Gojira Are Still Planning To Release Their Sea Shepherd EP Someday

During a recent fan Q&A conducted by Kerrang!, Gojira’s Joe Duplantier offered an update on the benefit EP that the band were working on for the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society. According to him, “there are three more songs somewhere on a hard drive still to come out some day.”

Duplantier said the following:

“The one track that we did bring out, ‘Of Blood And Salt‘ featuring Devin Townsend and Fredrik Thordendal of Meshuggah, was great, but then it got buried – at first under technical issues, then under all of the other things we have going on. Some of it got lost; some of it needs rebuilding.

Before we brought out ‘Magma‘, we had a meeting and decided that it was something we wanted to release before the album, but the record label wanted us to release after so that it didn’t interfere with all of the expectation that was building. After the album came out, it turned out that we were so busy that we barely had time to catch up with life.

You have to rehearse, you have to be ready for tour, you have so many interviews and obligations. Then the same thing happened during ‘Fortitude‘. There are three more songs somewhere on a hard drive still to come out some day. I will release them before I die!”

He continued after being asked how the band can talk about environmentalism and still “jet off on world tours”:

“That is a fair question, and it’s something that’s extremely challenging. Knowing what the right thing is to do in life can be very challenging a lot of the time: trying not to leave too much of a large carbon footprint. Ultimately, we were faced with the choice of stopping touring – effectively quitting – because this industry is polluting, or keeping going because our message might be able to do some good.

We’re not saying that we’re out there saving the world, or that our message is so incredible that it’s going to change people’s lives, but we do have an influence on our listeners. Our message is to be yourself, to do what you’re supposed to in the world, and then we should have a better world. If every single person does what they’re supposed to do in their heart – what they’re good at, what makes them happy – then it’ll be a better, cleaner, more sustainable world.”

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