Employed To Serve Share New Version Of “Sun Up To Sun Down” Featuring Alien Weaponry

Employed To Serve have shared a new version “Sun Up To Sun Down.” The updated take on the track features Alien Weaponry and it will appear on the deluxe edition of the band’s latest album “Conquering” (out March 10).

Employed To Serve’s Justine Jones commented:

“We always find it exciting to rework an already finalized song, and when the idea of doing it to a track from our latest album ‘Conquering’ came up, the obvious choice was ‘Sun Up to Sun Down.’

The idea of re-working a track is to add a new dimension to it, and what better way than bringing in new musicians to alter the entire DNA of the song. We asked the guys in Alien Weaponry if they would be up for this collaboration whilst on tour with them last summer. We thought their vocal stylings could really add something to ‘Sun Up…‘.

They seemed as enthusiastic about the idea as we were, so when we got back from tour, we sent them the track to add their parts and we were stoked on the outcome! It’s also rather poetic, due to the time difference when the sun is rising here in the UK, it’s setting in their home country of New Zealand.”

“Conquering” Deluxe Edition Track Listing:

01. “Universal Chokehold”
02. “Exist”
03. “Twist The Blade”
04. “Sun Up To Sun Down”
05. “The Mistake”
06. “We Don’t Need You”
07. “Set In Stone”
08. “Mark Of The Grave”
09. “World Ender”
10. “Conquering”
11. “Stand Alone”
12. “Take Back Control)
13. “Sun Up To Sun Down” (remix) (feat. Alien Weaponry)
14. “Mark Of The Grave” (live)
15. “Force Fed” (live)

Employed To Serve Premiere “Sun Up To Sun Down” Video

Employed To Serve have premiered a new video for their song “Sun Up To Sun Down.” This track is from the band’s latest album “Conquering.“ A deluxe edition of that effort will be released in 2023.

Guitarist Sammy Urwin commented:

“This video was shot on the first leg of our tour with Gojira and Alien Weaponry this summer. We knew that we were going to film some footage on the tour for a music video, but what song we’d use it for wasn’t decided. After the first couple of shows, we could sense that the crowds were really connecting with ‘Sun Up To Sun Down.’ We decided that we would try and capture as best we could the energy shared between us and the audience, and thanks to the help of our talented friend and videographer Taylor Baron, I think we’ve done just that.”

Vocalist Justine Jones added:

“The song itself is about addiction and depression. The repetition within the song is meant to symbolize the feeling of being in the throes of despair, begging for the day to end and to have some reprieve from intense craving and anxiety, only for it to start over again with no end in sight.”

Employed To Serve Announce May UK Tour

Employed To Serve have announced a UK tour with Burner. Here’s the dates:

05/17 Huddersfield, UK – The Parish
05/18 Sheffield, UK – Sidney & Matilda
05/19 Norwich, UK – The Waterfront
05/20 Stoke On Trent, UK – The Sugarmill
05/21 Hull, UK – Tower
05/23 Milton Keynes, UK – The Craufurd Arms (feat. Zetra)
05/24 St. Albans, UK – The Horn (feat. Zetra)
05/26 Southampton, UK – The Joiners
05/27 Exeter, UK – Cavern

Gojira Announce Rescheduled Dates For European/UK Tour With Alien Weaponry & Employed To Serve

Gojira have announced the rescheduled dates for their European/UK tour with Alien Weaponry and Employed To Serve. You can find their updated schedule below.

Tour Dates:


07/05 Brussels, BEL – Forest National
07/06 Oberhausen, GER – Turbinhalle 2
07/08 Zurich, SWI – Komplex
07/09 Munich, GER – Tonhalle
07/11 Wiesbaden, GER – Schlachthof
07/13 Tilburg, NET – 013
07/14 Tilburg, NET – 013
07/16 Copenhagen, DEN – KB Hallen
07/17 Oslo, NOR – Spektrum
07/19 Helsinki, FIN – Black Box at Ice Hall
07/21 Stockholm, SWE – The Annex
07/23 Berlin, GER – Huxleys
07/25 Prague, CZE – Forum Karlin
07/26 Wroclaw, POL – A2
07/27 Budapest, HUN – Barba Negra Music Club
07/29 Vienna, AUT – Gasometer
07/30 Zagreb, CRO – Dom Sportova
07/31 Milan, ITA – Carroponte


02/11 Dublin, IRE – National Stadium
02/12 Belfast, IRE – Ulster Hall
02/14 Newcastle, UK – City Hall
02/15 Glasgow, UK – O2 Academy
02/17 Cardiff, UK – Motorpoint Arena
02/19 Manchester, UK – O2 Victoria Warehouse
02/21 Nottingham, UK – Motorpoint Arena
02/22 London, UK – Alexandra Palace
02/24 Bordeaux, FRA – Arkea Arena
02/25 Paris, FRA – Accor Arena
02/26 Luxembourg, LUX – Rockhal
02/28 Lyon, FRA – Halle Tony Garnier

Gojira commented:

“We cannot express how much we appreciate your continued patience and support while we worked through last month’s postponement.

Despite our best efforts to resume touring this month, the continued uncertainty in various territories has left us with no other choice but to reschedule the remaining dates of the tour as well.

In light of this unfortunate news we are pleased to share the rescheduled dates for the entire European Tour below.

