Zakk Wylde On Possibility Of Recording A New Album With Ozzy Osbourne: “If Oz Wants To Do Another Record, Then We Knock It Out”

With Ozzy Osbourne set to reunite with Zakk Wylde for his 2017 touring, fans have been wondering if he would also appear on Osbourne’s upcoming album. Wylde recently told the Chicago Tribune the following, when asked if he was open to working on new music with Osbourne:

“My relationship with Ozzy and Mrs. O [Sharon Osbourne] is if they call me up and say, ‘Bring eggs and milk over and clean the dog run,’ I do it. If Oz wants to do another record, then we knock it out. We haven’t spoken yet about a record. Basically, right now it’s about the shows.”

Gus G. (Firewind) On Ozzy Osbourne & Zakk Wylde Reunion: “It’s Been Long Overdue”

Earlier today (April 28) Ozzy Osbourne announced that he will be reuniting with Zakk Wylde for his 2017 touring. Now Gus G. (Firewind), who has been handling the guitar for Osbourne’s solo band, has commented on the news, and said it is “great to see Ozzy & Zakk back together.”

Gus G. said the following:

“It’s been an honor & a privilege playing by your side since 2009. Nothing but great times & an experience of a lifetime.

To Ozzy & Sharon – thanks for everything, love ya!

To Blasko, Adam & Tommy – been a pleasure rocking with you!

As a fan, it’s great to see Ozzy & Zakk back together. It’s been long overdue.

Last but not least – thanks to all the fans that showed love & support all these years, see you out there soon!

Ozzy rules!


Ozzy Osbourne & Zakk Wylde Reunite For 2017 Touring

Ozzy Osbourne has announced that he will be reuniting with Zakk Wylde for his 2017 touring. With this news, Osbourne also confirmed that he will be releasing a new album in 2018.

The following statement was posted:

“Rock fans rejoice!

For the first time in more than a decade, OZZY OSBOURNE and Zakk Wylde are together again.

Known as one of rock’s most lethal singer and guitarist pairings, the two will hit the road for a series of OZZY headlining shows in the U.S. this summer and fall, beginning July 14 (*see dates below). While they’ve performed together over the years, these shows are the first collaboration for the duo for a full tour since 2006. These dates also mark OZZY’s first solo tour in the U.S. in years beyond one OZZY & Friends performance at the Voodoo Music + Arts Experience in New Orleans, LA in October 2015.

OZZY and Zakk first teamed up 30 years ago when Zakk (who OZZY describes as “a f***ing absolutely amazing guitar player”) joined OZZY’s band in 1987; they last recorded in 2007 on OZZY’s acclaimed BLACK RAIN album.

In addition to reuniting with Zakk Wylde on guitar, OZZY’s band will include longtime collaborators Blasko (Bass), Tommy Clufetos (Drums) and Adam Wakeman (Keyboards). OZZY’s tour dates kick off in July at the Rock USA Festival in Oshkosh, WI with additional dates to be announced in the coming weeks.

“I’m so happy to be getting back on the road with Zakk, Blasko, Tommy and Adam,” says OZZY OSBOURNE. “This is what I do. This is where I belong, on the road.”

“I’m really looking forward to The HARDCORE POWAHLIFTING TRAINING SESSIONS with OZZY as well as playing music in between sets of HEAVY SQUATS, BENCHING and DEADLIFTS,” Zakk Wylde adds.

Next up for OZZY: prepping for a new solo album for 2018 on Epic.

OZZY’s initial 2017 tour dates are as follows:

Fri, July 14 Oshkosh, WI Ozzy at Rock USA
Sun, July 16 Chicago, IL Chicago Open Air Festival
Wed, August 9 Sturgis, SD The Legendary Buffalo Chip
Mon, August 21 Cartersville, IL Moonstock 2017 Festival”

Ozzy Osbourne To Headline Moonstock Festival During Solar Eclipse

Ozzy Osbourne is set to headline Moonstock, a festival which was organized to coincide with the solar eclipse on August 21. The full event will run from August 18-21 at Walker’s Bluff in Carterville, IL. Osbourne will perform the final day and plans to start the show with “Bark at the Moon” at 1:20PM while the eclipse is going on. On another note, Five Finger Death Punch is also confirmed for August 20, but other artists are still pending.


Sharon Osbourne Thinks Ozzy Osbourne Should Retire Before Hitting 70

Despite their widley covered marital problems, Sharon Osbourne still plans to work as Ozzy Osbourne’s manager for the rest of his career, which may be coming to an end in a few years. Sharon recently told Rolling Stone that she thinks the 67-year-old rocker should retire before he turns 70.


Here’s Sharon’s full statement:

“We’ll continue until Ozzy finishes, and Ozzy won’t be long behind them [Black Sabbath] when he calls it a day. It’s not going to be within the next year, but it’s coming up. I don’t want Ozzy singing ‘Crazy Train‘ at 75. I think it’s best you go out before you hit that 70 and go out on top.”

Ozzy Osbourne & Corey Taylor (Slipknot, Stone Sour) To Make Special Announcement This Week

Ozzy Osbourne and Corey Taylor (Slipknot, Stone Sour) will be making a special announcement during a free event at the Hollywood Palladium on Thursday (May 12). It is unknown what they will be announcing, but it wouldn’t be surprising if it was connected to Ozzfest or Knotfest or maybe even a combination festival. We will just have to wait and see.

Ozzy Osbourne Joined Onstage By Slash, Tom Morello (Rage Against The Machine), & Geezer Butler (Black Sabbath) At Voodoo Fest

During his performance at Voodoo Fest last night (October 31), Ozzy Osbourne was joined onstage by Slash, Tom Morello (Rage Against The Machine), and Geezer Butler (Black Sabbath). You can see some footage and a photo below: