As I Lay Dying’s Tim Lambesis Reflects On Trying To Hire A Hitman To Murder His Wife: “I Lost Myself”

During an appearance on Suicide Silence guitarist Chris Garza‘s “The Garza Podcast,” As I Lay Dying frontman Tim Lambesis, reflected on his dark past. The vocalist, who was released from prison in December 2016, infamously tried to hire a hitman to kill his wife in 2013. According to him, the incident came about after he lost himself.

Lambesis said the following:

“My thinking was so isolated in my own mind and disconnected from my support system that I didn’t really even fathom or realize how much I had lost myself and the core of who I really was. It’s, like, I was this one person for most of my life, and then for this period of time, I had this very isolated, different type of mindset, and then have since returned to being much of who I was in the earlier part of my life plus, of course, the added perspective of everything I went through.

I don’t really know how to describe it. I lost myself, I lost my way, and I sat there in a cell being, like, ‘How did I become this person?’ It kind of blew my own mind. And as the mental cloud, the fog went away and I could see clearly, there are so obviously a thousand better ways that I could have gone through a divorce or a thousand better ways that if I wanted to be close with my family or if I felt that burning of a father who felt…”

“I can talk about, vaguely speaking, any father who loses his children, there’s a burning feeling of just, like, ‘I’ll do anything to fix this or to make this right or to maintain this relationship.’ But just ’cause you feel like you would be willing to do anything to maintain what matters to you the most in the world doesn’t mean you show that those are your best options. And I saw clearly sitting there thinking in a cell, ‘Wow, I could have handled this a thousand different ways,’ and the fact that in my mindset I thought at the time this was the best way to handle the situation, it blew my own mind. It’s, like, how did I even think that? It just was shocking. And there’s really no defense or no way to take away what I did other than that, thankfully, there was actually no true physical harm of any kind.”

He also added:

“Knowing that I’m relatively young and I have the rest of my life to demonstrate to myself, beyond other people, that that is a very isolated, dark thought process in my life. And if that is an isolated, dark thought process, over the course of 30. 40, 50 years, you’ll see that. But I can’t prove that to anybody, coming out of prison, like, ‘Hey, guys. I’m changed. I’m good.’

They have to say, ‘Here’s who you were for 32 years. Here’s this dark period of your life. And here’s who you are for the next 20…’ I have at least 20 years till most people in this world are willing to be, like, ‘You know what? Maybe he really did change. Maybe incarceration really did…’ In one of those rare instances where incarceration actually helped an individual; maybe I’m one of those rare cases. But I have 20 years to prove that. So I’m not in a rush other than to be myself and let people see that slowly over time.

I hate talking about it in any kind of contextual way because I feel like it might come across like I’m giving excuses. I’m not. I’m just telling people the context under which these things happened. That’s it.”

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Watch Pro-Shot Footage Of Carcass, As I Lay Dying, Amaranthe, Death Angel, Etc. At 2022 Alcatraz Open Air Festival

ARTE Concert have shared some pro-shot footage from this year’s Alcatraz Open Air festival in Kortrijk, Belgium. You can watch sets from Carcass, As I Lay Dying, Amaranthe, Death Angel, Life Of Agony, Exhorder, Accept, Benediction, Mgla, Suicidal Angels, and Evil Invaders below:

Tim Lambesis Comments On As I Lay Dying’s Lineup Changes, Offers Update On New Album

During a recent interview with Metalshop, As I Lay Dying’s Tim Lambesis commented on the drastic lineup changes within the group. On top of that, the vocalist also confirmed that the band will be releasing a new album in 2023.

Lambesis said the following about the band’s new lineup:

“I think for our fans, they think that the changes happened all in a very short period of time, but they actually happened over the last two years. The first change was on guitar we invited Ken Susi to fill in for us. And that was about two years ago that we invited him. But then, of course, the pandemic happened and so we had a lot of breaks until we had a tour again.

So Ken‘s been rehearsing with us, or talking about rehearsing with us, for the last couple of years. And on drums we have Nick Pierce, who joined us. Nick Pierce was previously in Unearth; Ken is from Unearth as well.

And Nick stopped playing with Unearth and coincidentally at the same time we needed a drummer, because our previous drummer hadn’t been communicating with us; he went very isolated once the pandemic hit.

And so there wasn’t an argument or anything like that; it was just a situation where when the pandemic hit, he decided to take a new direction in life and kind of cut himself off from the rest of us. And we decided we wanted to keep going forward. Phil and I had been the ones writing the songs all these years, so when Nick Pierce left Unearth, we thought it was the perfect opportunity to have him perform with us.

