Sully Erna Explains Why Godsmack Scrapped Their Plans To Release Two New Albums

During a recent interview with Las Vegas’s KOMP 92.3, Godsmack’s Sully Erna explained why the band decided to abandon their previous plan of releasing two new albums. The frontman says what the group “wanted to focus on was quality and not quantity.”

Erna said the following:

“Well, a couple of years back, we were a little bit more ambitious maybe [laughs], talking about doing two records. And then the reality sinks in when you’re doing the record and you realize that these things take a long time to do, to get ’em right. And what we wanted to focus on was quality and not quantity. And that’s what we did.”

He also added the following about the band’s upcoming album “Lighting Up The Sky”:

“This record has really been an incredible journey, writing it and recording it. And we really do feel it could be the last piece of music because we’re at a place in our lives now where we’ve done a lot in music. But music, although it’s something we’ve always wanted to do in our lives, it’s not everything we’ve wanted to do in our lives. It’s not that we’re saying we’re breaking up and this is some farewell tour or whatever; we’re just saying that this could be the last full body of music that you hear from us. But we will always come back and do shows, and maybe just try to relax the schedule a little bit more, since we’re coming up now on 25, 26 years, whatever it is… And we’re really grateful for it— we have no regrets — but there’s other things that some of us wanna be doing, and we just wanna be able to have the time to do it. So that’s why we’re saying we’re not quitting, but we’re just creating a little bit more of a relaxed schedule, and our job is to just give you the best music we can give you.

I would rather go out on a high note than just keep kind of grinding through. But you can never say never. I’m just saying that I would expect it, and I’m pretty sure this could be the last of the new music. But again, this isn’t the end; it’s just the beginning of a new chapter. We’re just gonna do it a little bit differently now. We’ll be out there enjoying ourselves playing live shows, ’cause that’s what we love to do and that’s really the reward for all that we do in the studio and putting out new music. It’s all about getting on the road and playing it live. So now we have an opportunity to just do the greatest-hits shows and really have a great time with the fans from this point forward.”

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King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard To Release Three New Albums In October

King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard will be releasing three new albums next month. Among them are: “Ice, Death, Planets, Lungs, Mushrooms And Lava” (out October 7), “Laminated Denim” (out October 12), and “Changes” (out October 28).

“Ice, Death, Planets, Lungs, Mushrooms And Lava“ Track Listing:

01. “Mycelium”
02. “Ice V”
03. “Magma”
04. “Lava”
05. “Hell’s Itch”
06. “Iron Lung”
07. “Gliese 710”

“Laminated Denim“ Track Listing:

01. “The Land Before Timeland”
02. “Hypertension”

“Changes“ Track Listing:

01. “Change”
02. “Hate Dancin’”
03. “Astroturf”
04. “No Body”
05. “Gondii”
06. “Exploding Suns”
07. “Short Change”

Stu Mackenzie said the following about “Ice, Death, Planets, Lungs, Mushrooms And Lava”:

“Naturally, each day’s jams had a different flavor, because each day was in a different scale and a different BPM. We’d walk into the studio, set everything up, get a rough tempo going and just jam. No preconceived ideas at all, no concepts, no songs. We’d jam for maybe 45 minutes, and then all swap instruments and start again.”

He also briefly commented on “Laminated Denim”:

“Laminated Denim is an anagram of Made In Timeland.”

Mackenzie then added the following about “Changes”:

“I think of Changes as a song-cycle. Every song is built around this one chord progression – every track is like a variation on a theme. But I don’t know if we had the musical vocabulary yet to complete the idea at that time. We recorded some of it then, including the version of “Exploding Suns” that’s on the finished album. But when the sessions were over, it just never felt done. It was like this idea that was in our heads, but we just couldn’t reach. We just didn’t know yet how to do what we wanted to do.”

You can find a video for “Ice V” from “Ice, Death, Planets, Lungs, Mushrooms And Lava” below:

King Diamond Plans To Release His New Album Before Mercyful Fate’s New Album

During a recent interview with Creem, King Diamond offered updates on his new solo album and the upcoming Mercyful Fate album. The fontman says his record will likely arrive before Mercyful Fate’s record.

Diamond said the following about his new album:

“We’re working on it. Brian Slagel at Metal Blade [Records, Diamond’s label] said he wants the King Diamond album to be released first. We’re not going to change things just because everything has been postponed, and now it’s Mercy playing live. [King Diamond guitarist] Andy [LaRocque] sent me eight songs of his for the King Diamond album, but that’s maybe enough for his share for two albums. The story will be over two albums. I don’t even think “Masquerade of Madness” [the King Diamond single released in 2019] will be on the album. It’ll be all new songs.”

