Coheed And Cambria Team Up With J Gursey Coffee Roasters For New Gourmet Coffee Brand

Coheed And Cambria have teamed up with J Gursey Coffee Roasters to launch their own coffee brand, Coheed And Cambria Coffee Roasters. There are currently two blends available including “The Knowledge” and “The Beast,” which are inspired by the code names of Coheed and Cambria Kilgannon from the band’s sci-fi concept arc “The Amory Wars.”

The band commented:

“We’re super excited to introduce Coheed and Cambria Coffee Roasters!

We’ve been working with the team at J Gursey Coffee Roasters to create custom blends that reflect the nuances of the characters who make up “The Amory Wars.”

“The Knowledge” is a smooth delicate blend of light and dark roasted coffees from the African/Ethiopian/South American regions. For inspiration and intellect.

“The Beast” is a robust medium/dark roast with a kick of espresso from the regions of African/Papa New Guinea/South America and Central America. For energy and drive.

We also have some cool accessories ✨

We can’t wait until you try our roasts, you can get everything at

Claudio Sanchez added:

“As an avid coffee drinker, I’ve been enjoying this experience of creating flavor profiles that embody the integral characters of our life’s work. They truly are what wake me up in the morning… and now, even more so.”

Lamb Of God Announce Second Coffee Blend “Overlord”

Lamb Of God have teamed up with Nightflyer Roastworks once again to create another coffee blend. The latest beverage, which is called “Overlord Dark Roast,” “blends beans from Brazil, El Salvador and Guatemala to create a robust coffee with very rich, dark chocolatey notes that’s a little smoky.” You can get some for yourself HERE. Randy Blythe commented:

“I loved what Willie [Adler] came up with for Memento Mori, but I have been lobbying him to make a dark roast ever since. I like my coffee strong, dark and black, like my soul. Overlord checks those boxes!”

Corey Taylor Premieres “Everybody Dies On My Birthday” Lyric Video, Teams Up With Menotti’s Coffee For Limited Edition “CMFT Private Blend”

Corey Taylor (Slipknot, Stone Sour) has premiered a lyric video for his song “Everybody Dies On My Birthday.” You can check that out below and purchase a new shirt HERE. The track appears on Taylor’s debut solo album “CMFT.”

In other news, Taylor has also joined forces with Menotti’s Coffee to create his own limited edition coffee called “CMFT Private Blend.” You can purchase that HERE. Here’s a description of the beverage:

“Flavor Notes: Dark Chocolate, Full Body, Developed Sweetness

Friends that love a deeper roast flavor, with just a hint of excitement peeking around the corner ready to ride a Rainbow in the Dark.

We wanted to create something with Corey Taylor that gave you that same comfortable and cozy feeling you get from a really good cup of diner coffee after you’ve been riding on HWY 666.

Full bodied coffee so it is perfect for those of us who like their coffee “strong” or for those who love a little cream & sugar.

Origin: Brazil & Ethiopia

Variety: Bourbon / Heirloom

Elevation: 1100 – 1700 masl

Process: Various”

Kreator Announce New Coffee Blend “Black Sunrise”

Kreator have joined forces with The Barn to create their own coffee blend called “Black Sunrise.” The beverage, which can be purchased HERE, sources beans from Brazil and it features a “smooth and chocolatey” taste. The band said the following:

“We’re excited to announce our collaboration with the finest coffee roasters in Germany, The Barn. If you’ve visited one of their spots in Berlin, you will understand why we chose them to represent Kreator — high quality and big flavors. Brazil is one of our favorite places in the world and we wanted to pay tribute to that with this deliciously smooth and chocolatey offering. Awaken to ‘Black Sunrise’!”

Five Finger Death Punch Team Up With Black Rifle Coffee Company For “Death Punch Coffee”

Five Finger Death Punch have teamed up with Black Rifle Coffee Company to create “Death Punch Coffee.” The drink can be purchased at and a portion of the proceeds will go towards The Home Deployment Project. Here’s a description of the coffee:

“BRCC has joined forces with Five Finger Death Punch to bring you Death Punch Coffee! This dark-medium roast is designed to kick things up a notch and give you the firepower to take on whatever life throws at you”

Lamb Of God Team Up With Nightflyer Roastworks For “Memento Mori” Coffee

Lamb Of God have teamed up with Nightflyer Roastworks to create their own coffee. The beverage, which is called “Memento Mori,” is a small batch single origin coffee that was grown in El Salvador and roasted in Charlotte, North Carolina. You can get some for yourself HERE. The following was said about the collaboration:

“With a life on the road, members of Lamb of God have found themselves frequenting coffee shops around the world and brewing from their own espresso machine on the tour bus. A long time passion of guitarist Willie Adler’s, ‘Memento Mori’ brings to fruition years of home roasting and blending in a true collaboration with friend Paul Waggoner, owner of Nightflyer Roastworks.”

Korn Launch Their Own Coffee Brand “Korn Koffee”

Korn have teamed up with J Gursey Coffee to create their own coffee blend called “Korn Koffee.” You can purchase that HERE. Here’s a description of the coffee:

‘Korn Koffee is a smooth, dark roasted blend of Ethiopian Yirgacheffe, Guatemalan Huehutenango, and Organic Peru beans mixed with Vintage Black Diamond by J. Gursey Coffee that has been uniquely curated by the members of Korn.’

Refused Release “366” Coffee Blend

Refused will be releasing their own coffee called “Refused 366 Blend” from Dark Matter Coffee. People who purchase it will also receive the band’s latest album, “Freedom,” on cassette. Proceeds from the sales will got to benefit MOAS. You can buy it HERE, and can read more about the name choice below.


“In the early hours of October the 3rd 2013 near the Sicilian island of Lampedusa, an overcrowded fishing boat capsized, drowning 366 refugees, mostly Eritrean, fleeing one of the most terrifying military dictatorships on earth. The mediterranean crossing was the last leg of a long and dangerous journey in search of bread and dignity in Europe. A journey that ended upon a heartless sea, where dreams come to die.”

Refused proceeds from the sale of this coffee will benefit MOAS (the Migrant Offshore Aid Station). MOAS is dedicated to preventing loss of life at sea by providing assistance to migrants who find themselves in “