Testament’s Alex Skolnick Blasts Donald Trump With New Rap Song “Trump Sucks”

Testament guitarist Alex Skolnick has blasted Donald Trump and his administration with a new rap song called “Trump Sucks.” He said the following about that:

“This song just poured out of me yesterday. It was completed in a matter of hours. To all the # Trump2020 and # Maga folks who’ve been flooding my timelines ever since my post the other day about the election, I’d like to say thank you, sincerely. You’ve inspired me to do something a bit different (for me, anyway): Rapping Enjoy! 😘 PS No time for debates here. If you hate it, please ignore, wait for another post you like better or unfollow. Cheers 🍻 And oh yeah.. #trumpsucks”

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Thank you @nerdsvote for the cool t-shirt! If you hate thoughts on politics, please read no further (it’s on you if you choose otherwise) _** There’s a Presidential election coming up, not sure if you’ve heard? (I’m kidding. That shouldn’t have to be spelled out, but here we are). I’ve been relatively quiet considering the fires that are going on (literally & figuratively), doing 90%+ music-related, non-political posts. Yet that’s still too much for some, so a warning: A few more such posts may be coming between now & the election. A common complaint by characters such as the ever-ranting Don Jr: “These entertainer types are trying to tell us how to think!!” (Hey @donaldjtrumpjr: Stop being a f-cking snowflake).No one is telling you how to think. It’s more like this “Here’s how I feel based on real world thoughts & experiences, not someone yelling on TV. If it’s not asking too much may you consider a different point of view?” Let’s stop the name calling & accusations that so many do. Honest question: Are you “conservative” and afraid of “radical” ideas? Well here’s the most radical concept there is: Refusing to commit to a peaceful transfer of power in the event of an election loss. That is RADICAL & HATEFUL OF AMERICA. Those who agree with me on this include more conservative/pro-2nd Amendment folks crossing party lines (at least on the top of the ticket, for POTUS) than ever before in history. Imagine if things were reversed? Suppose you had this many Democrat-leaning folks running for the hills from the current Dem POTUS, 99.9% of the Dem party in fear of saying anything our Prez might not agree with for fear of an angry tweet storm & riled up constituents?? If that were the case, I promise you I’d be proudly voting Republican this one time. Yet this IS what’s happening, only the other way around. Therefore I believe it’s more urgent than ever we vote out the one who expresses that view & not vote for anyone who supports him. Please don’t give me a “But…” “What about…” “It’s BOTH sides” No. No no no. Just no If you use an out of context quote to make a point, you have no point. Ok. Rant over😅 So: ARE YOU REGISTERED 2 #VOTE? @nerdsvote can help!

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Queen Facing “Uphill Battle” As They Try To Stop Trump From Using Their Music

Queen are still fighting against Donald Trump to stop him from using their music without permission. The band’s song “We Will Rock You” was recently featured in a campaign video on Triller and it has yet to be removed. The group’s management told BBC that they are facing an “uphill battle” and that they have “repeatedly taken issue with the Trump campaign.” They went on to say that “the band itself has been quite outspoken on the subject.” This news comes after Trump previously used “We Will Rock You” in a Twitter video in October 2019 and after he used “We Are The Champions” during a July 2016 speech at the Republican National Convention.

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Guns N’ Roses’ Cover Of “Live And Let Die” Was Played Before Trump’s Speech In Ohio

Earlier today (August 6), Guns N’ Roses’ cover of “Live And Let Die” was played before Donald Trump gave a speech at the Whirlpool Corp.’s washing machine manufacturing plant in Clyde, Ohio. You can see footage of that below. This news comes after the band previously mocked Trump with a limited edition “Live N’ Let Die With COVID 45” shirt after the song was played while he was visiting a N95 mask manufacturing plant in Phoenix, Arizona without wearing a mask.