All tickets for the original show dates are valid and for additional information please visit www.gojira-music.com

Employed To Serve Premiere New Song “The Mistake”

Employed To Serve have premiered a new song titled “The Mistake.” This track is from the band’s new album “Conquering,“ which will be released on September 17. Sammy Urwin commented:

“‘The Mistake‘ is about letting other people’s opinions of you seep into your subconscious and filling you with self-doubt. In life, you can’t always win over everyone. But don’t let the haters stifle your true potential and stand in between you and your goals.”

Employed To Serve Premiere “Mark Of The Grave” Music Video

Employed To Serve have premiered a new video for their latest single “Mark Of The Grave.” This track is from the band’s new album “Conquering,“ which will be released on September 17.

Justine Jones commented:

“With this video we just wanted to have fun. After months of being cooped up inside, we wanted to focus on a project that was more light-hearted. We shot the music video at Miracle Theatre in Cornwall with director Ryan Mackfall.

The theatre was kind enough to give us free reign of their studio and stage costumes. Everything was shot in front of a green screen to maximize the opportunity to have fun with the edit. We then sent over a few notes to VFX artist Nadav Rotem and assistant Jake Potter, as soon as they came back with Sammy doing a solo on a flying, flaming skull, I knew it was going to be my favorite video — it’s wild and we love it.”

Employed To Serve Premiere New Song “Mark Of The Grave”

Employed To Serve have premiered a new song titled “Mark Of The Grave.” This track is from the band’s new album “Conquering,“ which will be released on September 17. Justine Jones commented:

“This song is about people who’d rather put other people down, instead of getting on with their own lives. When writing this song we wanted to try our hand at writing a positive metal anthem for people to blast when they’re having a shitty day. Hope you all enjoy it as much as we had fun recording and writing it! Stay kind \m/”

Employed To Serve Premiere “Exist” Music Video

Employed To Serve have premiered a new video for their new song “Exist.” This track is from the band’s new album “Conquering,” which will be released on September 17.

Frontwoman Justine Jones said the following about the new song and video:

“‘Exist‘ is a song that celebrates the highs and lows of existing. For this video, I really wanted to capture the excitement of being a pre-teen and discovering the absolute joy that is music. I loved the idea of getting into someone’s head at that time and them daydreaming about being on stage with the band you love, like we did when we were that age and recently in the past year when we couldn’t play shows!

It took six months of planning due to the pandemic and because we had to source someone who could create one-off figures of each band member. We were lucky enough to come across Mattachine Society from Brooklyn, who creates awesome bootlegs. For the model stage and backline, [guitarist] Sammy [Urwin] and I channelled our inner Art Attack and made that during the winter lockdown to keep our minds from the apocalypse.

When having meetings about how to dress the set and actors, we wanted to shout out as many of our mates’ bands as possible and leave little Easter eggs for people to find with each re-watch of the video.

The most important aspect of the video for me was finding a young energetic girl to play the really stoked kid. When I was growing up, metal was a very male-dominated genre and I always felt a bit out of place. I feel that this is a different story now with so many women in bands. Working in the industry and in the crowd, it’s becoming normalized, which is really exciting.”

She also added the following about the new album:

“‘Conquering‘ is about rising above adversity and self-doubt. We’re really excited to share our latest album — I feel it’s our best work to date. We wanted to go a more metal orientated direction with this album and see how far we could push our musical capabilities.”

“Conquering” Track Listing:

01. “Universal Chokehold”
02. “Exist”
03. “Twist the Blade”
04. “Sun Up to Sun Down”
05. “The Mistake”
06. “We Don’t Need You”
07. “Set in Stone”
08. “Mark of the Grave”
09. “World Ender”
10. “Conquering”
11. “Stand Alone”

Employed To Serve Premiere “Party’s Over” Music Video

Employed To Serve have premiered a new video for their new song “Party’s Over.” A limited edition 7″ featuring that track and “Harsh Truth“ (feat. Stray From The Path‘s Andrew Dijorio) will be released on November 6. Pre-orders are available on Bandcamp. Justine Jones commented:

“‘Party’s Over‘ is about the fast decay of the unsustainable world we live in. Frustratingly, despite our best efforts, the quest for a sustainable way of living feels hopeless due to what humanity deems a birth right rather than a luxury. What we think we need in order to live just does not seem compatible with our eco system, making me feel like we’re aliens that have taken the planet hostage.”

Employed To Serve Premiere New Video For “Harsh Truth (Relived)” Feat. Stray From The Path’s Drew Dijorio

Employed To Serve have premiered a new video for their new version of “Harsh Truth.” This version of the track, which is titled “Harsh Truth (Relived),” features Stray From The Path’s Drew Dijorio. The original version appears on the band’s latest album “Eternal Forward Motion.”

Frontwoman Justine Jones commented:

“‘Harsh Truth (Relived)‘ is a reminder that past demons have a habit of rearing their ugly heads again, and that doesn’t spell defeat. It means you stare back at them with more determination than ever before. This song is a reworking of the album track ‘Harsh Truth‘ that sees the song take a more primitive and visceral shape.

The track also features a guest spot from our friend Drew Dijorio (Stray From The Path) which takes the song to a whole other level. As soon as the guest spot started to take shape when we were reworking the track, we knew instantly Drew was the person for the job. The way he articulates his words with such venom fits perfectly with the groove whilst adding even more aggression to the tracks already punishing presence.”