Korn Share Pro-Shot Footage From “Requiem Mass” Performance

Korn have released a new live EP titled “Requiem Mass.” The effort features songs from the band’s 2022 show at the Hollywood United Methodist Church in Los Angeles, CA. and it can be found HERE. Pro-shot footage from the set is also available below. Here’s the track listing:

01. “Start The Healing” (Requiem Mass)
02. “Lost In The Grandeur” (Requiem Mass)
03. “Hopeless and Beaten” (Requiem Mass)
04. “Worst Is On Its Way” (Requiem Mass)
05. “Let The Dark Do The Rest” (Requiem Mass)

Korn Release “Follow The Leader” 25th Anniversary Makeup Palette

Korn are celebrating the 25th anniversary of “Follow The Leader” with a new makeup palette. If you’re interested, you can purchase that HERE.

The band commented:

“We’ve teamed up with HipDot to create an exclusive Follow The Leader CD makeup palette ahead of the 25th anniversary this summer. This palette consists of 8 amazing “tracks” of various, pigmented textures… Our KoRn x HipDot Follow The Leader collection is vegan, free of harmful ingredients, certified cruelty-free, and curated to embrace all skin tones.”

Here’s an official product description:

“Korn’s iconic “Follow the Leader” album was released in 1998, and this year we are celebrating 25 years of this unforgettable moment in music history.

Children of the Korn, hopscotch your way into the Hipdot x Korn x Follow the Leader palette. This palette includes 8 “tracks” of soft mattes, pigmented shimmers and easy to blend glitters. All tones inspired by this late 90’s album we all rock out to.

Track Shade Descriptions:

“My Gift to You” – Olive Beetle – Shifter
“Dead Bodies Everywhere” – Vintage Sepia – Glitter
“Pretty” – Slashed & Silver – Glitter
“Freak on a Leash” – Black – Matte
“Got the Life” – Sunset Copper – Shimmer
“Children of the Korn” – Beige – Matte
“It’s On!” – Dirt Brown – Matte
“Seed” – Off White Pink – Matte”

Metal Anarchy’s Top Albums Of 2022

I have put together a list of my top 10 albums of 2022. You can check that out below. This is just for fun and I know I probably left out some of your favorites, but these are all of the albums that I enjoyed the most this year:

10. Korn – “Requiem”

Korn’s latest album finds the band returning to form with a classic dose of nu-metal. It has all of the elements fans have come to love over the years wrapped into a small package with no filler. Some highlights from this one include: “Let The Dark Do The Rest,” “Worst Is On Its Way,” and “Lost In The Grandeur.”

09. Undeath – “It’s Time…To Rise from The Grave”

Undeath’s latest album is a full-on display of pummeling death metal that manages to stay true to the genre while still sounding fresh. It’s a killer record that proves the future of death metal is in good hands. Some highlights from this one include: “Rise from The Grave,” “Defiled Again,” and “Fiend For Corpses.”

08. Slipknot – “The End, So Far”

Slipknot’s latest album feels like a culmination of the band’s career and a glimpse into the future all at once. It combines elements from throughout the band’s history with new soundscapes to create something that sounds familiar yet slightly different. Some highlights from this one include: “Hivemind,” “Warranty,” and “Medicine For The Dead.”

07. Venom Prison – “Erebos”

Venom Prison’s latest album finds the band expanding their sound, while still sounding as crushing as ever. The effort is still a death metal record at its core, but it shows an evolutionary step forward for a band that keep rising to greater heights within the scene. Some highlights from this one include: “Comfort Of Complicity,” “Born From Chaos,” and “Nemesis.”

06. Lamb Of God – “Omens”

Lamb Of God have continued to crank out high-quality material for years and “Omens” is no exception. The effort is a heavy, classic sounding Lamb Of God record that takes into account the band’s evolution through a more focused lens. Some highlights from this one include: “Gomorrah,” “Ditch,” and “To The Grave.”

05. Halestorm – “Back From The Dead”

Halestorm are one of the strongest acts in the current rock scene and their latest album further cements that fact. The record gives the fans exactly what they want, Lzzy Hale’s soaring vocals backed by a hard rock explosion. Some highlights from this one include: “Wicked Ways,” “Brightside,” and the title track.

04. Arch Enemy – “Deceivers”

Arch Enemy’s latest album is one of their best pieces of work to date. All of the songs have the potential to become melodic death metal classics thanks to the band’s impeccable musicianship and powerful vocals. Some highlights from this one include: “Handshake With Hell,” “In The Eye Of The Storm,” and “The Watcher.”