And then Ryan came from Miss May I. He was the last guy to come in. And he didn’t come in until a couple of months ago. Our bass player, Josh, previously left, and he’s with Spiritbox now. And when he decided to go perform with Spiritbox, we called up Ryan, who was with Miss May I.

And Ryan Neff was on tour at the time. And then we asked him, ‘Can you start touring with us as soon as this tour is over?’ And he said, ‘Well, I’m only gonna have three days off to rehearse in between tours.’ He said, ‘If you guys want me to do it, I’ll make sure I come prepared.’ And he had a lot to learn in three days, but he pulled it together. He’s a very, very hard-working guy.”

He also added the following about the band’s new album:

“Well, we have demos going back and forth between Phil and I. The two of us have been writing songs for 20 years, and so we have a very, I guess, refined method of writing where we exchange demos early on so that they have room to be pulled apart.

And then once there’s a full instrumental, then I start writing lyrics. And I typically don’t write lyrics until after we have all the instrumentals together. So pretty shortly after this tour we’ll finish the demo process and then I can start writing lyrics. And hopefully by the end of the year we’ll finish recording so we can have an album next year.”

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As I Lay Dying Officially Part Ways With Drummer Jordan Mancino

As I Lay Dying have officially parted ways with Jordan Mancino. This news comes after the drummer previously said he was sitting out the band’s current tour due to “ongoing internal issues.”

Frontman Tim Lambesis commented:

“There was a public statement recently made by Jordan Mancino regarding “internal issues within AILD”. We feel that it’s necessary to share a little more information with the fans on the matter in order to better understand the situation and avoid making any wrongful assumptions.

For about the past 2 years, Jordan has ex-communicated himself from the remaining members of AILD informing us that he wishes to only speak through lawyers moving forward.

There have been numerous attempts by the remaining members to reconcile with Jordan to find common ground in how to continue AILD in a healthy and positive manner.

In preparation for post-pandemic band activity, the remaining members felt it unfair to have our ambitions hindered by someone who refused to contribute or communicate openly. We feel this is not an efficient way for a band (or business) to operate productively.

We offered Jordan the chance to get together and jam old songs, or even just get into a room together to talk weeks prior to an established deadline before needing to find a fill in drummer for the upcoming tours. We had no response until we were met with legal documents that Jordan wished to move on from the band and expected a payment in return.

The remaining members feel that we must find other solutions to keep AILD moving forward without Jordan Mancino involved. There is nothing personal with this situation in any way. We want to continue playing music and we cannot be an effective team if a member wants to limit all progress and productivity by refusing to communicate.

The remaining members who write the songs, handle touring logistics, merchandise, etc feel confident that we can pursue our creative ambitions moving forward with greater ease knowing that all members, producers, agents, crew members, etc are enthusiastic to be involved. The driving force of AILD is still well in tact.

Jordan has had a long career of performing AILD songs very well, and his drumming on our earlier records in particular really pushed the genre as a whole. We’ll forever be grateful for his contributions and the good times we shared.”

This news comes after bassist/vocalist Josh Gilbert and guitarist Nick Hipa both exited the group. The band are currently performing with an adjusted lineup featuring frontman Tim Lambesis, guitarist Phil Sgrosso, drummer Nick Pierce (ex-Unearth), bassist/vocalist Ryan Neff (Miss May I), and guitarist Ken Susi (Unearth).

Watch As I Lay Dying Play First Show With New Touring Lineup

Last night (June 10), As I Lay Dying played their first show with their new touring lineup at the House Of Blues in Las Vegas, NV. You can see fan-filmed footage of that below. As previously reported, the group’s current live lineup consists of frontman Tim Lambesis, guitarist Phil Sgrosso, drummer Nick Pierce (ex-Unearth), bassist/vocalist Ryan Neff (Miss May I), and guitarist Ken Susi (Unearth).

As I Lay Dying Recruit Ex-Unearth Drummer Nick Pierce For Immediate Live Shows

As I Lay Dying have recruited ex-Unearth drummer Nick Pierce for their current U.S. tour. He will be filling in for Jordan Mancino, who is sitting out the trek due to “ongoing internal issues.” This news comes after the band previously recruited bassist/vocalist Ryan Neff (Miss May I) and guitarist Ken Susi (Unearth) following the departures of Josh Gilbert and Nick Hipa.

