Kluskap ‘O Kom’, to film the band and work his magic. So here it is, the title track of the new album. Enjoy!”

Voivod Premiere New Song “Paranormalium”

Voivod have premiered a new song titled “Paranormalium.” This track is from the band’s new album “Synchro Anarchy,” which will be released on February 11.

Daniel “Chewy” Mongrain commented:

“‘Paranormalium‘ opens with the very last guitar melody you hear on The Wake’s last song ‘Sonic Mycelium‘, in the fade out of the string quartet. We wanted both entities or dimensions to connect through music as 2 parallel worlds can connect through distorted space-time, black holes, vibrations, spirituality or anything else.

‘Paranormalium‘ is the name Denis ‘Snake’ Bélanger came up with while writing the lyrics, trying to gather all of these concepts in one imaginary particle called ‘Paranormalium‘. Depending on your individual perception or any influential inner or external event, makes oneself see or not see, be part of or not be part of, someone else’s reality OR even being stuck between many different dimensions as it is all connected in some ways through ‘Paranormalium‘.

It’s one of the most complex, twisted and heavy songs on the album with many different landscapes. The melody comes back many times during the song in different forms, as reality can be consisted of the same material taking on different aspects. In the end, are we really living in the reality we think we’re in???”

Voivod Premiere “Planet Eaters” Video

Voivod have premiered a new video for their new song “Planet Eaters.” This track is from the band’s new album “Synchro Anarchy,” which will be released on February 11. Michel “Away” Langevin commented:

“On April 21st, 2021 an animated video for the song ‘Nothingface‘ popped up online. The video was done by Pierre Menetrier on an Amiga computer in 1991, which I thought was beyond cool. The spectacular imagery and visual effects were just perfect for a Voïvod song. After wrapping up the recording and mixing of the ‘Synchro Anarchy‘ album, we all agreed on ‘Planet Eaters‘ as the first single/video. We thought the song had a vintage ‘Nothingface‘/’Hatröss‘ vibe, so I immediately contacted Pierre and asked him if he could make a video for the song. Once again, the result is just mind-blowing. You just can’t get more Voïvodian than that!”