Korn’s Assistant Discusses Running The Teleprompter For Jonathan Davis

Korn guitarist Brian “Head” Welch has released a new episode of his “All In The Family” series. The latest video features the band’s assistant Scott Sheppard and it can be seen below. Notably, one of Sheppard’s duties is operating the teleprompter for frontman Jonathan Davis. He said the following about that:

“It’s not a secret; I mean, you can clearly see it. It’s out there on stage. But when you have 14 albums and you’ve written hundreds of songs… And when you’re rocking out, you’re not standing still the whole time — you’re walking around, jumping up and down — so every once in a while you wanna just see where you are in the song. So that’s my job.”

Korn’s James “Munky” Shaffer To Miss Upcoming Shows Due To “An Important Family Matter”

Korn guitarist James “Munky” Shaffer will be missing the band’s upcoming shows due to “an important family matter.” During his absence, J.R. Bareis will be filling in.

Shaffer issued the following statement:

“Due to an unexpected event, I am going to be flying home for an important family matter tomorrow (Sunday, 8/28). Because of this, I will unfortunately be missing our show in Wantagh, NY at Jones Beach Theater.

Although I am bummed that I won’t get to see our NY fans, we are very lucky to have our longtime friend and fellow axe-man, JR, fill in for me to keep the Korn set going strong.

Thank you all for your understanding at this time, and I will be back for our Charlotte, NC show on 8/31.

– Munky“

Korn’s Jonathan Davis & Evanescence’s Amy Lee Share Their Thoughts On The Current Music Scene

During a chat with Interview, Korn’s Jonathan Davis and Evanescence’s Amy Lee shared their thoughts on the current music scene. The duo say that people have a tendency to focus more on personality instead of talent these days.

Here’s an excerpt from the discussion:

DAVIS: I’m totally into talent. It seems like music has moved on to a place where it doesn’t matter about talent. It’s about how talented the engineer is at faking everything.

LEE: And it has become so much about personalities too, right? I feel like that’s like the new generation. It’s more about a personality than the actual song. I’ve seen their Instagram but like, what is their music? What does that mean to you? But I don’t want to be the old person complaining…

DAVIS: I know. I am old now.

LEE: We’re purists. We’re allowed to say it.

DAVIS: In the long run, it’s cool because everybody’s enjoying music. That’s all that matters.

LEE: There’s still a lot of good stuff out there. The world of rock, especially heavy rock, has just grown and expanded a whole bunch. And I am really excited about what is happening with our tour with all the different openers instead of one. It ended up being this rad combination of cool things.

Watch Korn Perform “Freak On A Leash” With Evanescence’s Amy Lee In Denver, CO

During their August 16 show in Denver, CO, Korn were joined onstage by Evanescence’s Amy Lee for a performance of “Freak On A Leash.” You can find some fan-filmed footage of that below. The remaining dates for Korn and Evanescence’s summer U.S. tour can be found HERE.

Korn’s Brian “Head” Welch Launches New Video Series Focusing On The Band’s Crew

Korn guitarist Brian “Head” Welch has launched a new video series called “All In The Family.” The show focuses on the band’s crew and its first episode can be found below. Welch said the following about the series:

“Me and the guys in Korn always put on shows for you year after year, and I wanted to highlight some of the guys that make the shows happen, because without these guys Korn would never be able to perform for you. And they’ve become friends of ours. When we get people that we like on tour to be our crew, we end up loving the guys — or ladies; sometimes ladies, but usually guys — they end up staying with us a long time.”

Korn Drop Off Resurrection Fest Due To “Travel Challenges”

Korn have cancelled their July 3 set at Resurrection Fest in Viveiro, Spain due to “travel challenges.” The band issued the following statement:

“Despite exhausting every possible way to get to Spain, it’s just not working out, to the extent that we were physically on the plane taking off when there was a mechanical failure that prevented us from doing so last night. The travel challenges we’ve faced for the past weeks have finally come to a head, and are not allowing us to make it in time for the show today. We thank you all for your understanding, and it breaks our hearts that we cannot be there with you. We will be back soon! until then…”

Korn Plan To “Get Together” With Fieldy In The Near Future To “See How He’s Doing”

As previously reported, Korn bassist Reginald “Fieldy” Arvizu is currently taking a break from the band to address some “bad habits.” Now, during a recent interview with Kerrang! Radio, guitarist Brian “Head” Welch revealed that the band are planning to reconnect with him in the near future:

“We’ve been in contact with him. I just e-mailed him the other day. So we’re gonna get together and talk to him, see how he’s doing, see where his head is at, after this tour. Me and Munk were just talking about it. We love him, we’ve been in communication with him, and we’ll see.”

[via Blabbermouth]

Korn Share “Worst Is On Its Way” Live Video From “Requiem Mass” Concert

Korn have premiered a new live video for their song “Worst Is On Its Way.” The footage was captured during the band’s “Requiem Mass” concert in which they performed at the Hollywood United Methodist Church in Los Angeles, CA. The track appears on their latest album “Requiem.”

Korn’s Jonathan Davis: “My Only Problem With Christianity Is The Fucking ‘Holier Than Thou, We’re Better Than You’ Bullshit”

During an interview with Metal Hammer, Korn’s Jonathan Davis discussed his feelings towards Christianity. The frontman says he takes issue with the religion due to its “‘holier than thou, we’re better than you’ bullshit.”

Davis had the following to say when asked if he has ever attended church with his Christian bandmates Brian “Head” Welch and bassist Reginald “Fieldy” Arvizu:

“No. I’ve been to church and I respect their beliefs; the world would be a much better place if people would just stop fucking sticking their noses where they don’t belong and respect people’s beliefs. My only problem with Christianity is the fucking ‘Holier than thou, we’re better than you’ bullshit.

But those two, especially Head, don’t talk about that stuff. He just kicks back and accepts everyone for who they are. We played a livestream in a church when we released the new record and that was cool! I love the actual buildings; I decorate my house like a church. I just don’t necessarily like what goes on in them. Ha ha!”

Watch Korn Sing Backstreet Boys’ “I Want It That Way”

Korn have shared some footage of themselves singing along to Backstreet Boys’ “I Want It That Way.” The clip was recorded while the band were working on their recently released video for “Worst Is On Its Way.“