New Book Focusing On Korn’s “Follow The Leader” To Be Released In July

Wymer Publishing will be releasing a new book focusing on Korn’s “Follow The Leader” on July 9. The book was written by Laura Shenton and a description of it can be found below [courtesy of]:

“In 1994, Korn’s self-titled debut album marked their arrival. It was dark and brash and it demanded attention, as did their second album in 1996, Life Is Peachy. Good going for a new band, but in 1998, Follow The Leader saw Korn’s success and notoriety accelerate exponentially. With constant demand for the singles, ‘Got The Life’ and ‘Freak On A Leash’ on MTV, Korn exceeded their own expectations. For both the band and their fans, this was the start of something exciting, albeit turbulent. In this book, author Laura Shenton MA LLCM DipRSL offers an in-depth perspective on Follow The Leader from a range of angles including how the album came to be, how it was presented and received at the time (live as well as on record), and what it means in terms of Korn’s legacy today.”

Watch Teens Cover Korn’s “Freak On A Leash” For New Tribute Album “Children Of The Korn”

The O’Keefe Music Foundation have shared footage of teenagers performing a cover of Korn’s “Freak On A Leash.” The track will appear on a new tribute album titled “Children Of The Korn.” The foundation commented:

“Here it is, OMF’s first Korn cover! The students have been suggesting Korn songs for years and the stars have aligned. It’s gonna take years and thousands of hours of practice but ultimately the students will be releasing a vinyl record of Korn songs called “Children of the Korn”. Because of the pandemic, OMF had to implement several over the top COVID precautions to keep everyone safe and sound. And until we can book recording studios again, all songs are being recorded in a garage.”

Korn’s Brian “Head” Welch Clarifies Comments He Made Regarding His “Early Fanaticism With Christianity”

As previously reported, Korn’s Brian “Head” Welch recently made headlines after saying that he thinks he “went too far” with his initial obsession with Christianity. Now, the guitarist has taken to social media to clarify his comments.

Welch said the following:

“Some have taken my words out of context, but I do have a tendency to ramble without articulating my heart’s intent clear enough, which is typical when a person with A.D.D. tries to juggle the inflow of dozens of thoughts coming in at once. 😁

Let me shed some more light here: I was trying to address my early fanaticism with Christianity. Do I regret taking some much needed time away from Korn? Not at all. I enjoyed some of the best years of my life with my daughter, making precious memories with her I wouldn’t have been able to make if I would’ve stayed.

But some of the choices I made were reminiscent of a true fanatic: I ripped Jennea out of public school because it was’t a “Christian” school. One day, I left my house with her out of the blue and NEVER returned and I hired someone I barely knew to sell all of our furniture and bring our personal items to AZ; expensive items went missing of course!

I joined a group of Christians in AZ that ended up resembling a cult and the leader squandered all my money away! And finally, I gave my mom “The Book of Christian Martyrs” and told her that was who I wanted to be! These are only a few of the fanatical decisions I made, and they did damage to Jennea, and still effect her negatively in some ways to this day.

What I will never regret though, is giving my entire being to Christ and I will share my story until the day I die. Sharing your story of faith is way different than shoving scripture down people’s throats in a heartless way as I was trying to convey in this interview with our old friend Robb.

Jesus Christ is my whole life’s foundation. When the storms come, AND THEY WILL COME, my life will not crumble because my foundation is very secure. I have found true rest in the depths of my soul. Matthew 11:28; the first scripture that I found–my first scripture tattoo–came true for me in EVERY way. This life I’ve discovered is so real! I’m so glad I’ve never walked away from Christ like many have, AND I NEVER WILL! Take that you overly religious Christian haters 😂🤘”

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Korn Announce “Monumental” Livestream Concert

Korn have announced a livestream concert, which they are calling “Korn: Monumental.” The virtual event will take place at “Stranger Things: The Drive-Into Experience” at Skylight Row in Downtown Los Angeles on April 24 at 1:00pm PDT / 4:00pm EDT. Tickets can be found HERE. Jonathan Davis commented:

“We hope you take part in this experience with us. And though it is not the same as performing live with you here, we still want to bring you some great music and a fun show.”

Korn’s Brian “Head” Welch Says He May Have “Went Too Far” With His Initial Obsession With Christianity

During a recent appearance on Machine Head frontman Robb Flynn‘s “No Fuckin’ Regrets With Robb Flynn” podcast, Korn’s Brian “Head” Welch discussed becoming a born-again Christian in 2005. The guitarist says he thinks he initially “went too far” with the religion and that he ended up becoming “obsessed.”

Welch said the following:

“The crazy thing is I had an experience with something from another dimension. And it wasn’t the religion — going to church and being a good boy — it was, like, I felt something come into my house, and I can’t explain it to this day. But I believe that it was Christ doing something in me.

So that was real — that was very real. But yes, I think I went too far with it. And I got obsessed with it, just like I was obsessed with the drugs. I believe I did, for sure. And I had to come out of that and find normalcy, because there’s nothing worse than a freakin’ irritating religious person just shoving it down your throat — there’s nothing worse than that. And you saw it on the documentary [‘Loud Krazy Love‘], Jonathan’s [Davis, Korn singer], like, ‘I hate those motherfuckers.’

