System Of A Down’s Serj Tankian Shares “Industrialized Overload” Track From His Early Works

System Of A Down’s Serj Tankian has shared an unreleased track from his early works titled “Industrialized Overload.” You can download that for free if you sign up your email at, and find a fan-uploaded stream below:

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System Of A Down’s Serj Tankian Says He Is “More Interested In Writing Instrumental Pieces Of Music” Rather Than Music With Vocals

System Of A Down vocalist Serj Tankian was recently interviewed by Expert Magazine to discuss his scoring work. During the chat, he said that he is actually “more interested in writing instrumental pieces of music,” rather than music with vocals.

Tankian said the following when asked if it was hard to do scoring work, considering he was primarily a vocalist [translated version shared on Facebook:

“Screw vocals. I’m tired of it. During a conversation with a friend yesterday I came up with an idea: before we started making music, I was mainly known as a poet and vocalist. I wrote poetry every day. It was what I did constantly, what made me release two poetry books. In fact, I came to music from words.

I wrote so many lyrics that it stopped to be interesting. Not because there is nothing I want to talk or sing about. Sure there are topics I don’t want to write lyrics to but at least I can pull out some new emotions out of it. Poetry is always something that opens yourself up and supports self-determination. I just did it for too long. Now I am more interested in writing instrumental pieces of music.”

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Watch System Of A Down’s Serj Tankian Perform At Los Angeles “Game Of Thrones” Live Concert Experience

System Of A Down’s Serj Tankian took part in the “Game of Thrones” Live Concert Experience at The Forum in Los Angeles, CA last night (March 23). You can check out some footage of him performing “The Rains Of Castamere“ below:

Serj Tankian Premieres “Artsakh” Music Video/Comments On System Of A Down’s Future

System Of A Down’s Serj Tankian has premiered a video for his new song “Artsakh.” The song was written for the Amernian fighters in Nagorno-Karabakh, and more info about the track can be found at Rolling Stone.

In other news, Tankian also commented on System Of A Down’s future in another Rolling Stone interview:

“We’re communicating and trying to see if we can bring our material together. There’s definitely a lot of communication going on, a lot of back and forth. I can’t make a statement in terms of whether we’re going to have a record or not, because we haven’t gone into the studio and done it. But there’s definitely communication going on, songs being played to each other and all that stuff, so it’s good. We’ll see what happens.”

“…I think it would be great to create something brand new in a new direction. It would be very exciting, but everyone’s got to be on board, on the same page, and it’s got to be done in a way so that everyone is happy. If we can do that, we’ll do it.”

Serj Tankian (System Of A Down) Premieres “Ari Im Sokhag” Video Feat. Larisa Ryan

Serj Tankian has premiered a new video for his song “Ari Im Sokhag,” via Alternative Press. This piece features Larisa Ryan, and it will appear on Tankian’s score for the 2015 film “1915,” which will be released tomorrow (April 22).

Serj Tankian’s (System Of A Down) “1915” Score To Be Released This Month

Serj Tankian has revealed that his score for the 2015 film “1915” will be released on April 22. The movie deals with the Armenian Genocide, and the score can be preordered HERE. You can also check out Tankian’s recent interview with Billboard.


Track Listing:

01. Ari Im Sokhag with Guitar (Bonus)
02. Tonight On This Stage / Opening Theme (Extended)
03. Everything Ends Tonight
04. Angela In Character Plus Fable
05. We Finally Go Back To 1915 (Extended)
06. Ghosts In Simon’s Head
07. The Play Is Coming To Life
08. Falling In Love With The Enemy’s Wife
09. Angela’s Dreams (Alternative)
10. Who Are You? / Erica’s Reveal
11. Angela’s Dreams
12. James Leaves / Death Threat
13. In The Wall With Angela (Bonus)
14. Are You Ready? / Flashback
15. The Theatre Opens
16. Angela’s Decision / Gabriel Confronts James
17. James Discovers Simon’s Secret
18. Angela Is Already In 1915
19. James Becomes The Turk
20. Descendants Of Those Who Survived 1915
21. Ari Im Sokhag
22. 1915 Theme End Credits (Extended)
23. 100 Years (Bonus)

Serj Tankian Honors Armenian Genocide Victims With “100 Years”

Serj Tankian (System Of A Down) has composed a new song, with John Psathas, called “100 Years.” The track was created to honor the victims of the Armenian Genocide.

Tankian issued the following statement:

“The video is a somber commemoration to honor the Armenian, Greek and Assyrian victims of the first genocide of the 20th century.”