As I Lay Dying issued the following statement:

“We are pleased to announce that Nick Pierce, formerly of Unearth, will be playing drums for AILD on the “Two Decades of Destruction Tour” starting tonight in Las Vegas with @whitechapelband @shadowofintentofficial @ovsulfur ⁣
We’ve toured with Nick many times over the years so we’re stoked to have not only a long time friend out with us, but a phenomenal musician. The level of precision and power in Nick Pierce’s playing has taken our songs to a whole new level.⁣⁣
Nick had the task of learning 20 songs in a limited amount of time and he nearly played the entire set flawlessly at our first rehearsal. It’s been inspiring to witness his dedication and strong work ethic to keep AILD performing at the standard our fans expect from us.⁣⁣

We even had time to jump in the studio with Nick and track drums for a new song we are putting out soon so keep an eye out 🤘🏽⁣
We are just pulling up into Las Vegas for night 1 of the “The Decades of Destruction Tour”, we can’t wait to perform and see our fans again!⁣”

As I Lay Dying Drummer Jordan Mancino To Sit Out Upcoming Shows Due To “Ongoing Internal Issues”

As I Lay Dying drummer Jordan Mancino will be sitting out the band’s upcoming shows due to “ongoing internal issues.” This news comes after the band recently recruited bassist/vocalist Ryan Neff (Miss May I) and guitarist Ken Susi (Unearth) following the departures of Josh Gilbert and Nick Hipa. Mancino issued the following statement:

“To all of our fans, my friends, family and supporters within the industry. There have been a number of ongoing internal issues with As I Lay Dying that need to be worked out. It was my wish to avoid any further touring until these issues were resolved. Since they have not yet been resolved, it is with a heavy heart that I announce I will not be performing on any upcoming tour dates until further notice. Thanks to all of you for your understanding.”

As I Lay Dying’s Tim Lambesis Gets Married For Third Time

On June 4, As I Lay Dying’s Tim Lambesis got married to Dany Ciara. The fitness model is Lambesis’ third wife following Amanda Dubord, who married the frontman in 2015 while he was still incarcerated for trying to hire a hitman to kill his first wife, Meggan Murphy, in 2013. Lambesis said the following:

“On Saturday I married my best friend. We set up a small ceremony on the beach with the help of close family and friends. Every detail of the day came together so well, but more importantly I have an incredible foundation of love for a lifetime with @danylambesis. I’m excited for every adventure ahead with the love of my life ❤️”

As I Lay Dying Announce August European Tour

As I Lay Dying have announced an August European tour. Lorna Shore, Darkest Hour, Tenside, and Ten56. will serve as support on select dates.

Tour Dates:

08/04 Feldkirch, AUT – Poolbar-Festival
08/06 Wacken, GER – Wacken Open Air
08/09 Dublin, IRE – Academy
08/11 Josefov, CZE – Brutal Assault
08/12 Frankfurt, GER – Batschkapp
08/13 Kortrijk, BEL – Alcatraz
08/14 Koln, GER – Essigfabrik
08/15 Munchen, GER – Backstage
08/16 Lyss, SWI – Kulturfabrik
08/17 Padova, ITA – Dissonance Festival
08/19 Sullingen, GER – Reload Festival
08/20 Trier, GER – Summer Blast

The group commented:

“It feels good to finally make our way back and play some of the finest heavy music festivals Europe has to offer. We look forward to catching up with old friends and celebrating the return of these large musical gatherings that we’re grateful to be a part of. Due to scheduling conflicts, we’ve condensed all rescheduled ‘Two Decades of Destruction‘ EU dates to a handful of headlining shows in between festival appearances, including our very first appearance in Ireland. This will be a great finish to our 2022 touring before we finalize writing and enter the studio for our next album. We’ll see you soon🤘🏽⁣”

As I Lay Dying Part Ways With Bassist/Vocalist Josh Gilbert

As I Lay Dying have parted ways with bassist/vocalist Josh Gilbert. He is the latest member to exit the band following guitarist Nick Hipa, who announced his departure last year. The group’s upcoming shows will feature an adjusted lineup with Miss May I‘s Ryan Neff on bass/vocals and Unearth’s Ken Susi on guitar.

The band commented:

“As we have been nearing our first tour back since the beginning of 2020, there have been several developments within AILD that we’d like to share with our fans. The past couple years off from the road with the uncertainty of how or when touring would pick up again has provided time to consider new endeavors in life apart from AILD.

Josh Gilbert has decided to exit AILD to pursue other musical opportunities. Josh has been a strong contributor musically for AILD since joining in 2007 so we are grateful for all his contributions and his friendship over the years. We wish him all the best and are excited to see where this new path takes him in life.