03. Electric Callboy – “TEKKNO”

Electric Callboy’s latest album “TEKKNO” is a catchy display of electro-metalcore that doesn’t take itself too seriously. It’s a fun ride that makes you want to smile and headbang the whole way through. Some highlights from this one include: “We Got The Moves,” “Hurrikan,” and “Arrow of Love”.”

02. Motionless In White – “Scoring The End Of The World”

Motionless In White managed to top themselves again with their latest album. The record is a work of art that packs elements of metal, hard rock, and industrial into infectious songs that you can’t help but move to. Some highlights from this one include: “Werewolf,” “Slaughterhouse (feat. Knocked Loose’s Bryan Garris),” and “Broadcasting From Beyond The Grave: Corpse Nation.”

01. Ghost – “Impera”

You can’t get much bigger than Ghost’s latest album. The effort combines elements of ’80s hard rock and pop to create massive songs that have the ability to transcend into the mainstream. Some highlights from this one include: “Spillways,” “Watcher In The Sky,” and “Respite On The Spitalfields.”

Korn To Release “Requiem Mass” Live Album In February

Korn will be releasing a new live album titled “Requiem Mass” on February 3. The effort will feature songs from the band’s 2022 show at the Hollywood United Methodist Church in Los Angeles, CA. Fans can pre-order the set as a 2xCD bundle featuring the band’s latest album “Requiem” and on vinyl. Here’s the track listing:

01. “Start The Healing” (Requiem Mass)
02. “Lost In The Grandeur” (Requiem Mass)
03. “Hopeless and Beaten” (Requiem Mass)
04. “Worst Is On Its Way” (Requiem Mass)
05. “Let The Dark Do The Rest” (Requiem Mass)

Korn Share HEALTH’s Remix Of “Worst Is On Its Way”, Release “Here To Slay” Hot Sauce

Korn have shared HEALTH’s remix of their song “Worst Is On Its Way.” The updated track, which features Danny Brown and Meechy Darko (Flatbush Zombies), can be streamed below. In other news, Korn have also partnered with Heatonist for a new hot sauce called “Here To Slay.” The following was said about that:

“‘Here To Slay’ honors the abundance of produce grown in the Central Valley with the charred-sweet flavor of roasted corn and vibrant jalapeño and serrano peppers. Smoky chipotles in adobo and cumin add earthy notes that echo the vistas and canyons outside the city. Crafted by our friends at Heartbeat Hot Sauce, this sauce is a must-have for tacos, grilled shrimp, burgers, burritos and more.”

Korn’s Jonathan Davis Officially Launches His Freak On A Leash Pet Brand

Korn frontman Jonathan Davis has officially launched his new pet brand Freak On A Leash. You can see the products he has to offer HERE.

Davis told Variety the following:

“I would go into pet shops to buy something for my dog, and there was nothing that spoke to me. I wanted collars and leashes that used colors that I like, and things that make my animal an extension of me. I think a lot of owners want to dress them up how they would dress.”

Notably, the singer also revealed that he is actually “deathly allergic to dogs”:

“I’m severely asthmatic, but I love them so much that I just deal. Occasionally I have to get my inhaler or my eyes are itching, but over time I get used to it and I can live with it. Anyway, I went on tour [earlier this year] and was really missing the animals. Bee [his significant other] said, ‘We need a puppy’ but I said, ‘We’ve gotta be home so it’s bonded to us.’

So after the tour we found a place that had puppies and chose a Bantam poodle. His name is Dante and he’s amazing — just a baby, so I’m really stoked. He brings so much life to the house — I just love the companionship with animals. I like them better than humans! (laughter)”

Fieldy On His Current Status In Korn: “We’re Just In Different Places Right Now”

Reginald “Fieldy” Arvizu has shared a new update on his current status in Korn. The bassist says him and the band are “just in different places right now.”

Fieldy said the following:

“Hey, I’m gonna give you an update on my life. Things are great. I’m having a blast. I’m the happiest I’ve ever been in my life, and I’m enjoying reaching out to you fans more and more. The support you’ve given me, I’ve gotta give it back to you guys. I’ve always taken my time with fans; I love you, guys. Every time I see you, I’ll do a photo with you and do pictures. Don’t even rush; I’ll do two with you. I’ve always been that way. Just show my appreciation and my love to you, guys.

Giving you an update on where I’m at in my life, I still am exactly where I was my whole life, actually. Sometimes I don’t have any bad habits; sometimes I have bad habits. But to clarify, when I made the statement about my ‘bad habits,’ they weren’t drugs. It’s just… at the end of the day — I don’t condone this, but when I’m done with all my responsibilities, I have a Bud Light [beer], or as many as I want, to tell you the truth. I’m a grown man. But I know I’ve gotta get up at five in the morning, ’cause I’m responsible and I’ve got a job to do. And I’ve got people that love me, and I’ve got people that depend on me. So I’m gonna be there for them no matter what.

