Devin Townsend To Release First Part Of “Eras” Vinyl Box Set In June

Devin Townsend has announced that he will be releasing a series of four vinyl box sets called “Eras.” “Part One” will be released on June 8, and it will come with The Devin Townsend Project’s “KI,“ “Addicted,“ “Deconstruction,” and “Ghost” on 180-gram vinyl, as well as liner notes by Chris Dick, comments from Townsend, etc. Pre-orders can be found HERE.

Townsend commented:

“The Devin Townsend Project, although it went further than I had originally planned, began life as these four albums. ‘Ki‘, ‘Addicted‘, ‘Deconstruction‘ and ‘Ghost‘. The music evolved in line with a period of intense personal growth, and the albums in chronological order were meant to illustrate that change. The amount of people involved with this was extensive, and the journey was one that defined my career in ways I cannot over express. These four albums are really what the Devin Townsend Project was about.

I have been asked repeatedly over the last few years to provide these albums on vinyl, in one set. So we took this opportunity to put together ‘Eras‘, which is the definitive vinyl box-set encapsulating this period of my life and work that I am exceptionally proud of. As always, this wouldn’t have come to fruition without the support of the tremendous audience who has allowed it to flourish, so respect to both yourselves, the people involved, and the music itself, we present to you; ‘Eras‘. Thank you for allowing me to continue to do what I do.”


Devin Townsend Says He Currently Has No Label Or Band Management

Devin Townsend previously put The Devin Townsend Project on hiatus to focus on numerous other projects, and now he has confirmed that he no longer has a label or band management, allowing for more freedom with the upcoming material. He made the following Instagram posts:

There’s certainly a value in having a team of people- friends and coworkers – help one be objective about their work. It especially seems to help commercially, but it also becomes a trajectory that is hard to step away from, a treadmill of sorts. I like the hang time so much that I find myself sliding into that role repeatedly until I realize there’s an undercurrent of dissatisfaction with my own identity within that role. Maybe not with the music, but with the process. The idea of the process is to articulate your own trip accurately as it evolves and learn from your missteps. (The above included) I talk a lot of shit, and it’s doubtful that will ever change… but we know our paths subconsciously, so it’s about being creatively assertive enough to allow it to flourish. , it’s about following through and breaking through walls. And cats.

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Devin Townsend Says He Has 100 Songs Worth Of New Material In “Different Forms And Styles”

Devin Townsend previously put The Devin Townsend Project on hiatus to focus on numerous other projects. Now, he has offered an update on his new material in a series of tweets, which you can see below. According to the him, he currently has “100 songs in different forms and styles.”

Devin Townsend Working On Ziltoid Mobile Game

It looks like Devin Townsend is working on a Ziltoid mobile game. He shared the below posts regarding that:

Devin Townsend Planning To Reissue Four The Devin Townsend Project Albums On Vinyl

Despite the fact that The Devin Townsend Project have gone hiatus, fans still have something to look forward to. Townsend has confirmed that “Ki“, “Addicted“, “Deconstruction,” and “Ghost” will all receive vinyl reissues.

In other news, Townsend also revealed that his “Empath“ project will be recorded in 5.1 surround sound.

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Devin Townsend Reveals Title For “Ocean Machine” 20th Anniversary Live Release

Devin Townsend previously filmed his September 22, 2017 “Ocean Machine: Biomech“ 20th anniversary show at the Ancient Theatre in Plovdiv, Bulgaria for a new Blu-ray/DVD, and now he has confirmed that the release will be called “Eras.” That set saw him performing with a symphony and choir.

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Devin Townsend Says Financial Reasons Played A Role In The Devin Townsend Project’s Hiatus

Devin Townsend recently announced that he was putting The Devin Townsend Project on hiatus while he focuses on other projects, and now he has also revealed that financial reasons played a part in his decision as well. He tweeted the following:

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