Black Sabbath Bench Unveiled In Birmingham

Black Sabbath were honored with a special bench in Birmingham, England yesterday (February 9). Tony Iommi was present for the event, which was organized by the Westside Business Improvement District. The bench is handmade with stainless steel and it was forged by Gateway Steel Fabrications. It also features pictures of all four original members with the phrase “Geezer. Ozzy. Tony. Bill. Made in Birmingham 1968.” Furthermore, Bill Ward also received a star on the city’s Walk Of Stars, making him the final one of the four to get one. All four stars, plus an additional star for the band itself, will be realigned in front of the bench in the shape of a cross.

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Tony Iommi Is Remixing Black Sabbath’s “Forbidden”

Tony Iommi has revealed that he is remixing Black Sabbath’s “Forbidden” for a 2019 re-release. He said the following about that:

“Next year will be the ‘Forbidden’ album coming out, which we’re remixing at the moment — [engineer] Mike Exeter an myself. And it’s been interesting to pull that apart and at least try and get some bigger sounds on it, as it should be. I know Cozy was never happy with his drum sound, and none of us were really happy with the sound of that album. So hopefully now it will be sounding better.”

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Black Sabbath To Receive Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award

The Recording Academy have announced that Black Sabbath will be honored with a Lifetime Achievement award in 2019. Other artists chosen to receive the award include: George Clinton & Parliament/Funkadelic, Donny Hathaway, Julio Iglesias, Sam & Dave, Dionne Warwick and Billy Eckstine. A special ceremony/concert will be held in Los Angeles, CA on May 11. It is currently unknown if Black Sabbath plan to accept the award in person.

Black Sabbath May Be Honored With Bridge In Birmingham

According to BirminghamLive, West Side business development and the city of Birmingham, England may honor Black Sabbath with a “Black Sabbath Bridge” on the stretch of Broad Street over the canal next to Symphony Hall and the ICC. Furthermore, they also want to give Bill Ward his own star on the Walk Of Stars, so each original member is represented. They will then take all the stars and add an official one for the band itself so they have enough to put them in the shape of a cross in front of a special tribute bench. Egyptian-born Sabbath fan Mohammed Osamaidea came up with idea and had the following to say:

“If we get approval, all of the stars will be rearranged and the bridge itself will also be named after the band. The band members and their managements have been in the loop as well. My vision is to reunite the four original members for the unveiling of the stars and ‘Metal Bench.’ I mean, just reunite them together at their hometown; no gigs or anything — just the four of them being celebrated together at their hometown would be the best ending and closure I could possibly think of.”

Ozzy Osbourne Says He Wasn’t Allowed To Have Fun On Black Sabbath’s Final Tour

Last month, Ozzy Osbourne told The Inquirer that he “didn’t have a great time” on Black Sabbath’s final tour. Now, he echoed those comments once again during a recent interview with Rolling Stone. Here’s what he had to say:

“With Sabbath, all I am is a singer with a band. [My solo group] is a different thing. I’ve got a lot of freedom and I have fun with it. It’s not allowed to have fucking fun with Sabbath. It’s too serious. Tony [Iommi] was trying to have a go at me, saying, ‘Don’t fucking talk over my solos.’ I go, ‘Okay, are you sure? ‘Cause most of the fucking song is solos. The intro to the song is fuckin’ five minutes and then I sing for about two seconds and then it’s another one.’ With my own thing, I’m looking to have fun, and that’s what music’s about for me. I’m not a serious fucking singer. I’m just a frontman who’s trying to get the crowd going in front.”


Black Sabbath’s Tony Iommi Announces “A Life In Music” Events In Paisley And Edinburgh

Black Sabbath’s Tony Iommi will be discussing his life and career at two special “A Life In Music” events in Paisley and Edinburgh. Kerrang! editor Phil Alexander will host the events and the dates can be seen below:

10/12 Paisley – The Spree Festival
10/13 Edinburgh – Assembly Halls


Black Sabbath’s Tony Iommi Announces “A Life In Music” Event In London

On October 19, Black Sabbath’s Tony Iommi will be discussing his life and career at a special “A Life In Music” event at The Emmanuel Centre in London, England. Kerrang! editor Phil Alexander will host the event and more info can be found HERE.