I love the guys in KORN. I’ve known ’em since seventh grade. We have no beef; I’ve got no problem with those guys. You guys should support ’em. They’re ripping right now. They just got off tour. They’re killing it.

I’m always gonna be Fieldy from KORN for the rest of my life, because that’s part of my legacy. Those are my homies; those are my brothers, man. We’re just in different places right now. We’re not even mad at each other; we’re all cool.

To clarify the [bad] habits, I’ve never tried cocaine; I’ve never tried heroin. I don’t do… I drink Bud Light, man. It’s clear. I mean, if Bud Light wants to give us a sponsorship, I wouldn’t be mad.

I’ve got lots of projects. If you look on my history, you see me dressing crazy. It’s not ’cause I’m losing my mind. I’m an entertainer and I’m a musician. That’s just what I do. I’ve done it since [my pre-KORN band] L.A.P.D. I’ve done it since I was a kid, man. I’ve always dressed… I’m a clown. I’ve called myself a clown. I was talking to Nikki Sixx [of MÖTLEY CRÜE]. He’s, like, ‘I’m gonna go get ready to turn into a clown.’ I’m, like, ‘That’s me.’ [Laughs] I started laughing. I was, like, ‘Man, we’re a lot alike except for you O.D.-ed, like, nine times and you’re still living.’ And Nikki, you’re looking good these days, homie. Just a shoutout to him, ’cause he sent me his book. I appreciate it. I’ve got a book too. I’ve got projects. I have FIELDY’S DREAMS. I’ve got a book. I’ve got ‘Bassically’, a solo bass album. STILLWELL is not new; we’ve been around for, like, 15 years. And speaking of projects, we’ve got STILLWELL ‘Rock The House’ video that just dropped today, if you wanna check it out… It’s our second single. The first one is already out. If you haven’t seen it, check it out.

Again, thank you for your support. I love you. Fieldy. KORN.”

[via Blabbermouth]

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Korn’s Jonathan Davis To Launch “Freak On A Leash” Pet Brand

Korn’s Jonathan Davis is planning to launch a new pet brand called “Freak On A Leash.” Fans will be able to purchase the new products for the first time during the October 8 date of this year’s Aftershock Festival in Sacramento, CA.

Davis commented:

“Be the FIRST to own my new pet brand, Freak on a Leash! These premium products are created for all, paying homage to the horror and rock music we love. This first collection, designed exclusively by me, contains all custom products made with high-quality gunmetal hardware, leather, nylon, and plushies that will set your pet apart from the pack.

Freak on a Leash has partnered exclusively with Danny Wimmer Presents and Take Me Home to announce the brand and give you a sneak peek and the chance to have it before anyone else. Merch will be available ONLY at @takemehomerescue tent on Saturday, October 8th. The first 100 fans attending the festival to purchase Freak On A Leash merch will receive a wristband to meet me in person, from 3-5pm.

A portion of proceeds sold at the festival, as well as the webstore launch, will be donated to the Take Me Home organization. The official worldwide launch date is October 28th. Visit www.freakonaleash.com to sign up now for inside information on the product and release time, as well as a chance to win the new collection!”

Korn’s Assistant Discusses Running The Teleprompter For Jonathan Davis

Korn guitarist Brian “Head” Welch has released a new episode of his “All In The Family” series. The latest video features the band’s assistant Scott Sheppard and it can be seen below. Notably, one of Sheppard’s duties is operating the teleprompter for frontman Jonathan Davis. He said the following about that:

“It’s not a secret; I mean, you can clearly see it. It’s out there on stage. But when you have 14 albums and you’ve written hundreds of songs… And when you’re rocking out, you’re not standing still the whole time — you’re walking around, jumping up and down — so every once in a while you wanna just see where you are in the song. So that’s my job.”

Korn’s James “Munky” Shaffer To Miss Upcoming Shows Due To “An Important Family Matter”

Korn guitarist James “Munky” Shaffer will be missing the band’s upcoming shows due to “an important family matter.” During his absence, J.R. Bareis will be filling in.

Shaffer issued the following statement:

“Due to an unexpected event, I am going to be flying home for an important family matter tomorrow (Sunday, 8/28). Because of this, I will unfortunately be missing our show in Wantagh, NY at Jones Beach Theater.

Although I am bummed that I won’t get to see our NY fans, we are very lucky to have our longtime friend and fellow axe-man, JR, fill in for me to keep the Korn set going strong.

Thank you all for your understanding at this time, and I will be back for our Charlotte, NC show on 8/31.

– Munky“