“It’s going to be totally asylum 1930s, the pioneering of experimenting with human beings, medically, and all this sick shit like that. We want to do some stuff onstage… I don’t want to say it now because it has to be a surprise. But it’s going to be very horror. When this is done with Mercy here, we will focus 150% on King Diamond, getting it all done and recorded.”

He also added the following about the new Mercyful Fate album:

“When it comes, I don’t know, but definitely a new album. There’s another song we’re working on. I won’t say the title right now, but it’s really cool. It’s not nine minutes long like “The Jackal of Salzburg”. We could play it, but we are not doing that. It’s very theatrical. And I have lots of lyrics and lyric pieces done for quite a few other songs. Hank has sent me stuff, and it’s just like the old days. He says, “Use whatever you want. Put your touch on it, and then it’s Mercyful Fate.” Of course, his touch is important, too—together it’s Mercyful Fate.”

He continued when asked if it will be about witchcraft:

“It could. I mean, the other song we’re working on is pretty much witches on their way to the sabbath. We have the album title and the cover art as well. It’s very Mercyful Fate, but we did not try to fuse Melissa and Don’t Break The Oath into a cover again. We did that with 9, but that’s where it should stop. I think it’s cheesy to keep doing that.”

The frontman also had the following to say when asked if the band are feeling any pressure:

“Not at all. I can’t fucking wait because of the style of music that we are doing. We’ve been listening to all the old stuff and trying to recapture more of that style. We’re playing all the old songs, and I can tell you it’s fucking inspiring us. So, it’s very much in that direction. It’s going to be full-on Melissa and Don’t Break The Oath, absolutely. I mean, we’re playing the first song live and it’s not even finished. It’s like, “so fucking what?””

Alice Cooper Wrote 30 Songs For His Upcoming Albums

During a recent interview with Germany’s Rolling Stone, Alice Cooper further discussed his plans to release two new albums. He said the following about the new songs:

“A lot of those were born during the plague. We couldn’t go touring for 18 months, so what’s a musician gonna do? Well, they’re going to write songs. Everybody has a studio in their house. So we were writing songs and doing demos. And at the end of this whole thing, I got in touch with Bob [Ezrin] and said, ‘Here’s 30 songs.’ And we decided, ‘Okay, let’s do two albums.’ But the two albums are definitely two different angles of coming in to Alice Cooper. One is very hard rock; the other one is hard rock but it’s twisted. And that’s all I can say about it right now, because there’s a couple of really important things about both albums.”

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King Diamond’s New Album Won’t Arrive Before 2023

During a recent interview with The Metal Voice, Metal Blade Records founder and CEO Brian Slagel revealed that King Diamond’s new album won’t be released before 2023. Despite this, he also mentioned that a new Mercyful Fate album may arrive “sometime soon-ish.”

Slagel said the following:

“I had a really good conversation with [King Diamond] the other day, and he’s working on both KING DIAMOND and MERCYFUL FATE. I might have heard a demo or two that sounded really, really good.

I don’t know when either of these records are gonna come out, ’cause King likes to do things at his own speed. It’s, like, ‘Hey, whatever works for you is totally fine with me.’ But I was very happy with what I’ve heard so far. So hopefully everybody will be pretty happy.

MERCYFUL FATE is doing a bunch of festivals this summer — knock on wood — as long as they don’t get canceled. And then they’re also playing Psycho [Las Vegas] fest in Las Vegas, which I think will definitely be the only U.S. date. There’s a possibility there could be a Canadian date somewhere along the line here too. But we’ll see.

But there will be a new KING DIAMOND record, I’m hoping, in 2023. And there will also be a new MERCYFUL FATE record sometime soon-ish.”

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Tim King Says SOiL Have “Two Records’ Worth Of Material Recorded”

During a chat with That Metal Interview, SOiL’s Tim King offered a new update on the band. He said the following:

“SOiL’s still going. We just hit 25 years this January with SOiL. We’ve got two records’ worth of material recorded which we’ll put out later on this year. So that’s still a major part of my life and we still do a lot with that. That’s my main band and everything like that.”

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Alice Cooper: “I’m Working On Two Albums Right Now”

During a recent appearance on SiriusXM’s “Trunk Nation With Eddie Trunk,” Alice Cooper revealed that he is working on two new albums. According to him, the records “will really be hard rock albums.”

