Protest The Hero Announce April Ontario Tour

Protest The Hero have announced some April shows in Ontario, Canada. Ready The Prince will open.

Tour Dates:

04/14 London, ON – London Music Hall
04/15 Hamilton, ON – Bridgeworks
04/16 Kingston, ON – The Broom Factory
04/18 Ottawa, ON – Overflow Brewing Co.
04/20 St. Catharines, ON – Moose & Goose
04/21 Waterloo, ON – Maxwells
04/22 Guelph, ON – Onyx

Protest The Hero Demoing New Material

Protest The Hero are currently demoing new music. The band already have “eight songs in the bag.”

The group said the following:

“What the fuck do you know about prepro?

Alls I know is Truke and Crime Spree are rippin riffs so fat they can’t stand up straight. What I mean is these riffs are making them so horny they got blue balls, and their balls are so blue they got tummy aches. So they’re both just hunched over in front of a computer working hard. Like hard hard.

You were hoping we were gonna throw in the towel? No fuckin’ way bud, we need that towel for drying off after demoing these sexy riffs. Ya, we get our butts wet on riffs, what’s it to you?

Anyway, don’t tell anyonye.

Here’s some more relevant information from Truke:

‘Began the long journey of demoing new tunes this week! This journey almost always begins with absolutely punishing @climft in the engineer’s seat. No idea what this release will look like in the end, but we got 8 songs in the bag and work continues…’”

Protest The Hero Part Ways With Drummer Mike Ieradi

Protest The Hero have parted ways with Mike Ieradi. The drummer will play his final show with the band at Union Hall in Edmonton, AB on September 11.

The band commented:

“It’s with many emotions that we announce the departure of long time band mate and pal Mike Ieradi. Mike joined PTH in late 2013 as we were beginning to tour Volition. In addition to being a ripper on the kickers, Mike was a heavy-lifting writer on Pacific Myth and Palimpsest and you’ll even hear his influence on what we release next. We wish him all the best as he pursues greener pastures.

Though we’ve yet to determine who will be filling his silly little drum shoes, PTH is planning to continue performing live and making new music in the not so distant future. More on that later.”

Ieradi added:

“With nothing but love , I will be stepping away from Protest The Hero. Our show in Edmonton next month will be my last.

It’s been just under a decade of the best times, the best pals, the most laughs, and incredible experiences.

From the bottom my my heart, thank you to every single person who has made this chapter of my life unforgettable. ✌️”

Protest The Hero Book Canadian Shows For March, Announce Altered Lineup

Protest The Hero have booked some Canadian shows for March 2022. The concerts will find the band performing with guitarist Ben Davis, who is taking over for Luke Hoskin as he steps back from touring, and touring bassist Henry Selva.

Tour Dates:

03/01 Ottawa, ON – Bronson Centre
03/02 Montreal, QC – Theatre Fairmount
03/03 Quebec City, QC – Imperial
03/05 London, ON – London Music Hall
03/11 Toronto, ON – Danforth

The group said the following:

“It has been over 3 years since we played our last show. Hard to believe we were in the midst of putting the final touches on Palimpsest when the world shut down. So we’re happy to announce it’s finally time for us to get back out there with some Ontario/Quebec dates in March.

In the initial planning stages for the Palimpsest record cycle, we had some dates booked in 2020 that never got announced. To be frank, it was a tour to see if we wanted to continue touring — a way to dip a toe back in to see if that lifestyle still worked with our middle-aged, adulting lives.

When we didn’t get that chance to hit the road during the pandemic lock-downs, some of us were relieved and others were disappointed. When the conversation came up again, Luke expressed that he was relieved when we had to cancel the shows in 2020, while the remaining 3 of us were still keen to play shows if it could work.

We came to the difficult decision that we’d continue performing and look for a suitable live guitarist for the touring band. However, never fear. Dear Truke will continue to be involved in many other areas like writing, recording, and editing pupdates.”

Hoskin added:

“First I want to say that I have tossed and turned many nights debating this decision. Myself and the rest of PTH have been playing live for more than half of our lives at this point, so walking away from one of the things I know best was not an easy decision.

As the band took a pause from live music (as we all did when the pandemic hit), it gave me some time to gain clarity. Though my heart went out to other artists who felt the detrimental effects of not being able to tour, I found myself feeling the opposite: somewhat relieved that touring was off the table.

