Moon Tooth Premiere “Alpha Howl” Music Video

Moon Tooth have shared a “Goodfellas”-inspired music video for their new song “Alpha Howl.” This track is from the band’s new album “Phototroph,” which will be released on May 13.

Vocalist John Carbone commented:

“There’s nothing more precious in life than finding your true purpose. It’s a miracle in and of itself. Equally impacting is the misery of finding it and then being kept from it. When I’m home, sleeping in a comfy bed in my comfy apartment, I toss and turn furiously feeling in every sense of the word, restless. But touring all these years, sleeping on filthy hardwood floors in punk houses, wearing the same sweat-drenched show clothes from days ago, I sleep like a baby because my heart, mind and spirit are nourished. Of course it’s important to remember my privilege: I have an apartment, a bed, and I am grateful, but I have worked to put food on the table doing things I hate and having found true purpose, I think it’s reasonable to want to work my ass off at that for survival. ‘Alpha Howl’ is about emotionally, philosophically, and spiritually starving to death.”

Guitarist Nick Lee added:

“We had been working through a few more ‘serious’ video concepts for ‘Alpha Howl’ but once the ‘Goodfellas’ idea happened we just couldn’t stop laughing and knew it was the winner. We’re four Italian-Americans from Long Island so that movie is just essential and over the years we’ve fielded plenty of jokes around having a ‘Carbone’ and a ‘Romanelli’ in the band. I remember one interviewer making a joke about reading the names and thinking ‘what is this, the Long Island mafia?’ It’s obviously not meant to be tied to the lyrics or anything but it was incredibly fun to make and we hope people will get some laughs out of it!”

Moon Tooth Share “Blue Amp Version” Of “Carry Me Home”

Moon Tooth have shared a new “Blue Amp Version” of their song “Carry Me Home.” The original version of the track will appear on the band’s new album “Photoroph,” which is set to be released on May 13. Guitarist Nick Lee commented:

“Rather than doing another acoustic version of a track, we thought it would be fun to pay a real tribute to the influences that inspired the song in the first place. Hendrix, Allmans, Skynyrd, ZZ Top, Ray Charles, and Stevie Ray Vaughan all came up while we were tracking. We brought in Gabi Rose for backing vocals and our friend Jess DeBellis brought it to another level with the keys. Jess hasn’t played on anything with us since he tracked the organ on our 2016 song ‘Igneous,’ so it was the perfect opportunity to utilize his tremendous talent again. We hope folks have as much fun listening as we had creating the ‘Blue Amp Version’ of ‘Carry Me Home.’”

Moon Tooth Premiere “Carry Me Home” Music Video

Moon Tooth have premiered a new video for their new song “Carry Me Home.” This track is from the band’s new album “Phototroph,” which will be released on May 13.

Guitarist Nick Lee said the following about the new song:

“I really wanted to go all the way Allman Brothers or Hendrix on a Moon Tooth song. We’ve definitely flirted with those sounds on songs in the past but it felt really good to just go all the way bluesy-country and unabashedly old school rock and roll. I think this song is a testament to the fearlessness with which Moon Tooth writes music. We will flirt with any genres we want and it will still sound like us.”

Vocalist John Carbone also added the following about the new album:

“The theme of plants growing towards the light was just something I kept coming back to in different songs. Our previous record, ‘Crux,’ was like a crossroads and was dealing with a lot of negative shit. ‘Phototroph’ is about walking from the middle and picking a road that goes onward and upward on a brighter path.”

“Phototroph” Track Listing:

01. “I Revere”
02. “Back Burner”
03. “Deathwish Blues”
04. “The I That Never Dies”
05. “Alpha Howl”
06. “O My Isle”
07. “The Conduit”
08. “Nymphaeaceae”
09. “Grip On The Ridge”
10. “Carry Me Home”
11. “Phototroph”

Dance Gavin Dance Announce Spring Tour With Memphis May Fire, Volumes, & Moon Tooth

Dance Gavin Dance have announced a spring headlining tour. Memphis May Fire, Volumes, and Moon Tooth will serve as support.

Tour Dates:

04/23 Sacramento, CA – Swanfest
04/26 Spokane, WA – Knitting Factory
04/27 Boise, ID – Revolution
04/29 Wichita, KS – Cotillion
04/30 Omaha, NE – The Admiral
05/01 Des Moines, IA – Val Air
05/03 Ft. Wayne, IN – Piere’s
05/04 Cleveland, OH – Agora
05/06 Grand Rapids, MI – The Intersection
05/07 Milwaukee, WI – The Rave / Eagles Club
05/09 Rochester, NY – Main Street Armory
05/10 Albany, NY – Empire Live
05/11 Hartford, CT – Webster Theater
05/13 Richmond, VA – The National
05/14 Raleigh, NC – The Ritz
05/15 Columbia, SC – The Senate
05/17 Ponte Vedra, FL – Concert Hall
05/19 Knoxville, TN – Knoxville Auditorium
05/20 Birmingham, AL – Sloss Furnaces

Moon Tooth Premiere “The Conduit” Music Video

Moon Tooth have premiered a new video for their new song “The Conduit.” This track will appear on the band’s upcoming album.

Vocalist John Carbone commented:

“I’ll be the first to admit: outside of my three bandmates, I don’t collaborate well. Hell, my bandmates would be the next three guys to admit that. So Josh Wilbur, talented and delightful as he is, had the unfortunate task of getting me to play ball during pre-production. ‘The Conduit‘ started as a guitar track Ray had written.

