Devin Townsend Shares Another Hour Worth Of New Ambient Guitar Music

Devin Townsend has shared another hour worth of new ambient guitar music. You can check that out below:

Townsend commented:

“Heres another installment of this guitar improvisation series. I enjoy this process and I find it calming in the face of the relentless negativity and oddness of recent times. This stuff is meant to simply be background sounds while you do other things.

This particular improv had the idea of the universe as its inspiration. I get so caught up in my own drama and the awareness of the constant bustle of humanity, that I find it calming to sort of remember and focus on how small we all are in the grand scheme of things.

Although this one is more chaotic than Id typically go for, its in line with where my heads been over the past few weeks, so its honest at least. Regardless, I hope this gives you a chill moment, and like always: I wish you strength to keep fighting through all this recent chaos.

its easy to let the ugliness take over and then follow that down the rabbit hole, but taking a step back for some perspective on it all has been helpful. Lots of love – Dev.“

Devin Townsend Shares Over An Hour Worth Of New Ambient Guitar Music

Devin Townsend has shared over an hour worth of new ambient guitar music. You can check that out below:

Townsend commented:

“So, its been a strange week, and I have been writing a lot of strange music. Amidst the more tumultuous stuff thats appeared, I often find it therapeutic for me to just simply play guitar in the mornings, and over the years I’ve kind of ‘developed’ (for lack of a better descriptor) a sort of chilled out, Ambient guitar technique.

This isn’t meant to be focussed on, its meant to be a sort of wash that you can play while working, chilling, or creating something (thats my hope at least). I like playing like this, and in fact, Id say 80% of what I play with a guitar in my hand over the last decade or so ends up sounding something like this.

I had recorded some of it in the background of the Podcasts (which I will be continuing) and was asked to post it, but it made more sense to me to do a fresh one here. Lots of people still think Im secretly the same raging metalhead I was in my mid 20’s, but its been a few decades since I legitimately felt that way I’d say.

This improvisation is one take (with a bathroom break I edited out) and I used a Sadowsky Telecaster and a Fractal AX-8 for the sound. Art for this (and the Podcast) are done by my good friend Travis Smith at

Hopefully its helpful to some of you who need a sonic break.

Thanks again for the ability to do this. Ill release this in a physical form if theres any interest.

I really like echo.



Killswitch Engage’s Jesse Leach Shares Two New The Way Back Within Tracks

Killswitch Engage’s Jesse Leach has shared two new tracks, “Khoa Sok Gibbon Calls” and “From The East, Wind,” from his ambient project The Way Back Within. You can stream those below:

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2 new songs added to my The Way Back Within bandcamp page (Search “The Way Back Within on bandcamp). One track is a 5:31 minutes of sound recording of Gibbons I captured in the Jungle of Thailand with music I wrote over it. The second is a 17:22 minute super mellow meditative track inspired by a random snow fall that came out of nowhere yesterday amidst patches of sun. I actually nodded off to sleep in the midst of making it! I was so relaxed watching the snow fall from my bed propped up with pillows playing my keyboard. So that one is recommended for deep relaxation. If you’ve been keeping track there is a total of 5 songs up there for a total of 43 minutes of music. The song order as they were created in chronological order so far is as follows: The Path Afterglow Adrift Adrift Khoa Sok Gibbon Calls From The East, Wind . Thank you all so much for your support on this! I am pleasantly surprised at the amount of love I have received! When I finally decided to allow people to hear this side of me I would of never imagined people would care as much as they have! More to come as inspiration strikes. As always with these I recommend listening with headphones and breathing deeply🙏🏼 Song playing: Khoa Sok Gibbon Calls. #TheWayBackWithIn #Ambient #MeditiaiveMusic #MentalHealthMusic #Soothing #Peaceful #JesseLeach #HealingThroughNature

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Jesse Leach (Killswitch Engage) Shares New The Way Back Within Track “Afterglow”

Killswitch Engage’s Jesse Leach has shared a new track, titled “Afterglow,” from his ambient project The Way Back Within. The frontman commented:

“New meditative ambient project “The Way Back Within” is on my @bandcamp. High quality download available: or just simply search the name. The newest track is called “Afterglow”. It was inspired this morning after watching the stunning and film “Samsara.” Its a track I hope soothes, inspires and allows the listener to sit with in a certain feeling. I recorded it in about an hour or so as it was just flowing out of me. Peace friends thanks for listening and remember listen on your headphones for the best experience 🙏🏼 #Ambient #TheWayBackWithIn #MentalHealthMusic #Peace #Hope”

Napalm Death’s Shane Embury Launches New Project Dark Sky Burial

Napalm Death bassist Shane Embury has launched a new ambient project called Dark Sky Burial. The band’s debut album “De Omnibus Dubitandum Est” was released today (April 7).

Embury told Decibel the following:

“I have been forming the ideas for DSB for a few years now and being a lover of all music that’s ‘out there. As a huge retro horror/sci-fi movie fan, I envisioned DSB as an inevitable and natural progression for me as a composer.”

“It’s my first step on a different path but with the help of my longtime music partner Russ Russell, who mastered the album and added some amazing ambience. I hope some people will find a connection to it and follow me as I embark on this new sonic expedition.”

He continued:

“The tracks are a strange sort of therapy for me. My mind is relentless and escapist at the best of times. And it’s times like these now in the world that listening back that this album seems like a suitable soundtrack—a chance to sever reality here and there for just a little while is always needed.”

Killswitch Engage’s Jesse Leach Sharing “Meditative Ambient Music” On Bandcamp

Killswitch Engage’s Jesse Leach has launched a new Bandcamp page to release “meditative ambient music” under the name The Way Back Within. The first track, “The Path,” is available now.

Leach commented:

“While I have time on my hands and many thoughts. One way I thought I could express some of that was through music. So I started a page on @bandcamp for my meditative ambient music called “The Way Back Within” (Headphones highly recommended for all of this music).

I’ve been creating this type of music for the better part of 2 decades but very rarely share any of it. At the moment there is one track up but I have many more to come. I also need to thank my girl @porphyraphilia for the use of her soothing voice on this track as she gently speaks some words of wisdom and encouragement on the first track called “The Path.” We are what we create with in ourselves after all, so with this I choose to create a healing sound. I’m pleased to share with you this little known side of me.

Remember to breathe deep and face each new day with a calm determination (as hard as that may be in these times.) My hope is this music helps to soothe the anxious soul. Lord knows we all need it now more than ever. Thanks for listening 🙏🏼 #TheWayBackWithIn #Ambient #Music #Chillout #Meditative #Nature #Calm #Peace #BreatheDeep #BeStill”