Type O Negative To Reissue “The Origin Of The Feces” With Scratch N’ Sniff Sticker

Type O Negative will be releasing a 30th anniversary vinyl edition of “The Origin Of The Feces” on November 25. The effort will include the original NSFW cover art and a scratch n’ sniff sticker. Fans can pre-order a green leaves pressing HERE and skull gold and smoke pressings HERE.

15th Anniversary Edition Of Type O Negative’s “Dead Again” To Be Released In November

Type O Negative will be releasing a 15th anniversary edition of “Dead Again” on November 25. The effort can be pre-ordered on CD, vinyl, and cassette.

“Dead Again” (15th Anniversary Edition) Track Listing:

01. “Dead Again”
02. “Tripping A Blind Man”
03. “The Profit Of Doom”
04. “September Sun”
05. “Halloween In Heaven”
06. “These Three Things”
07. “She Burned Me Down”
08. “Some Stupid Tomorrow”
09. “An Ode To Locksmiths”
10. “Hail And Farewell To Britain”

Bonus Tracks:

11. “Everything Dies” (live)
12. “My Girlfriend’s Girlfriend” (live)
13. “Black Sabbath” (intro) / Christian Woman” (live)
14. “Love You To Death” (live)
15. “Black No. 1 (Little Miss Scare-All)” (live)
16. “Anesthesia” (live at Wacken Open Air 2007)
17. “Christian Woman” (live at Wacken Open Air 2007)
18. “Love You To Death” (live at Wacken Open Air 2007)
19. “Kill You Tonight” (live at Wacken Open Air 2007)

Kenny Hickey commented:

“The first casualty of this album was the record company – which promptly went under after its release. Soon after, Peter passed, and then even the rehearsal studio it was written and developed in was burnt to the ground by Hurricane Sandy. As the black cloud continued its relentless path over Type O, ‘Dead Again‘ appeared and disappeared from the streaming platforms for years. Now that the storm has passed we have some slight hope of establishing a small illusion of permanence with this final release of ‘Dead Again‘. We are sorry for any inconvenience we may have caused you.”

Ex-Type O Negative Drummer Johnny Kelly On Hypothetical Peter Steele Tribute Concert: “Maybe Somewhere Down The Road There May Be Something”

During a recent appearance on the “Loaded Radio” podcast, ex-Type O Negative drummer Johnny Kelly was asked about the possibility of a tribute show for the band’s late frontman Peter Steele. He responded by saying that there might be some sort of tribute “somewhere down the road.”

Kelly said the following:

“Coffee talk. There was never any serious consideration, like, should we do something? Is there even a point of doing it? Or also, is it just a blatant cash grab? So all these things go through your head.

People celebrate [Peter] all the time. They do it daily. I see it online all the time and the impact that he had.

Maybe somewhere down the road there may be something that’s… I don’t know. But I know that for me, it would have to include Kenny [Hickey, guitar] and Josh [Silver, keyboards] as well. Anything that we do, it would have to be the three of us. And there’s no way you’re getting Josh to do anything like that. [Laughs]”

He continued when asked who would sing:

“I don’t know. I’d want a girl to do it. I’d want a female vocalist — like Ann Wilson [HEART] or something like that. [Laughs] But even so, that’s the first thing. When you think about doing some kind of tribute show, you’re just gonna get all these people… Yes, Peter was very highly regarded by our peers and stuff like that, and you’ll just get a bunch of dudes up there just trying to sound like Peter. And you can’t do that. And it’s, like, all right, so what’s the most remote thing from Peter? You’d have to do something completely abstract. And I would say get a female vocalist. I think Peter would get a kick out of… He would get off on seeing a girl sing his songs, seeing a female sing them. And it would really stress the point of doing something as a tribute instead of trying to recreate something.”

[via Blabbermouth]

Roadrunner Records To Reissue Type O Negative’s “None More Negative” Vinyl Box Set

Roadrunner Records will be reissuing Type O Negative’s “None More Negative” vinyl box set on September 6. The original version of the limited edition release was previously only available as a Record Store Day exclusive in 2011. Pre-orders can be found HERE.

Here’s the details for the set:

  • Deluxe box set featuring the band’s complete studio albums across (6) double LP sets re-mastered for maximum fidelity!
  • The original None More Negative Box was released in 2011 as a Record Store Day exclusive and is extremely expensive and elusive. Only 1000 copies were originally pressed.
  • Features the albums “World Coming Down,” and “Life is Killing Me,” both currently unavailable on vinyl, as well as the original and controversial cover art for The Origin of Feces (Not Live At Brighton Beach).
  • Features a newly designed and band-approved outer slip case, as well as a fold-out poster, insert with credits and backstage laminate – all exclusive to this set.
  • Pressed on band-approved green and black mixed colored vinyl at Record Industry in the Netherlands and comes in (6) heavy weight direct to board gatefold jackets.
  • Limited to 5000 copies worldwide