One of the first few days of pre-pro was winding down while working on this song around 1 a.m. Getting burnt out on compromise, I told Josh and the guys to put a pin in it and I’d come back the next morning with lyrics and melodies. So I went home, cracked a beer and wrote the vocals. The lyrics were directed mostly at various A&R/producer types we’ve met in the past who tried to scare us into thinking we needed to obey them to succeed.

Thankfully, Josh nurtured a healthy creative atmosphere. But this song was a good opportunity for some tongue and cheek bravado.”

Guitarist Nick Lee added:

“Ray wrote this psychotic tune all around a Zvex Fuzz Factory. He’s great at writing a whole song around a weird tuning or a bizarre tone and he totally went for it on this one! We all loved it and, with a little nudge from Josh, John wrote some of the most over the top lyrics with a totally new vibe for him.

Whereas I like to hide my personal troubles in metaphor, John is fearless at wearing his heart on his sleeve with his lyrics. He isn’t afraid to be brutally honest and I like that he confronted his frustration with the music business head on with this song.

His bravado matched the energy of the song quite well! After the words and melodies were there, we needed a bridge and at the time Eddie Van Halen had just passed away. I was learning how to play the Van Halen song ‘Top Jimmy,’ which uses this cool open 7th chord tuning I had never encountered before. That inspired the tuning I ended up using to make the bridge really sparkle and hopefully rub a little of Eddie’s magic dust on the track!”

Moon Tooth Release Acoustic Version Of “Nymphaeaceae”

Moon Tooth have released an acoustic version of their song “Nymphaeaceae.“ You can check that out below:

Vocalist John Carbone commented:

“I didn’t initially plan to change much up vocally, but what the guys did instrumentally was very inspiring. Some different rhythms, melodies and harmonies quickly jumped out of me in the middle of tracking. In our band, that’s usually the sign that we’re on the right track so it was as much a writing session as it was a recording session. Over the years, Ray and I have developed a great short-hand on occasions like this so it was a lot of fun to develop the changes on the spot.”

Guitarist Nick Lee added:

“When the idea of doing an acoustic version of ‘Nymphaeaceae‘ first came up I wasn’t sure it could work but I think it’s now my favorite heavy-to-acoustic rendition of a Moon Tooth song we’ve done! I found the most inspiration for how to turn one of the more thrashy new songs into a vibey acoustic jam from Led Zeppelin‘s ‘Friends’ off of III. Jimmy Page on that song is able to make an acoustic guitar sound heavy and mean as hell and it’s always been a favorite of ours.

It is always a fun challenge because, especially in the last few years, Moon Tooth has put just as much effort into writing interesting chord progressions and melodies as we have put into writing crazy, acrobatic riffs so when you strip the song down to its roots and it’s still solid, it feels like we must be doing something right.

Ray also brought it to another level with his percussion; incorporating a castanet and even a glockenspiel to do something different than our past acoustic tracks. We couldn’t help but laugh at times making it, like ‘what band are we in again?’ but I’m really very proud that we’ve set ourselves up to express whatever we want musically and it can still be accepted as Moon Tooth.”

Moon Tooth Premiere “Nymphaeaceae” Video

Moon Tooth have premiered a new video for their new song “Nymphaeaceae.” You can check that out below:

Guitarist Nick Lee commented:

“The ‘Nymphaeaceae‘ music video concept grew directly from John’s lyrics. The title is the scientific name for water lilies. They grow from the murky bottom of a pond up to the surface of the water and then continue to flower up towards the sun. That journey is represented by the main character’s struggle in the video. You can compare it to different struggles in life but the idea in this video and in the lyrics speak more specifically to growing through hardships, bettering yourself and finding a true partner. Sticking it out with them through any kind of hardship.”

Vocalist John Carbone added:

“If you’ve found a purpose in life, there’s no greater peace than immersing yourself in that purpose. That’s what I felt the morning I wrote this song, when I took a kayak out to a tiny island on an Orlando lake. There, self-marooned with the freedom to be as loud and strange as I like, I wrote words and melodies to Nick‘s demo. I saw my feelings in the water lilies that surrounded the island.

How the beauty of a flower isn’t just in how it looks, but also in the idea of it. A living thing that grows through darkness, towards the light to bloom, pollinate and create more life. The light in my case, being my purpose with my brothers and our work. Like any artist, the pursuit of that work is the only thing I need. But writing on the island that day gave me hope to find the only thing I want: a true partner, a true home.”

Moon Tooth Cover Frank Zappa‘s “Magic Fingers” For “The AMH Comp, Volume 2”

Moon Tooth are among the artists who contributed to “The AMH Comp, Volume 2“ compilation in an effort to raise money for the Amityville Music Hall in Amityville, NY. The band recorded a cover of Frank Zappa‘s “Magic Fingers” for the release and it can be streamed below:

Moon Tooth Recording New Album

Moon Tooth have officially started the recording process for their new album. The band are working on the effort at Westfall Recording Company in Farmingdale, NY.

Moon Tooth Digitally Release Their “Violent Grief Sessions”

Moon Tooth have released their recent livestream set, “Violent Grief Sessions,” in digital outlets. The release features eight tracks including a cover of Fiona Apple‘s “Fast As You Can.“ Guitarist Nick Lee specifically commented on that track:

“I’ve wanted to cover ‘Fast As You Can‘ from the moment I first heard it but the thing that really convinced me it had to happen was a live video that came as a bonus for the ‘Idler Wheel‘ album. The chords for that verse riff always struck me as being very heavy and her vocal delivery is always so raw and in your face. I originally wanted to do it as a loud, full-band Moon Tooth cover (which maybe can still happen, who knows?) but when we were talking about covers for the live acoustic session it was the perfect opportunity to give it a shot. The most fun part of preparing this acoustic set for me was improvising solos over that instrumental verse at the end.”