I have always believed that the stress associated with touring was worth it in the end. A day filled with challenges and tension was always relieved by the hour (or so) we got to play at night. And while that rings true for most of my touring career, at some point, my love of playing live started to wane making it tougher for me to justify all the other challenges that came with it.

I found myself just trying to ‘get through it’ rather than soak it up and enjoy the process. Knowing that, I am certain it’s time for me to step back from the live side of things.

I can say without any hesitation that the fellas in the band who are continuing on with the show still truly love it. Night after night, I’ve watched them relish the moments they got to spend on stage, each one of them glowing after the set. Showgoers, you’ll be in the best of hands moving forward.”

The band continued:

“When we were racking our brains for who could fill Truke‘s big sneakers, Michael suggested Ben Davis. Ben is an amazing guitarist who played with Michael for many years in his previous band. So we are thrilled to announce that Ben will be ripping it up stage right for these upcoming shows.

In addition to having Ben wielding a six string, we have the pleasure of announcing that Henry “Hankzerclues” Selva from The Human Abstract will be playing bass and bringing his best Soulfly stomp to the stage for PTH. Hank has been someone we’ve known for years, and spent many days on tour with. So we are happy to have him now sharing the stage.

Our band is a community that is far larger than the ‘members’ you see on stage. Over the years, there have been many people involved in making Protest The Hero what it is today. There are many roles that need to be filled to make this all work, and in the past, it may have been a more rigid ‘are you in or are you out?’ These days, it definitely takes a village, and we are happy to welcome our two newest idiots.”

Protest The Hero Release “Palimpsest” B-Sides EP “Fabula & Syuzhet”

Protest The Hero have released a new EP titled “Fabula & Syuzhet.” That effort comes with two songs including “Gift Horse” and “The Duelling Cavalier.“ Both of those tracks were previously only available as bonus tracks on select editions of the band’s latest album “Palimpsest.“

Protest The Hero’s New Album “Palimpsest” Will Be Released A Day Earlier Than Previously Planned

Protest The Hero will now be releasing their new album “Palimpsest” on June 18 instead of June 19. The band made the change out of respect for Juneteenth, the annual holiday that commemorates the end of slavery in the U.S. The group said the following:

“Many months ago, when we set the date of our record release, we decided on the date of June 19th. When we realized our scheduled release day coincides with Juneteenth, we didn’t feel right about celebrating our album when we should be observing the holiday. Recently we have been doing our best to look inward and acknowledge our prejudice and privilege. In doing so, we must recognize the importance of Juneteenth, and we don’t want to detract from it in any way. Palimpsest will now be released on Thursday, June 18th. Detailed information on where/how you can purchase/stream the record will be provided tomorrow.”

Protest The Hero Premiere New Song “The Canary”, Reveal Details For New Album “Palimpsest”

Protest The Hero have premiered a new song titled “The Canary.” This track is from the band’s new album “Palimpsest,” which will be released on June 19.

The following was said about the new song in a press release:

“The single, named after Amelia Earhart’s bright yellow bi-plane, is inspired by the American aviation pioneer, who was the first female flyer to cross the Atlantic solo.”

Guitarist Luke Hoskin also had the following to say about the album:

“‘Palimpsest‘ is by far the most challenging record we have worked on. The writing and recording process saw so many delays, it’s honestly hard to keep them straight. We are very proud of how each hurdle was handled though, and the end result is a record that we believe is deserving of such an endeavor.”

Frontman Rody Walker added:

“This record was extremely difficult for me personally. With my first child on the way, I built a studio in my basement to ensure I wasn’t leaving my wife alone with a new child for weeks on end.

I haven’t left my house since. What made it most difficult was the change in my voice. During our final tour just before we were set to start recording, I blew my voice out, and it didn’t come back. I spent a long time fighting with it trying to bounce back and failing.

Finally, through coaching and rehearsal, I got it back in shape. For the first time in my life singing felt like an actual job and I’m still pissed about it. I have never worked harder to put out music in my life and I am extremely proud of the product.”

“Palimpsest” Track Listing:

01. “The Migrant Mother”
02. “The Canary”
03. “From The Sky”
04. “All Hands”
05. “The Fireside”
06. “Soliloquy”
07. “Reverie”
08. “Little Snakes”
09. “Gardenias”
10. “Rivet”

Protest The Hero Finish Recording New Album

Protest The Hero have officially finished the recording process for their new album. The band confirmed the news in the below post: