Gojira Appear To Be In The Studio

It looks like Gojira are working on new material at Silver Cord Studio in Brooklyn, NY. The band shared the below Instagram post:

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Cooking something up…

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Gojira Pay Tribute To Late Manager Nick John

As previously reported, Mastodon’s longtime manager Nick John passed away following a battle with pancreatic cancer. Now, Gojira, who John also managed, have issued a statement as well:

“We lost an exceptional human being this morning. Our manager and dear friend Nick John. We carry him in our hearts. Our thoughts go to Colleen John, his wife and to all who loved him. 🖤”

Gojira Aiming To Have Around 100 Song Ideas For Next Album

During an interview with Metal Injection, Gojira’s Joe Duplantier confirmed that the band have been writing material for their next studio album. According to him, the band may end up having about 100 song ideas before they start recording.

Duplantier said the following:

“We started to write new stuff maybe about a year ago. Seven months ago we started to jam, especially my brother and I and maybe the other guys too thinking that we’re starting really, really early. By the time we think we’re ready to record we’ll be ready. Turns out we’re going a little deeper in the writing and maybe we’re thinking too much sometimes.

We did 20 kind of demos, songs, ideas. I can’t say we have something yet. We’re doing some research and more than before. Usually we write 12 songs and record 12 songs and release 12 songs. Now it looks like we’re going to write 100 songs. It’s a different approach and it’s fun. We have new desires and a new way of doing things. I like to think it’s going to be awesome. I feel it’s going to be really exciting, for us at least. I don’t know what people are going to think.”

He also added that the group may explore some of their “older influences”:

“I want to go back to some of the older influences that we have. We were always not a death metal band. Before that I was a Dire Straits fan, Michael Jackson. We have that in us and some progressive stuff too. We have all these things and we need to express that somehow, mixed with our own special sauce.

We’re working with stuff that sometimes is a bit surprising, even to us. Sometimes it’s like what is this? I don’t know, let it sleep a little bit and go back to it. After this we’re going to go back into the studio and see what’s going on.”

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Gojira’s “Terra Incognita”, “The Way Of All Flesh” & “From Mars To Sirius” To Receive New Vinyl Pressings

Three Gojra albums will be released on limited edition vinyl this Friday (July 13), including: “Terra Incognita,” which will be available on transparent yellow vinyl, “The Way Of All Flesh,” which will be available on transparent blue vinyl, and “From Mars To Sirius,” which will be available on white vinyl. Pre-orders can be found HERE.

Gojira Share Live In-Studio Performance Video For “Global Warming”

Gojira have shared a live in-studio performance video for “Global Warming.“ The footage was filmed at Joe Duplantier’s Silver Cord Studio in New York City, NY. The band commented:

“A few weeks ago, we played ‘Global Warming‘ together for the first time since the recording of ‘From Mars To Sirius‘. We never played it live before, as it is a challenging one to play, and place in a set list. It’s emotionally heavy, and would almost ‘hurt’ the rest of the songs in a way. Global warming is a reality and a relevant topic, we feel it’s good to be reminded of one of the most important challenges of our time: How to grow as a species without being a parasite to our planet, the only home we have. ‘We will see our children growing’ is a mantra for future generations, and in a figurative way we hope the children in all of us will grow, evolve, and take action for a more compassionate and meaningful world.”

Mastodon & Gojira Announce Two March 2018 Australian Dates

Mastodon and Gojira have lined up a couple of Australian dates around their March 24 appearances at Download Melbourne. Here’s the dates:

03/26 Sydney, AUS – Big Top
03/28 Brisbane, AUS – Eatons Hill Hotel

Joseph Duplantier On Gojira’s Sea Shephard EP: “We’re Trying To Make This Happen Finally”

Gojira’s Joseph Duplantier was recently interviewed by Chris Annunziata of 90.3 WMSC-FM, and was asked about the band’s long awaited EP they were creating to benefit the anti-whaling Sea Shepherd Conservation Society. You can read what he had to say about that below:

Duplantier’s full statement:

“The goal of that whole [project] was to put the spotlight on Sea Shepherd Conservation Society. Which I think is important, as an artist, to put the spotlights on something more important than just being a band and promoting our band always; there’s other things to promote. And Sea Shepherd Conservation Society are doing an amazing job at protecting the oceans. They’re trying their best to save the few whales left alive. And there’s a few tunas, I think, they’re still alive in the ocean.”

“So we like to talk about them, and somehow, mission accomplished, because we brought a lot of people to their cause and we brought more attention to them. And they told us that too. [They said] ‘We noticed that we have more metalheads now subscribing and sending money.’ ‘Cause they work only with individual donations; they don’t work with any corporations or anything like that. So we like also the way they do things and their ethics.”

“We recorded four songs. One was released — with Devin Townsend and Fredrik Thordendal from MESHUGGAH. The song is called ‘Of Blood And Salt’, and it was released in 2011. There’s three other songs that were on a hard drive that crashed at the time, and it was a huge pain in the butt to retrack all of this. But it was done, like, three years later. But we were such on a roll with the band and we were doing an album and going on tour that it was difficult to go back to that. But right now, as we speak, I have an engineer in my studio putting all of this back together and we’re trying to make this happen finally. But I don’t wanna make a statement, ‘Oh, this is the release date,’ ’cause I learned my lesson. I’ll talk about it when it’s ready, but I’m still working on it.”

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