Dark Sky Burial (Napalm Death) Premiere New Song “Decay Is The Matrix Of Fertility”

Napalm Death’s Shane Embury has shared a new song, titled “Decay Is The Matrix Of Fertility,” from his Dark Sky Burial project. He said the following about that:

“I thought it only Apt on new years eve to once again share a Brand new free download track to those who have helped me thru some trying times and another year in the Labyrinth. A thank you again as we enter 2022. The title of this track for me symbolises the Hopeful Death of old habits – Whatever they maybe – the cutting away of dead wood in the hope of further growth towards the light – looking forwards not backwards! As a last minute thought I asked Tom Dring Of Corrupt Moral Altar to add some saxophone – I love Saxophone! which has given the track more atmosphere and me further thoughts (Like I don’t already think enough) on what will come next on future recordings. Again assisted my Kindred spiritual Brother Russ Russell Love to him and His family on this day especially x”

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