Emmure Premiere Animated Video For “Thunder Mouth”

Emmure have premiered an animated video for their song “Thunder Mouth.“ This track is from the band’s latest album “Hindsight,“ which will be receiving a physical release tomorrow (July 24). Director Frankie Nasso said the following about the video:

“We wanted to create a world that closely reflects the themes and layers of the Emmure mythology- from gritty underground street culture to otherworldly, nightmarish possibilities. Frankie Palmeri is the perfect anime antihero, a complex character who deals with real emotions in a mind-bending universe where anything can happen. We had so much fun creating this manga-inspired video with talented artists from four different countries, and we hope to expand this story into a continuing series of animated projects in the future.”

Emmure Premiere New Song “Uncontrollable Descent”, Reveal Details For New Album “Hindsight”

Emmure have premiered a new song titled “Uncontrollable Descent.” This track is from the band’s new album “Hindsight,” which will be released on June 26.

Frankie Palmeri commented:

“The label asked me to attach a quote about the new album and this new single so that there can be some words to chew on as this press release goes out. I am not sure what to say. I simply hope the fans enjoy the song as much as we do and look forward to the full album releasing this year. Beyond that, I don’t believe in explaining what the music is supposed to be about. In fact, I consider it creatively bankrupt to rob people of a chance to experience, dissect and create their own unique ownership of what a song potentially represents to them. I want people to hear the music and take away whatever feeling they want.

If an artist is outright telling you why a song or album was written, not only do I personally find it pretentious, but they might as well spoon feed you your meals and pick out your clothes for you, since you’re clearly incapable of thinking for yourself. What makes explaining it even worse than what I already mentioned, is that the message within is literally and figuratively already spelled out for you, so if you can’t figure it out or at the very least surmise your own explanation, then you’re better off just reading a dictionary if you’re too lazy discover the meaning in something for yourself.”

“Hindsight” Track Listing:

01. “(F)Inally (U)Nderstanding (N)Othing”
02. “Trash Folder”
03. “Pigs Ear”
04. “Gypsy Disco”
05. “I’ve Scene God”
06. “Persona Non Grata”
07. “Thunder Mouth”
08. “Pan’s Dream”
09. “203”
10. “Informal Butterflies”
11. “Action 52”
12. “Bastard Ritual”
13. “Uncontrollable Descent”

Emmure Launch Official Patreon

Emmure have launched an official Patreon. Fans that sign up will receive a number of exclusives from the band.

The group said the following:

“If you’re reading this, then it means this band means something to you. Maybe it’s just the tunes you play when hitting the gym, your morning route playlist, the songs you put on when the stress of life has become too much to take on without the proper soundtrack, the list goes on. EMMURE has always, will always be solely about the music, but beyond that, none of this would matter, exist or amount to much with out the fans who have continued to support the albums, the live shows, the merchandise ETC..

So the time has come for us, all of us, to adapt. With what is happening in the world, we have unfortunately been stifled in our conquest to connect with the people that mean the most to us, our fans. This Patreon page, is our chance to rebuild that bridge between us and those who have through thick and thin, the changing of winds and unpredictable trends, continue to put EMMURE in their musical zeitgeist.

You’re still reading this? Good. Let’s get to the fun part. We have a lot to share with you all. Interesting, behind the scenes, exclusive and rare content that we have been sitting on, unsure about when the right time to share with you all what has been a almost 20 years history. This engagement, your subscription, will give you access to a ton of different things, exclusive merchandise, fan perks, opportunities to dive even deeper in to the discography, lyrics, music, everything.

This is simply the beginning. Will you take the next step with us?

Emmure’s Frankie Palmeri: “I Emotionally And Spiritually Reject Almost Every Lyric I’ve Ever Written”

Emmure are planning to release a new album, reportedly titled “Hindsight,” later this year and Frankie Palmeri recently took to Twitter to open up about metalcore and his past work. Notably, the singer said that he “emotionally and spiritually reject[s] almost every lyric [he’s] ever written.”

