GWAR Announced Summer Tour With Light The Torch

GWAR have announced a summer tour with Light The Torch. VIP packages are available HERE, and they come with various perks, such as a signed souvenir, a chance to get “killed” by the band onstage, and more.

Blothar The Beserker commented:

“Foolish Talking Apes! The world is our circus, and you are our monkeys! Come, swallow my sword and bear witness to the greatest happening in superhuman history! GWAR‘s Blood of God’s tour will change your meaningless lives. A true mutated menagarie of malevolence the likes of which have never been seen.”

Pustulus Maximus added:

“I can’t wait to pursue my new career in academia and teach the people of America their ABC’s: Anal, Booze and Cocaine.”

Tour Dates:

07/11 Ft. Wayne, IN – Piere’s (feat. DevilDriver)
07/12 Cadott, WI – Rock Fest
07/13 Grand Rapids, MI – The Intersection (with Light The Torch)
07/14 Des Moines, IA – Wooly’s (with Light The Torch)
07/15 Lincoln, NE – The Bourbon Theatre (with Light The Torch)
07/16 Columbia, MO – The Blue Note (with Light The Torch)
07/17 Springfield, MO – The Complex (with Light The Torch)
07/20 Asheville, NC – The Orange Peel (with Light The Torch)
09/13 Norfolk, VA – The Norva
09/14 Millvale, PA – Mr. Small’s Theatre


GWAR Announce 2018 Australian Tour

GWAR have announced a headlining Australian tour. Here’s the dates:

04/24 Brisbane, AUS – Eatons Hill
04/26 Sydney, AUS – Metro
04/27 Melbourne, AUS – 170 Russell
04/29 Adelaide, AUS – HQ

Blothar commented:

“People of Australia, koala bears, kangaroos, crocodiles, wallabies…lend me your ears…and your skulls, and all of your internal organs…GWAR is coming to turn the Land of Dreams into your worst nightmare. Fire up the barby, we are going to eat Australia!

As for the Adelaide scum and your worthless existence, the so-called “Rock Capital of Australia”… is that crack rock? We shall turn the Great Australian Bight into our Great Australian BITE as our parting gift to Australia.”

“GWAR: Orgasmatron” Comic Series To Be Released As A Trade Paperback

It has been announced that GWAR’s “Orgasmatron” comic series will be compiled and sold as a trade paperback. This version will include the main story, as well as backup stories and artwork. You can head HERE to find your local comic shop and ask them to carry it or preorder it at Things From Another World.

Co-writer Matt Miner commented:

“It’s been an honor to work on this book with the guys from GWAR. I’m thrilled and humbled by the massive positive response the comic books have gotten and I’m ecstatic that Dynamite Comics is publishing a collected paperback that can sit on library shelves and corrupt children for decades to come.”

He also said the following about contacting your local comic book shop:

“Facebook messages are the least intrusive but most effective means of outreach. If the trade paperback does well then we could see a second comic series of blood drenched antics featuring our favorite Scumdogs of the Universe.”

He further added:

“Get your pre-orders in now and secure your copy. Wait until it’s sold out and you’ll be selling kidneys on the black market to pay jacked-up prices on eBay.”

GWAR Sign Up Thousands Of Bone Marrow Donors To Help BälSäc The Jaws ‘O Death Following Myelofibrosis Diagnosis

After the sad news that GWAR’s Michael Derks (aka BälSäc the Jaws ‘o Death) had been diagnosed with myelofibrosis, a bone marrow disorder that disrupts the production of blood cells, the band partnered with Love Hope Strength to help find the guitarist a bone marrow donor. So far, the band have got over 3,000 fans to sign up for the national bone registry during their current tour.

Rob Rushing, Love Hope Strength’s national tour manager, told The Richmond Times-Dispatch the following:

“They’re the No. 1 band we’ve had on our virtual drive. We’ve partnered with Ozzy Osbourne, all kinds of bands, and GWAR right now has more people signed up for the virtual drive than anyone else by far.”

Donors are found using cheek swabs, but it is hard to get an exact match, due to how similar the DNA has to be. Rushing added the following about that:

“It’s crazy specific, because you have to match them close enough on the DNA chain that their body accepts it, but there be just enough difference that the body starts making new clean blood cells based on the donor’s DNA so it’s clean — new fresh cells that kill the cancer.”

Derks continues to tour while using labs across the country to moniter his blood.

GWAR’s BälSäc The Jaws ‘O Death Diagnosed With Myelofibrosis

GWAR’s Michael Derks (aka BälSäc the Jaws ‘o Death), has been diagnosed with myelofibrosis, a bone marrow disorder that disrupts the production of blood cells. The guitarist revealed the news with a post on DKMS. He is currently looking for a bone marrow donor.

Derks said the following:

“My name is Michael Derks, but I am more widely known by my stage name, BälSäc the Jaws ‘o Death. I’ve spent the last thirty years behind a mask as the guitarist for the shock rock band GWAR. And that’s where I’m comfortable, behind the mask. I am not someone who enjoys putting my life out for others to see on social media, and I do it now only because I know many people are concerned about me.

This summer while I was out on the Warped tour, I began to experience extreme fatigue and weakness. Eventually it got to the point where the people around me insisted that I go to the hospital. I was treated for severe anemia, but extensive testing did not reveal a cause. When I got home, my hemoglobin levels continued to fall and the only course of treatment has been a series blood transfusions to keep my red and white blood cells from dropping to dangerous levels.

I went for further testing at the Massey Cancer Center at MCV and the doctors there have diagnosed me with myelofibrosis, a disease that causes scarring inside of the bones and interferes with the marrow’s ability to produce blood cells. If left to run it’s course the doctors say I am most likely to only survive another 3 to 5 years. There is a treatment with a chance of curing my condition, a bone marrow transplant.

This procedure involves destroying my diseased bone marrow with high doses of chemotherapy, and then replacing it with healthy marrow from a donor. I will hopefully have the transplant early next year. I will spend a month in the hospital and then at least a year in recovery, where my immune system will be practically non-existent. The procedure has a mortality rate of 30%, but the Massey Center has brought this down to around 15%. With my family’s help and the support of my friends, I will beat this.

Since the only thing I can do while the doctors try to find a matching donor is to get myself physically fit, I’ve decided to not let the impending hospitalization keep me from doing what I enjoy most, performing with GWAR. I will be joining them on the upcoming North American tour where we will be playing many of the songs from our new album, “the Blood of Gods”, a record that I am prouder of than anything else I’ve put out in my 30 year career.

I will be using labs across the country to monitor my blood over the next 2 months as we travel and will probably have to leave the tour at least once to come home for a transfusion, but as hard as the road can be, I look forward to the curative effect it can have on my soul. Everyone I have told about my condition have asked what they can do to help.

I have teamed up with the incredible people at Love Hope Strength to offer a way for my friends and fans to not only help me, but all of the thousands of people out there in need of a bone marrow transplant. We are running a virtual drive to find donors to join the international registry of people willing to save a strangers life. So, please, if you are willing and able, become a donor today. There is no obligation, it will just allow you to find out if there is someone out there who’s life you could save.”