Cooper said the following:

“I’m working on two albums right now, actually — two studio albums. And all I can say is that one is written — totally written — and we’ll be doing bed tracks for that one pretty soon. And then the other one is just a touch in the future, but that’s being written right now too. They’re two entirely different kinds of albums, but they’re Alice Cooper pure rock and roll albums. The two albums will really be hard rock albums.”

He also added:

“It’s kind of like the old days when you’re touring and putting out records at the same time. It kind of takes me back to when you’re doing ‘Love It To Death’ and then you tour for ‘Love It To Death’. While you’re doing ‘Love It To Death’, you’re writing ‘Killer’. When ‘Love It To Death’ is over, ‘Killer’ comes out and then you go support that. And while you’re doing ‘Killer’, you’re writing ‘School’s Out’. So we’re kind of piggybacking everything. And I kind of like that. It keeps everything moving. I don’t like those big chunks of time when there’s nothing going on.”

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Devin Townsend To Digitally Release New Albums “The Puzzle” & “Snuggles” Tomorrow

Devin Townsend has announced that he will be digitally releasing his new albums, “The Puzzle” and “Snuggles,” tomorrow (December 3). Physical copies are expected to arrive at a later date.

“The Puzzle” Track Listing:

01. “Chromatic Ridge”
02. “Life Is But A Dream”
03. “Yucky Lung”
04. “Kittenhead”
05. “Shark In The Ice”
06. “Devil In The Details”
07. “Hammerhead Sugarplum”
08. “Me And The Moon”
09. “Anxiety In Pyjamas”
10. “The Yugas”
11. “Albert Hall”
12. “Starchasm”
13. “Perfect Owl”
14. “Maybe Over The Void”
15. “Light Year Whale”
16. “FrogFlowers”
17. “Mother”
18. “Southern Sky Geometry”
19. “The Puzzle”
20. “Monuments Of Glitch”

“Snuggles” Track Listing:

01. “Beyond Measure”
02. “Blue Dot”
03. “Drifting And Dreaming”
04. “Sundance”
05. “Minds Are Changing”
06. “The Ocean”
07. “Distant, Elegant”
08. “Replikiss”
09. “I Agree”
10. “Tryst”
11. “Sunset Rump”
12. “The Option”

Pre-orders can be found HERE. Among them is a set featuring an accompanying film that can be viewed on a built-in 7″ screen.

Psycho Synner (Ex-Five Finger Death Punch) Release Nine New Albums

Psycho Synner, the band fronted by ex-Five Finger Death Punch drummer Jeremy Spencer, have just released nine new albums. Spencer said the following about that:

“We couldn’t play shows because of the pandemic, so we locked ourselves up and wrote and recorded nonstop. Nine albums later, we have really found our groove, so to speak.”

Here’s the complete list of releases:

  • “Unholy Hymns For The Children” (their debut)
  • “Bite The Snake” (the slimy, electric rock record)
  • “As The Demon Dances Under The Blood Red Sky” (the psychedelic record)
  • “Fuck The Fire” (the straight ahead face-smasher)
  • “Killing You Softly” (the acoustic record)
  • “666 BC Volume 1: The Burning Years” (first of a double album)
  • “666 AD Volume 2: The Scorched Years” (second of a double album)
  • “Dying To See You” (the straight up metal record)
  • “The Devil Made You Do It” (the Satanic rock ‘n’ roll record)

Fans that purchase physical copies of all nine albums at will also receive a digital covers EP titled “Songs To Stalk You By.” Furthermore, the band have also premiered a new video for their new song “Bite The Snake”:

Ministry Are Already Almost Done With A Follow-Up To “Moral Hygiene”

Ministry previously announced that their new album “Moral Hygiene“ will be released on October 1 and now it looks like a follow-up is already in the works. During a recent interview with Loudwire, frontman Al Jourgensen revealed that he is almost done with another new Ministry album and a new Lard album.

Jourgensen said the following about working on new music during the pandemic:

“I felt like Jack Nicholson in The Shining before I got crazy and tried to axe my girlfriend — ‘All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy…’

Seriously though, there was nothing to do. We took weekends off, but for 52 weeks we just kept recording and we wound up with this album and also finished up a new Lard album. We haven’t had a Lard album in forever and I’m still waiting on some tracks from Jello [Biafra]. We recorded here, then [Jello recorded] vocals in San Francisco and sent them back.

We also started working on a new Ministry record [to be released after Moral Hygiene] that we’re almost done with. Until we can go on tour, I just keep working. What else am I going to do? If I stay in the studio, the local crime rate stays down.”