Palmeri said the following:

“Hanging out with someone who only listens to metalcore made [me] realize why regular people with healthy neuroplasticity don’t fuck with that genre of music and gravitate towards pop/rap. Talk about a fucking unnecessary onslaught of bullshit emotions.”

“Trust me when I say; I emotionally and spiritually reject almost every lyric I’ve ever written. It all stems from material pain, a fragile ego, an inability to cope. It’s unfortunate anyone has ever identified with any of what I’ve said in my music. A lot [of] people are/were hurting.”

UPDATE: Palmeri has since added the following:

“FOR THE RECORD: I’m not apologizing for anything I have ever said in a song. Starting a band at 16 years old, you aren’t a fully realized person yet. At one point in time, I was willing to hold on to every ounce of pain I spit on the microphone. I considered my suffering to be a part of my identity.

Over the years, as my internet presence grew and still seeking validation I watched the world both ridicule and embrace the words I put on paper. This now publicized existence in the media, began to alter my entire being. I would spend my 20’s struggling with more demons and more success than I was prepared for. This all came through inside the music.

The lyrics I wrote (about 80% of them) all stemmed from my personal life, I was telling my story, regardless of how it would be interpreted. Fast forward 18 years I was given a extremely rare and incredible opportunity to sit back and analyze how what my time spent swimming in the cess pool of my own misery has lead me, what screaming night after night, for years about unresolved pain has done to my psyche, this has lead me to this exact moment.

I look back at what I’ve accomplished, my failures and I do not recognize that person. I’m grateful that a lot of childhood dreams came true, but I inadvertently damaged myself in ways I only now recognize. I am often painted and labeled in ways I never would have thought imaginable. Racist, homophobic, misogynist, edge lord…the list continues. No one wants to carry these badges.

There was criticism I deserved, and some I still won’t ever understand, I accept this. But on that same coin, the other side, I reject the person I was, vehemently. I don’t need the “music community” or any scene to understand who I am, the person I became or what my values are today.

I am flawed, but I work to adjust and improve the person I am. Not for anyone else, but myself. I know for fans to hear me denounce old lyrics, might seem like I am rejecting them as well, that is not the case. I do and always will appreciate the people who have been drawn to EMMURE and what the music represented.

Just know that the words you hear come from a person I know longer recognize. This is not a “identity crisis”. This is true self realization. If you’ve read the words up until now, I hope it has cleared some of what you might of thought or heard about the recent media attention, that of which I never even expected. I love aggressive music. I love to get on stage and bring people together. I’m just trying to be a better version of who I was. Thanks. 🤟🏻”

[via Lambgoat/The PRP]

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Emmure Announce European/UK Tour

Emmure have announced a European/UK tour. You can find the dates for that run below.

Tour Dates:

04/07 Kiev, UKR – Monteray
04/08 St. Petersburg, RUS – Zal
04/09 Moscow, RUS – Pravda
04/11 Leipzig, GER – Messe (‘Impericon Festival‘)
04/12 Warsaw, POL – Progresja (feat. As I Lay Dying, Whitechapel & Une Misère)
04/13 Wroclaw, POL – A2 (feat. As I Lay Dying, Whitechapel & Une Misère)
04/15 Frankfurt, GER – Batschkapp (feat. As I Lay Dying, Whitechapel & Une Misère)
04/16 Utrecht, NET – Tivoli (feat. As I Lay Dying, Whitechapel & Une Misère)
04/17 Zurich, SWI – X-TRA (‘Impericon Festival‘)
04/18 Oberhausen, GER – Turbinenhalle (‘Impericon Festival‘)
04/19 Munich, GER – Zenith (‘Impericon Festival‘)
04/21 Bristol, UK – Rough Trade
04/22 London, UK – Boston Music Room
04/23 Manchester, UK – Satan’s Hollow