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Actor Elijah Wood References Anal Cunt In Joke About Trump’s Children

Actor Elijah Wood (“The Lord Of The Rings,” etc.) recently made a joke about Donald Trump’s children by referencing Anal Cunt. You can check out that tweet below:

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Linkin Park Send Cease And Desist Order After Donald Trump Shares Video Featuring Their Music

Linkin Park sent Donald Trump a cease and desist order after he recently shared a fan-made campaign video featuring their song “In The End” on his official Twitter account. The controversial clip has since been removed. Linkin Park tweeted the following:

It’s also worth noting that the late Chester Bennington previously called out Trump prior to his tragic death:

Tom Petty’s Family Calls Out Trump For Unauthorized Use Of “I Won’t Back Down” At Tulsa Rally

The family of the late Tom Petty have blasted Donald Trump for using “I Won’t Back Down” during his rally in Tulsa, OK yesterday (June 20). They said “Trump was in no way authorized to use this song to further a campaign that leaves too many Americans and common sense behind.”

The following statement was issued:

“Tom Petty’s song “I Won’t Back Down” was used today at Donald Trump’s campaign rally in Tulsa, OK.

Trump was in no way authorized to use this song to further a campaign that leaves too many Americans and common sense behind.

Both the late Tom Petty and his family firmly stand against racism and discrimination of any kind. Tom Petty would never want a song of his used for a campaign of hate. He liked to bring people together.

Tom wrote this song for the underdog, for the common man and for EVERYONE. We want to make it clear that we believe everyone is free to vote as they like, think as they like, but the Petty family doesn’t stand for this. We believe in America and we believe in democracy. But Donald Trump is not representing the noble ideals of either. We would hate for fans that are marginalized by this administration to think we were complicit in this usage.

Adria, Annakim, Dana and Jane Petty”

Guns N’ Roses Mock Donald Trump With “Live N’ Let Die With COVID 45” Shirt

Earlier this month, Donald Trump visited an N95 mask manufacturing plant in Phoenix, Arizona without wearing a face mask as Guns N’ Roses’ cover of “Live And Let Die” blasted on the loudspeakers. The footage ended up going viral and it has apparently led Guns N’ Roses to release a new shirt that says “Live N’ Let Die With COVID 45.” You can get that HERE.

Queen Block Donald Trump From Using “We Will Rock You” In Twitter Video

Queen have blocked Donald Trump from using “We Will Rock You” in an October 9 campaign video featuring footage from one of his rallies. The group filed a copyright complaint with Twitter and the clip has since been removed due to its unauthorized use of the song. According to Buzzfeed, the band have also “already entered into a process to call for non use of Queen song copyrights by the Trump campaign.” This is the second time Trump has used Queen’s music without permission, following his July 2016 speech at the Republican National Convention in which he used “We Are The Champions.”

Metallica’s “Enter Sandman” Used As Entrance Theme For Donald Trump & Mariano Rivera At Recent White House Ceremony

Metallica’s “Enter Sandman” was used during a recent White House event in which Donald Trump presented Mariano Rivera with the Presidential Medal of Freedom. The song was chosen due to the fact that it has served as Rivera’s entrance theme due to his nickname “Sandman.” Despite his connection to the track, the MLB hall of famer has previously said that he doesn’t listen to metal due to religious beliefs.

Ozzy And Sharon Osbourne Blast Trump For “Unauthorized” Use Of “Crazy Train”

Ozzy Osbourne and his wife/manager Sharon Osbourne have blasted Donald Trump for using “Crazy Train” in a video that was created to mock the first Democratic debate. Sharon issued the following statement on behalf of her husband:

“Based on this morning’s unauthorized use of Ozzy Osbourne’s “Crazy Train,” we are sending notice to the Trump campaign (or any other campaigns) that they are forbidden from using any of Ozzy Osbourne’s music in political ads or in any political campaigns. Ozzy’s music cannot be used for any means without approvals. In the meantime, I have a suggestion for Mr. Trump–perhaps he should reach out to some of his musician friends. Maybe Kanye West (“Gold Digger”), Kid Rock (“I Am the Bullgod”) or Ted Nugent (“Stranglehold”) will allow use of their music.”