Sharon Osbourne Says The British Leg Of Ozzy Osbourne’s “No More Tours 2” Trek Has Been Rebooked For 2022

Ozzy Osbourne previously said he was planning to return to the road in 2022 and now it looks like that will be the case. His wife and manager Sharon Osbourne recently told Planet Rock that the British leg of the frontman’s “No More Tours 2” trek has already been rebooked for that year.

Sharon said the following:

“Everybody’s booking their tours again for like 2022, and to find availabilities right now, it’s crazy. Agents and facilities are going nuts, trying to get everybody back. It will be exciting. I think it will be a very exciting time when bands do go back and it’ll be joyous.”

She also added:

“Ozzy’s tour has been rebooked. The British tour, he’ll be back in ’22. You know, we just carry on as normal. We’ve been doing loads of TV shows here and you’ve got to just keep going until Ozzy can go back live. He’s in the studio right now doing a new album!

We’re going to do a movie of Ozzy’s life story and he’s got to do the soundtrack to that… so I’ll keep him busy, let’s put it that way!”

Ozzy Osbourne Begins Working On New Album

Ozzy Osbourne has officially started working on a new album with producer Andrew Watt. The frontman told the following about that:

“I’m doing another record right now. I just started to work with Andrew again. It’s what gets me up in the morning, and it’s what I’m here to do. It saved my life, doing that last album. [It’s better than] sitting on my ass all day waiting for the fucking pandemic to be over. And then you go, ‘Oh, yeah, I am a rock and roller. I’d better do an album.’ You’ve got all the fucking time in the world to make the best album possible.”

[via Blabbermouth]

Ozzy Osbourne Hopes To Return To The Road In 2022

During Ozzy Osbourne’s “Blizzard of Ozz” 40th anniversary special on Rock Classics Radio on Apple Music Hits, the frontman talked a bit about his icon status, the coronavirus pandemic, and his desire to return to the road in 2022. He said the following [transcribed by Blabbermouth]:

“I never really thought about it. I’m just Ozzy. My wife calls me Ozzy. I’m just Ozzy. I’m just here. The only good thing about this pandemic, I couldn’t work anyway, because of my injuries. I’m hoping that I’ll be booking 2022, I think. To be honest with you, I don’t think it’s gonna get ship shape until the end of next year. I think this winter is gonna be fucking bad, because you’re gonna have the flu. People are, ‘I’m not taking the flu shot.’ You know what? You can give me anything, but I’m not gonna be number one on that fucking new vaccine. I don’t know want to be the first one to wake up with a set of fucking antlers in the morning.”

Ozzy Osbourne Shares New Animated Video For “Crazy Train”

Ozzy Osbourne has shared a new animated video for his song “Crazy Train.” The clip was created by Tiny Concert and it is being released as part of the frontman’s 40th anniversary celebration for “Blizzard Of Ozz.” A new expanded edition of that record was digitally released today (September 18). A new black and red swirl vinyl pressing will also be released on October 23 via Best Buy. Furthermore, fans can now buy new merch HERE and take part in a Twitter listening party on September 20.

Ozzy Osbourne To Digitally Release 40th Anniversary Expanded Edition Of “Blizzard Of Ozz”

Ozzy Osbourne will be digitally releasing a 40th anniversary expanded edition of his debut solo album “Blizzard Of Ozz” later this week. The effort will be available on September 18 and it will feature a number of bonus tracks.

“Blizzard Of Ozz” Expanded Edition Track Listing:

01. “I Don’t Know”
02. “Crazy Train”
03. “Goodbye To Romance”
04. “Dee”
05. “Suicide Solution”
06. “Mr. Crowley”
07. “No Bone Movies”
08. “Revelation (Mother Earth)”
09. “Steal Away (The Night)”
10. “You Looking At Me, Looking At You”
11. “Goodbye To Romance” (2010 guitar & vocal mix)
12. “RR” [Outtake from “Blizzard Of Ozz” Sessions]
13. “I Don’t Know” (from ‘Ozzy Live‘)
14. “Crazy Train” (from ‘Ozzy Live‘)
15. “Mr. Crowley” (from ‘Ozzy Live‘)
16. “Revelation (Mother Earth)” (from ‘Ozzy Live‘)
17. “Steal Away (The Night)” (from ‘Ozzy Live‘)
18. “Suicide Solution” (from ‘Ozzy Live‘)
19. “You Said It All” (live) (from ‘Mr. Crowley’ EP)

In other news, Osbourne is also planning to release digital video versions of “Live & Loud” and “Live At Budokan.“

Funko To Release “Ordinary Man” Era Ozzy Osbourne Pop! Figure

Funko have announced that they will be releasing a new Pop! figure of Ozzy Osbourne exclusively through Hot Topic. The figure is based on the cover art for the frontman’s latest album “Ordinary Man” and it is expected to be released in the near future.

Ozzy Osbourne Scores New Multi-Platinum And Gold Singles

Ozzy Osbourne’s single “Mr. Crowley“ has officially been certified gold by the RIAA. On top of that, the frontman’s single “Crazy Train“ has also been certified 4x multi-platinum. Both tracks are from Osbourne’s debut solo album “Blizzard Of Ozz.“

Ozzy Osbourne: “You Know The Time When I Will Retire? When I Can Hear Them Nail A Lid On My Box”

It looks like Ozzy Osbourne still isn’t planning to call it quits anytime soon. During a new interview with Mirror, the frontman was asked about the possibility of retirement and he responded with the following:

“You know the time when I will retire? When I can hear them nail a lid on my box. And then I’ll fucking do an encore. I’m the Prince Of Darkness.”

“When you feel that audience jumping, it’s a better feeling than orgasm. It is the best love affair of my life. The party is on, man. I feel honored people still want to see me.”

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Watch New Trailer For “The Nine Lives Of Ozzy Osbourne” Documentary

A new trailer has been released for the new Ozzy Osbourne documentary “Biography: The Nine Lives Of Ozzy Osbourne.” As previously reported, that film will be airing on the A&E Network on September 7 at 9PM ET/PT.

A&E Announce “Biography: The Nine Lives Of Ozzy Osbourne” Special

The new Ozzy Osbourne documentary, “Biography: The Nine Lives Of Ozzy Osbourne,” will be airing on the A&E Network on September 7 at 9PM ET/PT. You can watch a preview of the film below:

The following description was posted on

“’Biography: The Nine Lives of Ozzy Osbourne’ traces Ozzy’s life from his childhood in poverty and time in prison, to fronting legendary Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductees Black Sabbath and successful Grammy Award-winning solo career, to one of rock’s elder statesmen and a loveable 21st century television dad. The two-hour documentary explores how Ozzy has continually reinvented himself and his career to propel himself toward greater success.

As Ozzy turns 70, he reflects on the intimate details of his successes, failures, and his unique ability for survival and perseverance—including never-before-seen interviews about his recent Parkinson’s diagnosis.

The documentary, a selection of the 2020 SXSW Film Festival, also features interviews with Sharon, Kelly and Jack Osbourne as well as friends and fellow musicians including Rick Rubin, Ice-T, Marilyn Manson, Rob Zombie, Jonathan Davis, Post Malone and more.”