As I Lay Dying will honor our touring commitments for the remainder of 2022 with the Two Decades of Destruction US Tour (June 10 – July 17) then European festival season in August.

We are thankful to have Ryan Neff, of Miss May I taking on bass and vocal duties for our upcoming tours. We first met Ryan down in Mexico City, playing together back in 2012, so we’re stoked to be sharing the stage with a familiar face and talented musician.

Joining us on second guitar for these two tours will be our good friend Ken Susi of Unearth. We have known Ken for almost 20 years, coming up in the scene and playing many tours together. Ken‘s style of guitar playing is closely related to AILD so we are excited to have a close friend and ripper of a guitar player joining us.

We are grateful for our fans’ continued support as we enter a new chapter of the band with newfound energy and enthusiasm. There’s been a lot of moving parts but what has and will always be the main priority of AILD is creating new music. We plan to have a new song out to you shortly before completing our full length by the end of the year.

We look forward to seeing many familiar faces on our upcoming tours and thank you for believing in us at every step of this band’s journey.”

Gilbert added:

“Hello, friends. After 15 years (almost half my life), I’ve decided to part ways with As I Lay Dying. Despite the ups and downs inherent, I’ll always be grateful for the profound privilege of being to able to grow up traveling the world playing music with the band. None of that would be possible without the fans of the band, so for that I sincerely thank you all so much for allowing me the opportunity. I wish the best for AILD moving forward, and I hope to see all of you sooner rather than later.”

Frontman Tim Lambesis also commented:

“There’s been a lot of challenges and life changing decisions that many of us in the music industry have been facing since the pandemic struck in early 2020. It’s been difficult for a lot of musicians to feel a sense of stability and purpose being limited by the opportunities of traveling the world, playing music for their fans. It’s created time and space for many to rethink potential new paths in life. AILD has certainly been affected by this. With this issue being close to my heart, I feel the need to share a recent development within AILD, reflecting on the past to find hope for the future.

In 2001 I wrote a bunch of songs and then began forming a band with like minded musicians, eventually establishing As I Lay Dying. Along the way, dozens of musicians have been members or filled in on tours to help bring the As I Lay Dying vision to life on stage. Behind the scenes when making albums, it often felt pretty similar regardless of who came and went during the harsh conditions of touring as a band that was barely scraping by until 2003 when Phil Sgrosso joined the band.

Phil almost immediately became a primary songwriter with me, oftentimes working on riffs on the long drives between shows back in the van days. In subsequent years, I started handling a lot less of the guitar parts when writing to focus more on vocals, with Phil taking on more of the musical responsibilities and becoming a riffing machine. We used to pass the guitar back and forth in the tiny loft of an apartment I had at the time to create Shadows are Security, and we continued refining that process on An Ocean Between Us.

Fast forward to 2010 and the third significant songwriter in our band’s history, Josh Gilbert, became a part of helping us write The Powerless Rise. While I still consider many of our records somewhat of a group effort, I think it’s fair to give credit where credit is due to those two incredible songwriters who created most of those songs out of nothing. Josh has incredible talent both as a songwriter and additional vocalist, and on a personal level he was the one I felt most comfortable talking to while going through some of my biggest struggles to get back on my feet.

For that reason, Josh’s decision to move on and pursue other opportunities leaves me really missing him in a band where I’ve never felt this affected by the dozens of member changes in the past. It also leaves some very big shoes to fill but we are confident to be moving forward with our upcoming tours this year with Ryan Neff of Miss May I, who we first met playing Mexico City together back in 2012.

My reaction when Josh first told me that he was considering other opportunities, and that he’d potentially regret not taking them, was that I wanted my friend to be happy and fulfilled. There wasn’t any animosity at all in his reasoning or my reaction. I selfishly wish the timing was better of course, but we both agreed that there’s enough time for a new bassist/singer to step in and perform to the standards our fans can expect from AILD.

I don’t ever want to hold back people I love from doing what makes them happy. I sincerely wish Josh the best as he moves on to his next chapter in life, appreciating the time shared and memories created over the years.

You’ll see some news soon as to what Josh is up to next. Please be supportive and encouraging of him, just as we are. Apart from Ryan Neff joining us on these next two tours, our friend Ken Susi from Unearth who we’ve known for almost 20 years, will be filling in for us on second guitar. I’m honored to be sharing the stage with them both!

Thanks for letting me share my personal feelings about the impact my friend and ex-band mate has had on both my life and AILD. It was hard to reflect back on all these years without sharing a little bit of a story to give context to Josh’s importance in my life. Lastly, I’m thankful for his ongoing friendship moving forward.”