People can’t stand ’em. And for years, we’ve had those Christians outside of Korn concerts, saying Korn of the devil, and all this. It’s crazy — it’s a crazy thing. But I’m just glad I got through it. And I’m glad that I am who I am now, and I have a lot of peace and rest for my soul. I feel very leveled and at peace with myself.”

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System Of A Down, Korn, Faith No More, Etc. Postpone Los Angeles Shows To October

System Of A Down, Korn, Faith No More, Helmet and Russian Circles have postponed their Los Angeles stadium shows once again due to the coronavirus pandemic. The concerts are now scheduled take place at the Banc Of California Stadium on October 22-23. System Of A Down commented:

“Our shows at the Band Of California Stadium in May have now been rescheduled to October 22 and 23. Your ticket will be honored accordingly. If you cannot make the new date or prefer a refund, you should have received an email with your refund options. If you did not receive an email, please contact your point of purchase. For more information please visit: Hopefully this will be the last time the dates are moved because we’re very excited to see you all ASAP.”

Korn’s Brian “Head” Welch: “We’re Trying To Come Up With Something Fresh And New For 2021 And Beyond”

During a recent interview with Rock Sound, Korn’s Brian “Head” Welch talked a bit about the band’s current plans. According to him, the group are “trying to come up with something fresh and new for 2021 and beyond.”

Welch said the following:

“We’ve got some big plans coming this year we’re gonna announce. I’ve been flying all over the place and seeing the KORN guys. And we have some really exciting news coming this year. So our fans are gonna be ready to do some cool stuff with us this year.

A lot of stuff has been going on. But, yeah, we’re trying to come up with some unique things. I know a lot of people are gonna come out with new music, because you’re stuck at home, and there’s nothing else to do but write music, so it’s pretty obvious that people are working on music. But we’re coming up with a lot more cool ideas than just music. We’re just really brainstorming about how to do something new and fresh. ‘Cause we’ve been around so long. You’ve got bands like TOOL and SYSTEM OF A DOWN — these other bands that go away. Even DISTURBED was gone for, like five years. BREAKING BENJAMIN was gone four years or something. KORN is always just ‘go, go, go.’ And so we’re really just regrouping and trying to come up with something fresh and new for 2021 and beyond, to just make it exciting again. ‘Cause we’re still excited. And so we wanna make things exciting for our fans and just have a good time. So we’ll be announcing something pretty soon.”

[via Blabbermouth]

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Brian “Head” Welch Says Korn Have “Some Really Exciting News” Coming Soon

During a recent interview with Kerrang!, Brian “Head” Welch offered an update on Korn’s current plans. According to him, the band have “some really exciting news” coming soon.

Welch said the following:

“I asked the manager, because I’m doing Love And Death but I know people are going to ask me about Korn, and he said, ‘just tell them the truth. Tell them that you’ve been getting together with them, you’re working on some stuff, and that we’ve got some really exciting news coming out. I think we’re gonna make some kind of announcement pretty soon, and that’s pretty much all I can say.”

He also added:

“I think it’s no secret that every band is getting together and there’s probably going to be a lot of records coming out. We’ve been throwing ideas back and forth, but it’s been hard because of the pandemic and whatnot because Munky lives in Los Angeles – right in the thick of it. One in five people has it there. Thank god Munky has not got it, he lives with his wife and her family, and his mother-in-law, they’ve gotta be careful with her.

It’s been really crazy, but we managed to get together and we’re deciding what we’re gonna do, but we’re coming up with some cool ideas and are hopefully going to make an announcement pretty soon.”

Korn Team Up With “World Of Tanks Blitz” For “Finally Free” Video

Korn have teamed up with “World Of Tanks Blitz” to create a new video for their song “Finally Free” That track is from the band’s latest album “The Nothing.”

A press release said the following about the video:

“The music video for ‘Finally Free’ tells the story of Captain, a die-hard Korn fan (and a known character in the World of Tanks Blitz universe) who’s doing all he can to get to Korn’s live performance at the ‘Burning Games’. The problem is a crew of wasteland raiders who do all they can to keep him from his goal. Will he make it to the front row of the Korn show in time?”

As part of the collaboration, Korn will also be taking part in a new in-game event called “Convergence.” The five-stage event will take place on October 16-24 and it will allow players to “complete in-game challenges to uncover pieces of band artwork and extra special items.” There will also be a new “Burning Games” mode “where players will fight for dominance on the battlefield in order to secure in-game rewards.”

Korn’s Jonathan Davis commented

“I really like World of Tanks Blitz. It’s true to the era, there are a lot of great tanks in there, and you don’t just jump in and start shooting. I think there is a connection between rock and video games because video games are intense and rock ’n’ roll music is intense. It seems like they have always gone hand in hand.”

“World Of Tanks Blitz” product director Andrey Ryabovol added:

“Wargaming is no stranger to musical collaborations, having teamed up with Iron Maiden, Swedish metallers Sabaton, and punk rock outfit, The Offspring, for previous projects. Korn is the perfect partner for our Halloween event, and we can’t wait for rock fans and World of Tanks Blitz players to experience this exciting collaboration.”